Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 24, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1960
Page 9
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FR1OAV, JUNE 24, I960 AUUN ttVKMMU Playground Equipment Bought for Belk Park WOOD RIVER — A report on playground equipment was given by Wiley Jones at a meeting of the Belk Park Commission Wednesday night at Belk Park. Marvin Mallory presided at the meeting. Jones said the committee had purchased some playground equipment and would purchase more when funds are available. Members of the Playground Equipment Committee are: Jones, Ronnie Burns and James Ellison. The commission voted to seed the one remaining hill on the west side of the lake. Jones announced that several Interested people had donated fish to the lake. A report was given on a visit to the Jacksonville golf course by Marvin Mallory. It was announced that the Jaycee Committee on Civic Affairs had made improvements on the baseball field's backstop. The commission's next meeting will; be held July 20. Phelps Again HeadsRoxana Park Board Alton Reserve Vnit Will Move To Wood River WOOD RIVER — The Army Reserve's 198th Transportation Co. (Aircraft Maintenance) and the 938th Ordinance Co. (GAS) will move Aug. 8 from 510 Bell St., in Alton to the First Lieutenant Albert J. Ellison Reserve Center at 100 Anderson St. in Wood River. The transfers were, announced by Capt. Waldo Adams, officer in charge of the Wood River Army Reserve Center. Capt. Adams said that the units will transfer because of better facil ities offered by Wood River's new additional Army building. Chunk of Apple Chokes Boy, 13, At East Alton EAST ALTON — Steven Boswell, 13, son of Mr. and Mm. Dallas BotrweH, 93 N. 9th St.. was rushed to Sf. Joseph's Hospital In an East Alton police car Thursday afternoon after a piece of apple became lodged in his bronchia) tube. The boy was admitted as n patient. Hospital authorities reported his condition as "good" today. Mrs. Boswell said her son swallowed the piece of apple while running outside the Boswell home. When the boy started choking, Mr. BosweU informed Officer Ross Rl- ley who rushed the boy and his parents to the hospital. Dances Scheduled at Hartford Center HARTFORD — Arrangements Trees Uprooted By High Winds At Bethalto 198th recently flew to and (from Fort Eustis, Va., for two weeks of active duty. The 936th will depart July 3 for Toole Deport in Utah. The unit will travel to and from the depot by air. Hartford Church To Honor Graduates HARTFORD — The youth de- Reserve i have been made by the local Recreation Committee to sponsor weekly dances for young people Monday evenings at the recreation center from 8 to 11 p.m. with the playground director, Ray Unterbrink, in charge. The dances will be a part of the recreation program this year for the older children since the crafts, games, contests and etc., are for the younger boys and girls, and the swimming pool is for the small fry. ROXANA — At the annualIpartment of Sunday School of! Members of-the local recrea- business meeting of the park j the Methodist Church will hon-jtion board are Lee Brown, Jesse board Tuesday evening Omari 0 r eighth grade and high school j Cooper and Mrs. Ruth Evans. Phelps was re-elected president.:graduates of the department Charles Wilson was elected vice j with, a picnic outing at Kendell president and Lindell King, sec-1 Hill fcark on June 29. Mrs. Wil retary-treasurer. liam Fitzhugh, department sup- The board re-employed Lyle j erintendent, and the five teach- Dona, park director; Joseph Kennedy, assistant; Mrs. Hec- ers will be in charge. Three of the department grad- schel Nelson, secretary, and| ua tes, Joann Dworzynski, daugh- Tom Holland, attorney. A report on the installation of three sets of bleachers in the park was approved by the board. One set of the bleachers has been installed at the diamond south of Park Drive and two sets are located at the diamond north of Park Drive. Authorization was given Roxana Woman's Club to entertain 14 boys of Boys' Town of Illinois, formerly known as Marquette Boy's Home, at the park •nd swimming pool at a date to be announced later. Roxana District Employs Nine New Teachers ROXANA — Roxana Community Unit Board of Education met Wednesday at the Central school and employed nine new teachers and appointed three additional department heads. The newly appointed teachers are Lloyd McClure, Larry West, Ann Rhine, Marilyn Rich, Martha Louise Watson, Grace Hamilton, Dwight Aitken, Mary Virginia Schmidt and Barbara Zimmerman. The resignations of Paul Cook, Frank Brinkerhoff, Betty Gittins.j Ruth Keller, Marilyn Hill, Ruth! Robinson and Thomas Daley were accepted. Mrs. Rose Anne Davis was appointed to head the business education department; Sam Herndon the industrial arts and crafts and Earl McLane will be athletic director. In this capacity McLane will be relieved of his track coaching duties, but will continue as •football coach. Heads of