Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 31, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1957
Page 8
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Kohler, Ike Friend, Wins GOP Nomination to Finish McCarthy Term Ex*Governor Edges Davis In Light Vote By ARTHUR BYSTROM MILWAUKEE tfl — Wisconsin Republicans nominated a firm friend of President Eisenhower's "Modern Republicanism" Tuesday for the Senate seat previously held by Ike-baiting Joseph R. McCarthy, who died May 2. Walter J. Kohler Jr., 53-year- old three-time governor of the state, edged out former Rep. Glenn R. Davis in a finish decided by the last vote counting in metropolitan Milwaukee precincts. Alone in Field Kohler was alone in the seven- man GOP field in his Ml support of the President. Davis is a 41- year-old veteran of five terms in the House, where he supported some of Eisenhowers domestic program but—like most "regular" Wisconsin Republicans — opposed the administration on foreign aid and foreign policy in general. None of the fireworks attendant j on the career of Sen. McCarthy carried over into the campaign. Only State Sen. Gerald Lorge, who ran a poor sixth, called upon McCarthy's old supporters for help. Wins Demo Race Kohler will be opposed in the general election Aug. 27 by William Proxmire, whom he beat twice previously in gubernatorial elections. Proxmire won the Democratic nomination by defeating Rep. Clement Zablocki of Milwaukee. The August election is for the remainder of McCarthy's term, which expires in January 1959. The Republican vote in 3,352 of the state's 3,361 precincts: Kohler . L _. 109,127 Davis 100,271 Alvin O'Konski 66.747 Warren P. Knowlea 23,999 Henry P. Hughes 7,536 Lorge 7,340 John C. Schafer 2,233 The Democratic vote, , In the aame number of precincts: Proxmire 86,836 Zablocki 56,329 The total vote was slightly under 500,000—less than 25 per cent of the estimated 2,200,000 voters. The Republican candidates polled about 69 per cento fthe total, the Democrats 31 per cent. This was a somewhat higher percentage for the Republicans than in the 1956 senatorial primary when GOP candidates had about 65 per cent. Heads Company Kohler, president of the Vollrath Co., an enamelware firm at Sheboygan, is a member of the family that founded the Kohler Co. The Kohler Co. is involved in the longest strike in the United States—it started April 5, 1954— but the former governor has no connection with the company now. He was elected governor in 1950 in his first try for public office and was re-elected in 1952 and 1954, beating Proxmire in his last two campaigns. Alumni Groups Appeal For a Special Session INSTALL POST OFFICERS (Time* Herald Newt Service) MANNING — The installation team of Emil Ewoldt Post No. 22, American Legion, installed officers of the Coon Rapids post Monday evening, July 29. DBS MOINES (#i - Alumni groups of Iowa's three slate educational institutions, seeking funds to meet the expansion needs of the schools, looked to Gov. Herschel Loveless Wednesday with the hope that he will call the Legislature back into special session this year. Spokesmen for the three alumni associations presented to the governor late Tuesday a resolution saying that the institutions face an "extreme emergency" in respect to building needs. Added Expense "Every month's delay means added expense to the taxpayers as building costs continue to rise," the resolution said. The visit with the governor followed a meeting of alumni offi cials of the State University of Iowa, Iowa State College and Iowa State Teachers College. It was learned the governor told the alumni representatives that he hoped the question of a special session this fall would be resolved at a meeting he plans with Republican and Democratic legisla tors. Those who met with the gover nor in a 15-minute session were Robert Buckmaster, Waterloo, president of the SUI Alumni Assn.; Douglas Graves, Chicago, presi dent of the Iowa State College Assn. and Mrs. R. F. Nielsen, Cedar Falls, representing the 1STC Alumni Assn. Mrs. Nielsen said the governor told them he would ask the legislative leaders "to forget politics and try to resolve the problem" of building needs at the schools. Loveless himself declined comment except to say "the material in the resolution is very factual." Tells Condition Earlier in the day Loveless told newsmen he would call a special session