Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 24, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, June 24, 1960
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FAOTTWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Cost of Living In< .1 Per Cent During May WASHINGTON (AP)-The cost; Ing edged up one-tenth of I >er cent in May, setting a' record for the third month! row. • Reporting this today, the Labor Department announced Its consumer price index reached 121.3 per cent of th« 1M7-* average. Higher food prices were chiefly responsible for the rise. As a result of the rise, about 200,000 workers in the aircraft, meatpacking, chemical, trucking and metal working industries will 3 Convicts Get College Education JOLttTT, 111. (AP) - Today was college commencement day for three inmates of the Tllineis State WARMER SATURDAY Scattered showers and thunder-showers are forecast tonight in the central and southern plains, part* of the south Atlantic coastal region and central and northern Appalachians. It will be Bad Weather in Illinois Subsides; Many Injured Dems Push Medical Care Bill warmer over most of the Great Plains. The Mississippi Valley and parts of the northern Appalachians will be cooler. (AP Wlrephoto Map) WeatherForecfist got cost-of-llving r*y boosts. Their wage contracts have clauses providing for adjustments ini relation to living costs. For most of the worker*, the pay increase will be one to two!™.. _ cents an hour. Despite the slight rise In prices. Penitentiary, the first such scol- ars In the history of the prison. The men, Philip G. Gianopuios, J33; Malcolm H. Matheson. 37. ?-)dj asvi-1 degrees from the • | Chicago City Junior College j through its television Instructional! rtv- buying power of the average factory worker's paycheck rose slightly. Longer hours of program. But graduation day didn't me.inl a day outside the walls. The c i-| lege and the penitentiary wanton! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I Weather turbulence over Illinois — which bred tornadoes, hall, thunderstorms and high winds — subsided during the night. Five persons were reported injured in a series of severe storms which bufferted the state Wednesday night and Thursday. A Central Illinois Public Service Co. lineman. Gene Donaldson, 26, of Petersburg, was electrocuted while repairing wind-felled power lines in Virginia, northwest of Springfield. i Alton and vicinity: Sunny and pleasant today. High around SO. •Fair and cool tonight with the low 60-65. Considerable sunshine and slightly warmer Saturday .High In the middle 80s. Extended Forerast 1 degrees at the prison. | m; The three graduates havo b'"'ni boosted his spendable earnings by| nrran g<,d ( .p r ernonles for 70 cents, or one per cent. Nevertheless, buying power May still was 2 per cent below stu( j,. n ts since 1958 as part of an that of a year ago experimental group of 12. Later! The average weekly take home; tnr pr0 j, rnm W as expanded to ; n-| pay—earnings after taxes—of the f ., urjp 3] students. ' worker with three dependents was ~ -vo o f the graduates main-, reported as JR0.91 in May, and for' f a j ni>r j nhove average gra l--s in ! the worker with no dependents -'is- tnf) ,. mirs( , s presented ovrr \VTTV ! S73.3B. Both figures are up 70 jn Chicago. The entire j<roup of; from April. inmate students achieved i cra-ie; In May, as in April, food prices |pojnl ilvf , raf T P O f 2.76. whicn is| 1 Illinois — Temperatures average 3 - n degrees below normal in north to near normal in south. Normal highs 81-86 In were up more than seasonally. ( p qual tn a B minus. One-four'h rf north, 75-90 in south. Normal'Th? rise was especially marked: f ,n Krn( j PS for these studen's was -laws 52-64 in north, 64-78 in!«« to fresh fruits and vegetables.: A n higher than normal per.- -nf | j south. A low warming trend Sat- Consumer services also were aKP a WTTW spokesman said. ! ! urday and Sunday, turning cool-' higher. These included medical; Facilities for study at the prison j jer again Monday with littleicare. which rose three-tenths of; j nc i u de large ceils with tele-isi mi ! change remainder of period.i on<1 P 61 " Cf>nl - ;sets and other necessary "Precipitation will average one-| Among the declining costs ware.ptnjiprnprit. Lighting circuits aie | half to one inch and locally more (those of new and used cars, liresj mo( jified to permit individual cnn- Democrats today prepared for a j jr scat tering showers and thun-i andI gasoline. • ,..,-.. .. ^-.or By JOE HALL WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate I I1QIJ (A-/ unic undi aiiu t\j\j,untj 11 tu* *, i - i trol of illumination in the cell.This; Rainfall up to three inchesj big push j n mc closing days ofidershowers Sunday or Monday: Housing costs declined for !V [e nab!es the students to live andi splashed central counties, flooding j c regs , 0 try to WTitc . a medical land again Wednesday. ; «rst time in almost two years- work r | g | lt )n their classrooms. , -^i1_.