Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 32
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PACE IfffRTY-TWQ ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH The Tdegrapk't Daily Radio Chart pter'Cheap THURSDAY MB (NM» MttfO WB* (MM) m to RMQX (CM) I1MIO UNIIC WOKE liWRO TOOeiy; WttV U N; S Man on 0« World N N; Muile Nlte Music N; Mu»IC Nlte Music N; image Image Metronome N vtemoriee N; Memorie* Memories Memories: N N; cordon O. Gordon D'. N p. LewUJr. Gordon Oordon Oordon D. Oordon tl M sign Off N: Devil N: W • S: N N: W J. Buck B. ittrm* Interview Cards- Pirates t* tl *» f« 1 II 1 tt * II 1 tl 1 II » t* Richard*; Griffith N .1. Buck M *l N; BOCfe II t* N; 8 lcnt jj N; MCIUM K. Richard R; Rlcnar* 3: Rlcnard K. Rlche/d S; Jonklnl B. Jenklng N: Jenkint B. Jtnktnt N; Jenkins B. Jcnktni N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop ft R. Shop Record Shop N: K. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N; S n n I'** M II Title inTV Programs By CYKTBIA 1/WRV AP TV-IUulte Writer NEW YORK Jf — The Television branch of the entertainment industry, probably influenced by Madison Avenue s undisciplined use of the superln- tive, is cheapening that hard- won title, "star." In the theater a star means a Helen Hayes, Mary Martin or Re* Harrison. Slar billing specifically means lhat the name of the performer appears above the title of the vehicle i.e., Ethel Barrymore in "The Com is Green." policy would continue to be based on coexistence, reducing International tension and abolishing the cold war. The Chinese Reds, who are actively s'eeking to worsen relations with the West, maintain such a course Is useless because American imperialism, according to Leninist doctrine, makes war Inevitable. Peiping newspapers, without But in televison, the word star actually noting the quarrel dl- 1s applied to Just about anybody viding Khrushchev and Chinese Red China Unconvinced On Co-Existence TOKYO, *>-The Red Chinese made plflin today they per*f«t In the helirt—regardlefl* of what Soviet Premier Nlkita Khrushchev say*—that It Is impossible to co-exist with the United State*. Khrushchev, in a major policy speech in Bucharest, Romania. Tuesday, emphasized that Soviet store was established in the St. Peiers Store Formal Opening The St. Peter's hardware store, 2900 State St., will have formal opening of its addition, Friday and Saturday. Patrons may receive prizes and gifts and hrowse through the store. One of the earliest businesses at the store's location was a shoe store owned by the Oelsler family. It was later used for a space. Tn the early 1940s a hardware Gunther Gunther N: Gurnher H Gunther World N H. Gunther N. Gunther H Gunther FRIDAY opener N. Farm vogel Farm N. Williams O. Williams Clockwatcher G. Newsome N; Newsom* O. Newsome more than two lines in the leader Mao Tze-tung, called to- iscript. In fact, there are so | day for unity against imperial- imany stars in TV casts these | ism. days, that they have had to in-i They gave paramount promN: oay Bob Day N: Day Bob Day N; Farm T Dalley N. Dalley I. Dalley N: W Rex Davis Clockwatcher N; Newsome o. Newsome N; Newsome G. Newiome vent some new ways to set apart really big name performers from actors with walk-ons. inence to Chinese delegate Peng Chen's speech to the Bucharest Congress of the Romanian ComN: Day S; Day N; Day Bob Day „. . . . . , i munist party. Although speeches A TV variety show .star of| of dp)eRatps nf) N: Dalley r Dalley N: Dalley Dalley; N Rex Davis Clockwatchi N: Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N Bob Day j course, doesnt get b.llmg above i quofcd gf •Ithe title: He is the title- The WJ . 8 madp of th(? mtan of the I Steve Allen Show, (he Perry building by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bezdek. Four yean later, Dec. 8, Virgil and Don St. Peters purchased the business. They remodeled the frame structure with glazed brick, added a warehouse section, which has served until this year when the new 30 by 44 foot gee- tion, was added. The building will have a 72- foot glossed frontage on Stats street. There is a large parking lot to the rear. A search has been started in Eire for hoarded farthings, as there is a critical shortage of this very small change. Bread sales in Dublin are particularly affected. ANNOUNCEMENTS Exercises Unity: Hymns G. Cantrell H. Christian N Clockwatcher N; Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome O. Newsome N; Walter H. Walter redo Quit R. Benson B'fast N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Davis O. Davis N; DaVlS G. Davis N: Benwm R sensoa N: Dalley T. Dalley N: Dalley Dalley: N N: Party Houseparty O. Moore crosby-cioonejr N; Davis G. Davis N: Davis O. Davis N; Tune cty. Time M. Games P house Pty. N; Farm voge) Farm The World N: Headline* .1. McCojmlck Helen Trent 2 Next Door N; Davis G. Davis N-. Davis G. Davis N Farm-Mitt. A. Grace Club News N: Party P 1 house Party N; Witt D. Wilt N; Witt Witt; N Whispering Sts. Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N; Jenkins 8. Jenkins N: Jenkliu B. Jenkins N; Day Bob Day B. Counter D. wnt N; Witt Witt; N Rt. to Happiness Pat Buttram G. Williams N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Palen J. Palen D. Gordoa M II N; Gordon Gordon; N N; Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Palen J. Palen Burke; N N: Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck .1. Buck Buck; W N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N Palen J. Palen TV digest with John N. Jones KTVI (ABO 2. KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD <NBO 5. KETC 9. KPLR 11. THURSDAY EVENING 6:00— c?i HucklfhrrryHound (41 (5t News Reports (9) Sing Hi, Sing Lo (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) Interpol Calling (11) Movie 10:10— (4) Weather: FontaJne 10.15—(4> Eye On St. Louis 10:30—CJI Movie (4) Movie iComo Show, the Dinah Shore | Show. In dramatic series the word dramatic here is used loosely to include westerns, private-eye episodes and situation comedies the word star is used to identify the one or two people in the leading roles. These stars nre created and receive such billing before the public even sees them. Even more of a kicking around is taken by the word "co-stnr." TV often uses the word as a synonym for "featured player." Bui just the other night I noted that while Diana Lynn was billed as "star" of a mystery called "Dark Possession," the credits listed every other member of the cast, including the woman! who played the maid, as costars. Soviet premier's remarks. i _ CARD OJPjrMANKS. I "WISH to" thank everyone for their thoughtfulng^s during my stay at Referring to Pen*'* speech.; ^^? rlaK ° pa ' Partrld8e Communist New China!' PERSONALS EMPLOYMENT I VI1VA1 IVrf • FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES DRIVE IN — Doing, excellent WU- ness. Showing good return. Financing can be arranged for responsible parties. No phone inquiries. Cap's Drive-in. Brighton. HI. PERRY BOAT FOR SAtE Orafton Ferry v owner leaving town, can be seen In operation at Oraf- ton, III. FOR SALE — Coln-o-matlc Laundries in Mt. Olive. 111. and Otlies- pie. III. Doing good business. Contact John Eerketlch. 309 N. Broad St.. Carllnvllle. 111. Phone UL 44111. _____ SMALL TRAILER COURT POR SALE — City sewer and water and utility building. 13th and Edwardj vine Rd,. Wood River. jr IMP ...*>g*J,_ " "yu r\ i y_c i . v»*< T—» wg. PERSONAL SERVICE I ORESSMAKINO—TAILORING CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS - ' teed. Mrs. Homer LADIES * CHILDREN'S dresses drapes, double breasted suits made single. Ct 4-3878. CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING — Slipcovers, drapes. HO 2-8984. LAUNDERING IRONING WANTED — Reasonable and experienced. Can give references. CL 4-7943. IRONINGS — And men's bundles. Reasonable, experienced HO 5-5239. WHITE LADY wants regular Iron- Ing In her home. Call HO 2-7568 MEN'S BUNDLE WASHING and Ironing, CL 4-4820. WANTED —"ironings In mv home. HO 2-9178. BUSINESS SERVICE !I2 BUS. ANNOUNCEMENT RENTALS THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 18*0 RENTALS APARTMENT* — FLATS 1 LAROE ed. Prlvw Bast iMS—Newly decorat- ~ and entrance. Off jtUltlei furnished •I led Col appointment. 3 ROOM MODERN 2nd float tpt CftMnets. rtnte, rflfnttrctor. h*»i water furnlimM. Adnfai ofllv. HO 5-3482 «ner 7 p.m. 3 ROOM APT.—lath, all utilities paw. Upstair*. Adutti. 801 Lorens, Wood River. 3 ROOMS — Sunporch. all modern duplex, Hartford. CL 4-8924. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. Street level, private front and rear entrances. Adults only. Heat and water furnished. Gouldlnj Aye., East Alton. ISO month. HO 6-1323. After 5, H« 5-3439. 3 ROOM — Newly decorated apt. 1st floor, reasonable. Also 2 room unfurnished desirable for I, reasonable. HO s-1203 after 5 p.m. 3 ROOMS—First floor. Clean, copf Private entrances, porches. Adults. 842 Washington. . 3 ROOM APT.—Utilities ^furnished. First floor. M1B Coranado Dr. HO 2-8078. 4 ROOM MODERN—Newly decorated. Private bath, and •ntrancg. Utilities paid. «-9 p.m. 1218 W. flth. 4 ROOM air conditioned upstairs apt. Heat and water furnished. HO 2-1507. 4 ROOMS and bath. Second floor, lights, water and heat, furnished. Garage, $65. 