if (1) Republicans will suggest a program for building appropriations and <2) if they will agree to keep the sales tax at two per cent. This fell on some dubious Republican ears. Sen. X. T. Prentis, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee said he "won't make any such promise on the sales tax." Rep. Robert Carson (R-Independence) and Rep. Vern Lisle <R-Clarinda), both said they did not think the Legislature could be bound by advance/ commitments but Lisle said he felt certain the lawmakers would re-enact appropriations for the schools. The financial problem arose when Loveless vetoed nearly 11 million dollars of 1957 appropriations for buildings at the three schools at the same time he vetoed a bill to continue the sales tax at 2Vt per cent, thus putting it back to two per cent. Resolution The resolution the alumni officials gave Loveless said: "The alternative to an adequate building program is to deny the opportunities of higher education to students who are now in our public schools." It went on: "Time for catching up with the building program is rapidly running out. ... For the past several years, enrollments have been greater than the predicted levels. By 1961, expected enrollments will be 14 per cent greater than last year. By 1970, expected enrollments will increase 60 per cent. "This problem is more urgent because it takes three years after money is appropriated before a building can be used by students." The resolution said the institutions already are far behind with their building programs and urged that all interests join in providing sound plans for both immediate and long range needs. Buckmaster said the group told the governor the alumni give no consideration to political implications and are not concerned with how the money for buildings is provided "so long, as it is done promptly." State Interested In Opening Liquor Store at Bettendorf DES MOINES tm - The Iowa Liquor Control Commission was | suites Executives Speok Weird New 'Lingo' By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (fl-Just as lovers develop their own language, so do businessmen. So (for that matter? do circus performers, soda jerks, college professors, psychiatrists, and men' who rise early in the morning to open up banks with a gun. Some individuals even—such as Sam Goldwyri—develop a private lingo that becomes a public joy. But right now greatest interest centers in two new weird and wonderful languages—one spoken by the teen-ager, the other by the man in the gray flannel suit. This second language — now known as "businessman's bebop" —originated in the ivory tower world of advertising has spread through out all industry with the speed of chickenpox in a kindergarten. Edward M. Meyers, a merchandising and sales promotion expert, has collected a number of these "gray flannelisms" overheard in conferences in many executive 8 Times Harald, Carroll, Iowa I Wednesday, July 31, 1957 \ reported Wednesday to be interested in the possibility of opening a state liquor store at Bettendorf, a neighbor of Davenport. C. J. Burris of Maquoketa, Democratic member of the commission, said an outlet at Bettendorf would aid in liquor control. He said residents of that town find it more convenient to obtain liquor at Moline, III than Davenport. The commission was reported to be considering closing more small stores which are not far from other state stores One mentioned is the store at Walnut in Pottawat- Here are a few, selected at random, for the young go-getter who wants. to pep up his conference vocabulary: "What this idea needs is more of an idea." "Let's stick antlers on it and see if it scratches." "As long as the boss doesn't have to do it nothing is impossible." "Let's put it on a scale and see if it's gained any weight." "Let's get down to where the rubber meets the road." "It needs a transfusion and the tamie County, which is six miles t executive ' isn . t our blood from Avoca which also has a IN BASIC TRAINING . . . Army Pvt. Carl A. Pahnke, 23. son of Max P. Pahnke, Glldden, is receiving eight weeks of basic combat training with the 1st Armored Division al Fort Polk, La. Pahnke is a 1952 graduate of Glldden Consolidated High School: (U. S. Army Photo) Find 2 Livestock Men Guilty of 'Check-Kiting DES MOINES l/fr-Defense attorneys \ pondered their next step Wednesday in the case of two Iowa livestock dealers convicted of mail fraud in an alleged multimillion-dollar check-kiting scheme. 