__ * — A.W.4-A MM*1 •Vt*l*M» 1 " " ! countless basements and many highways. Hail stones the size of hens' eggs drummed farm lands in storm areas. Heavy hail damage was reported in Macon County. Two tornadoes were reported Wednesday night and early Thurs day. At Shumway, northwest of Effingham, a twister damaged several farm homes, wrecked barns and temporarily cut off power to six communities in the area. A small tornado touched down south of Springfield, damaging a number of farm buildings. Rain laden with hail lashed a wide swath of central Illinois at about the same time the Shumway j twister struck. The downpours were whipped along on winds up vorlng instead a program of fed-j 0 nomics, Civic Memorial High, to 60 miles an hour. , jeral-state grants to finance major Bethalto: Miss Ruth Finley.j Peoria, East Peoria and Creve medical benefits for needy older!home economics, East Alton- care program for the aged into the \ Social Security system. ; Several Senate'sources said thej votes were available, though per haps by a narrow margin, to put this type of a provision into the Social Security bill which passed the House 380-23 Thursday. Two Democratic presidential aspirants, Sens. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Stuart Symington of Missouri, have said they strongly favor adding medical care benefits for retired ;>er- sons to the Social Security system. Another, Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas has indicated he favors this approach.! 3 Teachers Attending Workshop Three Alton area teachers are attending a workshop on education in family finance June 20 to July 15 at the University of Illi- not because of lower prices lor The inmates are chosen for en- dwellings but due to dips in prices j rollment through competitive ex- of home furnishings, fuels and j animations. Only 2 of the original household operations. ;i2 were dropped for disciplinary Arnold Chase, price chief of !nej reasons . Bureau of Labor Statistics, said prices of fresh fruits, vegetables and pork may have climbed .igain this month. But auto prices should go down seasonally, so that the spring advance in over-all living costs may give place to a reasonable summer stability. j The index in February climbed j back to the record level of last I November and has not stopped 1 nois in Champaign. i rising since. ; The May increase., however, The teachers are: Mrs. Rutht w as only one-fourth "ks great as iG. Card, elementary teacher, ; ma t o f April. The Eisenhower administration| from Thomas Jefferson School; sharply opposes such a plan, la-j Mias Amelia Stallings, home ec-' Phones Will Eliminate Alphabet By FRANCIS 8TILLEY NEW YORK (AP)—The nation's telephone system has started doing away with the alphabet. Identify Victim of Rape,Slaying CHICAGO JP - Police today sought to question a stranger who reportedly disappeared with a Chicago woman a few hours before her beaten body was found IB a clump of weeds In a South Side "tover'a lane." The victim of the unsolved rape-slaying was identified Thursday through dentures at Mrs. Rosearm Beckman, 32, mother of four. A few noun later an acquaintance, MM. Lorraine Lux, 30, told police she was with Mrs. Beckman Tuesday night at the White Sox game In Comlsky Park. Mrs. Lux said a man the two women met in a cocktail bar took them to the ball game. The man and Mrs. Beckman left the stands to get refreshments, Mrs. Lux related, and nwer returned. Police found the body of the reddish-blonde secretary Wednes day morning after receiving re- FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1960 3 Driven 9 Licenses Revoked The office of Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier announced today the revocation of the drivers licenses of three Madison residents. The licenses were revoked for driving while intoxicated. William R. Mathes, 2728 Marshall, Granite City, was convicted in the court of Police Magistrate Alleen Smith, Granite City; Maurice A. Moore, 25 Madison Ave., Wood River, was convicted in the court of Police Magistrate