Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 33, 1900 ALTON BVBONO TELBQRAPM PAGE si;VMS TO MI 1 »\ r<ti Mn;i N ol I •^ ^ ^ ^ V ^F- -^ -y ••• -^ -^ -v -^ — Tfe«ff/kl no *Ubt about It, almost everything can bp made /ti hdnte, but t mutt emphasise almost, tn certain cases, pro- f,.««tonali/ mfttfc thing* are far superior to the home-made, no matter MM* nitMSh effort i* put into the do-it-yourself project. Q. No matter how haw I try, 1 earn give a professional look to my covered belts. Could you advise me on the correct procedure? , A. I wUl hive to be honest with you. Nothing can replace a professionally-made belt. 1 always have mine made, as do all the dressmakers I know. Of course, If you are pressed for time or there Is some other rpason why you must make a belt, then I can go along with it. But the extra money you spend on having a belt made Is well worth the investment. A good belt makes all the difference in the world in the appearance of a garment. However, If desperate, here Is one way: (First let me say that the Instructions and illustrations on belt backing packages are extremely good.) Cut fabric on lengthwise grain; use purchased belt backing and point one end; cut fabric *i inch wider and Vi inch longer than backing. Baste under •% inch on long sides of fabric; place on wrong side of hacking pointing end; baste and edge stitch on machine; sew buckle to other end. * * * * Q. How can one with round shoulders fix patterns? The back of the neck is never right and it is very annoying because the rest of the dress fits perfectly. A. I'm delighted to answer, for I have received many letters asking this same question. Cut your pattern across full part of the back. Raise the upper section for the extra length necessary. Insert tissue paper underneath the slash and extend the center bac'< and neckline. Keep the center back line straight with the Upper Alton News Events Expert WATCH Repairs/ HARRINGTON JEWELRY Ave., East Alton grain of the fabric. Lay a dart at the neckline to' take up the amount you added at the center back. (See illustration.! Miss Scott is happy to help Seams to Me Readers with sewing problems, and with questions on wardrobe and fashions. However, because so many are seeking her assistance, she asks readers to plefise limit their letters to one question. Send your question to Patricia Scott in care of the Alton Telegraph and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply. (© 1360. Field Enterprises, Inc.) Mind Your Manners It's "better late than never" when it comes to writing any kind of thank-you note. Prompt replies are best, however. A considerate bride will limit the number of showers for her to two or three. She can always suggest some kind of party where guests do not have to bring gifts. Thoughtful brides take care id make known, in addition to china and silver preferences, some less expensive class of gifts for budget-brcnd guests. CALHOUN HIKERS there is a black Dotttfffi«n dog ftyini Mt Mf iWfftA. Mrs. Hausnwn Mid thai the dog arrived tWa monrtnf, and has made himself right at home. She said that he to a very well behoved animal, with a deep collar mark on hta neok. He is black with splashes of tan on his lefts and face. WILLIAM DORPKB tin ftnftPfTALEKKD William Doepke. 500 Porter St., is In Missouri Pacific Hos pltnl in St. Louis for treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, his wife said today. Mrs. Doepke said that her husband xvill remain in the hospital for aft indefinite period. Summit Conference Not Dead By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Newfl Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Summit John Harlow, left, and Roger Plummer, right, are Shown here with Roma Van Clansen and Judy Sunderland after the two boys completed hiking the entire lencth of Calhoun County.—Callioun News Photo, conferences are over for President * . . ... — Eisenhower—whose term end* In child will bring his own sack lunch.! seven months — but that doesn't On Sunday morning the Rrv. Er- j mean the next president won't go rol Dean Bosley. youth director of!to them. SPECIAL Youths Hike Entire Length of Calhoun County John Harlow. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harlow, 2404 Alby St., and Roger Plummer, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Plummer, 3510 Ohio St.. last week hiked thr ontiro Irngth of Calhoun County. The youths did not travel roads, but went directly across country, starting Monday at the Dorr Plain Ferry and ending Friday at Pearl. The youths left the ferry at 11:30 a.m. Monday, and arrived in Brus- jsels at 4 p.m. They slept the first night one mile north of Brussels, and the second one mile north of Batchtown. On Thursday they were three miles northeast of Hamburg. Roma Van Clausen and Judy Sunderland met the two as they came out of the brush at Pearl. The youths said that they were amazed at the beauty of the Calhoun hills and the friendliness of the people they encountered on their trek. BOY INJURED WHEN HE COLLIDES WITH CAR Michael Allen Blaine, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Blaine. 1304 Clawson St., was admitted to Alton Memorial Hospital Wednesday for treatment of injuries suffered when he collided with a car in front of his home. i According roi ucan nusiuy. yuuui uurv.wi ••• < >« ».•».«•«• Cherry Street Baptist Church, willi Hell probably be pressured by conduct the morning services. ', Premier Nikita Khrushchev to get 4 SHIRTS FINISHED . BROADWAY DRIVE-IN LAUNDRY 2250 East Broadway OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30 1C ed at ceremonies in the main auditorium Of the church. The children will present a program and an exhibit of the work done in the school. Refreshments will be sorv- •d. At 10 a.m. Tuesday ihe Women's Missionary Society will hold a picnic meeting at Rock Spring Park. Hostesses will be Mrs. Earl Kirby and Mrs. William Turner, and Mrs. .Jessie Finch will lead the devotion. REPORTS POCKET RADIO MISSING Richey Schenke. 2212 Sanford, reported that his missing to police p o x- k e t Wednesday radio was to poljce, Michael Schenke said that he had been riding his bicycle at the East Junior High lot, and that he put the radio down. When he returned for it, it was gone. RAIN ROUTS MIRIAM CIRCLE Braving threatening weather, the Miriam Circle of College Avenue Presbyterian Church met Wednesday evening at the Westerner Club grounds for a potluck supper. Luck -was not with them, however, .for just as they finished eating, the storm struck. The LIGHTNING STRIKES METER Lightning sfonick ttn electrical meter at the rear of the home of Robert «Tudd, 517 N. Second St., Wood River, during Hie storm Wednesday night. The meter was torn from the house and flung Into the back clear they didn't .expect much front the summit. Khrushchev's mood changed, -and he responded to ,flnd out from him if he wa going to the summit in a hostile or cooperative-mood. 4. Very careful preparation I was coasting on a mechanic's "creeper" when he left the driveway of his home and slid out into the street, striking the rear of an auto driven' by Robert Francis Boschert, of Godfrey. Boschert told police that he had been unable to see the boy because , wind and rain blew through the Ween-of the shelter house uptil everyone was drenched. In order to get to their cars the women had to wade through water that was almost knee Ideep, a member said. The meeting was postponed. WOMEN VISIT QUINCY dicated that's what he One thing seems certain: no future president is likely to go to a summit meeting without much more detailed arrangement' than preceded the meeting which blew up in Eisenhower's face. Khrushchev, of course, has been a kind of diplomatic freak. Compared with the sour, dour, introspective, aloof, isolated and nongregarious Stalin, Khrushchev is a clubby extrovert, an original, diplomatic do-it-yourselfer. So long as Khrushchev lives ;md rules, that Is likely to be his attitude. His successor, of course, may revert to the Stalin attitude That's why it is too soon to say summit conferences are now a diplomatic way of life. But, assuming the next American president will go to the summit, almost surely this will be his| procedure: ' j 1. The foreign ministers will ,have to meet first and agree not I only on what the heavyweights will discuss but .what they are apt to reach some agreement on. For the summit, conference which Khrushchev wrecked last May, there was agreement only on a few broad topics the top men should talk about. Nothing was worked out in detail. « 2. Any summit meeting is like- in anger. The result: Shouting Irnck and forth. ; ^tain to be made—before a sum ... No president ever