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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, June 24, 1960
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TELEGRAPH LO* Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Vedrs Established January 15, 1836 Vol. C*XV, Ntf, 138 ALTO!*, ILL., FRIDAY, JUNE 24,1960 20 PAGES Campaigns Picking Up More Speed B> THE ASSOCIATED PRESS With the national convention season just two and a half weeks; away, the political cauldron hasi come to a rolling boil. Some of; the bubbles that came to the stit- fncr Thursday: —Sen. John K. Kennedy of Massachusetts, front runner for Ihr, Democratic prize, snared nisi largest single bloc of convention votes so far when fll' a of Now York's 11-I were pledged to 'iim. —Backers of Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas figured Kennedy will have over 600 votes when the convention starts July 11. but said their man would have 502 and claimed his total would swell in later ballots unless Kennedy manages to swprp the board on the first ballot; "fil convention votes' am needed to nominate. —President Eisenhower, golfing in Hawaii after his Far F;ast trip, was reported drafting a reply to mounting Democratic criticism of his foreign policy, particularly the consequences of thr cancellation of his visit to Japan. Kisenhower talked by phone with Vice President Richard M. Nixon, thr OOP's prospective nominee, for the first time since leaving on his trip. Iko. Nixon Confer Eisenhower's press secretary. James C. Hagerty. said the President "is somewhat puzzled and amused that some of these same, gentlemen were saying before he didn't so to Japan didn't say which meant. BKATNIKIN TROVBLE Contends Khru May End • _ • T.II« i n t er f e r e g With U.S i i KO Herter Says Comment K.K. Hoagland, 52, > IM ^_ Dies in Springfield King Hoa«iand. MILWAUKEE — Robert (Bohemian glass window of a Milwaukee store at- Bob) Schn-edB, a self-proclaimed beat- ter he had barricaded himself from nik, is pulled through a hole in a plate police, (AP Wlrephoto) BombHurte Dog Warden to President of Begin on Monday Venezuela By JOHN M. HIOHTOWER WASHINGTON (APWU.S. officials believe the Soviet Union may soon try to suspend disarmament negotiations at Geneva on the grounds that progress towyrd, agreement is impossible until eft-' rr a change of administration* in Washington. | Authorities said that the Soviet) government probably is reluct'int' to make a definite break-off move for n time, but two developments iS''Se!Sn. arr ma " P " VPring '"'Springfield * M p.m. Thursday, apparently of a hear, attack. In thr 10-nation disarmament M>'- Hoagland was stricken in conference. Communist spokesmen a private planr. just before its at recent sessions have accused scheduled takroff from Capitol the United States and other West- Airport at Springield for Alton, ern powers of stalling and of r.itl-IHo was dead on arrival at Meing to display any interest in r?al mnrial Hospital in Sprmglield. progress toward agreement. The plane was piloted b> K. \V. For their pa.1 they have insist- Griffith. Alton attorney, its owned that the West accept Soviet or. Griffith had flown from \Vnu- proposuls as a basis for ncgnliu- kogiin. where he and Mr. Hong- lion, and so far have rejected all land had attended the meeting efforts to draw them into detailed of the Illinois Bur Assn. Griffith discussions even on their own stopped al Springfield to drop off plan. n passenger, George Gillespie. In connection \\ith the three- an attorney. power negotiations for a treaty .