J. T. Lancaster, Wood River; and Joe W. Southard, Rt. 1, Edwardsville, was also convicted in the court of Police Magistrate J. T. Lancaster. Wood River. Leonard B. Wheat, 2809 College Ave., Alton, received a suspension of his license for committing threp traffic violations. His suspension is for two months. John E. Farley, 406 Rose South Roxana, received a St., two ports that a- car drove through a South Side street with a screaming woman inside. Aj months suspension O f his license coroner's report said Mrs. Beck-i for havinR an ac( .jdent in which man was hit on the head with a|, wo ppl . sons rere t v ed injuries, blunt instrument and was raped. The body lay in the morgiin more than 24 hours before iden-j tification was made. Mrs. Beckman's husband, James L. Hampsey. Wood River. , and Leonard G. Morgan, Granite : City, received probationary permits to drive. Both received su- Leonard. 34, made a p o s i t i v e; • s P ( ' nsions of their licenses earlier identification of the body afterl this vt>Hr the dentures were traced. He; jtold police he did not report nisi wife missing because she often i went to White Sox games alone and stayed out for the night, i Gissal Reported Doing Well Coeur were hit by a storm early Thursday, damaging roofs and uprooting trees. Deborah Rinehart, 19. of Rushville, was injured by a falling tree near Lake Springfield. Kenneth persons. i Wood . River High School. A limited medical care program • R 00 m-and-board scholarships \ is contained in the House bill. Under it, each state would be authorized to set up a new category under its public assistance program of old persons unable to pay heavy medical bills. velop instructional materials The federal government would lating personal and family contribute an estimated 195 mil- nance to their respective lion dollars a year and the states.Jecl areas. Graduate 117 million to pay medical bone given for the course., fits for these persons. Burkhardt, his wife and 16-yar old daughter were injured when their trailer home overturned -luring the Springfield storm. Mrs. Gertrude Cramer, another Spring- 1'eld resident, WHS cut by Uyi ig glass. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s warmed Illinois today An estimated one and a while the rain-ssvollen Wabash million persons would he covoi-ed. River poured over levees and ; with perhaps half a million flooded lowland farm areas in'payments in any one year, the southeast. Heavy rains Wednesday night and Thursday- some communities on the upper Wabash were hit by 3 and 4-inch downpours- pushed the river 5 feet over the 12-foot stage at Hutsonville. Farmers moved cattle to high ground, and Civil Defense units stood by with emergency equip for the four-week program have been granted to 40 teachers of; home economics, vocational ag-j riculture k business education, and social studios. They will de- re- fi- sub-, credit is Coordinator ol the workshop House Will CutExpense Of Travel EN ROUTE TO CONTEST SAN FRANCISCO — Vivien Choung, 20, named Miss Hong Kong June 11, posed Thursday at San Francisco International Airport prior to boarding a BOAC plane for New York. She is en route to Miami Beach for competition in the Miss Universe contest next month. It was first believed her father headed a Hong Kong concern which is blacklisted by the U. S. as "substantially controlled" by Chinese Communist interests. However, Vivien appeared at the L'. S. consulate general in Hong Kong June 14 with identity card listing her father as a Formosa businessman. Action removed what obstacle had existed Air Line Pilots Sav Suit is PhoilV '< VVilliam Gissal. 84, retired long; time employe of H. K. Johnston i MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — The Air Hardware Co., who was injured in | Line Pilots Assn. charged today an au ( omo bile accident early Sun- that an Eastern Air Lines suit for !day js "doing well" in Memorial $11.400,000 "is either a publicity! Hospita i. his daughter told the stunt or a further attempt to ha-1 Tplegrapn „}<; morning, rass the pilots." : Gissal sutfered a broken nose The suit, filed in federal court an( , facial cuts and bruises when Thursday, said the ALPA and some of its members masterminded the 11-day strike and that strike leaders "threatened and intimidated and otherwise coerced" pilots who wanted to report for duty. The strike ended Wednesday. Eastern said the ALPA, its president, Clarence Sayen, and Miami strike leaders worked In accordance with a pre-arranged plan and that the strikers acted with knowledge of a court injunction against a work stoppage. p £ 0e to her getting a U. S.