'Dew Line' Is Completed GOP Rallies For Battle on A-Power Bill WASHINGTON (^Republicans rallied Wednesday for a battle on the House floor against a Democratic maneuver to compel the administration to start developing atomic-fueled electric power plants. A bill to authorize a 58-million dollar beginning on such development came out of the Senate- House Atomic Energy Committee Tuesday by a largely partisan vote. Chairman Durham (D-NC) said he hopes to get the bill before the House next week. Fellow Republicans said Rep. Cole (R-NY) was passing the word that "we're going to have a fight on the floor." Cole is the senior GOP House member on the com- WASHINGTON Iffl-North Amer ica's air warning system was ex tended to a 3,000-mile radar chain ! miUee across the Arctic fringe of the! Rep. Van Zandt IR-Pa) told a continent Tuesday. The Air Force! reporter the Republicans probably The defendants, Eldon Viers, 44, Marshalltown and Merle Mersman, 42, Colo, faced maximum penalties of a $1,000 fine and five years in prison on each of 12 counts. Free on Bond They remained free on $5,000 bond each pending pre-sentencing investigation by probation officers. Meanwhile; their' attorneys had 10 days in which to ask Federal Judge Henry N. Graven for a new trial and if this is denied and sentence is passed they will have 30 days in which to appeal. The jury of nine men and three women received the case at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and returned its verdict about 5Vi hours later. The government charged . that during a 25-month period ending last January the two men exchanged checks totaling $13,524,000 without having funds sufficient to cover them. They were accused of pursuing this method of obtaining funds to finance their livestock buying operations. Viers, who operated through the State Bank of Gladbrook, denied there was any intent to defraud in the exchange of checks. Mersman, who banked with the Central State Bank of State Center, did not testify. store. The commission has ordered closing of stores at New Albin near Lansing and at Mystic, six miles from Centerville. 38 Vehicles Bought by State DES MOINES W-One of the most extensive purchases of state cars and trucks at one time was approved Tuesday by the Iowa Executive Council. The transactions cover 31 cars, six trucks, and one station wagon. Twenty of the cars will go to the state highway patrolmen, at a cost of $1,558 each. Eleven other cars and the station wagon will be assigned to various departments. The cars will cost from $1,529 to $1,570 each, and the station wagon $1,714. The six trucks will be for the Conservation Commission. The prices range from $1,249 to $2,927. The state pays no federal or state taxes on such purchases. REV. BREWERS ON TRIP (Tlniea Herald New. Service) GLIDDEN — Rev. and Mrs. E.W.M. Brewer last week made a 1,500-mile trip through the Missouri Ozarks and visited for two days with their daughter, Eunice, and her husband in Sparta, III., and with relatives in St. Louis, Mo. type." "Let's not just stand around with our backs against the hot pipes." "Let's follow it down the road and see what it eats." "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to pitch a tent and dig for worms." "Let's drive it into the parking lot and see if we dent any fenders." "Let's give it a name and see if someone will adopt it." "Let's wash it and' see if it shrinks." "He's not interested in winners —he just wants to know if it can make the stable." "Let's take it up the stairs and see if it wheezes." "Let's not X-ray it. We might see it too clearly." "Let's anchor it in deep water and see if it develops any leaks." "Let's frame it and see if it collects dust." * "I've got the motor running, but I think the mixture is a little weak." "Let's not bake any beans. I've got to catch the 5:27." will center their attacks on pro visions which would; 1. Authorize the spending of 40 millions for a gas-cooled power reactor patterned after one the British are developing. It probably would be located in Idaho, and turn out some 40,000 kilowatts of electric power for commercial use. 2. Authorize the government to put $129,915,000 into various kinds of nuclear reactors for five electric cooperative or municipal power systems at Elk River, Minn.; Big Rapids, Mich.; Chugach, Alaska; Piqua, Ohio; and*a