\ s Griffith \\iis preparing to prohibiting nuclear weapons tests. ta | tc , O ff f or Alton. Mr. Hoiiglmid the Soviet Union recently sounded;Collapsed, and WHS taken to the out the United States informally, nos pjtal. about shelving the conferrm-p tin- ^. , |oag | an( | ,,, mr to Alton til after the November pi-psidnn- . () 1}m )o hp ,, omp MS socialed tial elections in this country. On Election Interference B,> RICHARD G. MASSOC K CARACAS. with the law firm of Green * A Soviet diplomat at Geneva is Ver , j(> |lp W)S „„,„ only ._,, ypars Full enforcement of the city rloy control code is scheduled understood to have suggested 'o a o|f) _ mlf , of |))p youngest men 10 begin next Monday, it wa.s announced today by City Manager ir.g. diplomat that no progress jn |hr s|a(( , (0 hok :, ., Degree in Graham W. Wall. was possible so long as President ,. w whi( ,^ ,„, 0 | 1tll j nP( | ;ll Uni New Effort By Leftists In Japan TOKYO i/P* - Japanese left- wingers today began a new series of demonstrations in an fffort to whip up enough public sentiment, to force nullification of the new U. S.-Japan se- WASHINGTON (AP)— Secretary of State Christian A. Herter accused Soviet Premier Nikita Khrush- widely known ntiorney. died m| c hev today of interfering In this country's internal af- f a j rg j^ j^s j. a |fc a bout President Eisenhower's SUCC6S- sor in the White House. Khrushchev has several times attacked the Republican front-runner, Vice President Richard M. NLxon, and has expressed hope he would find it possible to negotiate with the next administration. Herter told a news conference that Khrushchev's remarks come about as close to interference in the internal affairs of another country as Herter can conceive of. At the same time, he refused to be drawn into a discussion of whether the election of a Republican or Democrat as the next President would make any difference in future U.S.-Soviet relations. curity pad Khrushchev's latest comment The first' demonstration was|°" "* U - S - P° litical scene a" 116 , "people's funeral" for Mich-! last Tuesday when he told a Ro- K. K. IK)A(iLAM) iko Kamba, the . 22-year-old Under the program now ready iAP> — | 01 . operation, unlicensed and tion Supt. Leo Chief J. M. Heafner and fession. included: assistant sec-:Tokyo University coed killed In rc.tary and general counsel. Al-ithe student assault on the Par- director, Iliament building June 15. It to " Bos Boartl Romulo Betancourt sl ,. a y d ogs a ( large on t office escaped a bomb attack on his h{e; s1] . e g (s a)lri p im |j c place? may'mcnt of all , suffering only slight burns.: be pj^^ up an( i impounded. jdual arrangement leafner and Sanita- Eisenhower remains in olficfi. The' .... , I i| jno j s i mv School lon BON Bomtl ^°" ll "«- lul -innmem ouucimg June 10. u ,eo M. Fitzgerald. United States rebuffed the Soviet ,• h p c . mlc a partner in ih e ' niromalloy Cm ?" ot New York; !"" Us rhp lhll ' d lel ' list memorial handles, enforce-! approach about ;i long recess but ° ." .£,.,- T)lc firnl was I president and director. Alton Fi- SPrV ice held over the girl's citv licenses. This authorities here considered it sig- "" . ri h '"" Mv unt ., P Henrv nilllCB * Thrirt tU: al)d clirectol >shes. j has been Interior Minister Luis Augusto T]ie en torcement officer for j made because most complaints • \i York strength' Ulterior minister uius. nugu^.u The enforcement officer tor|nuiae oecause mosi. cumi-mnmr Kennedys INCTi lui . " Q{ 0ubuc blamed the attack on fol-; the dog cont rol program is the i about dogs are sent to the po •ought ms unomurti _ lowers of deposed dictator Marcos j cily dog warc i en . Recently ap-! lice and because much of the Perez Jimenez and "foreign ene- j po j nte( 3 t o fill this position is i work of the dog warden will be mies" of Venezuela—"concretely.! WJlliam M Tue)h of 919 p ea rl|in enforcement of dog license; M. accorSto an Associated Press tabulation. His nianian Communist party meeting he was interested in the election of a new president who would "remedy the mistakes made by the present government of the United States." On other points, Herter told nificant. Suspension of the conference,.