Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 2, 1957 · Page 14
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 14

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1957
Page 14
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Remodel Snack Bar, Gift Shop, Install New Equipment at St. Anthony . ., ^.^^,_ J-J ^,.__,_ MJ . J . t . J ,. M .. I . J --^^- J j J ^aj^-.k-^t- J ^^—- r . c ^._ jfa, ^ , „ , >£• i jij* F ^^^^^^^^^^u^^^^^^^w^^^^^^^^^^^^ugu^^^uyg^iigl^giigiMHBHMgHMMMMMMHMHMMriMHMMHlll^HHHUHMHHflflHI uuga|uUj|j«|^gU»jfe|u||g^|gAmj|*A|jj||tt|jj«tt|g|ttjjdflM*M|« READY FOR GRAND OPENING , . . Mrs. Mik» Wittrock (left), member of the remodeling committee, and Mrs. Robert Qulnn (right), commit, tee chairman, Inventory merchandise on new Hhelves which have been installed in the enlarged Gift Shop nt St. Anthony Hospital. Grand opening of the remodeled Gift Shop and Coffee Shop will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. (Staff Photo) EXTENDED SNACK BAR . , . Sr. Mary Ronald (left), staff supervisor, and Mrs. G. L. Churchsmith, member of the auxiliary remodeling committee, show improvements In the snack bar which were among the remodeling projects at St. Anthony Hospital. Enlargement of the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop was financed by the hospital auxiliary at a cost of about $1,000. (Staff Photo) NEW KITCHEN SINKS . . , Sr. M. Doris, dietitian at St, Anthony Hospital, tries the new stainless steel sinks which have been Installed at St. Anthony Hospital as part of extensive kitchen remodeling financed with money from the Ford Foundation. Open house will be held In the remodeled kitchen from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. (Staff Photo). 8 Named as Envoys Gave Parties Cash By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON UP) - President You do it . . * BETTER WITH NATURAL GAS GAS PJVISION IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHTS POWEB Eisenhower angrily told his news conference Wednesday he would never consider appointing anyone recommended on the basis of a political contribution. Of the 36 ambassadors he has named since the 1956 elections, seven contributed cash to the Republican campaign and one gave mpney to the Democrats. This writer can find no record of where the othef 28 made a contribution to either' "that year. The presidential anger was the last Unk in a chain of events that came to a climax after he had given an ambassadorial appointment to Maxwell H. Gluck, a rich women's-wear chain-store owner and breeder of race horses. Gluck contributed $26,500 to the Give Your Home A Well-Groomed look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE PAINTS for • Low Cost • Low Upkeep • Durability Rettenmaier Drug v 118 W. 5th —Dial 2805 t)ont Take It fop Granted! WAS IN use ANCIENT A <50LOeN BUY Moee M/(,K, LOAVES OF S7M/LUQ/V COPI&& DA/LV Republicans in 1956, according to published records. Was Surprised Sometime this year, it seems, he got the idea he'd like to work for the government. He says now, "I wanted to do some good." He was surprised, herald Wednesday, that Eisenhower appointed him ambassador to Ceylon. But the events ,began four months ago when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which had never heard of Gluck at that time, wanted to strengthen Secretary of State Dulles' hand in resisting the appointment of unqualified men for key posts in the Foreign Service. The committee wrote a letter to Dulles. It said: "It is generally known that presidents and secretaries of state of both political parties have been under pressure from those who feel that an ambassadorship is a reward for past services or help." The committee chairman, Sen. Green (D-RI), said. "We should have first-rate ambassadors in every post." Nothing more was heard of this as the months passed. In June Eisenhower named Gluck to the ambassador's job in Ceylon. In July Gluck had to appear before Green's committee, which passes on appointments like Cluck's. But the trouble with Gluck) as it turned "out, was that he failed to do his homework. Couldn't Pronounce Names He said he"'may have given as much as $30,000 to the Republican campaign, but he couldn't pronounce the names of the prime ministers of India and Ceylon. This got so—much publicity~lhat Eisenhower was asked at his news conference Wednesday: "Were you aware when you nominated Mr. Gluck to be ambassador to Ceylon of either the extent of his contribution to the Republican