Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 1, 1957 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1957
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• Fair(Continued trona Page 1) TlmM Harald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, Aug. 1, 1957 paska, Guthrie Center (2); Don Esslinger, Bayard. Red ribbon Utters — Steve An- oear, Dedham; Jerry Lucht, Coon Rapids. Red ribbon boar — Ronald Eich, Rt. 3, Carroll. Red ribbon gilts — Steve Annear, Dedham (2); Ronald Eich, Rt. 3, Carroll; Allan Fonken, Manning; Jerry Lucht (2). White ribbon Utter — Ronald Eich, Rt. 3, Carroll. Purebred Durocs Blue ribbon litter — Allen Ro wedder, Manilla. Blue ribbon boars — James Genter, Glidden; Larry Rowedder, Manilla. Blue ribbon gilt — Lynn Piatt, Glidden. Red ribbon litter — James Genter, Glidden. Red ribbon gilt — James Genter (2), Glidden; Allen Rowedder (2), Manilla; Lynn Piatt, Glidden. Purebred Yorkshires Blue ribbon Utter — Billy Sprague, Glidden. Blue ribbon gilt—Billy Sprauge, Glidden. Red ribbon boar—Billy Sprague, Glidden. Red ribbon gilt—Billy Sprague, Glidden. Purebred Poland Chinas Blue ribbon Utter—Roman Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll. Blue ribbon boar—Romaji Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll. Blue ribbon gilts—Roman Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll (2). Purebred Spotted Poland Chinas Blue ribbon boar—Roger Lucht, Coon Rapids. B^lue ribbon gilts—Roger Lucht, Coon Rapids (2). Rapids; Laverne Meiners, Coon I Rapids; Ronald Meiners, Coon Rapids; Richard Tigges, Dedham; Clarence Tunning, Coon Rapids; Robert Tunning, Coon Rapids. Red ribbon — Don Esslinger, Bayard; Jerry Lucht, Coon Rapids; Robert Meiners, Coon Rapids; Lyle Tunink, Glidden; Gary Kopaska, Guthrie Center. Individual Market Lambs Blue ribbon — Patrick Kasperbauer, Manning. , * Red ribbons — Jerry Kasperbauer, Manning; Patrick Kasperbauer, Manning: Mahlan: Lamp, Manning. White ribbons — Jerry Kasperbauer, Manning; Ronald Pietig, Rt. 3, Carroll. Pen of Three Market Lambs Blue ribbon — James Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll. Red ribbons — Ronald Pietig, Rt. 3, Carroll; Patrick Kasperbauer, Manning. White ribbon — Jerry Kasper bauer, Manning. Household Arts. winners at the Four-County Fair as announced by department superintendents Mrs. George Stenstrom and Mrs. Leonard Hayes were: Senior Department Baking—White Bread: Mrs. Gerald Kloeke; Rye Bread, Mrs. George Stenstrom; White Rolls. Mrs. George Stenstrom, Mrs. Paul Hulferd; Whole Wheat Rolls, Mr*. Leonard Hayes. Robin Hood Baking Contest White Bread, Mrs. Orvllle South, Mrs. Coon Rapids. Individual Market Hogs Blue ribbons — Don Esslinger, Bayard; Robert Meiners, Coon Rapids; Ronald Meiners, Coon Rapids; Billy Overmohle, Rt. 3, Carroll; Robert Overmohle, Rt. 3, Carroll; Allen - Rowedder, Manilla; Larry Rowedder, Manilla; Richard Tigges; Dedham; Clarence Tunning, Coon Rapids; Robert Tunning, Coon Rapids; Gary IjCopaska, Guthrie Center. Red ribbons — Joseph Anthofer, Dedham; Darrell Eich, Rt. 3, Carroll; Lyle Fleshner, Glidden; Maurice Lenz, Rt. 2, Carroll; Ray Lenz, Rt. 2, Carroll; Jay Musfeldt, Manning; Lyle Tunink, Glidden; Douglas Honold,. Coon Rapids; Gerald Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll. Market Pen of Three Blue ribbons — Joseph Anthofer, Dedham; Marvin Bellinghausen, Arcadia; Ronald Bellinghausen, Arcadia; Don Esslinger, Bayard; Ray Lenz, Rt. 2, Carroll; Jerry Lucht, Coon Rapids; Harold Meiners, Coon Rapids; LaVerne Meiners, Coon Rapids; Ronald Meiners, Coon Rapids; Billy Over­ mohle", Rt. 3, Carroll; Robert Overmohle, Rt. 3, Carroll; Allen Rowedder, Manilla; Richard Tigges, Dedham; Clarence Tunning, t „ _ Coon Rapids; Robert Tunning, | Franks sh'trhroun; White ' Rolls Coon