departments appointed the past year were re-appointed for the coming year and are: Miss Dorothy Abberley, Social Science; Miss Mary Legate, English; Paul Beaty, science and James Read, mathematics. The board approved a contract to the Western Waterproofing Co. of St. Louis to re-waterproof the older portions of the high and junior high to match the new additions. Approval was also given to Illinois Power Co. for the installation of a gas line along the edge of the Wands school property. Roxana Note* ROXANA — David Weiss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weiss ol Doerr avenue, graduated from the University of Illinois last Saturday receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in metalurgical engineering. H e has accepted employment with the Caterpiller Company in Peoria in the research department. He will assume his duties on July 25. Mils Carolyn Magee, daughter of Maurice Magee of South Roxana, left last Wednesday night for Los Angeles, Calif., to work during the summer as laboratory technician in U» Angeles General Hospital. Miss Magee has just completed her first year at medical school at Howard University in Washington. D.C. Miss Marilyn Barton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tillman Barton of Mel rose avenue, South Roxana, left Wednesday for Bloomington. Ind., to attend the University of Indiana for the summer. She accompanied her music instructor at Southern Illinois University and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. H. Boldt. Mrs. Almiia Hanna of Joplin. Mo., is visiting her daughter Mrs. Maurice Magee, of South Roxana. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Dwor- zysnki, graduated with high honors. Marlene Phillips and Bill Fitzhugh received the American Legion awards upon graduating from Woodrow Wilson Grade School. Marlene is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Phillips and Bill is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzhugh. Historical Society HARTFORD — Hartford Historical Society will meet Tuesday at City Hall at 8 p.m. Charter membership in the organization has been closed but . Club Entertained HARTFORD — The Hartford Willing Workers Club met Tuesday evening at the home of Barbara Blackard with six members present. Tray favors for the Pediatrics Department at Wood River Hospital were made. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Blackard. Next meeting will be held June 30 when the club will tour Colonial Dairy in Wood River. Largest of the Aegean Isles is Crete, with a population of 460,000. To help fight World War II, the Nazis melted down an estimated 150,000 German bells. regular membership is open for anyone interested in joining. East Alton Club Women Name Committee Chairmen EAST ALTON — Programs and activities of the coming year were discussed at the Wednesday meeting of the executive board of the Woman's Club at the home of Mrs. Charles Gabbert, president. Community service will be stressed by the club again this year, Mrs. Gabbert reports, and the annual fund drive for the American Cancer Society will be sponsored by the club with Mrs. Harold McDonald and Mrs. Myron Starbuck as co-chairmen. A rummage sale is being planned as a major money making project. Mrs. William Buckler Sr. has been appointed sales chairman. Announced as chairmen of the various departments are: Mrs. Joseph Glassey, American Home; Mrs. V. J. Brazier, Americanism; Mrs. Robert Forshee, education and aid for exceptional children. Miss Adele McDonald, education; Mrs. F. E. Todd, fine arts; Mrs. Melvin Farmer, garden and conservation; Mrs. H. A. Mittleman, International relations; Mrs. Lowell Fulkerson, legislation. Mrs. Robert Borman, literature; Mrs. Robert McManus, mental health; Mrs. William Bacheldor, music; Mrs. Nell McCrellis, pub- lic Health and welfare; Mrs: Gerald McCormick, radio, television and movies. Mrs. Robert Link, safety; Mrs. Sidney De Long, youth conservation. Named by Mrs. Gabbert as chairmen of standing committees are: Mrs. Irby Vandiver and Mrs. George Goforth, auditing; Mrs. Rollin Orr, civil defense; Mrs. Joseph, budget and finance; Mrs. Max Schueller and Miss Julia Kennedy, hospitality. Mrs. Everett Hord, Boy's Town of Illinois; Mrs. George Smith, membership; Mrs. Malcolm Pelt, Park Ridge School for Girls; Mrs. Clarence Quillen, Mrs. T. B. Richardson, press book and publicity; Mrs. Sadabel Weir, program; Mrs. Floyd Blaine, telephone; Mrs. Clifford Cooper, veterans' service; Mrs. Everett Harrington, cards. Mrs. D. A. Alderson, Mrs. H. F. Yoder, banquet; Mrs. Louis Roller, civic betterment and representative to the Township Chamber of Commerce; Mrs. Milo Culp, Mrs. Lorell Hicks, Halloween; Mrs. Jessie McDonald, historian; Mrs. Joe Nolan, Red Cross; Mrs. Joseph Glassey, Madison County meeting; Mrs. Florence Day, parliamentary adviser. S1TDOWN STRIKE Sonic 3.000 policemen stage sitdown Kum Sung'Tae slapped the policeman strike In front Of National Assembly when