Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 23,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE Vegetables Can Also Be Interesting den* mowmmmB SENSATIONAL MEAT OFFER! IkWF No *wbt about it, you on twat vegetables tnsuditffiwestingways (hat Huftfljf nd Mends win |0l> ble them up< Tain fee emot Serve It with an eteHflt lYwwh eauee end ft becomes positively gjamcwus. Tht MOW? Ifi • vartitioD of the classic Hollandalse that outfit to be better know in this countfy. Called Maltaise, It adds orange juice and rind to the basic mixture and achieves delightful flavor. One direction for the sauce In- trlguea us. The late Louis Wat, who was chef of New Yortfa Rite-Carton Hotel, said that Mal- taise Sauce should be Dink and added a few drops of red food col* ortng. We did Just that and found that coupled with the carrots it achieves a notable effect. France's famous gastronno- mic dictionary, Larousse. gets even more exotic. You may, it suggests, substitute tangerine juice and rind for regular orange and then "perfume" this sauce with a few drops of the orange-flavored licpier, curacao. Larousse says that Maltaise is used for "legumes boulllis" — boiled vegetables. Louis Diat served it with asparaus. We've tried it with both vegetables but — much as we revere Dial — we are convinced that Hollandiase is the su- i perb sauce for asparagus while! Maltaise is superlative with car-j rots. This version of Maltaise Sauce is strickly up to date: it uses the new corn-boll margarine with fine results. Maltalse Sauce Ingredients: H pound (1 stick) Method: Pare carrots; cut In corn-boll margarine, 2 egg yolks Jri teaspoon salt, cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon orange juice, 1 to 2 teaspoons grated orange rind. Method: Dlvld margarine into sixths. Place egg yolks, salt, a dash of cayenne, lemon juice and orange juice over very hot (but not boiling) water until mixture Is just heated; stir constantly with a whisk. Add one piece of the margarine, whisk constantly until It blends with other ingredients; add remaining pieces of margarine the same way. Add orange rind. Continue to cook, whisking constantly, until sauce is thick enough to mound slighly when dropped from whisk. Serve at once. NOTE: For preparing sauce, use a double boiler or a 1-quart heat-resistant glass bowl set in a small skillet of very hot water. half crosswise; cut into quarters 7 lengthwise. Arrange in 2 layers in 10-ince skillet; add boiling water, 1 teaspoon sugar. Skillet Carrots Ingredients: 8 to 10 medium- size carrots, boiling water, 1 tea spoon sugar. Method: Pare car rots; cut into half crosswise; cut into quarters lengthwise. Arrange in 2 layers in 10-ince skillet; add boiling water (to a depth of one inch) and sugar, (Sauce supplies enough salt.) Boil gently covered, until just tender—abuot 12 minutes. Drain and serve with Maltaise DowWe ft vr Money fiodr a* my HUM* ewftry or (Uh pmnbmn »o m«fc« of A*f» fM* w««k IF TOU Aftf NOT CO/MPIiritr SAW NID |PPHH||RMWRMWOTwM''**nw | ^nvnKisi«H«H«uiwi i« iw^ww^^^ww^^w^w^^ i CHUCK ROAST "•im*-moHT" MIT CIMTM curs Here's e truly «ut$t«n*na value, eut from awn-fee*, Mly matured rattle. Try one this weekend . . . yeo'll riik not even • aennv . . for if you're not pleosed in every way AfirP will flive yen OOUILI YOUR MONEY IACK!! Right" "Super- Beef Shoulder Roast Sup " Fresh Ground Beef Beef Brisket Boiling Beef "Super-Right" IONEIESS "Super-Right" PLATE , k 89c ,J9c Chicken Breast Rock Cornish Hens Canned Ham 2 £ $ 115 IS- 79« 4 H. Tta Canned Picnic JSA 4 ^ *2 n A&P Apple Sauce=2'-25' 10-99 G VsMsW • it* Colorama Summer Salad Fine By OAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Cntorprtoe Food •nd Market* Editor A cool idea for a hot day luncheon—a special salad colorful and inviting, using fresh fruit so plentiful now, served with a semi-sweet sour cream dressing, slices of mellow Am- erlcan cheese and crisp potato chips. Sound good to you? Ooleram* Summer Salad (e servings) One pint strawberries, 1 table spoon sugar, 1 cantaloupe, 1 grapefruit, 1 large avocado, 1 siloed banana, a tablespoons lemon Juice, I red apple, lettuce, tt pound Bing cherries, pitted; % pound sliced American cheese, large bag of potato chips, sour cream dressing. Wash, hull