-, ,' V£ , r |j e """*"„, Van, °^,h"Z ! -"—> "° '-• *•""£«« »r ..O..V. n^ «—•«•. «*«". Alton. ' Green would be in line with Soviet Pre mier Nikita Khrushchev's cam- Formed Law Finn Heuded Elks Club In 1939, had predicted 20.000 would turn out. but only about 3,000 show- Dominican Cl • regulations. He has been outfitted with a. Carp of Dogs the AP tabulation counts votes 4e- Republic. tprmined bv state primaries, state! Dubuc said two military udes sma] ] enclosed truck, fitted -for: Under *-*-^ IllillCVJ J * ••_. i ' paign to discredit President Eis-, ™ ™' ^ ^J ^ v«>! sodal and lrateraal enhower as an effective U.S. le.d-^^SdTn^'^SJm ^ l %™?*^ er in the search for peace. Ar , ar lh(l Hfinfh ftf Henpy Green .' Amad Shiine. East St. s Club of which he Saturday, rallies in factories and shops are scheduledi with convention actions and polls of In-jot Betancourt as well as Defense j transportation of s dividual delegates willing to an- Minister Jose Lopez Henrique.z an d this will be used in answer- < Assn is to prov ide shelter, nnnnce their stand. «» cl his wifc were senousl >' " v ing complaints about dogs. jng and carc 0) impounded the AP list'jured. He did not mention -v- Tuelh is to work under the f ol . () lc t .jfy & | ]as provide He got 2Va votes jvious reports that two aides .1 general supervision of Police •'poundment facilities at its ler on K. Del mar road. £ ' rVllT-Tl Itlv, VIC^ULli v/» »IV-«»I.,T -w • ^^-"t .J A I* Officials said the United States . W14 M JIoag i unf i continued; ancl Alton ''"™ -'""."' "'; iv " ""jlh um)l , , recently exeeu.ed^ its .-«« ^ "° inte "« on the firm'under the same name,— •»"' "»"^ ""«'• IIf> «" animals..contrac,. Alton Area'Animal Aid of tiaerc "J tow a 10 ' 1B ''"'^ '" Present associates in the firm either conference. ai , c E , mcr Bprnarcl , j ames A1-," F night demonstration around Parliament for which 60,000 1. The United States Government has every confidence that in spite of violent political disorders and the impending fall >f the Kishi government Japan will continue to align itself with the West. feed- dogs member of Union League Club Chicago. Missouri Athletic They are not sure how matters will develop in the nuclear test meter, and R B. Muticker. Al- now is 202^2* ••*• »•• ~'~ < i. j from the New York delegation'the president had died. meeting at Albany, N. Y. The bombing took place du.-ng Wants Switch an army day parade. At Trenton, N. J.. Robert J. i Apparently an unidentified man Burkhardt a close political -\dvi-1 hurled a high explosive bomb to- Cluh of St. Louis, and im or-j of Lockhaven Country muster 300,000 for more shout- sor to Gov. Robert B. Meyner said he thinks the state's 41-vote delegation should switch to Kennedy now. It presently is pledged to Meyner as a favorite son. A nationwide movement to draft Adlai E. Stevenson for the Democratic nomination was proclaimed by James Doyle, a 1> ward the President's car. Betancourt. elected President inj 1958 after overthrow of the Pere/ Jiminez dictatorship, rose from a sickbed to attend today's ceremonies. Drops to Cool 66 The army sent armored cars and soldiers immediately to the Fo j| ow i ng a ser i es O | scalter- presidential palace and sealed ed shou . ei , s Thursday evening, a year-old \Vis. lawyer from Madison. ;n off. apparently to gu ai ' d muoi, welcomed relief from sev- Thus far this year a total of! 1.768 dogs - 1.560 males and 208J females have been licensed by the city, ii was said at the office of City Treasurer M. 0. Elliott. According to an estimate of several years ago when establishment of a dog pound vvas, studied, this is less than half the; canine population of the c.ity, i and initial activity ot the dog warden is expected to brin>j D1 . oej . e ss * wh " IS °" IWl " , the Air Force. ; ticello College bourd o. Karl K. Hoagland was born in Ml ' HoaglmdSeiSC Shelby County, on a farm. Nov. ' l ' oagm \. S -:20. 1907, a son of Mr. and Mrs. !ora co m m ^" u " 1 "" "™- in "' 1 Tied After 18 Holes Al the end of the lirst IS hole.