spot in Nebraska still to be chosen. The authority was wrapped up 23-year-old Muscatine C o u n t y | J^Lt 'tinrf «T™ STffr rJ m ^ j MU , no H T„„CH<,„ „i „M Commission spend $259,230,000 for pronounced the Dew Line ready for operation. The electronically-connected system of detection and warning devices, costing more than 600 million dollars, will go into full scale operation Wednesday. It rounds out a vast array of devices installed to give America maximum warning of the approach of hostile aircraft by the short route across the Arctic between the centers of the Communist and free worlds. Farmer, 23, Drowns in Tank SWEETLAND CENTER iff) - A Parr, Texas Boss, Getsl 0 Years, Fine HOUSTON, Tex. WWJeorge B. Parr, 55, was sentenced 4 to 10 years in prison and fined $20,000 Tuesday on a federal conviction of using the mails to defraud a school district in Duval County, where he long has been a political power. Federal Judge Joe Ingraham sentenced the south Texas political figure to five years on each of 20 counts in the indictment, but divided them into two groups of 10 counts and directed that they should run concurrently. Parr was fined $1,000 on each count. The government accused Parr and eight associates of defrauding the Benavides Independent School District of more than $220,000 in tax funds, mainly by issuing and cashing checks made out to fictitious persons. Parr, who also is under a five- year state sentence for theft from the district, was convicted of income tax evasion in 1934 and served nine months on a two-year suspended sentence given him after his probation was revoked in 1936. President Truman pardoned him in 1946. Parr was declared bankrupt last January, listing among his liabilities more than $600,000 in taxes claimed by federal, state and U.S. Offices in Lebanon Blasted Loan Defense , Defense attorneys maintained j counl y governments that the exchange of checks between the defendants was a plan of making personal loans to each other but the government claimed they used bank funds in the process. The Gladbrook bank reported an initial loss of $209,000 and said it recovered $100,000 of this from a bonding company and $10,000 from assets signed over by Viers. The State Center bank had no loss. No date has been set for trial of a second case in which Viers is a co-defendant with Howard Stout, 51, Oskaloosa, also a livestock dealer. The government charges they were involved in another 23 million dollar check-kiting scheme. DREES HEATING CO. AUGUST SALE On Air-Conditioners Dial Springtime Anytime With • . . . Dial 2863 And Save on Air-Conditioning 3-Ton Delco Central Unit A large unit that cools, dehumidifies and filters the air in your home. Can be installed in your present furnace, with 5-year warranty. The price on this unit has been drastically cut for this August Sale. Buy now for only $898.00 2-Ton Delco Central Unit This unit will cool, dehumidify and filter the air of an average size home. Can be installed in your present furnace with 5-year warranty. Buy now and save plenty. $749.00 A Home Cooled With Delco Is Comfortable and Agreeable tor the Entire Family Buy Now and Save During This Money Saving Sale! Heating Plumbing Air-Conditioning -stngs "I see feathers on it—but it's not flying yet." "Let's get down on all fours and look at it with humility." "Let's hang on to the tail. You can never tell where it will wag us." "Let's forget it before we file it." Let'sl farmer drowned Tuesday night when he fell into a large water tank in the milk shed on his farm a mile and a half north of here. The victim; Dean Henke, apparently struck his head as he was lowering heavy milk cans into the tank. His wife, Joan, became concerned when he failed to return from the barn and found him in the tank. He leaves the wife and two children. | construction for its military program and the development of peaceful uses of atomic energy in the present fiscal year. MICHIGAN'S FIRSTS Michigan ranks first in boat­ building and in the production of automobiles, auto trailers, gray "Let's put it in a cage and seel'/ 0 "' cu ?