Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 35
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 35

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH AUTOMOTIVE 1880 PLYMOUTH — 4 dOW, __„ running condition, |1M. CL 4*42. J«» PLYMOUTH — BMTOrtrTv-i, 4 door, nuti Button. Perfect oition. tern. HO 2-oaio or 2-3781 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE ttA TMiutM M * tgAitatt "jftaHPfiBA*. 1 ?*! 'SLTSMESS AUTOMOTIVE tr-er 4-3334 W m« "ct • • -?55l bedrooms I condition..$138 R ( m 1139 ~"«x« TRAttER — 3!- -rrrri Oodfrey Tmller Court. jM e Dupo, 111... own*r. . ... _._/., or bedroom, couch. Also one sir all I 52. r i N ' N«w «$d nw fflt * Mfll. NofitlDB tl -- 1 - 4 Smte. HO 5-7185. , FOR SALE at ft bargain. Senwfiv AUTOMOTIVE TWB •4» PONTtAC '49 CADILLAC, goo -—--„„ .•-- —''"' ——— i MOBILE HOME^Trst class condl WILL TRADE—1954 Pontiac Station 1 tlon North Main street, Brighton Illinois. 1953 STUDEBA Overdrive 4-2000. BAkE good R shape. 1983 STUDEBAKER 4>DMr Commander V-8. Straight Sfttft, overdrive, radio, fettter. lflLj«! r condition. Apply Camera Phillies M Station. Carrollton. HI. •54 STUDEBAKik itrdtop. Auto- matte transmission. N«w paint. For sale or take older oar on trade. oy 4-9792. 137 vine, Meadowbrook •56 STUDEBAKER MAWJl — V-8. nice. HO 8-2704. ..... 43 FT. X 8 FT. — Hpusetraller, very tood condition. HO frMfP. fTFT" " __ __ ___ ______________ hsse FORD v.r*pirk-up. **>nT ct ' 4-3251. _ ___ i ,-„,, ovjc pickup" excellent condl lion Overfead» P HO 2-1903. 20" bicycle. HO 1958 HARLEY '-'"_.. L<w- mileage. Accessories, condition. $32*. CL 4-WM. iN«f HARLF.Y"DAVIDSON O.H.I.', tioocl condition, rlpurt s«ll HO 8-21 SO 1M2 . fRONWOOO — condition, win make a house. DU 4-9964 Eaoenent good cluo TON ipeed ire. « .. .......... ^T. 1999 HARtEY J&AVIOSON — Sport•* CH. 3.MI actdat mile., rffe 1952 WILLYS 2 door sedan. Rum good. New tires. $300. HO.8*9661. _, GO CART — For sale. Clinton A400 powered, chain driven, $100. HO 6-2319, ._.. PAUL'S AUTO SALES Friday Before 5 O'Cloek You May Buy Choice of Chevy-.Dodge—Int. P. Up$ and pay only $6-50 weekly and Not I Cent Down Free Plates—10 gal. gas too Dandy—Pay Only $5.00 Wk. Free Plates—10 gal. gas too •49 Ford—Only $55.00 Cash 30 Other 56s, 55s, 54s Buicks, Chevys, Dodges, Fords, Mercurys, Olds, Plymouths No Cash Down Either 56s, 55s, 54s are like new You Save at Least $150.00 Several good 52s, 5Is, .50$ Pay only $3.00 a wk. & ride Finance arranged for Till 8:30 Frl. Night HO 2-0118 Take Advantage of this offer 1730 Bozza, opposite Kroger •i A TRAILERS 4* X 6>/,' — Box trailer for sale, qpod shape, $40. HO 2-0704. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" AUTOMOTIVE 1959 Buiek Electra 2 door hardtop, rose color, radio and heater, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, dynaflow. FLOYD HAUNE AUTO CO. 2726 East Broadway HO 3-0681 or HO 3-0632 LOW DOWN PAYMENT! HIGH TRADE AUOWANCF! ieen CHEVROLET tmpata cm- verHMe. Automatic trantmh* •Ion, ntflo Mid heater. Blue and white ill color, white sidewalk. 1000 fmpala J-Door. Solid belfe, copper trim, tarbogllde, heater, radio, power steering airt power brakwi, white sldewn!)