Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 24, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1960
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE 24,1980 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Upper Alton News Events ALUClf CHAPEL tO HOLD WOHAHI DAT The annual Woman's Day service at Allen Chapel will be held Sunday under the auspices of the Woman's Day committee. Evangelist Bessie Matthews. of East St. Louis, will, be the guest speaker at the morning services at 11 o'clock. The woman's chorus will stag at this service. Mrs. Emma H. Wright, cochairman of the Woman's Day committee, will preside at the service. The afternoon service will be held at 3 o'clock, with Mrs. John C. Oliver, wife of the pastor of Union Baptist Church, as the speaker. The Union Baptist Church choir will sing. There will also be musical numbers from other visiting groups. Mrs. Alta Hlckman will preside at the service. There will be a musical and literary program at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Winnie Johnson will preside. CUTS KNEE WHEN DOOR GLASS IS SHATTERED tered and sh* was itrnefc Hi the knee by fragments. Mrs. Rhoadts was misting her husband, William, In repairing the doors to their basement garage when the accident occurred. She was bracing the door as her husband was nail- Ing. The hammer vibrations shattered a pane of glass In the door, and ments of some glass of the struck frag- Mrs. Rhoades in the knee. Six stitches were required to close the wound. FIREMEN CALLED FOR TV SET BLA2K Upper Alton firemen answered a call this morning to extinguish a fire In a television set at the home o* Mr. and Mrs. Sam Marmino, 2725 Residence St. According to Mrs. Marmino, her children had plugged in the set and turned it on, when it began to smoke. She immediate, ly unplugged It, but as It continued to smoke, she feared that it might burst into flames and so she called the fire depart, ment. Firemen removed the back of 'the set and used an extinguisher ito stop the smoke. They told Irene Pearl Rhoades, 28.(Mrs. Marmino that the fire had of 2825 Viewland was given | melted the transformers in the emergency treatment Thursday se { ( s h e said. at Alton Memorial Hospital fon injuries incurred when a glass!REV. MORKV window in a garage door shat-JTO PREACH SUNDAY The Rev. Richard W. Morey. associate pastor of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church will preach the Sunday morning service at the church. The title of his sermon will be "Th? God From Missouri." CARS COLLIDE IN 900 BIXK K OF BROWN ST. Police investigated an accident in the 900 block of Brown street at 12:25 p.m. Thursday. OUR PHARMACISTS ARE PROFESSIONALS . . Our pharmacists are your "scientist on the corner," trained and licensed to work hand in hand with your doctor! Accuracy and quality «r» our watchwords! HO 5-5722 2500 COLLEGE AVE. UPPER ALTON (Formerly Williamson) FREE DELIVERY departments and then report to a fenertl assembly to the church auditorium. A film, 'Noah and fl»e Ark," will be shown at the assembly. The children will parade to the Masonic Temple, leaving the church at 7:15. Following the commencement, there will be an exhibit of the pupils' handiwork at the church. The annual Bible school picnic was held this afternoon in Rock Spring Park. Top Greene Stock Judges Are Selected CARROLLTON — The top 10 winners in a Greene County 4-H Club Livestock and Dairy Judging contest held Tuesday June 21, were announced Thursday in the Greene County Farm Bureau office. The dairy judging top 10 consists of Christina Kaiser, Virginia Rawe, Rita Rawe, Linda Ballard, Paul Rawe, Ellen Voiles, Leona Goeddey, Donald K. Muntz, Joann Franke and Margaret Ann Rawe. The top 10 in livestock judging are: Larry Jo June Hopper, Larry Melvin Prough, Thaxton, Mariyn Kay Engel, Bob Goeddey. James Loo Prough. | Virginia Lynn Carter and Gerald Lee Williams. The top club in the county in dairy judging was the Linder Go Getters and the top club in beef cattle was the Wrights Jolly Pals. There were 57 participants in livestock judging and 3 in dairy! judging. From the top 10 in each division a judging team will be MOHTH-OLD TRIPLETS Mrs. Johanna Hooper holds (left to right) Denise, Jin and Brian, month-old-trlplets that she can no longer keep. Mrs. Hooper, already a foster mother of six-year-old twin boys, in Londbn, took the triplets from a voting unmarried mother, who could not afford to keep them. She fotind, however, that the twins took up too much of her time so she advertised the triplets in a newspaper. The response has been "overwhelming." (NEA_Photo)^ — ^ Two Complaints