Rapids; Gary Kopaska, j rif'swrSmun " m ' Fran- Cnkes fPlain Angel Food):_ Mrs Guthrie Center. Red ribbons 3 Carroll; Maurice Lenz, Rt. 2, Carroll; Robert Meiners. Coon Rapids; Jay Musfeldt, Manning; Gerald Starman, Rt. 3, Carroll; Lyle Tunink, Glidden; Douglas Honold, Coon Rapids. Market Litters Blue ribbons — Ray Lenz, Rt. 2, Red ribbon Utter—Roger Lucht, Carroll; Harold Meiners, Coon Deaths and Funerals CORRECTION [was Inadvertently omitted from In the obituary of Herman Ven- the l|st of survivors. Mr. Venteich- teicher of Wjlley, the name of his er, 74, died July 24. Funeral serv Darrpll Virh Rf ' Forr< Js t Potter: (Sponge Not Frost- uarreii ticn. Kt. ie<1)i Mrs Gerald KlocSe. Cookies i Sugar Cookies): Mrs. Julius Anderson, Mrs. L. J. Thorp; (Chocolate Cookies), Mrs. Leo Schneider, Mrs. Herb Koenlg, Halbur: (Fruit Cookies). Mrs. Delbert Ford, Mrs* Leo Schneider; (Bar Cookies), Mrs. Clyde Logan. Doughnuts: (Cake), Mrs. Leonard Hayes; (raised), Elaine Jensen. Canned Products— Apples: Mrs. Clarence Bowman, Mrs. Pearl Enfield; Cherries, Mrs, Lorenze Ahrendsen, Manning, Mrs. Julius Anderson: Bing Cherries, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, Mrs. Gerald Bull; Peaches, Judy Toyne, Mrs. Glenn Rowedder, Manning; Pears, Mrs. Glen Toyne, Mrs. Glenn Rowedder: Red Raspberries. Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Black Raspberries, Mrs. George Stenstrom, Mrs. Gerald Bull; Gooseberries, Mrs. Lorenz Ah- hrendsen; Rhubarb, Judy Toyne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen: Apricots, Hague; 2nd, LouUa Prettyman. , 1 (Junior Winners) — 1st, Patricia Patrick; 2nd, James Carpenter. Fabric* (Mrs. Irvin Dankle, Department Superintendent, Assistant Mra. Fredrick Honold) Colored Embroidered-pillow cases: Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st; Mra. W. H. Brown, Carroll; Lunch Cloth—-Mrs. Elsie Bowman, Mrs. Ed Stenstrom, 2nd; Dresser scarf —• Mrs. George Grim, lat; Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, Manning, 2nd; Tea towels — Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 1st, Hamlin; Mrs. Delbert Ford, 2nd: White embroidery pillow cases—Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st; Lunch cloth—Mrs- Herb Koenlg. Handkerchief edge: Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Pillow cases (cut work) —Mrs. Harold Smith, Lake City; 1st; Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, Hamlin, 2nd; Lunch cloth—Mrs. Leonard Bowman, 1st; Dresser scarf: Mrs. Leonard Bowman, 1st. French knots: White Lunch cloth —Irene Jacobsen. Cross Stitch pillow cages: Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st: Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 2nd; Lunch cloths—Irene Jacobsen, 1st; Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd; Dresser scarf — Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st: Vanltv set—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 2nd; Tea towels—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 2nd. AppUqued Towels — Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 2nd; Lunch cloth—Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st: Dresser scarf—Mrs. Glen Rowedder, Manning, 1st. Miscellaneous—Sheets and pillow cases: Mrs. Clyde Logan, 1st. i Noveltv: Felt Christmas skirt— Mrs. Delbert Ford. 1st: Mrs. Robert Walters, 2nd: Needle Point—Mrs. Ed Stenstrom, 1st; Samplers—Mrs. Ed Stenstrom, 1st; Mrs. Harold Smith, Lake City, 2nd. Crocheting: Chair Protector set— Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Louisa Prettyman, 2nd: Pillow cases—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Herb Koe­ nlg, 2nd; Dolly—Louisa Prettvman, 1st: Mrs. Clyde Logan, 2nd; Lunch cloth—Mrs. Gerald Bull, 1st; Mrs. Ella Waldron, 2nd; Table cloths- Louisa Prettyman, 1st; Mrs. Ella Waldron, 2nd: Vanity set — Mrs. Clyde Logan, 1st: Mrs. Gerald Bull, 2nd; Potholders—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st: Mrs. Gerald Bull, 2nd: Table Hot pads—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st: Mrs. Willard Simpson. 