223 Penning, Wood River. HO 2-8935 or CL 4-8804. 5 ROOMS—501 Bond—$«0. Bath! Heat, water furnished. Adults. Apply Brlstow, 302 State^ 5 ROOM APT.—Upper Alton. Private entrances. Most utilities furnished; some furnishings.. Adults only. Reference required. $110 mo. HO 5-6939. ALBY ST. — 4-room duplex: utilities furnished. HO 2-1262. "BASEMENT APT. for rent. 4-6730. _ CL news agency said: "All headlines accentuate the point made in the speech on the need for the formation of the hroadest possihle anti-imperialist united fj-ont with the great unity of the socialist camp and the international Communist movement as its core." Confirming that they have notjiT been persuatjed by Khrushchev's j arguments, the controlled press] featured news of "anti-U.S. Im- ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker. P. O. Box 185. East Alton, or CL 4 9278 or CL 4-8305. SINUS SUFFERERS try Plopper's E Z X for relief. E Z X Is for sale at local drug counters. BOTTLE GAS HOOKUP — Original bottlegas equipment and bottles: also bulk Skelttas. JIM JONFS. HO 2-2763. Ohio street. eened front Ea»t Alton. CL t-M p.m. BHSl Miion. v-i- •»-»-«-. - -~. .-6 ROOM nmue for rent «> M«c Arthur. CL 9-27M. heat. MS. wood Hell „_— —Jiht*. EAST AtTON.- 5 room, «•• ern. CL . EAST ALTON - 3 WOHI housa. CL 4-48JB. FOR RENT - 4 room MM* Bath. CL 4-8317. GODFREY - Alandale S»Mlvls MMr niiptofl Brown Scnooi. w islon. nincB w *•"•»*' — *•-- nccapv »i»«ii ^,...~. — 2 ROOM HOUSE-^umlghed, «ght>. water also furnished After e F.M. CL 4-8807. ROOMS and ' Jbath. flral: flow- g RUMMAGE * PASTRY SALES RUMMAGE SALE — Sat., 9 A.M.. 200 E. Broadway. P.I.D.C. Bargains. By SOCIETIES and LODGES perialist Week" which Peiping started earlier this week. j Lunch Counters \ i To Be Opened CARPET FRANKLIN LODGE No. 25. A.F.fc A.M. Special meeting Thursday, June 23. 7:00 p.m. Work in 3rd Degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshments. H. L. WILSON. W.M. If LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN (5) News, Sports, Weather 6;10_i4» <51 Weather Reports j 6:15— (4i CBS News: Edwards (5i Sports: Bob Ingharn 110:45— (5) Jack Paar Show IS* Friendly Giant i 11:30-(ll) Bedtime Stories Bloodmobile Ends Visit To Wood River \ i The Red Cross Bloodmobile; collected 194 pints of blood in a \ three-day visit to the Woodj River area. Monday, the bloodmobile was; held at the Masonic Lodge inj Wood River, where 52 pints were * f ' heck of ^ntists today in ! search of the identity of a young j women who was raped and bludgeoned to death in a South Side lover's lane. Hunt Slayer Of Woman At Chicago CHICAGO JP — Police began ! ARLINGTON, Va. X> — More than 45 lunch counters in northern Virginia drug, variety and department stores soon will be opened to Negroes. Two drug chains, Peoples j Drug Stores and Drug Fair, andj ! two major department stores. S " i KOUND.— White shaggy dog with brown spots. Will owner please • identify, nr will give to good home. I HO 2-4902. _ i LOST~— ~ Black Labrador retriever. male, white chest. 3 white paws* reward. HO 51^)80:! ______________ LOST — German Shepherd. Black and tan. No collar. Grease smear on left side of face "King." Re- 1422'/i E. 4TH ! Close to Olass Works — .iust dec- | orated. 3 room 2nd floor furnlsh- „,,„,_. ed apt Complete bath and cold Duality Plus low price. 501 Nylon.] water furnished. Immediate po«s- all wool Wilton acrllan. Free estl-i »lon$40 month _. mates. Madison County Carpet Cp..i HEMPHILL AGENCY SneVi A 0"i a cV H 7 1 37T EdW " rdS ' ™»?J>:™^™**°J*°^] FOR COLORED — .1 room modern i second floor apartment. Unfurnlsh- Harrjson Street. HOjy4<j3. IDEAL for newlyweds or couple. Cute. 3 room unfurnished duplex. Sfin. HO 6-3404 after j>:30 P.m.__ NEW~.) ROOM "APT." ror"rent. HO; NICE B ami .1-RM. APARTMENTS- 1 Newlv decorated. Utilities fur-, nlshP.d HO .1-2274 ; NORTH ALTON—3 room unfurnlsh-i ed apt. Phone HO 6-2712 after 6. NORTH ALTON—3 room apartment ' large, and EAST "ALTON""— -' room furnished house for rent. CL 4-1/49. PLACES ~~ SO FOR LEASE CUNNINGHAM —Painting. Interior, exterior. Patch plastering. Small repairs. Reasonable prices. Insured. HO 2-5429. FOR YOUR HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING NEEDS — CALL AJAX HEATING & AIR CONDI- C - 0105 ! 27 '• WILSHIRE MALL STORES, OFFICES YODER — CL 4-9113 Sho^g^r in^w^svlll. III FURNACE CLEANING SILLENWATER, HO 5-8308. HA'RRis^fREE SEIRVICE"— Power •praying bv state licensed operator. Tree work. HO 2-0811. HO _5-8S87. [.AWN MOWERS ~SHARP~ENED —! 617 Spring. _ JOHNSTON'S mobile welding and cutting. Evenings and Saturdays, HO 2-3588. Excellent location for most of business. . . h I OT fenced. 