Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 24, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

^&^te ii^^^Md^B FJMMlJpfJHT •MMMi imr ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH By * Wood JUDO SAXON TINA I PON'T KNOW IP IT MEANS ANYTHING 6DOI6 SEEING THIS ATW6LLSIRL. §UT DOE5-- ,^i,crM,,w WHAT I'D DO IP I EvER FOUND OUT SOMEBODY , IS RJTTIN6 THIS <SiRL NEXT " to EDDiE, LIKE USIN6 HER FOR BAIT.' By Ken Bald and Jerry Bronfleld DON'T BE ,^ IT ISN'T .A MATTPROF I HAST* JOl.'J HASTE WHERE .MV KlD IS CONCERNED.' I WANT A OUICK ANSWER, AND I,M CALLiNS THAT MAN SAXON TO FIND OUT/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wil.fon Scruggs I'VE <30T ID SCT AfJOTHCe JOB, TUCK. T WON'T 60 BACK TO S6KXX., MOTHte HAS <:UT OFF MV TIME DAOW WBOTG EMiLOSe A CHKK $7? OK $50 / 16UESS SO, BUT THEM H6 ) OOS6 CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner CALEB. THE MORE I THINK ABOUT THOSE M6N OPFERIW& YOU TWEWTV DOLLARS JUST TO USE YOUR BOAT TOMORROW ^E MORE SUSPICIOUS 1 SEtt KNOW WHAT VOU WEAN OVITA! WHY ARE THEY SO INTERESTED IM AM OLD OAK STUMP TEN FEET UNDER WATEfW WONDERIW TH' SAME THW<3 OVITA! WH-WHV, IHEYCOULP 86 FOREISN AfiEWTS PLANWINa TO BLOW /THEY 6flf SOMETHIW UP THE RESERVOIR! J HIP DOWN THE SMITH FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. George Smith IM ^ GOOP ~ Th<- Ceo;j« Uifthrv Adim t*rr\tt. Ilk'. ILL UP ONLY NEXT TME. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE | OUT OUR WAY YOU w L ^:o>-±\ —J MAVSS N ' ESJ COMI>IECT ME VJITHTIAE OER5ECRETAf?yoP-TW FORCE .'•*•«• WHO IS THIS ? IT'^ A00UT TM& APE- 3K8VTED into ouret? SPACE, THE OME OF COURSE t KNOW VJHAT t'/v\ A t_> WANE V I MOSCOW BETTER Vj CALLED V 8V COMMECT-ACOLLECT/ M15TAKB/ !f-^\ IT BOUNDS LIK6 < J)/&**7 LIKE MAV8E>- B< 1/ / THEY'RE SAYA <. y / I COUSlM / '• I TO YOU/ ^ / HE'S RLMMEP ATWO ER \ VEH--THAT3 WHAT IS THREE-HUWDREP-DOLLAR ) KWOWM AS MINUTE JOB, EH? I SEE HE'S FEELIM' AWFUL SORRY FOR TH 1 COMPAWV, MOURMIKI'--IT LASTS TlLLTH' BOSS COMES UPAM'SEl/'WELL, £>O MUCH MONEY THROUGH/ PUT IM AWOTHER'N HIS MISTAKE--HE'S ALMOST HEART- BKOKEM.' AN' BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME"--O' COURSE YOLI CAN'T 6IVE THREE CHEERS RIGHT THEN, BUT--- . -- y^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VJt'RE 6OIMO TO THE MDLWTAINS fOP-TMe WEEKEND* QMS V/ PACK A SUITCASe/ DAISV—I'M AFRAID VOUK. FATMEIt. KrfT VERY PRACTICAL--- PACK TWO SUITCASES -- MO MBN BOLT By John Colten Mnrphy 'wM4TW»YOU MAG THAT C4ME IN FlWT,.. FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1900 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^uu^^^m^mimHi Set a Smart Table •IT ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin ^OKI'M AU.WSHT, /^SH, DOC, tM SLAON EVBRr'THINfi ( TTINP YCHJ RIGHT SIDE) CONSIDERED; \UP AN 1 WIN 1 OKAY ^— ^ „ — NO.THE ...SOMEHOW f WfL^WHATS I WISH NOW - r ^ 1 — -I HAUNT \ FROM JUST SOT MY9fiLF> VVALKIM' INTO THIS ,4 OUT OF IT? 4 I B.j y 5 »M 0" RIVETS George Sixta ML,.BEING IN THE BIG HOUSE ALL RIGHT. BUT OWC6 IN AWHILS T YOU UKB A LITTLE \ PRIVACY... A CHANCE TO SET AWAY FROM ...ANDJU6TBE ALONE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert HONEY,.,. THE BOYS ARE 3OING FISHING AND WILL PICK ME UP IN TEN T MINUTES....OKAY//T HM....SHE WON'T ANSWER ME/ I GUESS SHE'S MAD.,. NOW SHE PROBABLY WONV TALK TO ME FOR A WEEK/ MAN, S YOL/RE 4 LUCKY-V SH> rwi\/l_ LIKE THAT ARE ONE IN A MILLION/ HENRY By Carl Anderson L I 'x^T DONALD DUCK By J. R. Williams By Walt Disney •Junior Editors Quiz on- BIRDS By Merrill Blosser —YOUlL NEED CLOTW£S,TOO/} / ATTEN1DEZ-VDLJ5.' J True Life Adventures F.voiyhod.v lovc-s the pin wheel il's IMCV yel