2nd; Handkerchief edge—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Herb Koenlg, 2nd: Novelty Crocheting—Mrs. Gerald Bull, 1st; Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd: Bedspread —Mrs. Willard Simpson. Adaza, 1st; Centerpleres—Mrs. Willard Simpson. lat; Mra. Leo Schneider, 2nd; Hats—; Mra. Leonard Knudsen, 1st; Mrs. Gerald Bull, 2nd; Purse—Mrs. Herb Koenlg, 1st; Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 2nd. Knitting: Hood—Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st; Mittens—Mrs. W. H. Brown, lat. Swedish weaving: Dresser scarf- Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st: Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, 2nd; Towels—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, 2nd; Apron—Mrs. W .H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Earl Hartwlgsen, 2nd. Infants Wear: Knitted Hood—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Booties—Elaine Jensen, 1st; Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd; Quilts — Elaine Jensen, 1st; Mrs. Delbert. Ford, 2nd. Textile painting: Pillow cases— Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Place Mats —Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd: Tea Towels—Irene Jacobsen. 1st: Mrs. W. H. Brown, 2nd; Hand Towels—Mrs. Leo Schneider, 1st; Mrs. Floyd Kret- slnger, 2nd. Braided rugs: Mrs. Geo. Stenstrom, 1st; Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd: Crocheted rugs—Louisa Prettvman, 1st: Mrs. Gerald Bull, 2nd: Crocheted yarn rug — Mrs. Leonard Knudsen, 2nd; Cotton woven rug— Mrs. Herb Koenlg, 1st; Hooked rug —Patricia Patrick. 1st; Mrs. Leo Schneider, 2nd: Novelty rug—Mrs. Gerald Bull. 2nd. Ladles Under 60: Cotton Hand Pieced (quilted): Mrs. Bert Pevestorf, 1st: Mrs. Harold Smith, 2nd: Cotton Appllqued (quilled) — Mrs. Hacold Smith, 1st: Mrs. L. C. Bowman, 2nd: Piece quilt (over 60 vears)—Mrs. Ello Waldron. 1st. Sewing (New Material): Dress— Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st; Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, 2nd; Aprons—Mrs. W. H. Brown, 1st: Louisa Prettvman, 2nd; Fancy—Mrs. Ed Baker, 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brantz and family of Council Bluffs, formerly of Carroll, visited friends here Wednesday. The Brantzes. who are vacationing, have just returned from a in-day camping trip in Estes Park, Colo. The Doily Record ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL Admissions- Earl (Eddy) Hanneman, Carroll. Dismissals- Mrs. John G. Geier, Breda. Ronald E. Golay Coon Rapids. Henry J. Walthus, Carroll. Mrs. Willard M. Johnston, Bayard. Mrs. Frank Rupiper. Carroll. William P. Orr, Carroll. Mrs. Joseph T. Twit and baby, Diane, Carroll. Pearly Morrow, Wall Lake. Births- Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Crouse, Carroll, a son, Thursday. Corn, No. 2 yellow Oats — _ 1.25 .58 Chicago Groin These Market* are Furnished by the Humphrey Grain Company Prev. High Low Close Close WHEAT Sept. 216'4 215 M> 215 % 215 H 215% Dec. 221H 220 % 220fc 220*, 220V« 220% March 222H 221 Mi 221 V4 221 14 May CORN sept. Dec. March 221% 221% 216 % 215 % 215% 215% 215^4 129% 129 1291* 13874 12914 139 126 12514 125 % 125 125% 125% 129«4 129!4 129% 128% May OATS Sept. Dec. 132% 132 66% 65% 69% 6S% 1 2 2 % 132% 129 131H Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mueggen- borg of •Okarrhe, Okla., twin daughter and son, Patricia and Patrick Wednesday at St Anthony! M „ ch • 70% Hospital, Oklahoma City, Okla. | May 7i% 7o\ Mrs, Mueggcnborg, the former i |°* BEA ^L 343 Viola Vanderheiden, is the daugh-:'' ' 237% 235% 235J4 234% 65% 68% 70% 70*4 65% 65% 68 U 68% 70% 70% ter of John Vanderheiden Sr. of i Nov Carroll. | j a n. U.S. MEAT / Two-thirds of the meat supply of the United States is produced west of the Mississippi River, while two-thirds of it is eaten east of the Mississippi. McCRARV-ROST HOSPITAL (Timeii Herald Newi Service) LAKE CITY - Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Henak, Lohrvtlle, a son, July 24. , Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McKinney, Lytton, a daughter, July 26. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dahlquist, j Auburn, a son, July 29. 244 241 x 244% 242 236 " 2341 -4 241% 238% 239 % 238 LARD Sept. 13.37 13.15 239% 13.30 238% 13.25 day's top of $23.35 34 cents «boy§ Wednesday's high. , ' Slaughter steers and he!f4Ufit 5 were" fully steady; Choice st«*fi-. : sold from $25 00 to $27.00, the priha**' ticai top, , * ' " '-<!?;: • (USDA) -.Salable hogs 8,000; fairly active 25 to 50 higher on. butchers; closed slow; only "steady on a few lots under 230 lb; sows, under 375 lb uneven, steady ^io strong; heavier weights weak; to 25 lower; No. 2-3 200-290 lb butchers 22.50-23.00; 63 head lot mostly , No. 1 215 lb 23.35; larger .lot* mixed grades 330-400 lb sows 19.25-. 21.00. ^ Salable cattle 1,500; calves 300; all slaughter classes moderately active; steers and heifers fully steady; cows strong to 25 higher; bulls fully steady, vealers steady; stockers and feeders slow steady; choice steers 25.00-27.00 ; 2 loads 1,500 lb Nebraskas at 27.00, choice with a prime, end; most good steers 22.00-24.50, good and choice heifers 20.00-24.75; utility and commercial cows 1300-16.00; utility and commercial bulls 15.50-17.50; good and choice vealers 21.0025.00; good yearling stock steers 22.00. Carroll Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $2.18 Chicago Livestock CHICAGO W — Butcher hogs Thursday reached the highest level in three years for the second successive day. Prices generally were 25 to 50 cents higher on butchers while heavier weights sows sold weak to 25 cents down. Sixty-three head of No. 1 grade 215 pound butchers brought the Picnic season is here, when elderly men get hot dogs from trying to play ball. • (Advertisement) STOP THAT ITCHl IN JUST 15 MINUTES, If net pleased, your 40e back at any drug store. Try Instant-drying ITCH. ME-NOT for Itch of eeieme, ringworm, I meet bites, foot itch or othar surfaea Itch. Easy to use day or night. Now at H. C. Rawhouser Drug. sister, Mrs. Mike Balk of Willey, Margaret Tiefenthaler Breda The body may be viewed after 6:30 p. m. Thursday Sharp Funeral Heme. Rosary: 8:00 p. m. Thursday. 8:00 p. m. Friday. Lad by Rev. J. P. Hausmann. Funeral Mass: Saturday 9:30 a. m. St. Bernard's Church, Breda. Officiating: Rev. J. P. Hausmamt. Interment: St. Bernard'* Cemetery, Breda, Iowa. Anyone desiring transportation Call 3523. SHARP FUNERAL HOME Serving Carroll 17 Years ices were held at 9 a.m. Saturday in St. Mary's Church at Willey. Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, Judy Toyne; jple, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, Mrs. Glen Toyne; Fruit Cocktail, MRS. HENRY BERNDT (Time* Herald New* Service) MANNING—Mrs. Henry Berndt, 72, of Irwin died Wednesday afternoon at the Manning General Hospital, where she had been a patient since becoming ill suddenly six weeks ago. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Friday in St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Irwin. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery, Irwin. The body will be taken from the Ohde Funeral Home here to the church at Irwin at 10 a.m. Friday. Mrs. Berndt's survivors include her husband; a son, Ray Berndt, Manilla; and daughter, Mrs. Ray (Maxine) Conrad, near Irwin. She was born Carolyn Thomsen, daughter of Jacob T. and Anna Nielsen Thomsen, Sept. 8, 1884, in Crawford County, la. MONUMENTS 75 Monuments and Markers to Chooss from — Buy Where You Can SEE What You'ra Buying. McPherson- Campbell Co. Across from Cemettry Phono 3263 — Carroll, Iowa Open Sundays 9 Till S Judy Toyne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrend sen. Preserves— Strawberry. Mrs. Delbert Ford, Mrs. Leonard Haves; Raspberries, Mrs. Paul Huffejd, Mrs. Leo Schneider; Grape, Mrs. Leonard Hayes (2nd); Black Raspberry, Mrs. Gerald Bull, Mrs. George Grim Jr.; Currant. Mrs. Leo Schneider; Cherries, Mrs. Leonard Hayes (2nd). Pickles— Beets; Mrs. Glenn Toyne, Judy Toyne; Cucumber DIUs, Mrs. George Stenstrom, Mrs. • Julius Anderson; Cucumber Sweet, Mrs. Julius Anderson, Mrs. George Stenstrom; Mixed, Mrs. Leonard Hayes: Apple, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen: Peach, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Watermelon, Mrs. Leonard Hayes. MeatChicken: Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen, Mrs. Delbert Ford: Pork, Judy i Toyne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen: Beer, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Sausage, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen. VegetablesTomatoes: Judy Toyne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen Corn, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Green String Beans, Judv Toyne, Mrs. Glenn Toyne; Yellow String Beans, Mrs. Pearl Enfield, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen: Carrots. Judy Tovne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Greens, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen; Peas, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen and Mrs. Julius Anderson (both 1st); Beets, Mrs. Glenn Toyne, Mrs. Lorenz Ahrendsen. Cottage Cheese— Mrs. Estus Cretslnger, Mrs. Ed Stenstrom. Homemade Soap— Mrs. George Stenstrom, Mrs. Julius Anderson. Junior Department Cake— Angel Food: Lynn Thorp; White Loaf Cake, Lynn Thorp. Cookies— Sugar Cookies: Mary Thorp. Canned Products— Tomatoes: Jane Toyne; Green String Beans. Jane Toyne; Red Cherries. Jane Toyne: Sweet Cucumber Pickles, Jane Toyne; Beet Picklea, Jane Toyne. Hobbies— (Senior winners) — 1st, Shirley SENSATIONAL FREE OFFER TWO Coupons Instead of One With ALL PURCHASES of the NEW ZIP Hi-Power Gasoline These coupons can be redeemed for valuable merchandise, including nationally advertised dinnerware and many other useful items. BE THRIFTY - SAVE AS YOU BUY! Get Your Next Tankful of Gasoline •t Your Friendly ZIP GASOLINE STATION Lorraine Luloff, Mgr. „ Julian Holtorf, Attendant 5th & Carroll - Carroll, Iowa Our Price Without Coupons— Regular 28.9c, Ethyl 31.9c 0^ m m ^ ML • FRESH DRESSED FRYING— 2V 4 LB. AVERAGE SUGAR CHICKENS Each Lb. Bag GROUND BEEF Jar Rings 3 Boxes 25c Sure Jell 27c PIK-NIK SHOESTRING * 39c Potatoes 2 c »"« 39c WIENERS SKINLESS 2V2 -Lb. Bag SMOKED HAM Center Sliced Lb. DEODORANT BEAUTY BAR Zest Soap Bar* 29c PORK STEAK LEAN Lb. TIDI » Luncheon MEAT Lb. The Wash Day Miracle FROZEN ORANGE JUICE Sunthina Stat* BEEF STEW BONELESS Lb. Wheatiesl FLOUR ROBIN HOOD SALMON HUMPTY-DUMPTY 50-1 b. Bag WILDERNESS CHERRY f\ 22 -OX. M PIE FILLING 2 c . n , SUNSHINE A 4% _ HI-HO CRACKERS Mb. BOX 33C FIRESIDE WHITE MARSHMALLOWS ,4 M Pk g . 19c SHREDDED COCONUT F U II Lb Bog 39c GERBER'S STRAINED M M ^ _ BABY FOODS O on, 49C BISCUIT MIX 4o -o.Pkg .29c BEEFARONI 15 /40.. con x5C VEL PINK LIQUID 0% 0% DETERGENT 12. 0 *. Squeeze Bot. WC GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ADAMS 4 44 -01. Cant FROZEN 6-ox. Can LEMONADE . COASTAL 10c Watermelons Peaches Jc" 9 2 Red Potatoes 10 PRICES EFFECTIVE THURS. • PRI. • SAT. - AUG. 144

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