Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 2, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1957
Page 7
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-Junior Editors Quiz on———-—— BASEBALL 'BOUNCE' Holding complete sway in a conversation at some gathering may stamp you as , a very intelligent person. , QUESTION: What gives a baseball its "bounce?" ANSWER: The difference between a "live" baseball and "dead" one, without much bounce, is its rubber and cork center Inside the horsehide cover. The modern' baseball Is bouncter than the eld—which helps the long hitters. Cork has many other uses. It is most familiar perhaps in the form of bottle stoppers. Because it is very light and floats, life belts are often made of it. Shoe soles were made from it by the ancient Romans. Cork comes from an evergreen oak which flourishes in South em Europe and on the North African Coast. It is actualfy the outer layer of bark from the tree, which is stripped periodically, usually every 10 years. The stripping doesn't bother the cork oak, which lives to an age of about 150 years. FOR YOU TO DO: Get a cork from a bottle, see how light it is, how easily it floats in water—and how it bounces when dropped. It will bounce in unexpected directions because of its irregular shape (If you have a good question send it to this newspaper for AP Newsfeatures and you may win $10. Tomorrow: Why was Moses hidden in the bullrushes?) CARNIVAL 0* mm T.M. Rif. US. PM. OH. $ IW7 fry HU Unit,. InCj, MAK€fRlEKQ5 Times Herald, Carroll, towa Friday, Aug. 2, 1957 Spring Is the time to do the housecleaiting on the farm so the barn can be. used as a summer theater. It's more likely to stamp you as a loudmouth. TIZZY By Kate Oscmn OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS 'If s just a summer romanc -he goes out for football in the falll" By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Economy le like catsup! You get none at ail—then suddenly ifs ail over everybody!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith 9* "I can't play now, Louise, I have to take my brother for a walk- he's got ten cents to spend!" 'It would have been a lot simpler if she'd gotten a dress her sixel" In Hit Day's Work Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 ACROSS 1 Scrubbing tool 4 Planted g bake 12 Fuss 13 Region 14 Ready to harvest 16 Recall 1? Essential being 16 Glimpse 19 Argued 21 Italian city 24 Ear (prefix var.) 25 Aged 28 North and South states. 32 Crowns 34 Artist, Diego 36 Small islands 36 Fends off 37 Product of Italian cooks 30 Together (prefix) 40 Bill collectors' date 41 What stokers produce 43 Dutch coin 46 Priest SO Where sailors work 81 What dentists make 84 Impudent 55 Earth goddess 96 Feminine name 87 Gaelic 88 French summers •« Turn right DOWN I Farm animal t Poets write them 3 Display 4 Patriot. Houston 6 Eye 6 Garden tool 7 Nostril 8 Original 9 Hearers 10 Church reees II Deserts 16 Watch 20 South Americas country SZpenounoed mventor 83 Adjust 26 Speak 38 Menace imperfectly 42 Greek letter 2T French 43 Yawn premier and 44 Employer family 45 Rim 26 What office- 47 Boast seekers do 48 Good (Latin \ 30 Pseudo-artistic 40 Hireling 2S Drinking mug Back-talk 82 Born 25 Elevator < coll > THERE AIMT A CHANCE OF THE sua. SkSMIM' THAT EXPENSE t . ACCOUNT/ \1 T»KlN *THRE6 • <3uVSTO LUNCH 1 HAH/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . w kV WORD, AMTOlfAE.' SUPERB BAUTeEK*e/-~ WHBR& WAS I? 0H.YH5-««-TH6 UOKi ACTUALLY WAS II FEET LONG—HAK-KAFP/-.* BUT OMCe, LOST (M TM& ARCTIC,! SUBSISTED FOR VOBEKe ON A SHEEP- , ' SKIN COA*r~HEH-MEH/ FINALLY FOUND AN ESWM0J TRIBB THAT , ^ ACTUALLY AT6 DRIFTWOOD.^ .with ... MAJOR WOOPLI AMAZINS/ TH6 WOOD MOST HAVE JO HIS, ,HSAT>Z> LAST WDRQdfc j HIM- TH © *y A mm As 1 LOH6 ASA? •RRI [©NE-MAhi 0AND* fl .,. BUGS BUNNY Super-Brain r LEAVE US Sj NOT BLOW A SASKET, ELMER! IlL SET YA OUTA THIS! PRISCILLA'S POP S3 Tasmania (ab.J| f \ 6 r- 1 II L ^ f LL P P is N. 11 a I R i It W P • yd Mm w W P 1. IT HI n w IS •IE. p r BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Reason for Ruth BY EDGAR MARTIN Gets the Point I T3| BY AL VERMES* CAN TAKE ) A MtNT.'j-' ALLEY OOP Again? BY V. T. HAMLIN Si 1 MORTY MEEKLE You'll Seel BY DICK CAVALLI VI JUsA FINI5HE0A PAINTING HO LIKE VOL) TO SEE. GOT A MINUTE? I CALL IT •SURPRISE', Hp tMl <kf MA Unit, 'P> T.M. *««, U,«. Pa. OH. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wasted MERRILL BLOSSEft r X MAY* AS WELL. BE BCLWr ABOUT ft! J*. CARD / HAVE MODCBQ me HOUR? HUN^ OQOCV/ GOSH/THANK:^ RDR J2EMJNOIM6 ME, MR- 6RU86LE/ I OCWr WtANNA MtSS "WE- MIDNkSMT MOVIE/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Story of the Leee BY WILSON SCRUGGS Y I TOOK HER HOME. MRS. L£E LOOKED UKE SHE^ ' J ,W1 4 mWM

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