^isa. (AP^Virephoto) Toothless Cabbie pie are running out of for the fifth summer is Prof. Klof the Collide of WASHINGTON /P members have been ordered to limit their government-pair living expenses to 52:"' a day while on congressional trips. The new ceiling adopted Thurs- Rain Moves Southwest Across U. S. as consultant. Assistant coordinator and consultant is Prof. Floyd Crank of the department day by the House tion Committee will fective July 1. Employes of the branch an- limited to $12 per diem allowance while on KOV- are running out ot — all things — phone numbers. Nearly 24 million phones have been added in this country just since 1950. Each one needed a number with a word prefix that people could understand, like PI?iTa or Evergreen. The problem of finding such pre- Tinnc, n f' xf>s was getting tougher all the ~~ MU11SP time. The experts concluded after a lot of study and tests that there was only one thing they could do and still give folks the service (hey want: Change the system. So eventually, phone numbers won't be partly letters and partly numbers, like Flieldstonei 7-2tMr!. but all digits: 347-2643. City Court to Resume Trial Session on Monday Eats 7 Chickens Fla. (AP) - the car driven by his daughter struck a utility pole on Main street. His daughter said he escaped severe injuries. He will remain in the hospital for at least another week. Another man injured recently, William P. Richardson, 70, is "doing all right" according to his landlady, Mrs. Jesse Phelps of 1030 Union St. Struck by a car when he was (.•rossing Union street Tuesday, the disabled World War I veteran received injuries to ribs, hip, ankles and his head. Mrs. Phelps said he incurred several fractures and will be in St. Joseph's Hospital for some lime. "He is eating well and Administr.i- hccome ei- executive PENSACOLA, toothless cab driver downed seven j doing much belter," she conclud- fried chickens in one of those "allied, you can eat" deals at a Pensacola Jury trials in Alton Citv Court trial jury found in favor of the drugstore. , . .„ , t _. Jim Ferguson wandered into the will i-esunrte ncsi Monday, it plaintiff on three counts. lhe. store Thursday spotted an ,.„„ was announced today- by Court jury set Castle berry's recovery' m e chicken you can eat for 99 Clerk F: T. Rosehert. First on ()n Count 1 at SI.347.18: on Count cents" sign and told the foun^in call is a personal injiirv-dnma«e j[j a , y>-,o<i- and on Count IV at manager to suit oi Arthur Cla.v of; 1101 Hello ^ ^ .- ( j ^ ^ ^ don't stop." st. against Donald Inpleti of Major Jimmerson scoffed. "If on public acceptance of make- Roseville. III. and others. im>cri lOUl ' ( Wednesday and Thursday. you pat fivfl Dickens it won't i-ost shift teacher's certificates. on a traffic collision nc.n- lout i the \erdici bei ng returned you a cent." he said. Two hours Arthur F. Corey, executive see. Hello St.. March 1'8. IH.ifl. Thursdav evening. later seven chickens had iieen rotary of the California Teachers "start flying Urges Teachers Battle 'Certificates' I'ain' SAN DIEGO. Calif. (API—The and teaching profession was urged today to launch an all-out attack ruder a sealed verdict entered by .ludge 1. 11. Streeper in| Thursday evening. — | eaten. The sea lily is actually an ani- "I haven't the suit of Ray E. Castleherry of : mal. Its arms sweep the food Assn., told an education conven- got a tooth in myition: "In no other profession do Will all-digit phone numbers IT Wood Rjve) . a ' Rahwt " Kldon M ill- : into its mouth, located at the ant in vocational agriculture isr harder to remember? "All numerals can be r«- ronn'mbered for a short time just eminent trips. The committee said Thursday that any mem- ,, , n i ii j • U*" '"ibers who plan to ask more than ., , , Prof. Paul Hemp and in home , ' fo) . ^ such as easily as letter-numeral corn- economics consultant « Miss _ ^ ^^ ^^ laundrv binations." said a Bell R et approval from *pokesmair er. Inc.. of Iowa City. la., thej top of the stem. head." Ferguson said. "It's kindlwe find practitioners who have of hard to get the meat off the not met reasonable and carefully bones." established standards." as . is . ,'and tins must g sponsored , . ' ... . .. their committee "That's how most numbers are ment to evacuate families if J. ».v» ^r^»^ ^«^» dent of Public Instruction in co- necessary, opration with the National Com- The midweek storm was one gy THK ASSOCIATED PRKSS m ju,, P r or Kducation in Family of the worst weather oombina- Thunderstorms and heavy rain pi nu nce and Institute of Life tions of the early summer. Tor- that prowled the nation's mid- | nsl ,,..