again isjmu meeting starts—that nomitt. likely to move one foot out of'jg done to throw a cloud over il the United States — and e\p<i'-,c! as happened when the U2 plan himself to the kind Of humiliation i was allowed to spy on Russia 1\v Khrushchev Inflicted on Eisenhow- i weeks before the summit, er—unless he's certain there will! . be no blow-ups or embarrassing moments before the meeting be- Khrushchev didn't expose hand—his determination to ridi-j culc Eisenhower and week HIPJ summit—until it was too late for| Eisenhower to call the whole I thing off. The President hadj reached Paris when Khrushcnw 1 began to act up. With the benefit of hindsight, it can be seen now the United States, after Khrushchev's anger over the U2 incident, might have sought Samuel Delano, a wealthy an oestor of Franklin D. Roosevelt ! owned a large shipyard in Dux his j bury. Mass.. in 1760. Gaily Embroidered Sleeveless Blouses •J-llonr Service At Our Plant 1-Da.v Delivery Sorvlne On dlANIRS 2501 State St. Dial HO 8-191 1 No-Iron shirt* ?n 65% d«cron polyastar and 35% eo*» ton. Gaily embroidered" solid* and printf in • large selection. Gat yours for hot summer days. Sixes 30-30. a truck parked in front of * he j VETERANS HOME Elaine house hid the driveway! from his sight. MAIN STREET BAPTIST PLANS WEEKS' ACTIVITIES The mid week prayer and Bible- study of the Main Street Baptist Church will be led this evening at 7:30 by Eugene Lews. On Friday, the vacation Bible school will close with a picnic, to be held on the church lot. Each Mrs. Thomas Flannagan, 461 E. 12.99 tp 14.99 JACQUELINE CORELLI 9O 10 Beg. 10.99 LARK HEELS 8' Haller Drive. Rosewood Heights, ! accompanied by Mrs. Frank Pan- iyik. 275' Westwood. Rosewood Heights, and Mrs. Leo Vatole. 3700 Coronado Dr., motored to the Soldiers' and Sailors home in Quincy to visit Mrs. Flannagan's husband, a World War I veteran. While there, the women took pictures of the grounds and had a picnic at the park. They also visited National Cemetery- ALLEN .CHAPEL BIBLE SCHOOL TO CLOSE FRIDAY Vacation Bible school at Allen Chapel, which has been in session since June 13, will close Friday. Each teaching department has used the theme, "The Church." seeking to help each pupil to grow in an understanding of the church. The closing exercises and work exhibits in each department will be held at 7 p.m. Friday. Certificates and awards will be given in recognition of attendance, participation, ami achievement. Knrolhnent was: kindergarten, 36 pupils; primary department, 49; junior department, 3i and junior high department, 18. for a total of 134 pupils enrolled. There were nine high school teaching assistants and 14 adulu on the staff. REPORTS STRAY DOG STAYING AT HOUSE Mrs. Chester Haiwman. 2905 Brown St., reported today that ly to be held quickly alter the foreign ministers agree it might be worthwhile to hold a summit meeting at all. In the case of the ruined summit, agreement was reached in December not to hold it until May. At the time of ma agreement relations between the United States and Russia were the best they had been since the war. But those five months' delay were fatal. They left too much time lor talking—the kind of talking that threw cold water on prospects for the summit before it ever began. For example: The Western foreign ministers met and made it A FREE GIFT OFFER TO THE PARTY HOSTESS With your purchase of Bridal or Stork Shower party supplies, you may choose your tabl* centerp.aceFREE 6FCHARGE. Make yeur reservation early. We will be happy to help you with your planning. We have a complete line of party and,wadding recap- tion table covers, plates, cups, napkins, aIMn matching designs. Invitations, Thank You Notes, TaUles, Favors, etc. Punch Bowl and Cups—rental. Personalizing--* day service. Jewelry. Gibson Greeting Cards, Silver and Gold Anniversary Accessories—Silver Trees, Gold Trees, etc. Brides' "Books, Guest Books, etc. Religious Items—Bibles, Missals, Rosaries, Plaques, etc. Lovely gifts for prizes, brides' gifts, men's gifts. 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Short cropped jacket above a slender skirt in a distinctive washable cotton print. Jewel-necked tunic over a matching slim skirt. Billowing skirt and tuck-in bloust pairs off in cotton print. Sixes 5 to 15.

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