Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 31
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THURSDAY, JUNE 33, 1&60 ALTON EVENING TELEORAPH WOOD RIVER DAMAGE This patio or porch was blown down and Mrs. Homer Cantrell at 1437 Ladd, Wednesday night at the home of Mr. Wood River.'—Photo by R. R. Hovey. Wood River Area Buffeted by Wind and Rain WOOD RIVER -Torrential rains and heavy winds struck Wood River. Roxana and Hartford at approximately 7 p.m. Wednesday. In Roxana -electric and telephone lines were downed in some areas some places were without power until midnight. Minor property damage was done and limbs were blown down. The fire department made two runs because of dovvn- •ed power lines. In Wood River it was reported that one and one-tenth inches of rain fell in 30 minutes and. during the same period, the temperature dropped 22 degrees. V. L. Wilson.. district manager of Illinois Power Co.. said electric lines were down in west Wood River and Glendale Gardens. Power was off in parts of Wood River for an hour and 15 minutes. Three elec.tvic transformers were struck by lightning and two poles were downed. OillHlflo HH|i Two electric' company crews located in Wood River were called out to restore power and they were aided by four crews called from Granite City. Fred • Penning. Wood Rive: superintendent of public works, said it will require a week to remove tree limbs blown down by the storm. Plate glass windows were broken at the Albrecht and Tedrick automobile agencies and lightning struck the John N. Jones home at K~>:i E. 3rd. knocked a hole in the nx>f and blasted off a small front porch. Lightning struck a utility pole in an alley at the rear of the Kenneth Gimmy home. 52:5 Leslie, and electric lines were downed. A porch was damaged by lightning at Hie Homer Cantrell home, 1497 Ladd. A power line broke and set fire to a pole at 530 S. 9th. Roof of the Dairy Maid, a drive-in on Edwardsville road, was damaged and had to be covered with canvas. Large Tree Fall* Telephones were out on the eflsf side of p;«st Alton after a ' large tree, described by Police Chief Harold Riggins as one ol'i the oldest trees in town, tell; across wires on N. tilth street. 1 Electric wires were down on j ; South Pence arid Pine streets Jn > ! East Alton and the fire depart-: j ment was called to extinguish! 1 minor fires growing out of the| downed wires. Plate glass windows were broken at the P. X. Hirsch andi Glik stores in Wilshire Village; Shopping Center in East Alton. No actual damage was reported at Hartford hut several trees ! were uprooted and street crews 'were working today to clear the community of downed tree. i limbs. At Rosewood Heights tree* iwere blown down and limbs broken off. the falling vegetH- tion causing damage to some : roofs. Two patients from Wood River, treated and released from; the Wood River Township Hos-; ipital. reported they received: • their injuries in the storm when i window glass broke and blew in at the Gulf Oil Station on Wood River avenue. Injured were: >lrs. Mary M. j Williams. 556 3rd St.. who received a laceration to the right ' ankle, and Larry Davis Lowe.: , ?1. of 335 Wood River Ave.. who received a laceration of thei left wrist. i A'acntlon School WOOD RIVER Vacation Bi- I ble school of the Evangelical t'nited Brethren Church will conclude Friday with n picnic at Westerner Club Grounds from noon until ?. p.m. following the 'regular morning class sessions. The demonstration program •will be presented during the; 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship service at the church in conjunction with the special observation of; Children's Day. the Rev. Thorn-! las Lowery Sr., pastor, reports. The Rev. Lowery, with Wil-; liam Wathern, church delegate,: are at the annual conference of Reported in Poag Area EDWARDSVILLE — Strong winds which accompanied thej storm that struck here about j 8:30 p.m. Wednesday caused I roof damage and uprooted trees' in (ho Poag area. Buildings .at the .Edwatdsville; wafer plnnt at Poag, incurred j damage to the roofs. Numerous] tree limbs wore down in the area and several large trees were uprooted. At one farm an iron light pole was bent to the ground! by the force of the wind. No damage was reported by police in -the Edwardsville city limits. Rules Strippers ]\ot Obscene. JNot Good ST. LOUIS fAPt-A police judge has ruled thai blonde stripper Bunny Ware's dance isn't lewd or indecent. Rut. he said, it isn't very good, either. Bunny was arrested 13 times by police on the orders of Capt. lohn Doherty, in whose district Bunny danced. Tlir stripper took her case to court s e e k i n g an injunction j against further police interference, j Judge Rodney Weiss, who sa\v| movies of the act. concluded: Her act is overrated, has little artistic value but is not indecent. Tonight the show will go on. By court order. The Campanile of St. Mark's in Venice is a tower 325 feet high. Jn 1902 it collapsed, but was rebuilt. Illinois Evangelical United Brethren Churches at Naper- \ille. School Close* WOOD PJVER — Parents joined their children for in Open House at the First Presbyterian Church this morning as the closing session of the vacation Bible school. Mrs. John Baker has directodj the school, held three days each week over a period of three! weeks, with an enrollment of! 151 students. 28 teachers and Jli young people as assistants. Mrs.! James Harris was assistant di-j rector. TEEM FOR FUN AND FLAVOR Ttke TMm to tht k*ach-it oqeaehM tiwvt f M i It's Uw new l*mon-Ume talk T»k» Tt«n to th« k»acb-it qwnehM Uiuvt fwt. It's UM AMT l«mon-Um» Ute. . .any tint, mj pi*» Ttom t«un» up with fun, |0e» great vith midday nuek» to eqaa/e moak. Suggwt you CM » *no*-1 torn torn httl TEAM UP WITH Alton Co. At tf ft. I. BEAUTIFUL TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME!! ROUND SIRLOIN T-BONE RIB SWISS STEAKS CUT FROM FANCY PORK BUTTS, TOO! PORK STEAKS Ibft. OPI.N DAILY 8:00 A.M. "Til fltOO P.M. Sharp! OPKN FRIDAY HMH1 A.M. 'Til »:00 P.M. Shnrp! Alwn.v* CldHWl on Sundny*: Payroll Check* Citfthed FtlKR Only ttlth Order* Over S5.00. No Pmonitl f'hpek* tit All. CHAMPION WHOLE! READY- TO-EAT! Redeem Your Orisoo Coupons Horo! * Qonuino Steak CUBED STEAKS -89- Fresh Pure! Fresh Pnri'I Fresh Pure! Our Knninii* FlriHt* GROUND BEEF.. 3 $1.15 GROUND CHUCK 2 $1.19 GROUND ROUNB... 79c CHUCK ROAST.... 39c BEEF CHUCK STEAKS... 49o BEEF ROAST 79c Pike's Peak Rom-less Whole Trimmed RUMP ROAST...... 69c SWIFT ST ROLL HAMS 79c SLICED BACON..2 89c By >I»yro«i« NORWOOD WIENERS or FRANKS 2 Lb. Cello DINING CAR Robust COFFEE No Limit c 59 Lb. 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