party or his now recorded ignorance of affairs in that part of the world?" That's when Eisenhower blew up, denied political contributions had any connection with appointments, and said a "number of people I respect" had highly recommended Gluck. The new ambassadors—besides Gluck — who contributed to the Republicans in 1956 were American businessmen without previous experience in the diplomatic service. They and their posts are: John Hay Whitney, millionaire financier (London); A m o r y Houghton, former board chairman of the Corning glass works tFrance); James D. Zellerbact}, paper manufacturer (Italy); John Clifford Folger, head of a brokerage firm (Belgium); EarlE. T. Smith, Florida real estate dealer i Mexico); and Joseph S. Farland, (former consultant to the State Dominican Republic). The eighth ambassador who made a political contribution in 1956—but to the Democrats—was David K. E. Bruce, who was sent lo West Germany. He had previous experience. He was ambas- saor to France under President Truman. Early in Eisenhower's administration, Bruce was, ambassador to the European Coal and Steel Community and served as a member of the President's board of consultants on foreign intelligence activities. Eighteen of the 36 new ambassadors were from the ranks of career officers — State Department employes who are making diplomacy their life's work. The other 18, including"those already named, were from business; from State Department jobs to which they had previously been appointed but not as career men; or from other government jobs. P. S. The Senate JFpjeJgn Relations "Committee approved Gluck and so did the full Senate. He's now ambassador to Ceylon. Help Prevent Dampness in Your Basement Buy a Calcium Chloride Arid Air Container During these hot humid days set a Arid Air Calcium Chloride container in your basement. Helps prevent dampness, mold, mildew and controls musty odors. Sold at GREEN BAY LUMBER CO. CARROLL, IOWA Oil Industry Ups Profits for Business By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK W—American business profits are running ahead of last year by 4.5 per cent — thanks in large, part to a profitable six jnonths in the-oii-indus- try. So far 588 corporations—covering all fields except, financial and accounting for roughly one half of j total corporate profits in the nation—have reported net, income after taxes for the first six months of 1957. Of these 308 show an increase over the first half of 1956, while j 280 fall behind the year ago fig-j ures. This year 21 operated at a net loss, compared with 19 the previous year. Major Role The major role of the oils in pulling total 1957 profits ahead of last year is shown in the industrials. This group of 503 corporations, shows 266 gaining and 237 declining from year ago figures. Combined the 503 have net income of $4,741,464,757, which \s 5 per cent above a year ago. But the 28 oil companies in the list have the largest combined I earnings of any group — $1,400,-' 615,206, up 17.2 per cent over thej previous year. Subtract the oil! group from the industrial list andj the combined profits of the remaining 475 are only 0.7 per cent ahead of 1956's first half. A price rise last January in crude oil and various price hikes Rev. Boehnke of Lake City Vocations (Time* Herald Frew* Service) . LAKE CITY - The Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Boehnke, Richard, David and LaVcnne, are vacationing for the next three weeks at Farm Island Lake near Aitken, Minn. The pulpit of Pilgrim Lutheran Church here will be filled by the Rev. Adolph Schwidder August 4 and 11. NEW GLASS SEPARATION WALL ... A new glass separation wall, visible in left foreground, is one of the improvements tn Hi* kitchen at St. Anthony Hospital made possible by money from the Ford Foundation grant. Staff members In the background are Sr. M. Benvenuta (left), chief cook at the hospital for the past 34 years, and Mrs. George Nees of Carroll. (Staff Photo) in oil' products since helped the oil industry's profits. But oilmen say the biggest boost came from supplying the Western European market while the Suez Canal was blocked. _And some add, that the secbnd'nalf of the year may show no such gain over 1956. As returns trickle in from the host of corporations yet to report, oil's weight in the total of profits may be reduced,' The 24 utilities reporting show the usual steady , gain in profits, up 5.9 per cent this time. The 50 rails, with 36 rt-porting declines, reveal a combined