40'xl50^wun sinraRP room' in'rear fiO'xM 1 located arros^ from shopping center in Frtwavdsvllle. 111. Weal location for used car sales or trucking firm. Plenty of storage If Inte - RSled contnrt owner, TarKW Cain, 411 S. Prairie, Beth, 111. DU 4-9131. F.vo. 4-33B1 _ WEEDS MOWED with tractor. Yard grading, driveways, HO 2-11B5. landscaping. ward. _ 124JJ. Jerseyvilje. ____ dsT^Bair giove ! at. Milton School ball diamond: can be Identified. Tom P." on It. Reward. Alert Home Owners Insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS s yr». to pay—Free Estimate* NO MONEY JJOWN—Ct 4-0731 ALL CA~RPENfRY" arid painting. interior and exterior. Phone HO 2-741fl. BLOCIK. BRICK, stone, plaster, con- Rooms are verv modern Lois of closet, spare, back entrance. This is newly decorated and first class all the way. Heal *t water furnished. Adults only. $80. Dial HO 2.0055 or HO iollected. Tuesday I Paul's they Methodist visited St. Church in 6:25— (5> Spotlight With Nancy 6:30—i lit SICVP Canyon (4i To Toll the Truth (5) Law of the Plainsman (91 Jazi: Meets the Classics (Hi Wild Bill Hickok 7:00—(2) Donna Reed Show (41 Betty Hulion Show (51 Bat Mastorson (9> Escape from the Cage (11'i Bold Journey 7:30—i2.) The Rf-al McCoys (41 Johnny Ringo (51 Producer's Choice (9i World of Art (11) Movie 8:00—(21 Pat Boone Show (41 Zane Grey Theatre (51 Bachelor Father (91 Commonwealth of Nations. The Untouchables (4) Markham (51 Tennessee Ernie Ford: (Color) (9) Heritage 9:00— (4.1 CBS Symphony Orchestra (51 Groucho Marx (91 Search for America 9:25— (11) News 9 : 30_i21 Ernie Kovacs Show (51 Four Just Men (111 Expose 9::iU— ill' Behind Closed Doors , 10:30—till Rescues 12:00—(4) Movie (5) (111 News 12:05—(5) Night Court 12:10—(2) News 12: ir>—(2) Home Digest 12:20—121 Kingdom of the Sea 12:35— (5) Weather Report 12:50—12) Daily Word 1:00—(4) Late News Roundup 1;05_(-ii Give Us This Day FRIDAY, -HNE 34 5:45—(4) Give Us This Day 5:50— (4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00— (4) Town 'n Country K:30-(4) P.S. 4: Reading 7:00—14) Morning St. Louis (5) Today 8:00—(2i Camera Two (4) News: Grover. 8:15—(2i Cartoon Time (41 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00—12> Jack LaLanne Show (-I i Red Rowe Show (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—12) Romper Room (4> On The Go Play Your Hunch 1 Love Lucy Rosewood Heights and collected 27 pints. IKanns Sons Co. and Lans- hurgh's, disclosed Wednesday night they intend to start serving Negro patrons in Alexandria. Falls Church, and in Arlington and Fairfax counties. The Hecht Co., a department, store, and F. W. Woolworth and G. C. Murphy are reported to he preparing to start, the same general policy. One Woolworth —:~ -rrvrr- "— , rrete New construction. Remodel NOTICES j ing HO 2-1140 *• i BOB WOODS — Cement, contractor. BRICKLAYERS UNION — No. Election July 7. I960 to select del agates to National convention. ONE TO 3 ROOM APTS.—Unfurnished, ground floor. Heat and water furnished. Adults only, J75. HO 5-1333. After B. HO 5-3436. ONE and two room unfurnished apts. All utilities furnished. One adult only. $40. HO 5-1323. After 5, HO .1-3436. _ RO".S : EWb"OD~ HEIGHTS—555~ Nevada. :i room modern. $65 month. Inquire f>5 S. flth. Hi32 STATE —- "small apartment, upstairs, $30. HO 5^)916. "UNFURNISHED A'PT. — 4 rooms and bath, refrigerator, stove, air conditioner. Heal and water fur : J L. Harris, Sec'y. Union work. Free .1 2938. HO 2-7832. estimates. HO I nislifd. HO ."-70R6. mo. Adults onlv. C all BUf..K WEDDING PAPER PLATES —White cups, plastic forks and spoons, punch bowl rental; Imprint napkins. BAXTER D1ST. CO. —:.! CARPENTRY and painting, reasonable. After r, p.m.. call CL 4-0570 CARPENTER WORK —"Large or small. Free estimates. CL 4-5718. 554 E. Broadway. HO S-9347 „ i CARPENTER — Roofing repair. RENTAL PHOTO EQUIPMENT Slide cameras and projectors: 8mm cameras and projectors: block and concrete work: experienced. Free esUmates. HO 2-4110. "CARPENTER WORK — Roofing, siding, repairing, remodeling. No The woman, whose battered, j store in Arlington opened its I partially stripped body was found Wednesday's visit was spon-| oar | y Wednesday, wore a set of sored hy the Sinclair Refining' Employes at the Hartford Fire Department, where 116 pints were collected. lunch counter to Negroes Wednesday. "butt gum" dentures, which pol- The decision of the stores fol- ice said rarely are used. Mean- ] ows a series of demonstrations DRUG STORE ALTON'S PHOTO CENTER 230 E Broadway — HO 5-2585 ! IIA RIDERS while, officers carrying pic- l Hi res of the slain woman, mov- RIDERS-To SlT" Louis from Wood j $.,£-5. River. East Alton. CL 4-5300 orif'.L J -_? . t «'~' i CARPENTER WORK—Roofing re- 1 pair, remodeling, new construction. | Call us for free estimates. DU : j COLLINS CABINET SHOP. Custom made cabinets. Work guaranteed. jFT-^i Free estimates. Terry Drive. Alton. ! UPPER ALTON — Large 3 room ant on bus line. Heat and water furnished. HO 2-^6}. . VERY ATTRACTIVE — 3 room upstairs apartment, .full bath, pri; vate entrance. Adults onlv. Son month. 