j North Alton News Milwaukee Beatnik In Trouble MILWAUKEE, Wis. * - Bo- hemlan Bob, a plump, self-proclaimed beatnik, tried to hole up Thursday night in his "The Yen of the Yang." His "yen" was the window of a Milwaukee store that he had rented. His tenancy there, how ever, was short-lived. Today he Is in police custody In a hospital,.nursing cuts on his hands and arms and facing a charge of disorderly conduct. This is the story related by Milwaukee police: Robert Schweda, 29, Bohemian Bob. rented the store and paint ed numerous signs. He displayed them in the store window. They stated he wanted business as an j author and a painter. fie also painted in one window signs in red letters reading "Help Beatnlck Trapped." Even a square knows that it should be beatnik. On one window he painted "The Yen of" and on the other window "The Yang." Swim For Dery JI<M ^ Iwffll wm to 9 p.m. Hot let CRun tftf Cifflp MM derby hea*m* way ftear Oak al where they wffl B* rldet. The fojrceet aw . the Soap Box Derby tn*l held on College front Of Alton High —-r—sgrr 10. A trial run and tofpfttwn of the caw Is slated iw orM week earlier, July 3. Thrc are approximately 45 boys entered in the derby. The Alton winner wm attend the national derby in A It ton, Ohio in August. TO ATTEND FUNERAL A grave expression on her face, Prlncea* Grace Then he stood in one window of Monaco precedes her husband, Prince Rainier, as posed as " The Thinker. 1 , (hey arrive at the Kelly home in Philadelphia, The at the several hundred, couple came from Europe to attend the funeral of persons who were attracted by > Grace's father, John B. nelly Sr., who died of cancer. the display. (NEA Photo) _ The crowd finally drew police, SPRING IN BASEMENT , , GREEN VILLAGE, N.J. !T-\ The Indians hnve gone but the! and they asked Schweda to come !° ut ,.,,..,. Instead he nailed shut both OUT WITH i COLUMBUS. Ga. » — Mus! cogee County Jailers will have I tp find new ways of occupying their time while on duty, Chief jailer A. F. Hern says he had a television set and a bed removed from the jailers' quarters for efficiency reasons and "alertness to duty." front and rear entrances and (again took up his pose in the I window. spring in the basement of Donald Hcndcrshot's home hasn't, i Deputy Inspector Hans Krems-j fhe spring fills a three-foot comei . of 1he cellar By Police selected to represent Greene i According to officers. automo-K'' 01 " 1 ^' in the state Judging con-j p 0 | i( , c investigated a corn- biles driven by Lucy Smith. 53, of I test at University of Illinois July, p]aint at 9:30 p nl Thursday by PRE-TEEN CORONATION DANCE THURSDAY reiter decided that Schweda wasL. , ! causing a disturbance and ere- * fe aoo-veawild house. Hen- lating a nuisance. He ordered his de ^ hel '. pveK , he nollse wns 'men to break in the door. Officers started to break in| the rear door. Schweda retaliat built over the spring so water The Pre-Teens of Cm-ran; ed by throwing a hammer j would be available in rase of; "'Indian raids. ! 2517 Salu. and Gary Uwson. «.('• James Embry of 1111 Hampton | Homes had , hejr annua , ( . orona .jt| u . ough a plate glass window . : bed , he edgp of of 2824 Residence St., collided af-l me judging luesaay IOOK place Sf vvho reporte d that several . , t u ff . . ... ,. , u. W o« mihriuori «.nri hanHmff H««, n« «•*« mi' ter the .Smith vehicle had stopped i" the Greenfield area and sheep youths had stretched a rope I tion dance a Hofmaster SheU- «.*«."**£ and handcuff, dow^Hewas pu ter the .Smith vehicle had stopped j in the line of traffic. CALVARY SOUTHERN BIBLE SCHOOL ENDS | Bible school enrollment at the Calvary Southern Baptist Church reached 460, according to the Rev. Howard Todd Taylor. In all, 525 persons were registered for the 10-day school, svhich closed today. A record attendance of 373 was reached on this final day. A mission offering of $154.39 was given by the pupils. Commencement exercises for the school are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the Franklin Masonic Temple. A preparation period for the commencement will begin at 6:30 when the pupils will meet in their sheep were judged at the Lynn Kinser home, beef and swine at the Wilbert Joyce farm, and dairy cattle at the Charles Thaxton farm. Spoil-Sport DBS MOINES (OB) - A census taker reasoned there must be some mistake. Here was a prosperous looking farm with two late model cars in the yard and even a private swimming pool. Yet the farmer had written on the census form that he didn't have an indoor toilet, or hot and cold running water in his home. "Leave it the way I filled it out taker. had stretched Highland Elliot. The complaint said that as Embry was driving down Highland, the youths raised the rope to the height of the windshield. When he slammed on his brakes to avoid it, his two small children were thrown to the floor, Embry said. Police checked the area but were unable to find any trace of the culprits. In another unrelated incident, police investigated a report at 4:35 p.m. Thursday that a dump neTrI «*».