profit decline of 10.3 per cent: . Best Gainers Among the industrial groups the best gains over a year ago Mrs. D. L. Gat by Of Saratoga, Calif., Visits the Mighells .dime* Herald__Mew» Service) LAKE CITY — A weekend guest in the Halbert Mighell home was Mr. Mighell's sister, Mrs. D. L. Garby of Saratoga, Calif. Guests.of Mrs, Walter Jacobs j Thursday and Friday were her j cousins, Mrs. Mildred Meyers of Columbus, S, C., and Mrs. A, M. McCall of 'Woodward. On Friday they all went to Churdan to visit Mrs. Jacobs' sister, Mrs. Gretta Pierce, Mexico, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Richardson and Mr. and Mrs. Will Nagel, Fonda; Mrs. L. M. Provost, Glidden; and from Lake CityjJVlr. and Mrs. Frank Pierce and Galen, Mr. and Mrs. Ward .Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Orr Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Von Pierce, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Pierce, Mr. Sam Finley, Mr. and Nelson, Mrs. Susie and Carol, Phyllis and Linda Hutchinson. Mrs. Frank Johnson, who recently sold the 'J' Motel here to are reported by aircraft equip-1 secretary, at the Pierce family re- Mr. and Mrs., Lyle Gourley of Hill. jCorwith, has rented the Charles Mrs. Clarence Richardson of 1 Paulsen residence property in Fonda was re-elected president east Lake City and will /move there September 1. ••,'- ' and Mrs. Will Nagel of Fonda, Provide an atmosphere of good taste and distinctive beauty on any inside surface. Rubberized DA-TEX insures better paint-results. For a semi-lustre effect try ALYKD DA-TEX SEMI-LUSTRE, in colors to match DA-TEX Rubberized Paint. Easy to use Quick drying only $ C89 5 gal. DAVIS PAINT C. W. NICOI.L, Owner ADMIRAL FREEZERS ADMIRAL REFRIGERATORS ADMIRAL DUAL TEMPS All at Budget Prices During Our 8)9 Carload Sale THIS SALi POSITIVELY ENDS NEXT WEEK (August 10) Here's Your Chance to SAVE) SAVE I SAVE) SPORRER'S TY fir Appliances 9th & §*lln«er — Dial 9513 Open 8 a, m. to 9 p. m. 6 Days Per Wttk ment, coal, auto equipment, oil, food, aircraft, autos and trucks, business machines, drugs, tobacco and machinery. Nonferrous mining companies report sharply lower profits this year, due largely to the weakness in metal prices Also declining are textiles, entertainment, meat packing, paper and its products, building materials and appliances. The airlines are down and surface shipping up. Altogether the 588 corporations show profits of $5,702,835,632, compared with $5,453,040,348 the same companies made in the first half of 1956. This gain of 4.5 per cent con>| pares wtih a 5.5 per cent ad-j vance last year over the first h'alfj of 1955, an increase of 34.7 peri cent that year over the first halfj of 1954, and the 2 per cent gain! of 1954 ,o\(er the 1953 first half.' - '_y -..,'. jr—T. ., , - * Spend Two Weeks on Vacation at Okoboji (Tlme» Herald New» Bervle*) MANNING —. Mrs. \Fred Timmerman and Ronald left Aug. 2 for 0es-Moines. and will, accompany Mr. and Mrs, Harian Evans on a two-week vacation at Okoboji. - , jtfr, and .Mrs; Willis Grimm and farnily of Vinton, Mr. and Mrs, Clousie (Jrimmand family, /Mr, and Mrs. ^rftest Orirnm and fam- ilyvisited on Sunday in the Ray Mohr home, iylr. and Mrs, ; Leo Barrett of Dfldham entertained Friday in, honor of Mr. and Mrs. Harry East-1 man of Charles >CUy. Guests included Mr. and Mr*. Joe §h«ner, son and daughter, of Glidden, Mr, and Mrs. Milo Roberts, Ivy Bob erU, &e4ham f and Mr, Ear} Roberts, Manning. union held Sunday, July 28, in the park at Sac City. Forty-two attended, including the following with their families: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pierce, Mr. and • Mrs. Hibbing, Minn.; Aubrey Sanders, Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. George . women, if the shoe fits they take it off and order e smaller oner SALE Armstrong Inlaid Linoleum and Corlon Entire Stock Reduced Now as Low as $1.25 Sq. Yd. SALE Armttrono. Congowall Reg. 61 e Lin. Foot Now 49c Lin. Foot SALE Armstrong Exetlon Til* Now at Low « 13c Sq. Ft." Armstrong Asphalt Tilt Now Low Silt Prim On All Floor Covering «nd Plutie Will Tilt* In Our Big Stock HURRYI SALE ENDS SOON - Supply Store oil N, St. - Dial 9510 The Perfect Answer To Any Weather! YORK Automatic Combination Warm Air Heating and Cooling Units :•: "^.? Whtthtr you are building • ntw home or planning to modernize your present heating system, York Patrician sei-les models ara th* perfect answer to your need. 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