Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 24, 1973 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1973
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

AP Seirs Anahfis And Our Compliments to the Chef ESTHERVILLE DAILY SEWS, TO, JAN. 24, 1973 Page 4 What Next for Asia? RfflK'- ; "IV- * -JW" -Cry '-**-f^?^ • i K- T. :n".: >: «*«•-- ^r»t ~>; 7..--rw't-- ->'-'u~- «ir-" rv^e*^.*.. -««:><:•. " i ~ r . •*•*».- ' tor -1-.,. • - ^.p*^; rwrsfnE~ "^fii- iter trc- llrei?- •as•: rre -S/Wjr. r>;-.: ~ »s -eSaxatinr. ; ^r-..: 7' —n ^z ~ TT:: r ^0£StS77 :n*atior £ : --i-i-: Tnatr tr:.-«g* ie*$ resrseaon or. TSSRS** 833072^ " 33*- DiCC aiK pSrh&pE •pt't;- — tJ;r »:« T£: ~sz.:n~ itsali. HIE:" «ri" : Oplru l/U/HU r-r'xii'.i.. as hi 2 i »r«iigr. poiirj pruur- s;- «rasr_sgitr. she.* Veiatir ii lte Maiiri £ ic: of pycKmilt •v -iLa: ii.'- t ceixesator. Tua: siuiatiw- ii if>sr; yr.-yrt «.««;. for £t»ertssn& a&cauM; UK 1.1 w«rnj:- '-T]ii£ jwu greater exn- fnain ai. u« lirfft or. Mittdte East oil. iovja'. jtsto^rsiii^ at liit nionwrn atveari ixrti: Lo want anc to Isar '--ontiiiuferi lurnioi- tr tbt area, ar<c puu or. an 060jooiius: Hiitw. It Wrtiieti tgypt tiit wrifcrfc' witisi: tiatt m«gnt iwnjr. Caiio to iiw lo sjomesti'.- pr^Awret nao lorgetaoouiaptrt^- sUiie i»Wt»fcmem, out at ti«fe barrit time vxuii Ui encourage Syris in calcuiaWrti lrrw»ttu«i£ «f ]mwt\. Egypt's Pr*sident Anwar Safiat, browi- World Marches on Paper KEW YOIJK (AP; — Paper .. . paptr . . paper: OIK lean wt- may be strangled by paper. Napoieori Boraiparw; &aid an army marches or: itfc sioiriacfL But the ia«JerD U.S. busiafcis world marches on paper. The Airieri'^an e'-onomy produceB an estkoated one million pagte of new documents every minute, of which some 250 billion pages a year must be stored, temporarily at least. Business firms alone — leaving out the work of government paper shufflers — now store and maintain more than a tril- <««Li<m pieces 1/ *ape^in 200 ^nillicfi file.. ' 'drawers. Each j«*r thfcy are adding 175 billion new'pteees of paper to tW« enor-' JAIL AILY NEWS An independent newspaper published "Monday through Friday," except principal holidays, excluding February 22 and Veterans Day. Second class postage paid at Kstherville, Iowa. Published by the Estherville Daily News, Division of Mid-America Publishing Corp., 30 N. 7th St., Estlierville, Iowa .01334. Subscription rates; City of KsthervDle, Armstrong, Hlngste'd, Terril and Oraettiriger, delivered by carrier, 00 cents per week; $7.80 for 3 months, %\'j.S>U for C months, $29.70 year, iiy mail in Emmet and bordering counties: %\COO year, Zones. 1-8, $19.50 year. Pred E. Williams, Publisher; Charles Ostheimer, Managing Editor; Richard Myers, Advertising Director; Gladys Streiff, Business Manager; DonaldStoffe), Productiofi Manager. Memb'.-r of Assoi.-iated Press, Iowa Daily Press Association, Iowa Press AbbOCiatiOfi. Pirt*toi submitted to this newspaper will not be returned by mail. However, they may be picked up at the Daily IJews Office. rn'MS trove. Storage costs alone now run into billions of dollars annually. Tt* problem of handling all this material has given rise to a new profession — records management— says Dr. Maxwell Pollack, president of Van Dyke Research Corp., of Whippany, N.J., a firm active in communications technology. Dr. Pollack predicts that in the future this paper blizzard will intensify rather than lessen and have far-reaching effects on the economy. "More paperwork is inevitable in a fast-paced and increasingly computerized world," he said. "The profusion of electronic machines in offices will not cut em­ ploye levels but' add to them, thus creating a need for new legions of Girl Fridays. "The clerical work force is growing five times faster than the general population, and now receives about $80 billion a year in salaries. "The 10 million clerical employes now on the job is almost double the 1940 total." Dr. Pollack noted that despite the current recession there is still a shortage of stenographers and trained secretaries. Other studies have shown that business managements often are more reluctant to cut their office clerical staffs than their factory employes. The job future is also brighter today for office workers. The government has predicted there will be a need for at least 200,000 new secretaries a year for some time to come. The paper storm is heightened by the increasing output of educational institutions. It is estimated that more than a majority of all the scientists ever born on earth are still alive. They are producing fresh paper mountains of documents, graphs, research reports and learned journals. One of the biggest problems of science is how to digest its own output. It won't be long, some experts figure, before America will be using 500 pounds of paper a year for each man, woman, and child in the population. So what can we do about all this? I don't know about you, but I know what I'm going to do. Fm going to clean out a couple of file drawers — and Fm also going to plant a few trees in my back yard. I don't want my descendants to run out of paper. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters to the editor are welcome. They should be brief, legible, written on one side of the paper and include signature, address and telephone number. Daily News reserves right to edit contents. Your Legislator Speaks By State Representative Rollin Edelen Fourth District 00 Tt* Republican led Legislature got off to a slew san, due perhaps to less ex- aerieneed Legislators, and many hours of floor debate orer rules changes. The Dteinocrais charged the Republicans with "gag" rales. We Republicans claim rule changes were necessary to assure an orderly sessjoc The second week of the 65th General Assembly is now history- ^"ith Andrew Varley as Speaker of the House, and Edgar Holder, as Majority Floor Leader we are prepared to buckle down to a productive session. Is a joint session of the House and Senate Governor Ray outlined his three Legislative goals including; assistance for the elderly, a continued attack on property tax problems and support for well balanced education. Other things the Governor will ask we Legislators to do are: create a Department of Transportation, permit creation of Health Maintenance Organizations, legalize Bingo and other mild forms of games of chance, legalize a limited form of No-fault Auto Insurance, start putting the States' schools in county-like Administrative Units, and to limit the property tax exemptions on income producing property owned by tax exempt organizations. Governor Ray will present in detail his 1973-75 budget recommendations in a joint session of the House and Senate January 25th at 6:30 p.m. This will be carried live over most of Iowa's T.V. and radio stations. Attended the inaugural ceremonies January 11. I was pleased to see so many of my constituents, the Lee Holts and Stan Schoelermans from Spencer, the Dean Hummels from Spirit Lake, and the Robert Rices and Robert Hammonds from Estherville were but a few from my District. I am quite pleased with my standing Committee assignments on Transportation, County Government, and Ranking Member on Judiciary and Law Enforcement Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help to you. A Senate Report By Senator Irvin Bergman Second District (R) To improve efficiency, the number of standing committees in the Senate and House was reduced from 19 to 14. I am serving on the Appropriations, Agriculture and Human and Industrial Relations Committees. I am ranking member on the Agriculture Committee, also ranking member on the Appropriations sub-committee on Natural Resources. This Appropriations sub-committee holds the hearings and sets the appropriation for the Conservation Commission, Geological Survey and Mines and Minerals, Natural Resources Council, Soil Conservation Department, Department of Agriculture and its various divisions, Dairy Industries Commission, Iowa Development Commission, State Fair Board, American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Mississippi Parkway Commission, Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation, Department of Environmental Quality Control including Chemical Review. Hearings have been started and the budget requests from the Iowa State Fair, Herbert Hoover Foundation, Dairy Industries Commission and Bicentennial Commission have been presented. Appropriations will be made after the Governor presents the budget message Jan. 23. The Senate Agriculture Committee held a hearing, Jan. 17, in regard to the present box car shortage for the movement of grain. Many interested persons from northwest Iowa were present and heard the views of the railroads, truckers, Commerce Commission, A.S.C.S., Grain Dealers Association and many elevator operators. The purpose of the meeting was to try to determine if there is anything the Iowa General Assembly can do to alle­ viate the problem. It is a national problem and involves transportation, lack of box cars, available box cars being used to haul wheat to be exported, inadequate handling of grain at seaports, lack of ships, and the large and late harvest of the grain crop. Further study is being made on the problem. I have WATS telephone service available and if anyone wishes to visit with me please write and suggest when you wish me to call. This affords a good opportunity for exchange of ideas and proves to be very helpful. This gives you a chance to lobby your legislator. For an emergency, call the Senate number 515281-3371 and call for me. Visitors who have called at the State House or visited at our home at 4815 Grand since the session began Jan, 8 are: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Garrold Bootsma, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van De Hoef and Mr. and Mrs. Dick McClain of Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Arnold and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hollander of Lake Park, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lorch of Ocheyedan, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dirksen of Sibley. These people attended the Inaugural of Governor Ray and Lt Governor Neu. Many other people from District 2 were present but I did not have the opportunity to visit with all. Wednesday evening, January 17, the Iowa Farm Bureau entertained the State Officers and Legislators and their wives. A group of about 30 students and two instructors from Area 3 Vocational School visited the State House Thursday and lunched with legislators and later attended the Agriculture Committee meeting. This was the Farm Co-op group from Estherville. SOT. STRIPES ... FOREVER by Bill Hewrill* >jage, ITS HS *jMie>'. m 'twee jSepawfe vje owe rrtu> T& THE MAW •smoxto AT HUH p... HI IWI ht MIA, Ut. THE BORN LOSER THAT A^Altf I THREATENED TO GUIT UNLESS HOO RMSE ME SU ^MnTALLV, WD ^ OFFER ) MEAM5WFA COLLAR k^/ by Art Sansont CAKWIVAl by Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox WINTHROP by Dick Cavrill THE BADGE GUYS by Bowtn & Schwerz "MVrfUt «••• for my trading stomp bookt!" "I got It for 2B bookt of ttompt!" "She wit a yory •xptnjlyo dog. Wo'ro filing hor 'Angola Patrlola Bornadotto out of Credit Card'!

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