modern in mood! Sets off accessories. Onr pretly pin-wheel square for a mat. 3 for a scarf — easy to crochet more for a festive cloth. Pattern 817: crochet directions in No. 3D or in string. Send 35 crnls (coins) for this pattern—tuld 5 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. , Send In Alton Telegraph, fifi, i Neectlecrnfl Dept., P.O. Box 101. Old Chelsea Station. New York ,11. X. V. Print plainly Pattern Xurnher, Name and Address. Neu ! New: New '. Our 1%0 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book is ready now! Crammed with exciting, unusual, popular .designs to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, quilt, weave- fashions, home furnishings, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. In the book FREE ,---3 quilt patterns. Hurry, send I 25 cents for your copy. Wrap V Tie PRINTED PATTERN 4584 SIZES 10-18 P ^ , XiBtito FOUR KINGS ©V COMMOK ACCL.AS1 VTION, THE U1ON IS THE V 'K)N<3 OF HAGUE N OF OP TIGER x BOOTS AND HKK By Kdgar Martin VOU V ; ; ' '->'" '^ ^NP THE HBRRING 'KINO 01= THE SEA . MOT BECAUS& OP SIZE oe QUESTION: Why are swans called royalbirds? * * * ANSWER: The swan is a water bird who belongs to the same family as the geese and ducks. With its snowy white feathers and long, curved neck, it is a beautiful bird. There are seven kinds of swans, living in various parts of the world. The tame ones you see in this country originated in Europe and are known as mute swans. Although the adult swan is beautiful, the baby swan is not. The young swan, called a cygnet, is covered with grayish-brown feathers. The unattractiveness of the cygnet is the basis for the fable railed "The Ugly Duckling. "The male swan is called a CO& and the female a pen. The beauty of the swan as it floats majestically on the water has been the subject of many poems and songs. Swans have al« ways been cherished by royalty to decorate the streams and ponds of royal dwellings. In fact, swans once were a badge of royalty. Even today in Great Britain certain swans are the prop* erty of the Queen and have royal protection. Fw tiUB rMflOCU tbey are often called royal birds. * * * * FOR YOU TO DO: Visit a park or zoo where they haw 0*BM and look (or a cygnet to compare iUappearaoce witb ttet of Mf mother. * • • (The $10 award for this question goes to Betty Lee Byra of Richmond, Va. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplU cate que»U0M U9 received, Mf •. fiiggiM Will «teOMtto win i Summer's ne\\pst one-piece jplaysuit wraps and ties to fit '.with the greatest of sewing lease! Whip it up in Kay ging- j ham checks or cracker-crisp i pique for play or patio wear. jSend now! Tomorrow's pattern: | Half-sixer. | Printed Pattern 4584: Misses' [Sizes 10, V2, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 takes 2U yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 35 cents in coins for this pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 348 W. nth St., New York II, N. Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Size, Style Number. The woman who is al- 'ways going to pieces prob- :ably wasn't put together :too well in the first place. CF Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Winner For Sim- LAS ANI.MAS. C'olo iApi — Gil- bei-t MailensDii submitted the firM t'nir> in ihc Las Aimua> Caiden i C'lub s beautiful lawn conK'si. , MaMoiisuii claimed his application met CM r\ rule — Jrrcdoin ;troni uetds frct-dom fiuin disea.-st. \ good condition and appearance. • His yard is all concrete and was "refurbished recentl> with green i paint ! The club's rules said notlung ' at all about

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