334 .Tefferion Avenue. HO 2»6477 aftp.r S p.m Worden Apts. Office. 110:i Washington :i room efficiency — 2 room efficiency — Range, refrigerator, blinds, utilities (except electricity) The visit was 256 pints short ed from door-to-door to see if of the quola set. anyone niivht haveknown or seen This was the final visit of the|™ e women in or " par tnp arpa ' fiscal year, with the chapter! ln another envelopment, a; falling short of its 4350 goal by! ni S ht wutchman told police o(| 786 pints of blood. i spf>in K a - voun K man rvinning " v by Negro and white student's which began June 9 in Arlington; drug and variety stores. CL 4-8784. I2A EDUCATIONAL "INST RUCTIONS ! SPECIALIZING in carpenter ' concrete work, and ne 1 and 46 FURNISHED APARTMENTS I ROOM APT.—Furnished for housekeeping or sleeping room. All utilities paid. 1030 Union. HO 2-5970._ t FURNISHED rooms, first floor. Utilities. $30. cool. Outside Private entrance. CL 4-746S 51 "OFFICE * DESK ROOM OFFICES - Reasonable. FauIstlch building, downtown Alton. Suitable for professional and business. Also meeting hall. Will remodel. HO 2-2912. MBCELLANIOUB NICE LOT for rent. Ideal for trailer. Good location near schools and Meadowbrook. Water and septic available. $25 per mo. DU 4-3261. 54 WANTED TO RENJ1 2 of 3 BEDROOM HOME—In clean location. CL 4-3793. CLOSE TO ROXANA POOL — 2 or 3 bedroom house for area teacner Moderate rent. CL and familv. 4-2045. NICELY furnished, large 3 room or 4 room apt. Preferably In Alton vicinity for young engineer. CL 4-70S8._ WANTED TO RENT—3 room apt. for young couple; moderate rant. Upper Alton area preferred. HO 2-9185. WANTED—2 bedroom unfurnished. East Alton-Wood River area. CL 4-8114. WANTED TO RE~NT — ,1 bedroom house. 5 children. Contact Neal Donnals. Flamingo Motel after 7:30 p.m. REAL ESTATE SALE S7 FARMS AND LAfJP 5~ ACRES of land, good 4 room house. 4 miles west of Hettlck on all weather road. Omar Jackson. _Hett|ck._ll]. s ACRES with small house and barn. CL_4-8687.______ _. IW LOTS FOR SALE 34 DECORATING The next visit of the Bloodmo- the vicinity of the murder scene early Wednesday. A rail- id engineer also reported see- in a man wearing a white shirt I nf NOTtrF OF PUBLIC HF.ARINT; p » b '' r Not ire is hereby given to EMPLOYMENT will he held on .lulv 14 at;' . . ' , ' ^ j 'all whom it mav concern that the win oe neia on Jury ^ ai ; roa d engineer also reported see-| nty Plan commission of the city Sieelworkers' Abel Hall, 2821 i. E. Broadway, an unsponsored| ,„ thp murder vicinily The watchman said the visit. PM will in the Council rhambers at I.') I 10:00-141 (3) 10:30—121 (41 11:00— (L'» (4) Pi-ice Is Right (Color) Topppr December Bride Concentration Mr. & Mrs. faorth Love of Life (5i Truth or Consequences 01 >. Morning Chapel 11:L'0— (ID News: Daust Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow Prince Philip Uses 'HelV To Teen-Agers ALLOWAY Scotland JP Prince Philip twice used the word "hell" before teen-agers today. Visiting 300 boys and girls at a summer camp near here, he was talking to Dorothy McMillan, 17, In charge of make-up for an outdoor play. "What's the play?" he asked "It's called "The Spartan Girl." replied Dorothy. Spartan Dorothy 17 HELP WANTED — ____ | BARTENDER7"over 25 State age. , 708: , pets. 600 Bowman. East Alton. 2 'ROOM furnished apt. Heat and water furnished. One adult only. $40 HO 5-1323. After 5. HO 5-3436. ! LARGE furnished rooms. College avenue Private bath and entrance. All utilities paid._ HO L'-IROS - -,- ,., ; nnn. • >. ROOM furnished apartment. All Pankey. C.L 4-90HS. . , lti ] it | es furnished Near town. ! INTERIOR-EXTERIOR decorating. Wood River $30 monthlv. HO 2-9877 ! Patch plastering rprnoving wall - -^ _ Furn tslied. Desirable No jOD too smaii. nu --; ... ut« nr\ s i on 1 * u r. FOR SALE — 2 lots. (4 acre, Forrest Homes. CL 9-6309. ATS" CAREER STUDENTS WANT FLOOR SANDING ED — Flv — meet people. Gradu-: An ,t Rpfintshing. For free estimates ates over 18. under 35—rush facts ra || p Wetstein. HO 5-1934. $90 DOWN — $25 month. Wllshtr* area. Large lot. city