- John King Hoagland. i administration of former Mayor Leo J. Struif. He served as special counsel for the city in the! park fund litigation in 1934. , Oakawville; his wi- He represented the Board of, ^ ^ f . Jm u ^ Education in litigation over a ^ HoaR|and ,„,, strttion ed at He was maiTied June 11. 1932. i Alton, to Miss Mnry Parsons. Surviving are his father, who ed demands that a new Parliament be elected at once and voice adoption of a declaration refusing to recognize the security treaty which went Into force Thursday. The Socialists concede that in an election Premier Nobusuke Kishi's Liberal-Democratic partv would again win a majority. But they claim the majority would be reduced substantially, and that this would represent sufficient pop- me promised. On July 2 Social-! 2 - Herter has no Intention ists and their allies will try toi whatever of remaining as sec- 'relary of state beyond the end of the Eisenhower administration. He made that statement when asked whether he would be willing to stay on as secretary if NLxon is elected as Eisenhower's successor. 3. The United States intends to present new evidence against the Castro government of Cuba to the InterAmerican Peace Committee. Herter indicated this action would be taken in Doyle had no visible support j to S eitc it. from Stevenson, who has said re-1 Radio st a lions began .against any attempt bv- rebels , e| , a) rfaj . s o( , ljs , h temperature • and high humidily came to the area on the fourth day of rush of applications lor dog Ii- j n the 27th Annual Illinois \Vo- his l"' f 't>*sion . . /~*i;., ,,,, l^nifc J iwu^mnu in., DLLIVIUIIWU ui, imo wuuivt i ci.mmt-... .,« 4 ..v.*^.»»: ^WM . sfsregntion. «nd in the Ol.n vo- Craig Aj( . Fon;(< Base Selma u]ar objcclj()n to thc { (Q jus . August after the United States. cational school settlement. ^ . anf| wm|nm „ Hoaglandi tifv ,, K nullification. ' ' i under a rotation WStem, loses' Achieved Honors .„,„!„„, .,, n M i,.«,. t .Kt- ^>r Mini,;. (he chairmanship of the five-nation committee. Other officials censes. The dog control ordinance, en acted late last Otolwi and puh- .men's State Golt Tournament; oK-hole . j p '^ sl ^' '"' Alton Wood R.vor Bar a student ;il University of Michigan, who is homo on vacation. (iastl'O Thl'eutf'llS ';Also surviving is a granddaugh- match piny final, de. , , „ champion Lois Dralke peatedly he is not a candidate,j cas tmg continuous bulletins 0 »l smiimer . A low temperature of Hshed in the Tolegrsiph Nov. :5.JL;i(;range. and Miss Doris Phil- but keeps making speeches lil«i president BptancouH's condi-j^ dcg ,. eos vvas ,. 0( . on |eri a ( Al-'requires the immunisation of | ips Belleville, were even. one. Doyle also had no support! tion . l|on Dam parly ,. Of | ay dogs as a prerequisite to city Ol) , hp firs| njno ho)h Kil ., s from the national party chair- Betancourt. 52. veteran poll- Threats O f tornadoes in this licensing. snol a t:). On the second nine, man. Paul M. Butler, who re- :lica i and revolutionary, is "ie ;vjcinity djcln , t materialize after For the year opening Juno 1. MJss . Dralk( , ,. a ,.cie.d a -11, and fused him working space at 1he ( first freely elected president in warnings vwrc issuefi Thursday.!the license fees are $2 for males Miss pj,j|] ips a 4 -j. \H SS Phillips America Bur headquarters hotel in Los An-'Venezuela for a decade. He Rainla) , ,. cco ,.d e d at Alton and sterilized dogs, and $3 for took an Pal ,| v | 0;icl and | iac | .,!was named a t-olPH on the ground that Steven- ,, amo back from 10 years of «- Dam t 0 i a | 0 d .98 inches. Several ll -'males. and all dog.* over three hvo ., lp | pa d going into the 9th: k ' an College Assn. in 19.~)-!