Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 24, 1973 · Page 10
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 10

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1973
Page 10
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Peace Package Limits Cease-Fire to Vietnam WASHINGTON (AP) Washington and Hanoi unveiled today the details of an intricate peace package that limits an Impending cease-fire to South Vietnam without insuring a halt to fighting among contending factions in Cambodia and Laos. A 12-page agreement, to be signed Saturday in Paris before the Vietnam cease-fire takes effect at 7 p.m., EST, that day, does call for the withdrawal of North Vietnamese and other troops from Laos and Cambodia. "The internal affairs of Cambodia and Laos," said the document, "shall be settled by the people of each of these countries without foreign interference." In essence, the agreement and four accompanying diplomatic documents, called protocols, hew close to a Washing- Scholarships Available For Music Music scholarships, established through the Iowa Lake Community College Music Scholarship Association , are now available for the 1973-74 school year, according to an announcement by the Fine Arts Department of Iowa Lakes Community College. High school seniors who have a background in either choral or Instrumental music are urged to make application for music scholarships by writing to Kenenth Van Der Sloot, Vocal Music Director, or to Michael Day, Instrumental Director, at Iowa Lakes Community College. Iowa Lakes Community College offers two years of traditional music courses leading to a Bachelor of Music or Music Education degree. These courses are approved by the State Department of Public Instruction and coordinated so that they articulate with the student's choice of a four- year institution. Recipients of music scholarships will be named by a music scholarship committee later in the spring. Interested seniors are 1 urged, 'therefore,' to make early application for the scholarships. ton-Hanoi draft agreement made known last Oct. 26— the day when Henry A. Kissinger, President Nixon's chief negotiator, proclaimed that "peace is at hand." The settlement package calls for a four-power international control commission force of 1,160 persons to go to South Vietnam as a peace-keeping unit. The number contrasted with the original Hanoi demand for a ceiling of 250 personnel and an American suggestion of 5,000. Despite the imminence of the cease-fire, Communist attacks in South Vietnam doubled overnight. South Vietnamese claimed the Communists were trying for last-minute gains before the truce takes effect. The agreement disclosed for the first time that both the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union are proposed as participants in an international conference to be held within 30 days to try to guaran tee that the peace plan works. Other conference participants being proposed by the United States and North Vietnam are France, the United Kingdom, the four countries of the international control commission — Hungary, Canada, Indonesia and Poland—and the secretary- general of the United Nations. Hanoi and Washington also would participate. The formal agreement declares that the South Vietnamese, people have an inalienable right to self-determination and "shall decide themselves the political future of South Vietnam through genuinely free and democratic general elections under international supervision." The South Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong are barred by the agreement from "all hostile acts, terrorism and reprisals" once the cease-fire begins. Another section bars "discrimination against individuals or organizations that have collaborated with one side or the other." To help shape South Vietnam's political future a National Council of National Reconciliation and Concord will be set up,, withequal.. representation given to the Saigon regime, the Viet Cong and neutral parties. "The council shall operate on the principle of unanimity," the the document said. The agreement envisions signing by the Saigon government and Viet Cong of their own accord on Internal matters, hopefully within 90 days following the cease-fire. The nine-year-old demilitarized zone between North and South was recognized as "only provisional and not a political or territorial boundary." The agreement envisions ultimate reunification of Vietnam on the basis of a North-South settlement, "without coercion or annexation by either party." As expected, the settlement, includes a vaguely worded promise of future American aid to the Hanoi government. It said: "The United States anticipated that this agreement will usher in an era of reconciliation with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam as with all people of Indochina. In pursuance of its traditional policy, the United States will contribute to healing the wounds of war and to postwar reconstruction of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and throughout Indochina." The Saturday ceremony in Paris calls for the signing of two separate but virtually identical documents, major differences being in the preamble section. One document will be signed by Secretary of State William P. Rogers and by North Vietnamese Foreign Minister Tran Van Lam. The other will bear the signatures of Foreign Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh for the Saigon government and Foreign Minister Nguyen Thi Blnh for the Viet Cong. The accord forbids Saigon and the Viet Cong to accept foreign troops, military advisers, armaments and other war goods. However, the document adds: "The two South Vietnamese parties shall be permitted to make periodic replacement of armaments, munitions and war material which have been destroyed, damaged, worn out or used after the cease-fire, on the . basis of piece-for-plece of these same, characteristics and prop< ertles." The international control commission would supervise such operations. Dear Abby ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., JAN. 24, 1973 Page 9 RABBI ALBERT GORDON Rabbi Gordon Guest Speaker At Iowa Lakes Rabbi Albert A. Gordon of Mt. Sinai Temple, Sioux City, will be a guest speaker at Iowa Lakes Community College Wednesday, Jan. 31, through arrangement with the Jewish Chautauqua Society, according to Neal Armstrong, chairman of the department of social sciences at the college. Rabbi Gordon will speak in Anthropology, Sociology, and Philosophy classes and will be available for discussion with students. Rabbi Gordon attended Wayne University in Detroit, Mich., and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was ordained a rabbi at the Hebrew Union College In Cincinnati in 1941, receiving the degree of Master of Hebrew Letters. In 1966 he received the Doctor of Divinity degree. For the past 25 years Rabbi Gordon has served as spiritual leader of ML Sinai Temple. He was a chaplain in the United States Army for three years and was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippine Islands. Rabbi Gordon will speak on "Judaism and Social Auction", "Who is Dead — God or Man?", and "The Synagogue — Its History and Character." The public Is Invited to attend the lectures. In ancient Greece, headaches were treated by drawing blood from the sufferer's head. 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MOTOR INN INC. 114 SOUTH 6th STREET - ESTHERVILLE - PHONE 362-4665 PONTIAC CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE GMC TRUCKS FOR AFTER HOURS PHONf ONE OF OUR SALCSMIN t Bab Heywood 362-4436 . Russ Smith 362-3748 • Dick ThornburK 362-4497 •Bob Thornton 362-4211 • U'.lly Pi'ttschor 362-5300 WHERE ALL THE ACTION IS. Stubborn Mule Wants Four Carats By Abigail Van Buren « WJ •* Chlct*. TrilwM-N. Y. Nun Inc. DEAR ABBY: I am 77 years old and Max is 80. We've been married for 60 years and have no complaints. Max has always been a flashy dresser. He wears a nice-sized diamond ring and a diamond stickpin. I have a four-carat diamond ring which I don't wear any more because I am afraid of being robbed or killed. Max said as long as I'm not wearing my diamond, he would like to make it into a ring for himself. Abby, it's not that I don't want him to have the diamond, it's just that I am afraid of what might happen to him. Since I have refused Max the ring, he is barely speaking to me. He also quit making love to me every Sunday afternoon which he has done for 60 years. I suppose I could live without it, but I got so accustomed to it, 1 feel deprived. Should I give him the ring so he will be his old sweet and loving self again? NEW YORK POST READER DEAR READER: If he doesn't realize that you don't want him to have the ring because you are concerned about his welfare, shame on him. [P. S. Someone should tell him if he doesn't use it, he'll lose it, and I don't mean the ring.] DEAR ABBY: I am a 19-year-old male and in college. I have yet to discover the formula for finding a girl friend. I ask girls out to sports events, movies, walks, or anything, and have a refusal rate of about 99.7. The other 0.3 per cent agree so they won't hurt my feelings. I know I am not very good-looking, and I have little money, but I see other guys who aren't good-looking with little money and they have girl friends, so it must be me. My family life hasn't been too happy. My parents are divorced and there were five children and I lacked affection, which I am sure has something to do with my eagerness to make up for it now. I find extraordinary pleasure at any chance physical contact with another person, which is rare and only by accident. Maybe it has something to do with my body chemistry, something in line with my inability to catch a fish. I've heard that a fish will not touch bait which has been pre­ pared by a person with a certain characteristic body chemistry. Any suggestions? LONELY GUY DEAR LONELY: Girls are not fish and you're no fisherman, so forget the body chemistry theory. Quit thinking about what you lack and start making small talk with any girl you dig who's handy. If the doesn't dig you. maybe she can dig up a friend who does. You sound like a bright young man. Now get going. DEAR ABBY: This is an "open letter" to "Second Wife" who plaintively resents the children of "First Wife" helping themselves to all their deceased mother's possessions without c:nsidering that they were their father's possessions, too, and perhaps he had sentimental feelings about them. Men are not the sentimental creatures "Second Wife" pictures her husband to be, and he probably couldn't care less about the things his wife collected during their marriage, especially once he has a new mate. Besides, if "Second Wife" was a widow, she should have her own collection. If not, accumulating things for her new life with her new husband will be a pleasure. Please, "Second Wife," don't pity your new husband because his children helped themselves to all their mother's treasures. He now has you, which should more than compensate for the loss. I hope my happy marriage of 46 years lasts a lot longer, but just in case, I'm taping names on the backs of all my possessions indicating to whom they shall go, so my successor won't have to worry about it. Further, if I were "Second Wife," I wouldn't care to have First Wife's possessions staring me in the face in my new home. LUCKY Problems? You'll feel better If you get It off yowr cheat. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. ftTM, L. A., Calif. MOM. Enclose • tamped, telf-addretsed eavelose. •teaae. For Abby's booklet. "How to Have a Lovely Weddtag." tend tl to Abby. Box (*7N. Los Aafeles. CaL Moot. 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