sewer, water. gas. Price S24SO YODER REAL ESTATE CL 4-9113 — CL 4-1484 KTs'cr.siZE LOTS in D'Adrfan Gardens Rolling, landscaped. Flnatt in the area. City water, natural gai. sanitary and storm sewers. Homer Adams. HO 2-4403. Write Box 10.10. care Alton Evening Telegraph 5R ACREAGE ON STAND ARD TORCH CLUB RD. — HO 2-89!i.l appeared "very nervous and | Ordinance Nn. ?»ii, the /onlna Or liirl in a Hnnrivnv until thp \valch-l dinance of the Cltv of Alton The hid in a rtooiwa\ until TUP \\aicn sajd Ap p, u . atinn fo , Am( . nd nient to man passed him. The watch- 1 he heard and considered at said said he could • man. The woman's body was found in a weed patch after an anony jup'time nnd place requests a change 111 in zoning from R-2 Residential to ! R-4 Residential of the following described property, to wit- fo , ml p. rsonable 2 CLEAN furnished rooms. Utilities f-rnUhed. 224 Lorena. Wood Rlver. LOTS FOR SALE in Moro Subdl- area; will guarantee $100 per plus expenses. CL 4-7037 between 7 9 p.m PAUL McGUlGGAN—Paper hant- Lots Numbered Five (St and six (6) in Cox's Re-Subdivision ,, , , i- : .~ii.\ii>'iiiv.u;in rvc-ouuui v imun ,mous caller reported lo police j as the same appears from plat Ithat a car sped through the ar-' ea with a woman screaming in-j side. Police said the lot where the! thereof recorded In the Recorder's Office of Madison County. Illinois, in Plat Book 18 Page is i lt_HEj.P"WAl l fl ED —FEMALE -^ BABY SITTER—White, capable of caring for 2 small children. Stay or go. CL 4-6838 after 6 p : m Babysitter in my homei-days. 420 Kennedy Dr. Rosewood Heights HO 5j8764 STORAGE"— MOVING" body was found was often used as; a lover's lane. One of the \vit- "Who crirl?" plays the he asked. Also a tract of land consisting of 1.093 acres lying adjacent lo and West of Cox's resubdh'l- slon of part of Brown and Oth. , . . ,jj ers Addition to Upper Alton, nesses reported seeing two old] now A | ton n,. a i so | V | ng Wes t model cars parked in the lot,' "' a certain tract of land con- which abuts a south Side rail- pointed to Ann Ballingall, 15. Philip stared at Ann for a mo(5) It Could Be You: tCol-i merit and then asked: "Is she road yard. Coroner's report saict the woman died of a brain hemorrage; caused by a blow on tho he,ad. that she had been raped and! that she wus tubercular. The victim was in' her earl> ; :!0s according to the report, and, Fe\\ Requests to Date Our new Maximum Height tower includes you iaod everyone wiUiin * 50-mile ra <Uu* of Alton-Wood River) in coverage urea. H your ' I picture i> not sat- i»ctory, you'll mi" "Tat n tonight (41 (5 1 :>:00— (2i «4 1 (5) yetting hell for something?"j\\-as 5-feet-3 and weighed about (lit Short Sior> The girls hurst into laughter. 100 iwunds. She had reddish »4i Guiding Light i"Yes. sir. she certainly is,"ibk>nde hair and \\as \\earing a Restless Gun explained Dorothy. "You see. |powder blue suit with a large (4> News: Roby; Weather, j she's playing the part of a girl i black helt. i accused of seduction." ! Philip moved on to a group ot' girls from the girl's auxiliary of the Chun-h of Scotland. They i „ DI I .were weaving baskets - and: for l.eiWU* Blanks j singing. • "What's the singing for' asked Philip. "Just for the hell; ol it?" "No," replied Sheena Parker, 1 17, "it's for atmosphere." K I V I Fontaine ! la i Charlotte Peters ill) Woman's Touch ! L':05— (4i 1 Married Joan ; l.UO— f.') About Faces i4t For Better or Worse <5> Queen for a Day ill> Movie Susie House Part> Loretta Voiuig Day in Court Millionaire Young Dr. Malone (111 Mosie ^ Gale Storm (4* Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots 3:30— (J) Beat The Clock (4 > Brighter Day i5> The Thin Man 3.15~t4) Secret Storm 3:30-(?> Who Do You TFUtftT (4> Edge ol Nigbt (ji Vajicy Derringer 3:4£-(U' Capt. ll't Showboat erican Banritfanri (4) SS Itteye 2 degrees 30' E along the , _ H _? n .L i J._j*il9?^- A hall dozen requeMs ha\e; , been received to date in re-! sponse to the recent otter oi j blanks for those who may have been missed in the census. tlu> (Greater Alton Assn. ol Com-i Brazil's State of Sao Paulo hasimeive office revealed today, three big hydroelectric plant* plan-' The (1AAC in cooperation with i ned or underway. iihc city manager's office this! week offered to supply blanks i to persons wha were not counted on the U.S. census. The blanks are available to those: (5) Our Miss Brooks 4:30—(4) Movie (51 UfeofRiley 5:U>-(L') Bin Tin Tin (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 mm. in color (1J) Sgt Preston 5:30-<2> News: Hayvtard ill) Suspenseville Weather: Hayward Pork> and His Pals (;,*> Huntley-Brinkley News (U) Three Stooge* who call in requests to the j GAAC or the office of City Man- j ager Graham Watt. Refugee* from Ea»t Pakistan will be preferred workers in a new plant at Belghoria, in West Bengal, India, to make ceramic components used in electrical goods. \ veved by fieorge M. Lex-is and rmma G T.ex-Is, to the Trustees (if the Young Womens Christian Association of Alton, 111., by Quit Claim deed dated October 24 1932, filed January 12. 