-fj.x served as president of Madison County Bar Assn. in ISM. h'or four years he was chairman of the committee ler, and ;i brother. Max G. lloaglaiicl of Tolono. III. Lt. Hoagland fuid his furnily HAVANA, .P--Fldel Castro pn geles on the ground on unauthori/ed practice nois Bar Assn. He also was n member ofi America Bur Assn., and in 1.954, fellow of the Amer- of Trial mg. home this morn-i nas threatened to confiscate all ! United States business interests Mr. Hoagland. whose residence iri c » b " if the United States was al 628 K. 15th St.. wus a' c ' ll( f « e I 1 uota of Cuban sugar i member of St. Paul's Episcopal' 011 wllit <» '<• P a V s the island na- Church. tion a honus of $150 million a report the evidence will be de* signed to show that Premier I Fidel Castro has been trying to stir up strife in the Caribbean area. 4. U. S. alliances with other son self. would have to ask for it him-; ilc alter the fall of showers occurred niontl1 the evening with the, New Aid For GAAC Director Marcos Perez Jimenez He cele- _,,, 'III1UUKII III'.. v.»*-HIJIfc, »inii «»tv- !"' a l C l h !S VMI '" ° e< first drops coming M". .-,:45 p.m. Thursday. Hartford . area old are subject to Ii- hok , Howevei. Miss Dralke won. one of inducted at a meet- The body will be ;it Morrow-'.war. Mortuarv where friends Cuban Prime Minister on Feb. 13. Must Have Mrensp The ordinance makes it livjlt. IIli\\c\*l. ,11 i.^^ i-f.inrn. n.'ii i J the 9th hole and evened out tho>g ' m tmicago. Mr. Hoagland match on the 14th. Both women' also vv:is 8 : were showing signs ol tension. Judic-iititrc Society. member of American j Republican Democratic Union ! have, critical left wings. Musis t'tiitetl States are a keystone of ,his toreign policy. Although he tried to encourage foreign waruiei. Commerce has selected s assistant to its executive direct- OI He is Curtis Cox, 22 of Wood River, now a student in the community development course at Southern Illinois University's Alton center. Cox will assume his responsibilities Aug. 15; following graduation from the university, Next week, however, be will begin an approach to his responsibilities under toe job by attending, with Executive Director F. M. Kaar, the National Institute for Chamber of Commerce Executives at Michigan State University, Kaar announced today.: The position of assistant to the' executive director has been vacant for some months since re- The first, year was a year ol "£3,.^^ . aiea rain ,all was' iu1 - v on all. "owning, keeping j a( . lllt . h . S( . orcs indicated, ups and downs, riots and r 'S h1 V muc . h less t)mn thc amoimt re- ;l " harboring" a dog in the city, Th( , mil( ,h was 45 minutes ist plots for his three-party coa-! cordpd . n ' ^ )on llart , orri to(a | to prot-urc a license, applica-!^,,, in starting bc.-auso Mis^ tiiion government. His own At '-' wason , v 10 inches • (ions ff " which may be made to [,, a |ke overslept, ion Democratic party and the- ^^ ^^ (w {Q ^ y lhf . t . Uy ,.,,,.„ a , City „„,,. alls for high temperatures "Unlict-iiM-d dog<." under Seeto of the ordinance, "or at large -liall be impouinled in ... Iho cit>' animal sheltei and lliarcv. confined in a humane manner for five days: and may thereafter be disposed of in a humane manner it unclaimed by owners •The owner shall be entitled lo resume possession on compliance with license provisions of the ordinance and payment may call after ;> p.m. today. termed a proposal before Con- The funeral services, at 2 p.jKi'ess to Rive the U. S. Presi- m. Saturday in the Mortuary,j clpnt standby authority to cut . iwin be conducted by the Rev.i" 16 ^^ a "economic aggres- Others in the legal professionj wmium KcU , h;im m . tor o£ st jsion" and a "knife thrust in the resarded him as a resource-j pau] . B ,., . , chm . ( , h Ln |chest." His 100-minute speech '-' opponent, who on^many °c-j Car | invj | 1(; . Burial wm ne in M .\ Thursday night was broadcast over a nationwide radio hookup. casions achieved brilliancy inj trials. Mr. Hoagland was a pro- tound student of the law, said; those ton Cemetery. Members of free world nations notably NATO, CENTO in the Middle East and SEATO in southeast Asia—are stronger than ever in the aftermath of the U2 spy plane incident and collapse of the summit conference at Paris. 