\ ng \ 0 0 1 S ' A ****** if it-stngs" - iionds, refrigerators and woodworking machinery. GLASS-LIKE The glass snake is not a snake, but a legless lizard. It gets its name from the fact that it looks like a snake and its tail breaks off as easily as glass, as well as the fact that it looks as if it were made of glass. Wood pulp is the basic raw ma terial for making paper. Jupiter, largest of the planets, is bright enough to cast a shadow of objects on earth, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Boy, 3, Climbs to Second Story Roof; Rescued by Firemen DES MOINES Wl - Three-year- old Michael Sloan climbed to the roof atop his two-story home here Tuesday and was pretty perturbed when firemen carried him down a ladder. BEIRUT, Lebanon (* — Explosives were thrown at three U.S. Information Sen ice centers in Beirut Tuesday night. The explosions caused slight material damage but no casualties. Other explosives were thrown at the same time at the Jordan Embassy here, causing slight damage. One of the targets was the Voice of America office A U.S. Embassy spokesman said windows and doors at the US1S offices were shattered. No staff or personnel were at the offices at the time. A heavy guard was placed at the Embassy Building and U SIS offices after the incident. Estherville Man Dies in Kansas Crash NEWTON. Kan. (*l — Merlin O. Potter, 26, of Estherville, Iowa, was killed Tuesday when two The boy was in tears but he 1 trucks collided five miles west of told his mother that was only be- j Newton on U.S. 50. cause he was afraid he would get! It took two hours to remove the a spanking for causing a rumpus; body from the cab of a grain in the neighborhood. He is the son • truck. The vehicle collided with of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sloan. I the rear of a grocery truck driven Mrs. Sloan said she didn't know \ by H. A. Blackburn of Kansas how Michael reached his lofty I City. Blackburn was not injured, perch but his brother, Billy, 5, 1 told her Michael climbed a ladder Dromedary is a camel, either to get on the first floor porch top j one or two-humped, of a breed and then pulled himself up the ' and training fitting its riding pur- sloping roof. ' poses. , Deadly Elm Disease in Iowa AMES MB — Iowans who take pride in their elm trees had the jbad news from state scientists | Wednesday that a deadly enemy jhas invaded Iowa from the east ! and is expected to spread slowly [ to other sections ; Experts at Iowa State College • reported that specimens from trees at Fort Madison have been i identified as Dutch elm fungus and ; that twigs from two other trees in that city are being tested. Recently scientists suspected | that the deadly disease had crossed the Mississippi River from Moline, 111. where it was found last week. They said their fears were justified when the recent tests of the Fort Madison trees produced definite proof. Dr. Halbert M. Harris, state entomologist, predicted that the disease would spread westward slowly. "Heavy losses to Iowa elms may be expected," Harris said but he added that all trees will not be lost because they vary in their resistance to the disease. There is no known way to save a tree that has been inficted, he said. P Dubuque Man Adds Second Story to Boat DUBUQUE UP) — A" Dubuque houseboat owuer has solved the peculiar housing problems of that living unit by building the. only double-decker in this river town. Dan Fetgatter, father' of five, said necessity forced him to build an additional story on his houseboat, but that he had always wanted a two-tiered vessel anyhow. It : has a "basement" in addition to i the two floors and is a fully I equipped home for his family. The boat, known as the "Fetgatter Mansion," rests on pontoons made by slicing a 55,000 gallon railroad tank car in half. The front end is supported by a kjng- size"dredge pontoon. Wards case lot paint sale! ********************************* * 515 N. Main J Phone 3513. J | * Open Friday Nights J reg. 6.19 gal. WARDWHITE 5.44 GAL IN CASE LOTS OF 4 GALS. Wards finest 1-coat house paintl 35% titanium for better hiding, sparkling white* nets, lasting protection. Self-cleaning. SINGLE GALLON, reg. 6.19, now... 5.66 reg. 5.35 gaL HOUSE PAINT 4.66 GAL. IN CASE LOTS OF 4 GALS. Makes your house a "show piece"! Extra tough finish—-certified to withstand any weather. Self-cleaning—Super stays fresh. SINGLE GAL,REG. 5.35. White,colors 4.8t Wards reg. 2.79 BARN PAINT 2 An GAL. IN CASE . pTT • LOTS OF 4 GALS. Weather resistant, non-toxic barn point. Preserves wood better, stays red longer. SINGLE GAL. 2.38 5 -GAL CAN.. .12.20 UNSEED OIL, reg. 2.25..... 1.99

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