1933 and recorded in Book 695 Page SO in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Madison County, the Tract hereby conveyed being more particularly described ac follows Beginning at the southwest corner of the irart conveyed b\ (iporge \I Lexis and Emma C, l.evl« KI the Trustees of the Young Worn ens Christian ASMI of Alton as aforesaid thence N •_' degrees 30' f along the we>t line of said tract a distance of S'.' "i ft 10 the northwest i or nei thereof thence N. 87 <le iirees 25' F along the north iW of said Y.W C A tract a distance of 405 feet 10 the southwest corner of 101 6 In Cox's Re-Subdivision nf part of Brown and Others Add thence line of lots 1-6 in* said Tnx » Resuhdixision a dUtame of :u>0 95 ft to the northwesi corner of Lot 1 ihence N 87 degrees 11 \V along the south line of Lot 45 In Brown and Others Add to t'pper Alion no\v Altnm III a distance of 40 r> ft 10 the southwest corner of said Lot 45 ihenre S 21 degree* 26' W a distance of 45?.7 ft to a poim on the South line of a tract of land described in Warranty Deed from Adele Levis Rand and Frank C Rand. Jr.. her husband to Edwin Cox and Mildred L. Cox. dated June 3. 1838 filed June U. 1938 and recorded ID Book 760 Page 405 in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of Madison County. Ill ; thence S. 12 degrees 07' E. a distance of 149 S ft to the place of beginning: all being situated in ths City of Alton, County of Madison and SUM cf Illinois. All persons interested in the re- uuetted application for reioning will be afforded an opportunity to b« heard at said public hearing Dated at Alton. Illinois this 33rd day of June 1960 /S/ P W DAY. Chairman of City Plu Commission f LADY TO TAKE OVER MOTHERLESS HOME with 4 children. Would consider couple. References required Write Box 1030. care Alton Evening Telegraph. . .—M«l« * Fem«H AIR CAREERS SEE OUR AD UNDER CLASS 13A ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE LOCAL ft LONG DISTANCE 1«2I Waihlngton Art. Dial HO24683 Du 4-9131. F.venings. DU 4-3261. i 4. 75 ft., $930. Terms can be ar- •>-R6oM HOUSF — Bath, hot water, ranged. Contact owner. Call W. private entrance. 208 Illinois, East Cain. 411 S. Prairie, Bethalto. II). Alti I rv., j m 11 rr..MMi« n « TMT ^ 10*1 2 AND :i ROOM — Furnished apts., Real Estate Exchange HO 2-9797. J3~ROOM ~—"Modern. Private bath. ' washing f actlities. Screened in,— porch. Reasonable CL 4-5192 or|jj« CL 4-1432 - WILL SELL on contract for deed, level lot on Falrvlew Drive. 65x 120', $1850. Low down payment. HO 2-8133 AERO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Moving'* Stor«g« Co. Kcluilv* Aiwt I Local Ii Long Distance Moving WarOouM aid PMC* Lot Storaw Prat E»tlmat« - No Obligation MOM HO S-IM7 - »» B. BlM HOUSES FOR SALE 3 ROOM furnished apartment. 29101 Sanford. HO 2-2322 RENTALS MEN'S — WOMEN'S OPPORTUNITY You are capable of commanding an Income of $10.000 or more per SLEEPING ROOMS You are currently employed You are well known and respected in your community. You are energetic, deeply convinced of the true value of life. , You .ire at least 30 years of age. ' You are willing to learn more of this outstanding opportunity. I Send name, address, telephone ; numbei to Box 1060,_Cj[ojrej!egraph. j COOL sleeping room. i WANTED— industriafenglneer. 21 | 3* with degree, medical technician. Investigator collector, communlca tion equipment salesman, alterer. Instrument repairman, waitress, CLEAN OUTSIDE ROOM — Reasonable rent. Special rates for pensioners. Columbia Hotel, 1326 E, Broadway. COMFORTABLE — Sleeping room, refrigerator, near restaurant. 777 Whitetaw, Wood River. CL 4-5147 j»fter_5 p.m Gentleman. Shower. $6. CL misc kitchen helper, housekeeper (stay), room clerks, hotel maid, nurse aide. Apply in person. Illinois State Employment Service. 87 PAUL'S AUTO SALES Will Pay $20.00 To You or Any Other Perion AS A COMMISSION FOR Bringing in • Customer PROVIDED THAT CUSTOMER Private entrance. 41694 LARGE comfortable room, with fan, private entrance. 720 Alby HO 5-9404. 1 FURNISHED ROOMS and private bath._ Call after 7. 1716 Feldwlsch. 