and sort berries. Add sugar to H cup strawber- rles, ctush and simmer a few minutes. Strain through cheese cloth. Chill and reserve juice for dressing. Cut melon in wedges, discarding seeds and fiber, and pare. Section grapefruit. Cut avocado in half, discard pit, slice across, dip in lemon Juice before placing on platter. Cut apple In wedges, remove core and dip in lemon juice (do not peel). Slice banana and dip in lemon juice. Arrange avocado, •pple, cheese and banana alter, nately on lettuce around outer edge of platter. In inner circle arrange cantaloupe and grape. fruit. Heap remaining straw, berries in middle and drop cher. rites around (or accent. Place large potato chips on outer circle in mound*. Put dressing in bowl on aide, so each person can serve himself as desired. Grapefruit LANOLIN PLUS 99" Pe>r eill y«ur •*fwe>«t«nlAfl" i •ICTIONi Fancy Qufjllty 2 Tomato Juice .rT-S ^^ 3 Cream Rinio Castile Shampoo Hair Spray Prune Juict Real Frunt 3 U-Ox.—Giant Sixe—U-Oi. Onnte Juice ^.^ SVrM" Ice Cream Apple Pie Cmtmont Cr«amy Yew thoice) tnl flav«rs •ANQUIT PROZIN Vs-Oal. Ctti. 69 25 Hershey Golden Corn Haase Bir-B-Q Sauce CHOCOLATE SYRUP A&P Whole Kernel 2'£39* 2 ET 25« I74e, «Cg •H. 99 P Pillsbury Flour Heifetz Sweet Pickles Nabisco Ritz "" k .r White Paper Plates 5 ST 35» 10-Lb. B M 95* Freshlike Spinach Freshlike WHOLE FANCY 6RECN BEANS V 99* ^49' 2 "£" 29* Freshlike Lime Beans 2 "? 43* 2^43* or P|OS on( ' Carrots el 14-Ot, •Jlf' A TUM fJI rVwnlike Irond Angel Food Cake ANN I'AC.f- Picnic Items PAPER PLATES lOOCt. AA fi 40Ct.JQ e ^•f^af ^W^m Deluxe Compartment el. 49« Plastic Coated Bondware Aluminum DixieCupi ^99* CddDriokCups iW29« Jifoe String Potatoes lot tki H.«t PisMpplS'Brspefrsil Drisk A4P Uniwtetened QrapefnitJuioe Hi 0 Orange Drink Ha waiian Piaoh 2 «* 55« 3 44-Os.MOO TtM I Tta Tomato J lice AM Piiet pple J nice .. J fflMff 'feWJ*SL vtVlflw ' ^^ If Mf flMlf MM fc pfM ^* l^^s^aJL laaiaaitlV a^siMnV ^MM vf MvTf IVflW* PWTW iW t*fciM M ejAM •tfaeft't AiMitt I WWW IT fvV wOfl i W^^^W ClMt W flWtt fii Nftt vwffi vwfinv -*-T w - artcae, AM fat* Mtrfcef* will <*i«r*tllf W| Mflkt fftd ehtllMifHlf affl* iBttPJill^eii/. eeirtt we want y«t to oHetw witHMt Hiking • ftti»»y! Se, COffie 1(1 to Aflrr Inn SWlBw t • • •—»» ...w... poult* or fr»h ami fitHtf *• d*'* ft Hifc Mil PfieiM fcWsiMHi'e fHPw PeWWIWy* , . * M >flNM|n HIM' BOMf PFMOVFO "Kim •« *••»»" ««» «<i meat cutftri trim •«•« ItHy MM! i* v«nr rib cnta 1st ff* «Hi Rib, 7" Cut «• MV* yM MM«y. Atf 'I 7-lMliM l-tks thsrt rlbi srs MM MpsrsMly • • sssMsM^^s^tt^jiflHuyBiiiiiuajajBjBfl •^••^•^•^•^•^•nsBngDaiiHiK'RnBiHiji^Eili^iia^i^n^n^nH Armour Star Thuringer Braunsehweiger " Supip *' ht " Pickle & Pimento Stewing Chickens aritt. "Super- Right" 3'/j to 4 Ib. Av«ro0* u 49c u- 49« 1.39* party Snacks Fillets Ocein Perch Catfish Fillets Cod Fillets FRENCH fRIED Quick Frozen Cop'n John 58* 39* BANANAS Golden-Ript Baouties, prttty as « picture, 10 delicious, 10 nutritious, and priced . . . ta very low! Kidi love 'em and bananas arc to good for ', m _b«tt«r buy several pounds today. CANTALOUPE •rt totkti 36 »• • cot* w»i Mt 4S t* UEMtfRa • eoM-you'll s«t • UBWH f«r 45 SIZE NOT THIS •UT THIS JUMBO 36 SIZE Serve these delicious melons topped with that famous Crestmont Ice Cream (if• on sale this weekend, too!). FRESH PEACHES JUST RIDUCID! Now's the time to buy—tht price has just been reduced and here's an idea . . . Serve these on Crestmont Vanilla Ice Creom. Lbs. r-=> California Fancy California Fancy Potatoes Seedless Grapes Fresh Apricots Red Plums ^'R^ Honey Dew Melons ?2? Austex Beef Stew Surf Detergent Wish Liquid Detergent Handy Andy Liquid Crisco Shortening Dexola Vegetable Oil Our Own Tea Bags Our Own Tea Jene Perker Potato Chips Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Green Cabbage Fancy 14-0i. 4A«j Red Ripe Cm. Iv ^10« .29' ,.59' ^35* air ft 73c «i. Golden Corn ^.r5 Ean 29e 5" Green Peppers Red Potatoes Rushed from Texas lack U. S. No. 1 25 Florida Fancy 20 to 24 Lb. Avg, Helvet 45c Out Today 4c OLb. OffOCan Women's Day 5c Off 41 la '/lib. **> 59« July Itiut GLAPPS BABY FOOD Strained 10 *. 19* Junior 6*. 59* Buy • CeMO) euieJ Sow Pur* Cane SUGAR • e e !

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