5. Deep-seated differences apparently exist between Russia and Red China over Communist idealogical issues but it's hard to see if this makes any practical difference in their relationship. Alton-Wood Hiv- has announced that no more oil concessions are to be granted to foreign companies. TOIMVS CHLCKI.K Income t»\ is Undo Sam's version of Truth or Consequences. (£5 I960, Geneial heatuics C.oi p i KDITOKIAI. . . . PAOK 4 C'OMIC'K PACiK 8 SOCIAL PAfiK 10 OBITUARY . . . PA11K 13 MARKETS .... PAGE 13 SPORTS PAfiK U CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 16 RADIO & TV . . PAGE 20 er Bar Assn., will meet tonight who knew him. and WHS. c ^ between g ^ 8 . 30 | possessed of a talent to unrov-, ; , wj| , , Q , |lp ; er obscure tacts ot the. law "•' which he delighted to confound his opponents. He also wa.s esteemed as one who adhered strictly to the ethics of his profession. Positioiib held by Mr. Hoag|land, in connection with his pro- Mrs. Murbarger to Judge TelegraphRecipeContest tirement of W. V. Meuger, who now is manager of the Elks Club here ARE 10V A NO COUNT? Are you sure you were counted in the 1960 Census? If you think you weren't, call either the Greater Alton Association ol Commerce or the Alton City Manager. Mrs. Millie Murbarger, 245 South 12th St., Wood River, home economics instructor in the Roxana school system, for the past four years, has been selected as one of the judges in the Alton Evening Telegraph - Union Electric Co recipe contest The recipe contest opened June 20 and will close on July 30. There are 10 categories in which recipes may be entered. They are salads and dressings, vegetables and soup, casseroles, meat, fish and poultry, desserts, cakes and cookjeb, pie, breads i and outdoor cookery. ' Mrs. Murbarger is a graduate !of Sou them Illinois University, and holds a master's degree in education from the University of Illinois. A sponsor foi the Juuioi Bed Cross at Roxana High last year. Hearing on Levee Fees Postponed to July 11 Utility Tax WouldBring $250,000 Excise Tax Compromise on in Conference WASHINGTON (AP»-Cougres- sional tax writers agreed on a compromise excise tax bill today, and dropped a proposal to repeal the 4 per cent credit on dividend income. Also dropped in a Senate-Howe jf impoundment fees " "Any animal impounded.,., uirl unreclaimed within five lays may be humanely destroy-j ed or placed in custody of some •I'eisun deemed a responsible EDWARDSVlLLh ... ._ , „ - . iand suitable owner who will^pect to the- memory ot Alton (charged by Tallt-y were reason-la'"""' 11 income per year. , g^ ^ proposals had |, een :a«iw to comply with ihe pro-j attorney Karl K. Hoagland. who [able for the special type ot ' ™, f)! 01 '" 1 "™ * ^'''/"* ; voted by the Senate, but not bylSen. Albert Gore (D-Teiin)," esti-. s U f this ordinan,,, ... '• \ died late Thursday afternoon aljwork performed. ^*. ."^ ..**„" ™L\^,. .?£'«* « ouse - »>ated it might be responsible for City Councilman Clyde Wiseman today estimated a public utility ta.x, if adopted by the committee's adjustment of different bills passed by the two branches of Congress was a pro- narrow the list of anter- businessmen may In re-|torneys testified that toe ratusicity. would produce $250.000 ad- ^ ag bilsiness e es . . . . „ „ i <•] 111/>>i > 11 i t-i j-i/ir»^ 1-1 riott t't»fir» ' ' expire or drop to lower rates would cost four billion dollars a year in revenues. The conference retained in .nod- ified form one provision which had been written in by the Senate. It would tighten the application of depletion allowances for minerals taken out ol the ground. spelling out that the basis for calculating the value shall be raw or semi-finished materials, not fabricated products. The