3 ROOM, furnished basement apt., utilities furnished. S50 mo. CL ^-4673_ 3 ROOM furnished a'pt. AH utilities furnished. First floor. Private bath, washing privileges. HO 5-7331. 2704 College. 3 ROOM FIRST FLOOR FURNISHED APT. — Completely private. Adults only. HO 5-3712. 3 ROOM HOUSE TRAILER — For rent. Newly furnished Inside. Garden plot. Reasonable. HO 3-5645 3 ROOM furnished apt. Utilities, private bath, entrance. Couple. 830 E. 6th MODERN — Private home, on bus line. One or two ladies. HO 5-6808- MODERN—Newly decorated, telephone It living room privileges Close in. 123 E. 5th. I ROOM—2 blocks • from downtown > Wood River. Private entrance. CL | 4-3947. I SLEEPING ROOM for gentleman. next to bath and phone. 3018 College HO 5-3774 3 ROOM — Furnished apt., nice, clean, modern, -$50. Adults. HO 2-5335 or HO 5.9044. at in Finest RIVER AIRE New brick homes ready for oeeu- pancy. or will build to your plant. Trade-Ins arranged. Joseph Wlcken- tiauser. HO 5-3J81. HO 5-1741. FOR SALE in Wood River. 4 room modern house. Gas heat. Close In. CL 4-5406 or CL 4-8959. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — 4-room brick by owner. Concrete driveway, attached carport with •tor- age space, full divided basement, well insulated, storm windows and doors. Good location. Call after 6 p.m. CL 4-1817. HARTFORD — 5 rooms. Paved streets, sidewalk. Lot 82.5 x 112. Gas heat. Wall to wall carpeting. Block from school and Super Market. CL 4-4577. 3 ROOMS with bath. All utilities furnished. $15 week. 2011 Brown. HO 2-1252 4 FURNISHED ROOMS and bath. Utilities furnished. Children accepted CL 4-2080. 4 ROOM MODERN TRAILER — Ideal for working couple Adults only. 3423 Glllham. ' 5 ROOM MODERN HOUSE—Glass ed-in porch, gas heat, basement, good location, large lot, fruit trees. 124 Abbott Place, BethaUo DU 4-8104 NEW 2 A3 BEDROOM modern homes. $500 down. Inquire 55 S. 9th. Rosewood Heights. 5 BEDROOM HOME - Excellent Mlddletown location for sale by owner, reasonable. HO 5-7244. HOUSE FOR SALE — And removal from present location. 6 room frame at 310 Lorena Ave., next to the First Baptist Church in Wood i River. III. This is open to bid --------------- . . — 4 ROOM FURNISHED APT. located subject to the approval of the 260 E. Acton, Wood River, $15.00 church— See one of the trusteei or per week HO 5-4020. _gall CL 4-6949 or CL 4-5335 BLTYS V CAR TRUCK or WAOON SLEEPING ROOM for T or 2 gen- i 4~Fl'~R"N7sHED rooms upstairs All i B J OWNER—Two 4 room apt*., lit BUYS CAR TRUCK or WAGON (lemen MJ CQl)ege HQ ,. I307 modtrn.ouulde entrance. Utilities «»£• . One s-room apt. wcond Phone HO 2-0111 198 Gouldlng. East SLEEPING ROOMS—$8.50 w«*k. I» FOR MEN— Nice clean, cool rooms #I A *. ,i — , •>*"»»• «H*. av^uuu floor, all modern. Private entrance. *20o monthly income. Also bai*- mem apartment. CL 4-7674. For established route in Jetseyville Hardio Kampsville are*. Must have car. Excellent earnings and many other benefits for man who qualifies. Contact L. B. Price Co.. 1751 Ridge. East St. Louis. 111. II WTO.~MAtB I CUT CRASS CHEAP. Need work. HO a-3757 HIGH SCHOOL BOY wants work of any kind A»e. IS. HO 5-3484. tt WTU4TIOW WTD.-FI£»U{.e MOTHER'S HELPER— or UjSt tou**worlt. slttta* WANTED—KouMWOTk by d«y by youof woman. HO 5-6U3. , . 2 room efficiency Private Good meal*. Close - in. 838 Alby. < bath, entrance. Redecorated. Part- Alton ly furnished 844 Washington. SALE — 1 mile north White -.. —, r house, modern full basement, insulated ; barn! cottage ^utr^vrrs^ni Good meal*, state and city license Mary Stahl. 1414 Mil too. Aiwa. HO 2-5675. , , Secylty. LIVING ROOM-Bedroom. kitchen- '"?«: '"elude. _ 18 acre, «I HOUSEKEEPING BOOHS HOUSEKEEPING HOOMS—Utllltl** paid. Adult*. 142C E. 4ta *trt«t HO 2-3568. ette. bath, pi i vate entrance. Rent $55 month. 632 Broadway, East Alton. CL 4-3342 After 5 p.m. CL WOOD RIVER - 48 West Actol. Mealy furni&tied efficiency apt. Close to downtown aad bus. All utilities furnished. $63 month. To 1ROOM—FurnishwJ for light house-1 l"»P«ct diH CL 4-OI4 or CL 4-3883. and improved fa™ land' Mwt be seen to be appreciated. N A Me Conathy. phone White Hall DRake 4-6455. keeping Lignu, g a*, hot and cold « water, $9 per week. Frefer I or 2 *' NtW j BEDROOM*BRICK-LoJa- Lt««t°- n ue Gra , !>s mosl beautiful streetb. Large lot has shade trees. Muat iee to ate. Will consider trade. H( Udie«. Apply 413 West 4th street HO 2 -— 3 MODERN — U»hi hou»ek»stiln« room*. «00 B«U0. 2 BEDROOM house, wail to wall Nice sub- carpeting, rumpus room, division. EDws. 302 3 ROAl cottage. Modern. CL 8-3958. garage, bedroom and liv ing room carpeted, built-in range . Full price W4.3W *¥o

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