police refused to permit his vc- demanding an apology from an assem- hide to drive up to the Assembly en- bly member who slapped a police cap- trance only minutes before the Presl- taln in the face during President Eisen- dent arrived to make a speech to the bower's visit to Seoul. Assemblyman Korean legislators. (NEA Photo) Rosewood Heights Annexation Arguments Recited by Ed Doerr WOOD RIVER — The pros adaptable to Wood River fire- and cons of annexation to fighting equipment. The city Wood River, from the viewpoint of residents of Rosewood Heights, were recited today by Ed Doerr, president of Rosewood Heights Improvement Association. Saturday residents of Northwood Place, a section of RoSe- wod Heights, along with residents of nearby Lincoln Addition, will vote on a proposal to annex «to Wood River. Without taking a stand on the proposal, Doerr said the basic arguments for and against the proposition should be pointed up. Among the principal points in favor of annexation, Doerr pointed out, is the fact that Rosewood Heights now has an estimated population of 5,000 and is no longer the suburban- type area it was when the district was first developed. It has the problems of a city without the city organization to cope with them, Doerr said. Doerr broke down tax figures to show that most home owners, with "a mortgage" would find, in the long haul, that-the cost of living as a part of Wood River 'would be about $13 a year less, taxation, cost of water, garbage collection and other items being considered. Also, Doerr pointed out, most residents believe they will be able to get sewer service sooner as a part, of Wood River than as a separate and unincorporated area. On the opposite side of the ledger, Doerr said, it is doubtful that Wood River* would be able to extend better fire protection to the area since the present water mains are not has proposed a bond issue to remedy this, but there is no guarantee this bond issue will be passed, he said. Opponents of the annexation proposal, Doerr said', also ask the cost in taxes If such a bond Issue Is approved. In addition, Doerr pointed out, it has been claimed that Wood River can provide Rosewood Heights a sewer more cheaply than one can be erected separately. Since Rosewood Heights residents have long sought to obtain sewer cost estimates, Doerr said, and have faired to do so, how can Wood River estimate such costs without an elaborate survey? Minor Crash WOOD RIVER — A minor collision between autos driven by Ann Vernor of 1215 Exchange, Alton, and Frank Lavite of 135 S. Main was reported to polico Thursday. The Vernor auto was traveling west on Edwardsvillc road, police said, when the the collision occurred. The rear of the Lavite auto was damaged. Macoupin Review Board in Session CARLINVILLE Macoupin County Board of Review is in session in the office of Supervisor of Assessments N o r m anjj une Scheller in the basement of the' courthouse. Scheller serves as clerk, and Roy A. Bowyer, by virtue of being chairman of the board of supervisors, is chairman of the board of review. The two members are appointed by the county judge. They are Walter Elliott, Virden, and Joseph C. Buehling, Staunton. BETHALTO - High uprooted trees fn the Bethalto area early Wednesday night. Tree br§nehe« end debris covered village streets following the storm. Power was Interrupted for nearly 45 minutes when tree branches fell across power lines in the area. The Delmar Tlek residence near Moro incurred minor damage and a machinery shed near the home was destroyed. Numerous other reporta of wind damage waa reported. Officers Elected by Exchange Club The Alton Exchange Club elected William Gratian as Its new president Thursday evening at Mineral Springs Hotel. Oratian will succed Judge Harold R. Clark. Other officers elected were: Ben 0. Moore, vice president; Herny Saenz, secre- taay; and Paul Russell, treasurer. New directors are Tom Herzog, Robert Harlow, and Del Tanney. Hold over directors are Ed Gratlan, Harry Schafner, and Jack Gifford. Clark said the installation banquet, with the wives, will be held BffTHALTO"i ardihfp and ntain topics of day at the tflttMWft in session at Bon Church. The convention ctofet today. The Rev. Leland. Lochhaas of Waterloo, chairman of the district board of education, reported that 2,998 children of grade school age are enrolled in 31 parish schools provided by Lutheran church of Southern Illinois. Holy croc* of CollimvHlr was named largest Lutherans of ' t \>! close N In H* j|^Jd|---^ji HOOD 01 ihfOUftl fh§ _^^*«^^^ sraturB $35,000 Pledged For Swim Pool At Bethalto BETHALTO —Approximately $35,000 has been reached in a drive to raise funds for con struction of a Swimming pool in Bethalto, it was announced Thursday by drive chairman Lynn*Claussen, at a rally meeting of campaign workers in the Fire House. Funds,are being raised with the sale of 5 per cent interest bearing bonds in,denominations of $1,000. $300, $250 and $100. The Bethalto National Bank will finance 75 per cent, of the bond, it was reported by pool board president, William C. Taylor. 