*, 1900 Bel Air 4-Ooor. Solid copper. deluxe heater, turbogllde, white nldewalls. FLOYD HAUHE AUTO GO. 2726 E. Broadway HO 2-0631 or HO 2-0432 STUDEBAKER LARK Styled CHAMP | LOWEST-PRICED PICK-UP TRUCK in the INDUSTRY! S»« Our Dltplay »l Meroto-Btm CORDES Motor Co. 2350 State St. HO 5-6651 END-OF-THE-MONTH SALE: DUY A DODGE DART TRADE-IN ANDSAVE...STOP IN TONIGHT! 1958 Dodge ?4 ton SI IOC Express V-8 ' * 9V 1956 Ford V-8 Fairlane 4 door, radio, heater, au- $QQR tomatlc transmission .. *" u 1956 Chevrolet 6 cyl.. straight transmission, $7Q5 Bel Air l!l0 1956 Plymouth V-8, 4 door, straight $705 transmission 1956 Pontiac Star Chief 9TOR 4 door '*"* 1955 Plymouth Belvedere. 4 dr V-8. radio, heater, au- $CQR tomatic transmission "«•" 1952 Chevrolet, 2 door 1951 Plymouth Station $1QB Wagon I!f0 1952 DeSoto, 4 door 1950 Dodge. 'ITS 2 door 1954 Pontiac Convertible, radio, heater, automatic fROR transmission, new top. ""*' *9Qfi "*" $1f)K. ""* 1950 Mercury, 4 door 1U55 Chrysler Windsor 1954 Dodge V-8 2 door, radio, heater automa- $495 tic transmission .... ^*" 2—1954 Dodge 6 straight transmission 1953 Dodge 8 cylinder. 4 door 1955 Hudson Wasp, 4 door '150 S 796 cylinder. S 395 $ 495 These cars are all trade-ins on '60 Dodge and '*0 Dodge Dart SEE ITS BEFORE YOLT BUY... AND SAVE! SEE: • DON DALE • JESS GLOSS • GLOSS MOTOR Co,, Inc. • Open Evenings Until 9 P.M., Except 'Saturday 78 E. LORENA WOOD .RIVER - PHONE CL 4.3866 BANG UP "60" Olds Sales Gives us a lot of one-owner clean trade-ins! Come in and try one of them! \W Bulck La Sabra 3 door, •olid white, blue trim. 19695 One owner, low mileage. " www i 1967 Bulck Century Convertible. One owner, low mile- HTAK age, real creampuf t ...•' 1955 Bulck Special 4 door Sedan. power steering, power brakes, radio and heater, white side walls, speual trim, *890 one owner .............. I9.JS Chtvroiet V-8 4 door Sedan, radU a;«d heater, straight ihift, one owner, *|6Bv cleun ................... 1865 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan, 6 and cyl. powerglid?. radio and *89« . neuter, white walli . side 1U5V Cold und wbite one *|39v owner. Slurp .......... 1957 Ford Custom 300 2 door, V-8, standard transmission, one owner, low HOAR mileage I¥BW 1969 Olds M Sedan, one owner, low mileage, red and white beauty, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, (91AR white sidewalls " ' *" 195$ Olds aS Sedun, one owner. low mileage. 'IflflK clean •*•» 1957 Olds 88 Holiday Sedan radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, HRflR nice l WWW 195b Olds Super &8 4 door .Seduii r,idio. heater. po-.ver sieeuug. DOV. er brakes. v,liile side walls *w Clean Second Car Specials '54 Chtv. 4.0MT $•*«, 'S3 OW». II $«don W»5 53 OW, $u^ M lit i 'ii 01* •• $341 2-0392. HAH e ;Y DAVIDSON — Mo- 2-8801. to 1*07 ZUNDA^P motorcycle for t*ie DU 4-9939. XUTOMOtfrE 1935 Olds Super 88 4 door, Holiday Sedan, one owner, clean, radio, heater, white >1QQR side walls IW»» 1»55 Plymouth Fury. 4 dooi »edun, radio, heater, poutr tteerlng, white walls, one owner, low $90AR mileage «v»w IMiti Plymouth Savoy, 4 door, jedau, 6 cylinder, standard (ransmU«lon, radio, heater, one owner, extremely nice 1956 Plymouth Belvedere Hardtop. V-8, ttUkodara tranuniitbioii. white wall tires, Mac clean •« C1M Pontiac Catiilma 4 door, sedun U.OOO actual miles. Jir- C'jiiJitioned. inouroorn tpeclal THE PERFECT MOMENT TO ACQUIRE a quality-value used Cadillac If you have nlwayi yearned for the luxurious comfort and prestige