«. Thursday evening, with ed but not before he had grab- six iTVinnlo Mr>Pnrrt ann Nonr-v! r~~7* .'.."....'... ~~" '~~~~'"" '~~~.'.''.".'....." officers. the broken win- pulled put by about LET'S HAVE A PARTY! ROLLER SKATE ICELAND, Inc. 2715 E. Iroodwoy _ Special rates to church groups, Girl or Boy Scouts, Birthday Parties. For Information Call HO 5-2528 Donnie McCord and Nancy; Terpening as the new king and queen. The retiring king and queen are William Shumway and Clara Henson. Others selected to take part in the ceremonies were Mariann Gilbert and John Acker, pages; Barbara Myers and Elvis Davis, candlelighters;Renee Steel, Larry and James Kauffold and Annette Bazelle, candel holders; Frances and Junior Vi, Mike Kauffold and Carl Davis, attendants; Sherri Myers, and truck had knocked down some j Larry Hunter, crown bearers: ,, ., , | . ,, Ll ui_t\ IJCIU l\J tUL,t\cru \j»_»»» it ov»j »*»_ *™» ... • . the farmer told the censusj., hot wjres .. af the fmin stn .! Pftt Shumway, flower girl er. "I m not going to have the-: of Don GoH]ob at ^ rfjd i M ournin K w. government thinking the farmer;_ :,. ...,,11 ^tt " I * is well off. The enumerator changed the form to make it correct. •s. Melvin Mourning was the Lady of Ceremonies. Union Electric had dispatched; The next meeting of the group a truck to make repairs. will he July 28. A dump truck driven by Gil- MOTHERS, your children con NOW hove "Special Shoes" with STYLE! makes Ibert Dennison of 1514 Belle Si.i BEREAN VACATION BIBLE TV* SHOM fOM dt/umtAf Ihad been the cause of the trou-' SCHOOL CLOSES TONIGHT !ble, the report said. f^ e closing exercises of the , Dennison said the bed of the; Berean churon vacation Bible truok had raised for some un-; scnoo] %vjll be neld at 7:30 p m- known reason and had caught today i nc i u ded will be a pro- the wires. gram and ex hibits of handwork The pastor, the Rev. Venion Erlwardsville Family S f> nutz. is the director. this possible .. . M«r« art sho«i with feature* of pattern that follow nature's own tru« lint. Th«y giv* that normal appearance, yet permit the •ddltion of prescribed correctioni. let our expert fitters give your doctor'* prescription the proper attention. Give your child the best... (tarn* "Straight-lait" shoes. ALSO AVAILABLE Moving to California EDWARDSVILLE — Miss 'Pat '• Bertram, 218 Adams St., a I960' j graduate of Edwardsville High School who has done some pro- , r ,p jj j . tographic work for the Tele-; J O rOUCC graph while in high school, is. leaving next week with her fam-| Traffic accidents listed by polity to make her home in Cali-pce Thursday included one at f orn j a 8:25 p.m. in which a sedan driv- Miss Bertram, several of whose •''" hy Charlie Webb, -12, of 1001 j pictures were featured in the Belie St., collided with a trep ! Telegraph, said the family was on Tremont street at Gross. Tho i moving because of her youngor 1 motorist incurred a laceration ; sister's health. The sister is and was taken to St. Joseph's .Carol Sue. 9. Miss Bertram said Hospital for emeiKeixcy room at- ,thP family will prolwhly settle tentinn. .VvuMinc; to the report. ! in Riverside, Calif. She has an- 'Webb lost control in an effoH iother sister. Mrs. Clatidftt/'. '" "»•» lmnl (; '' oss Wl ' sl on Tr(> 'Mercer, living in Redwood City, mont. "is ear' was damaged £ a )jj- about the trout end ancl was re- Miss Bertram also took pic- moved by a towine service. tares for EHS yearbook while in Rain wa.s listed as a factor in a school. (i p.m. mishap at 18 W. Elm St. in which a station wagon driven Hospital Notes EDWARDSVILLE - Two area residents were admitted Thursday to St. Joseph's Hospital. Highland, and three patients were discharged. Admitted were: Miss Deborah Halbe, 948 Hilisboro; Thomas Hall, 824 North Kansas. Discharged were; Clarence Holmes, 404 Cass; Mrs. Victor by Robert Halbert, 24. of 3181 E. Drive, East Alton incurred I front end damage and a sedan ahead, driven by Ollie Jones, 63, of 2200 College Ave., received | rear end damage. According to the report, Jones stopped to make a turn and the following car slid on the wet pavement. Main; Mrs. Henrietti Nekora. Rt. Sauerwein and son, 600 North'4. 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