Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 27
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THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1960 Better Pork At Less Cost Is Forecast IOWA CITY, Iowa (Science Service )-Moro and better ham, bacon and pork chops tor less money are Indeed possible, a swine nutritionist at the State University of Iowa here reports. If the 100,000,000 pigs that will be born in the U.S. this year could be fed Just 10 percent more feed of the proper kind during the first eight weeks of life, says Dr. Damon V. Catron, il would mean an eight to 10 percent increase in weight, a three to five percent improve- .ment in feed efficiency, and a two to four percent increase in final carcass leanness. It would also bring about a 10 percent decrease in incidence of pig scours, a five percent reduction In baby pig mortality, a 10 percent reduction in runts, and a one to three percent savings in days of labor and "ownership risk" in hog production, he says. To arrive at these desired results, the feeding habits of the baby pig are undergoing exhaustive scientific examination at the University. Dr. Catron is conducting studies involving the taste, odor, flavor and palatability of feeds as well as the appetite and hunger of piglets, the influence of genetics, sow milk production, hormonal output and psychological factors. His studies have revealed the following: 1. Baby pigs eat more In the daytime than at night, even under artificial Illumination.., 2. The presence of people affects piglets' eating habits by making them nervous and more active. 3. Pigs have a tendency to| eat and sleep together, although they have individual preferences regarding eating, drinking and sleeping habits. Test Rocket For Moving Satellites WASHINGTON, By Science i Service — A miniature rocket designed to maneuver satellites about in space has successfully operated lor 47 hours in a test reported to the U.S. Air Force, which supported the testing program. No bigger that a milk bottle, the power plant weighs only three and a half pounds, without fuel. It is an arc Jet engine. It gets its thrust from a gas (hydrogen or helium) that is heated by passing it through an electrostatic field. The heated gas expands and hurtles out the rocket's nozzle. The experimental rocket tested used helium as a working fluid and was operated in a near vacuum for 47 hours. The) total velocity increase that the rocket could have given a vehicle in space was about 4,000 feet per second. It could do this because a satellite balanced in orbit can be shifted by relatively small amounts of continuous power over a period of hours or even days. (The movement of a vehicle after it is lifted into space is very different from lifting it from ground into space. This requires great thrust for a few minutes.) A nuclear source or solar batteries could provide the arc engine ,with electricity. A tank of liquid hydrogen or helium would be required to supply fuel. Thus, though the engine itself is light, fuel for months of operation would weigh many hundreds of pounds. Tests were made by the new rocket's developer, Avco's Research and Advanced Develop, ment Division of Wilmington, Mass. During the tests, the engine produced nearly three-fourths of a pound of thrust at specific impulse of 1,000 seconds with a power input of 30 kilowatts. Specific impulse is the rocket engineer's equivalent of miles, per-gallon. Specific impulses of about 250 seconds are about the current average. Romance and Mothes BOSTON JP— Foresters are j hopeful that a couple of un-' romantic sclents will help rid, trees of the gypsy moth pest, i How are they' going about it?! By meddling with the love-life of j this persistent pest, which causes! millions of dollars damage to 1 crops and trees yearly, accord- j ing to the Forestry Digest. ' Dr. Martin Jacobson, e n t o- mology research division, and Dr B- H. Alexander, agricultural research division, U.S. Department of Agriculture, are' working on the problem of producing a synthetic substance closely resembling a secretion | by which female