author of this proposal, estjm;ited |ha , ,. c . dividend allowance government 310 revenue annually. an immediate saving ol 50 million dollars a year, but ultimately as much as 600 millions if present court decisions on the issue aw I dogs when off the premise A of 'the licenaed owner muM wear torne >' Harold G ' Drainage and l.evet District Al-ia I 1 o w a n o e of Talley's Ii tion that grew out of the sales ta_\ j estimate on the j sustained. charges. One oi the witness, following its adoption by |a collar or harness to which its! | metal licensf tag shall be at- It ached. ! A tVie ut up to $.'00 U »tt a^ U penalty tor violation of any provisions of the dog ordinance, *nd failure to obtain a license is made a specific misdemeanor. In preparation for enforce- 'mein of th* dog ordinance, days Hoagland, who has served as'it was indicated, will be a third ;<;ounsel tor indubtrial objectors!member of the levee district in the continuing litigation in-[board ol commissioners. Virgil volving tlie drainage-levee dls-|F. Overmeyer of Wood River, trict. »,, a participant in p,» Th. other two .omm.ssionei, of ^ M****™[?™*™ Mi* Murbarger was also a co- ouuniics tot ihiet >eai» * Ply-j'" Granite City to study tfae ap- sponsor of the Futuie makers of America Home mouth 111. High School Ply mouth, of its dog code enforce- mem administration Granite Before moving to Ro.\an& Mrs. Murbaiger h«u» one »«0,| Cit y operates Us own dog Mrs Murbarfer itugfct home ee- 1 Donald tt. city. He pointed out that at the time the sale*. ta\ lor cities uas au- thorised by the state legislature, proposal to tighten business en; tertainmenl deductions vvas 250 million. The Conlerence Committee's decisions are subject to ratification by the Senate and House. Some courts have held the depletion allowance could be applied to the value of a finished product such as brick, (or fath- vkmb County Court hearings in^the levee district, also called by Hie lee allowance profeedngs. : tl»e objectors as "adverse" wit- Judge Kinney announced In-1 nesses, testified at Monda>'» a» rei:es»ins today's scheduif(i>hearing iiij-s of objectors' tf-aiimonyi Still pending and in Iji dispus ed ui after hearing on aliou.une ot Talley's tees is eoj,eluded ai* a petition tor allowance- ol lees to levee district engineer \Vilbui Stevens and the objections to tlie annual report of the district commissioners. iminns on police salaries hudj II J II II I I i? <J*I lfWA« V'«. ^HH-tl IV. 13 lit*l_» . . . i i j 41. »u i t sions—continuing at present rates been passed, and the thinking of „ __ . _.«_ . J" ^ „,, _ until 9 a.m. July 11 At a resumed hearing Monday on the levee district commissioners petition tor allowance of $57,337.50 in tees lo Talley tor services performed during a three-year period, three area at- the legislature was that the hall- I'enl salts tax Jin I'ities was |>j'i- : marib aimed at compensating •lor this extra burden. er than to the value of tha clay from which the brick was made The bill retains its basic provi-! The conference also wrote into the bill a requirement that Uie commissioner of internal revenue a group of excise taxes such as the levies on telephone service report to Congress as soon as and travel charges. j practicable on the result of hiii It also grants a one-year eight! efforts to curb abuses of the ex billion dollar temporary increase pense account business <*«^Ju«fV>f j above the permanent 285-billion- This appeared to be a way ol DATA AT THE DAM dollar debt ceiling. A 295 billion saying thit is the commissifl Sa ID tenipejaiuie Yesterday's today 66 River dam at 8 a.m. 13. S. Pool 20:2. High 86 . low 72' below Precipitation 24 tits, to 8 a.m. .40 inch. canuot reach dollar temporary ceiling is in effect through June 30. The Tieamy 'vH nBtimitud that aUowtag the excise tens to islatton to that Cougww would -"Mhtttr *W»

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