of Cadillac ownership, visit, us at your earliest opportunity. We have the keys to a select few quality-value Cadillac* ... all late models ... all well fared for ... all with low original mileage. These fabulous motor cars are. in every way, a better value than most makes of new cars. Come in and spend sixty minutes behind the wheel and let the car speak for itself in terms of luxury . . . performance and economy. Your family and friends will applaud your choice of a quality-value Cadillac, motordom's "car of cars". LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, Inc. 1610 E. Bdwy. Dial HO 5-3534 Bob Beliveau SEE BOB FOR TODAY'S SPECIAL r—1957 MERCURY — MONTCLAIR 2-DOOR HARDTOP Merc - o - tnatic, radio, Heater, white walls, tu- tone, power steering and brakes. Only $1095 CARTER WOOD RIVER FORD USED CAR LOT 220 W. St. Louis. Ave. East Alton Ph. CL 4-3421 OPEN EVENINGS 1959 Pontiac Cfttalma. 4 door, sedan. itundsrU transmi.sion. radio. b«ater whit* wallt, one radio, heater v.hite *9Rft§ u'uJi, one o 1 ..nci. NKO 9999 M»5 51 * l * Btar '13 *tf*\ 2-Ow.f , mm - 14 My. |*lvt*r* im $4t$ WALZ MOTOR CO. 1000 f. iHOAOWAV NO !_'.•_._ I 1«9. Oofld __ — 74. . must QMllty uwd 6899; VU1 Cft nit I Avt., Eft*! Alt.. IWTOMOTIVft Efiife* AUTOMOTIVE CHUCK mraiiw FORD SWING DEMO. SALE Tremendous Savings on Can Listed Below! Slarlinor V-8 Or uliomitlo White. Radio and hwtor. White lidewilli power steering, 4«w«y manual »eet FilrliM BOO 4-Door V4 . POM, white, radio and heater, white sidewalls, backup lights, wheel covert, Starlinor V-8 Oruisomatio Bronze, radio and heater, white sidewalls, wheel covers, power steering. Galaxie 4-Door V-8 Oruisomatie Blue and white. Radio and heater, white «ide- walls, washers, power steering, wheel covers. Fairlane 000 2-Door V-8 FOM, blue and white, radfo and heater, white sidewalls. Falcon 2-Door 0 Standard trans., heater, deluxe trim, black. WE ARE TRADING HIGH FOR CLEAN USED CARS THRU YEARS OF 1953 - 19S7. WE NEED CARS FOR OUR USED CAR DEPT. SO SEE US TODAY BEFORE YOU BUY. 1400 E. Broadway HO 0-0531 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••g ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SB5S^M^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^En3aBBBBjsa&aj8iiJBB ••^^^•••••••••••••^^^^^^•^^•••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Check These Buys 1959 FORD FAIRLANE 4-Door. Automatic transmit* sien, radio and hearer, light bjut, a very nice car. 1959 FORD GALAXIE 4-Door. Yellow and white with black gold and white interior, automatic tram- mission, white sidewalls, radio and heater. A beautiful car. 1959 FORD GALAXIE Convertible. Red and white, radio and heater, automatic transmission, white sidewalk. A real buy for you. FLOYD HAUHE AUTO CO. 1910 CMIVHOUT WACOM*****. Mw WAftON—*•*•«, ttIM rttf I vmiVf wwivunw *vw^v| radio and Ntattr, •tmtfanl trammlnlM. FLOYD HAUHE AUTO 00. 2721 1. IraMlway HO 2.0*11 « HO 24*12 2726 E. Iroadway HO 2-0631 or HO 2-0632 CLEAN— • LATE MODELS • LATE MODEL RECONDITIONED USED OARS, ALL REDUMD IN PRICE TO SAVE YOU MONEY '67 PLYMOUTH Belvedere, V-8 with automatic traiw- mlMlon, rndlo, heater. A beuutlfiil (told tmd while, 2-lonr. One owner, top condition. *l90lt Rediirrd to ... • *vW '37 PONT1AO 2-tfrr. H»rdtop. Thin local one owner car has hydrnmattc .trana- ntlmlon, radio, heater, ntrlklnR yellow ftlld white 1-tone coinbtnatlon. Bc- Huced to $ only ........ .. •57 I»LV>IOI:TH savoy i-nr. -37 BUCK special 4-Doot Xi-tlnn, V-8 tvlth auto. Hardtop. Automatic IraniniK.. radio, heater, anothrr clean one owner with 2-tone blue finish and excellent $1 |AK • • W tices. Only . trannmlwtlon, radio, heater. Another local one owner car. Clean Injlde and out. *|9fln • *«W Reduced to only BARGAIN BUYS WITH NO DO WN PAYMENT Dome In, Cheek This Selection Of Clean Used Cart • f B6 PLY. 2 Door, V-8 standard transmission '56 FORD 2 Door V-8 standard transmission '55 DODGE 2 Door, V-8 standard transmission '55 PLY. 2 Door, V-8 . standard transmission INEXPENSIVE STATION WAGON SPEGIALS '55 PLY. 2 Door plaia suburban '54 PLY. Bolvodoro suburban '54 PLY. Plaza 2 Door suburban Quality "Cftryi/er" DeoJw ' Plymouth Valiant Inttrnatlenal Trueht STUART Motors, Inc. 315 E. Ferguson Ave.. Weed River Phone CL 4-4351 Open Evenings ^ SALE SALE 4fc V ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT * 4 RAMBLER SALES SPECTACULAR CONTEST NOW!! TODAY!! GET THE DEAL YOU HAVE DEEN SHOPPING FOR! WE'RE GOING TO MAKE THIS THE GREATEST "SELLING WEEK" IN TROTTER'S HISTORY! GET THE BEST OF BOTH 1. BIG CAR ROOM and COMFORT 2, SMALL GAR ECONOMY AND HANDLING EASE EASIER TO PARK, TURN AND GARAGE. SAVE ON PRICE AND RESALE Every Car in itock reduced te roek bottom price. 35 Extra Cars bought for eale. 75 New Models in etook to choose from 21 New Ramblers Must Be Sold Regardless of Price or Pro/if/ Trotttr stilt mort Ramblers than any other dealer on tht East Side, Our Vol- umt meant grtattr savings to you. Stop in—Lei us show you why we're fhe busies* place in town. FREE Lubrication for 1 Year During This Sale! Hamper Tops All Cars in Quality and Economy/ HIGH TRADES...BANK FINANCING TROTTER MOTOR CO ALTON-WOOD RIVER RAMBLER SERVICE 47 Edwardsville Road - Wood River Phone CL 4-3811 Open Till 9 P.M. Open Evi I C K r t * , radio, h*»to w*ir», 2 lo itke and « driver. Fairlan* SW, door, Ford matte • TMullder- bird emjifle, power steerlttg AY bWUWs, radio, H«tft«r, w«te walta. A rMl alee doe at »j**o» jroa can,'" ' 1M7 4 door, Hydraitw- tie, Mdto, beater, white walla, 2 te«*, low mileage. Tip top from stem to •tern. •1575 P 0 N 9 ioor, atraigkt thuMmia- »lon, radio, tieater, 9 ton*. ROM attd drives like a olook. 1f6« Clwvrotot V-8 Bel Air. 9 door, powergUde, radio, heater,' 2 tone, tar- quolae and Ivory. '1076 MM luted Special 2 door kacd- top, radio, heater, Dynaflow, * Real good. *875 1»56FordV-l Fairlane, 2 Fordoraatlo, rMlo, heater. 876 1956 Ford V-i Fairlane hardtop op,ope, uMlfht tratumfiMloa,' radio, heater. Its • honey.. •916 1984 PonHoc 8tar Chief Hardtop Coupe, HydraoMif tic, power steering and brake*, radio, heater, 8 tone. ' •975 1988 PMtUw Catallna Hardtop Coupe, Hydrama- tie, radio, beater. T7B 1988 Ford V-t CuBtomllne, fordor aedan, Fordomatic, radio, heater. •676 1988 Ponrtoc Chieftain, 9 door, Hydraraatlc, radio, heater. •676 1984 Ponrioc 3 door, Hydraaw* tic, radio, beater. •M 19«9 Chtvrtlat Bel Air, I tfofr, mwejrtUde, mttu, 1981 9 door, radio, heat' er. RUM and drive* perfect. •245 WtMtftwy 3 door, radio, beat- 148 tit ir Oil! FRIO FOITIR OIOMQI URIAH Ml MRAHK ROY TIORICK DUO WITIOM WN4 ftlvtf Ivi, WOOD mvrii H 01 44NI

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