„„.,, dunurs of the schol- rential rains, hail and tornadic section Thursday moved into the a^hips, winds lashed a wide swath of the Southwest today. Similar workshops are conduct- state from Quincy to Danville. At Corpus Christ i, Tex., one ^ a t a dozen other universities Five persons were injured ini storm dumped more than -|throughout the country. the storms. A utility lineman!inches of rain: Lubbock. Tex., ^ making repairs was electrocut-! reported wind gusts of 50 miles Teens Put lp Dorothy Kcenan. The program m ,-, 1 ,v,ii™ic. J . . , ....",,. .. ... their committee chairmen in ad- . jointly by the University and the ^ us «i: You look it up in the book Office of the State Superinten- umff> _ and remember it just lone enough Instruction in co- Consumption of paper by the to dial. It takes a while loiu-'r average person in the United to remember the all-number mes States is second only to his con- permanently, but most people re sumption of water and milk. member only a few, anyway." Another Service from Citizens . . . WHERE YOU GET MORE IN SERVICES! ed. Belgian Congo Gets Independence TIM-UK Put I'p Reward !an hour at the height of H rain; STfU'HKNVn.LK. Ohio. :V>land thunderstorm. .Students at Jefferson Union. : The Chicago Weather Bureau "teh School offered their help, blamed a cold front for the siege of unusual weather that hit central sections Wednesday and Thursday. The front extended from the Great Lakes into northwest Texas. It produced: A tornado in Illinois that caused some damage to farm buildings, utility lines; killed seven persons, six of them in Kentucky: rains of 6 inches 5 inches in Kentucky; flash floods from ruin- od crop*: disrupted public serv- Warm air moved into LEOPOLDVILLE, Belgian Congo (API—Parliamentary approval of the Congo's first independent government—headed by Patrice Lumumba - today cleared :th a r'forced"rnany'''p^on.. .the way for vast territory s Iras-j^n-homes: flooded rivers: dom from Belgian rule. The transfer of sovereignty takes place next Thursday. Lumumba at the last moment won the backing of his chief rival, Joseph Kasavubu. who had contended with him lor the premiership. It was rumored that Kasa- vubu expected to be named chi.'f of slate. Jn a chwinu iiuuultuoub post- midnight session, the Congo Parliament approved Lumumba and hu» cabinet with 74 uffirmaiue votes Only on* sole was v-ast Complaints to police Thursda> again*! the- nationalist leader, but, included one b> Mrs. Florence there were 5 abstentions and jT Thompson uf 'M W Uith St. remembers were absent. -porting dial two ducks — pets, ui Lumumba, 34. i>> president rrlu-r clukiicn — had diaappeaied Uie Nalioijal Cojigult-ht Move- •from their surd, apparently stok'ti. Belgians tear and distruat; ^h«' said she was interested solely be is an opportunist' m n'C'j\ei> oi the pt-ts. pn/jfd b> rnviaj iiatred and tin chiMrtn, and MJU^IH police he bu \*ktta inon^y ujm h*Jp w li-ain what nad become of n Comrnuiusli. , irw-ni. and money to track down van- • daK who damaged their school bus and chopped down trees in! front of the high school. Principal K. \V. Christopher | say> high school clubs ported, a $100 reward for the apprehension and conviction of the van-! daU. BEFORE YOU GO from the Pacific the northwestern raising nighttime temperatures up 15 degrees over the piwious night'i ings in Montana. Report* Pet Uiu-k* Mis»inji From \ who that SODA $109 t JL With Gas Purchase GOLDEN RULE - FINA - GOOHf Y, III. OM MUt Nor* of AI»M «• Iwitt 47 YOUR HOME COMES FIRST MASONITE WALL PANEL MMy Walnut BUILD BETTER WITH DRY LUMBER 4x«-J" SPECIAL $g08 tor Sheet 4x8-1" SPECIAL National Bank THAViLIR» CHICKS CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 32$ Smirk Avf . Cl 4-3142 HOUIS: t «.M. t« 4:3« Frifey tvMMf iwHI 7 p.m. f*»t Alt*. tfoily. VISIT OUR PLANNING CENTER Our Library of Plans offers you « widt »«Uction of the n«w«ft in homf AMAZING NEW CEE.OTEX SHINGLE! "MIGHTY RUGGED" "EXCITING BEAUTY" ["HURRICANE SAFE"* ... thttt to«m«nti britfly dt»cnb» on tmwting w/n(/-io/« thingl* thai wol» itw (with aid of twn't h«ot) agointt ttorm <tomegt ... wvinj rtpair cotltl And (hit w«a»h»r-t»ght ihinglt la*H y««/t longtr. . . givti you "dollor-f Oftltar" vt9*i roof prottcttoul CBLO-PBAL •trow i* wind TMM QINTER-WARDEIN CO. 81 HENRY ST, HO 5-3588

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