Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 31, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1957
Page 6
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Junior Editors Qui* on- STONE GIANTS MAKE f RIENDS Timtt Hsrild, Carroll, lew* Wednesday, July tf, 1957 LITTLC L.IX QUESTION: Whort art thts* Strang* statues Ideated? ANSWER: They're te ba found on Easter Island, a dot of land tying 2,200 mtlot wost^of Chile, and belonging to that South Amor- lean nation. The 45-square mile Island was discovered on Eastor day, 1772, by Mi* Dutch Admiral Roggereen. On It wat a small tribe of Polynesian native*—end many strange stone images that the natives knew nothing about. There were more than 600 of these statues, hewn from volcanic stone, 12 to 33 feet high and faeing the sea. Weighing from three to 30 tens, they had boon moved to great stone platforms by the sea from quarries as much as 10 miles away. There is picture writing •n some of these platforms but it has not been deciphered, so they give no clue to the unknown people who carved them centuries ago —or why they did it. FOR YOU TO DO: Color the picture, cut it out and paste on card- beard. Fold lower panel forward, cut the heavy lines at the top and bottom of the small panel and fold back at the dotted line. Then the picture will stand up. ' (Send your question to Junior Editors in cere of this paper and you may win $10. Tomorrow: How did silhouettes get their nemo?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turntr People usually go to a lake for peace and quiet. Too often they are forced to listen to loud port- It's dangerous for a man to chase women, because so many of them won't run. able radios or the shouts and squeals of boisterous groups. There's too little quiet left to destroy this way. "Feasibly you'll have to take them even If they are tee large, medam—rhey won't come off I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith "H# only stayed retired for three weeks—his wife found tee many {obs for htm at home!" TIZZY By Kate Osonn OUT OUR WAV BY J. R. WILLIAMS "Mother's calling me for dinner now, but don't hang up—I'll be baek In a few minutes!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltxer r TT Mr "Tfie sitter I had last night had the nerve te tell me to go to bed!" Wtother Forecast ACROSS 1 Gold and — 4 Intermittent I Fair snd 12 Fish eggs »Italian river 14 Operatic solo 15 Eddie Cantor's spouse Id Most jewel­ like It South European 30 Donkeys 21 What weather often is 23 Formerly 24 Twosomes 24 Unpleasant child 27 That girl 50 Feminine appellation 32 Creditor's prey 34 Sometimes mud-spattered 35 Loafers 36 Musical notes 37 Roman despot 3* British princess 40 Clearing in -J— afternoon 41 Fuss 42 What heat causes 45 Artist's tool 49 Straying 51 Assent 52 Century/plant 53 Poker stake 54 Cooking . vessel 55 Hardy heroine 56 Mil) dam 57 Before DOWN 1 Often follows showers 2 Cipher 3 College annuals 4 Speedy 5 Region 6 More meaningless 7 Correlative of neither 8 Blouse 9 Greek war god 10 Ascend 11 Tangles 17 Endured 19 Herb 33 Weather forecast medium 24 Unable to hear 25 Arm bone 26 Assail 27 Dictation device 28 Antler 29 Gaelic 31 Legislative body 33 Knife part 38 Mourn ^ 40 Burdens 41 Horatio —— 42 Kill flies 43 Stripe 44Seth's son 46 Opposed 47 Eye moisture 48 Hireling 50 , cold winds •COTS AND HER BUDDIES Rod's Stuck BY EDGAR MARTIN MOORISH*.* tsMfc, BUT -TN«fc!HE «*m *» *Ps*H OUR BOARDINO HOUSE iHE^/MA3Oe/V0lAOlDrtT HAVE fa BUST OUT UK'S A-SMAPPei 50FA SPRING WHEMTHE SURPRISED YOU $MORlr4<S His FAVORITE PERCH/—«i TOLD HiNV. YOU WERE A PIG 6AM& HOTTER WITH A COAT" OF ~A RM"S —He WAMTS i» MEET .with . MAJOR HOOPLt HSftOES ACE MAPE-NOT BOgM XJft&'&Z » 56AD, MONTMORENCY/*OM-HAK/^IT WASNJ T FEAR THAT CAUSED MS TO to-*-ODDLY ErtOLkSH tWAS |MTHEfHI?0£S Of AMl0HT/UAeEi PuRSOlN© A CHEETAH AO20S5-THE VELDt,\MHEM THE MASTER OF THE CHATEAU STARTLED MB-^HAR-RUMPH// fbMEETAH, EH? yep, . ODDLY EfiOUSM* BUGS BUNNY HERE'S VER OUTFIT, ELMER! VEWY M WELL... DWATIT! ITOREAAY TWOUSERS ON YOUR OLD CHAIR! HOW CAN SET HOME LIKE, Just Gallop! V PRISCILLA'S POP Proof Positive BY AL VERMPER H PERHAPS H THE PIONEERS MADE CAMP IN TMIS VERV ALLEY OOP Oscar on the Job BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEJEKLE How's That? BY DICK CAVALL! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Haunted Man SHEfe NOT THE ONLY BLOSSOM IN IWE QARPCN/-' J?LL &ET OFF TO A OOOt> START . \NflH THi§ 0OLL/; BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE A Good Guess BY WILSON SCRUGGS TRAVELING LkSHT, )OH/1MEAMI LOST MY ARENT YCtl? sr SUITCASE. BUT THERE WAS W0THIN6 VALUABLE IN IT. BESIDES, MY AUNT IS VERY RICH/ S'fpSSIINTHOCXlCEUS. XMBSRTMORfCwOF "' . THE COURIER, ANOVOU'RE' ' HOLLY L|6, WINNER 0F ' OURPAPSrt ESSAY CONTEST 4| CAPTAIN EASY (stoning |QJH' I; MijtMm,iiiTit, m, H» »». 0*1 BY LESLIE TURNER TB0,.,THB5S*WMIN6 PAPBRf *W\rMS6NW PASSPORT; IN *C*W* NAMS.;. \ SE PAKSDI, HE WA6 IN AUSTRALIA DURINO I MAftlfrl HR» THfrTIMiB WK lAARKHAN^ \NAs» H , J SHREW). I WtTk W0THER IN M.MMAJXI J/WMIT OATS* ANP NAWi* TO CHECK! BUT THAT MAY \ WB MU5T APPEAR TAKBOAYSII \ O0MUIMeBPi TM« KMH MU&T SIT SACK J MON&V MO 60, WHILB TO woweR cHsckwa on ma, CHAUCEsVARft ITS RlflHTPUlLY XERS! «y ™. - ' • , • | l FT • ,• i, —rr ,,I.,..,.,, l; ,:TWsWEPi,iWil l iiii>iiiinmu HI.IJIV ittVAUhMi'

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