gypsy moths • lure the males. • U they succeed, the research' era say. the synthetic compound ; could he used to lure male moths ; during the mating season to ar' ea» where they can be attacked with insecticides. $ Telegraph want Ads "dick." "r I ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH fMVMM tm firm V •***• ran •••• U, S. GOV'T. INSPICTID, FARM FRISH CHICKEN PARTS SALE! LEGS and THIGHS CHICKEN BREASTS CHICKEN WINGS CHICKEN BACKS Lb. 45 55 At National w« consider no sals o! our 'Value W»/ Meats complete until the items purchased hwt rendered complete satisfaction. Refund W replacement, National's courtesy way, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchasS it) our Msat Department. PORK LOIN ROA , • - ' U. $. Cov't. Impeeted - Cu» horn Ttqp lb. 29e 2 Ibt. 29c Swift's Premium Skinless Wieners National'* So Fresfi Fillet of Whiting 12-Oz. Pk«. Lb 25e Mickelberry's Cello Wrapped, Smoked Link Polish Sausage ( u> 49e American Sunrise, Pure Sack, By Th« Piece Pork Sausage u>.45c American Sunrise A. C.—By Th« Piece Braunschweiger u».39c PORK CHOPS FREE 100 IACLE STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON And u $5.00 Purchase or More Of Meats, Groceries or Produce Redeemable At Any National'Food Store Offer Expires Saturday Nile, June 25th "This coupon is Issued for your use and exchange in National Food Stores Only and remains the property of National Tea Company. The only right you acquire in this coupon Is to exchange it for Eagle Stamps at the time you make a purchase at your National Food Store. You must not dispose of this coupon or use it In any other way without our consent in writing." Limit One Coupon to a Customer ORCHARD FRESH * FROZEH Carton FRESH, LUSCIOUS r PEACHES Southern Crow* Freih Picked Rushed Direct T« Your National Pood Star*! Lb. 15 Fresh GREEN PEPPERS Plump and Firm C i UGH 5 Snap GREEN PEAS Fresh and Tender 2-29 I Jl _ —J TtOFF DEAL! Drip, Fine 1 or Regular | Famous Dog Food <JRk DCQ «A ff STRONGHEART 3 ""25' DINING CAR COFFEE White, Yellow or Devil's Food CAKE MIXES Good Quality PIE CHERRIES Garden Fresh ^% «A« Cffl PEAS or SPINACH 8 s ! M Garden Fresh, Cream Style f^ *A« Cffl GOLDEN CORN 8 - s l M WITH COUPON BELOW CUSHING'S PICKLES 2 , 2 :° z BREAD fr BUTTER 29 KRAFT'S MIRACLE NATIONAL'S COOKIE BUYS WITH COUPON Coco-Crisps Chocolate-Fudge Nut Chocolate-Chip Dainties Oatmeal or Sugar 15-Oz. Pkg. HOME BRAND FROZEN CRISCO 3-lb. CM 67 With Coupon From This Newspaper AA^AAAAAAAAftAAA '' Kraft's Miracle Margarine A AAA A A AAAArt A A PON I • • • « • • • MB. CAN 59' WITH THIS COUPON And • $1.50 Purchase or More Redeemable At Any National Food Store Offer Expires Saturday Nite, June 25th Limit One Coupon To a Customer Dining Car Coffee 7c Off Deal! WITH THIS COUPON And $1.50 Purchase or More Redeemable At Any National Food Store Offer Expires Saturday Nite, June ?jth Limit One Coupon To a Customer RIDIfM THIS COUPON FOR SO FREE EAGLE STAMPS When You Purchase a H Ounce Can ot WOLCH'S CHEER NUTS Redeemable At Any IMnUondl Kuud Star* OUcr Expliet Saturday Nile. Junt 2Sth Limit One Coupon To • Customer Scotkin FAMILY NAPKINS Scott SANDWICH BAGS National s EASY LIFE SUDS Suntbinc HI-HO CRACKERS 10c OH Deal! LIQUID CIIFF1I 2 REG. PKGS. REG. PKG. 22-OZ. CAN 1-U. BOX 22-OZ. SUE 29" 10' 49' 35' 59- Soft and Absorbent SCOT TOWELS Looks and Feels Like Fine SCOTK1NS DINNER NAPKINS Looks and Feels Like Fine Linen REG. C"l f~~\f 2 a 41' s*29 ( Mc;« Mothers Choose It SCOT TISSUE Luifi's CHEESE PIZZA Newer, Nicer Kind of Tiuue SOFT WEVE Strong Wh«n Wet SCOTTIES W«x. P»p«r CDTRITE 2 a 27" 400 IN PKG. 100-FT. ROU 27' 25' 2 a 29" 49 C BARBECUE SAUCE «" 39 C Old Original ^ 12-OZ. O f\t> BROOKS CATSUP 2 •«• 39 e Serve Sloppy |oe's — Open Pit REG. ROILS REG. PKG. 18-02. Chunk Tuna BM* Noodle, Chicken Noodif WYLER SOUPS STAR-KIST Aluminum KAISER FOIL just Heat And Serve HY POWER TAMALES Marshmallow Creme HIP-0-LITE Underwood's DEVILED HIM 2 REG. CANS 25-FT. ROLL 300 CAN RIG. MR CAN 33' 25 C 27' 23' ATIONAL GIVES EAGLE STAMPS, YOUR EXTRA CASH SAVIN

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