75 Register for Decathlon At East Alton Saturday EAST ALTON — An estimated 75 boys and girls, under 14 years of age. have registered At Wood River Hospital Women Conclude Drive for New Members Good Winner* TUCSON, Ariz. (W» — Three Tucson city councilmen running for re-election on the Republican ticket were labeled by the Democrats as "Winkin, Blinkin and Nod." When Charles E. Branin, James L. Kirk and Ray 0. Weaver easily won another term on the council, they walked into the council room for the nrxt meeting, silently removed their name plates from the desks and replaced them with brand new plates reading, "Wink- in, Blinkin and Nod." WOOD RIVER — A picnic for members of the Township Hospital Auxiliary and their families at Kendall Hill Park Thursday evening concluded the membership drive with an enrollment of approximately 200 women. Mrs. Earl Langley, chairman, reported registration to date is short of last years enrollment,! erholt as auctioneer. Mrs. Frank Lovell was auction chairman. Class Meeto WOOD RIVER — The Fellowship Class of the First Church of Christ, Christian, voted at the Thursday meeting to purchase draperies for their class room in the new educational building. Individual notes were received however members are being add-! bv members from Judy Prosser ed daily. The prize for enrolling : for graduation and birthday gifts. the largest number was present- , IJudv . a youngster at the Mother ed to Mrs. • Lindell King. and Babes Home in *ergu«on, Mrs. Fred Westerholt, pre9i-;. e _ dent, arinounced Auxiliary uniforms are available by con- tadng Mrs. Louis Cox. Mo., has been the adopted daugn Meetings of the Unit will be discontinued until September, it was announced. homes. the Class for the past eight years. Mrs. Edwin Doerr supervised the making of scrap books as the program feature. The books will be delivered to area nursing A "crazy hat" aucion was thei. program feature with Mrs. West- J.J.J.M.J. DoFALSE TEETH Reek. Sltdt er Slip? FA8TEETH, an Improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower pl*tea. holds fata* teeth more firmly In place. Do not slide, slip or rock. No Bummy,_gooey, pasty taste or feellng.PABTiETH Isalkallne < nonacid ). Does not sour. Checks "plat* odor breath". Get FABTEETH at drug counter* everywhere. for the Community Building Department's "Decathlon," track events, which will be held Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at the East Alton Junior High School. Trophy cups will be awarded tq the boy and girl who receive the most points in the sports program. Ribbons will be presented to the first five plac<* winners of each event. Scheduled events are high jump, discus throw, shot-put 50-yard dash, 220-yard dash 440-yard run and softball throw Thursday's hopscotch tournament winners were: Kathy Smith, 8 years and under; Patty Shellenberg, 9 to 11 years and Kristi Shellenberg, 12 years and up. Winners of Wednesday's pet show were: Tom Jennings, Pat Stevens, Tommy Shinder, Pat Shellenberg, Jerry Crews, Linda Mathis, Jack Young, Terry Lawrence, Jerry Kilmer, Sharon Hobbs, Douglas Tinker, Keis- 11 Shellenberg and David Scroggins. id throUga DM mitt the poniatAim wd tot «•( ?• m. t,. - * .uL=jJ-, Carl fcehtes tJj-^L*. J|J M. pTGBKMRn 01 ul a national young ......... izatlon of the LuthettflH Missouri Synod, •youth are s high within a congregftfioh," phasiged the Importance i ^ izlng the efforts ot fh» WO*t*> pie in the tfturcfc 4a* t CJWftHsn service. The Rev. William ,W,eftger of Belleville, chairman of the district board of stewardship,, presented the 1960 district budget to the delegates. Budget tetil'Wts f»4.- 000. Nearly $400,000 oi'the budget represents the eoiHhwfo ;JBJnois district's share ol the general Synod's goal of 119,000,000. The Rev. Wenger said last year's budget goal was exceeded by $3000. He commended the delegates and urged that congregations hbfd' a meniber-visitatton program so that the proposed budget could be reached. A resolution to construct and operate a home for the aged was tabled until next year's convention. The Rev. David Brammer of Belleville will conduct a survey to determine the needs and cost of an old age home. Dr. George Wlttmer of St. Louis, third vice-president of the Lutheran, Missouri Synod, commended the "Lutheran Hour" radio program sponsored by the church and the television series "This is the Life." The television series is the most "widely broadcast religious program on television," said Wlttmer. He said surveys indicate a 98 per cent coverage of viewers by the television program. The Lutheran Hour on radio is beamed to over 100 countries in, 53 different languages, he reported. Watch* Jewelry Repairing Expert Fully Guaranteed STONE BROS. HO 2-7118 Alton, III. — 118 W. Third St. Wood River Store at Corner of Ferguson and Wood Klver Are. 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