Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 23, 1973 · Page 9
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 9

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1973
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Iowa Reactibn ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., JAN. 23, 1973 Page 9 Johnson Hailed as Strong National Leader DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Iowans reacted with expressions of grief and regret Monday to the sudden death of former President Lyndon Johnson. They hailed him as a strong national leader who made a significant contribution to the nation, especially in the humanitarian area of civil rights and the alleviation of poverty. U.S. Sen. Harold Hughes, D- Iowa, said the loss to the nation was all the more poignant with Johnson's death coming so soon after that of former President Harry Truman. "With the flag still at half mast in mourning for one great former President," said Hughes, "we are now stunned at the premature loss of another. "Whether one agreed or disagreed with President Johnson on any given issue, no one could doubt his greatness, his unique contribution to the country in such areas as civil rights and the alleviation of poverty. "His place in history as a strong national leader is as- surred. "Our deepest sympathies are with Mrs. Johnson and the daughters and their families at their time of grief." Gov. Robert Ray, a Republican, called Johnson a "man as spacious and questing as the landscape of his native Texas. His aspirations for America-and for the world~were boundless and passionate. "To the achievement of those aspirations he brought incredible energy, emotional committ­ ment and political skill." Of Johnson, Ray said, it could "be truely be said what Homer wrote so long ago: 'and what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.'" Ray said that the ex-president's failures "were the failures of noble daring, his errors came not from setting his sights too low, but from aspiring to goals whose time had not yet full come. "He was, at his best, a man larger than life—and as such—he will be remembered with ever­ growing affection by a people who also—at their best—aspire to goals so high that they can't be grasped at single leap." Ray noted that for a second time in less than a month, "the people of Iowa join their fellow Americans—and all mankind—in mourning the death of a former president of the United States." U.S. Sen. Dick Clark, D-Iowa, agreed that Johnson was a strong leader. "We will miss him greatly," Clark said. "Though we did not always agree with his policies, his determination to build a better life for the people of this country, particularly for those less fortunate, mark him as one of the most humanitarian pre si- Iceland Awakes to Dawn of Lava REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — An armada of fishing boats and planes evacuated 5,000 Icelanders early today from a small island off the southeast coast after a volcano on the island erupted for the first time in history. By dawn the lava had reached the outskirts of Ves- tmannayjar, the only town on the island of Heymaey. But by then only 300 of the 5,300 islanders remained to be taken off. Consumer Prices Up Last Month The sea around Heymaey was lit up like a busy street by the lights of the hundreds of fishing boats the government rushed to the island 75 miles southeast of Reykjavik. Ashore the lava had not reached the houses of Vestman- nayjar yet, but several were ablaze from the heat of the flow. The islanders drove their livestock and pets to the harbor and the airstrip in hopes qf getting them away. There were no casualties reported and no panic. One islander, Jon Stefansson, said he was getting up to go fishing at 2 a.m. when he heard' "terrible noises." "Then I heard a siren from the fire station and thought there must be a fire somewhere in town," he continued. "The volcano just didn't enter my mind. But when I looked out of the window, it was plain what had happened." Women, children and hospital patients were flown out despite a rain of hot ash falling on the airstrip. The other residents left by boat Officials for a time feared the harbor at Vestman- nayjar might be closed by the oozing lava, but this danger did not materialize. Vestmannayjar is only 150 yards from Helgafell, the volcano that had not erupted since the Vikings discovered Iceland in 864 A.D. But the first outpouring of lava flowed away from the town and into the Atlantic, and it was some time before the flow moved toward the houses. Ships of Iceland's large fishing fleet and its five coastal patrol boats were sent to the island. All buses in Reykjavik were commandeered and dispatched to Thorlakshofn, on the southern coast where the rescue armada was to land the evacuees. The eruption was preceded by a small earthquake Monday. Then during the night a fissure 2,000 to 3,000 yards long split open and began spewing out lava and ash. Volcanoes are comparatively common on Iceland, where most of the Kentucky-size main island is formed from lava. The present eruption is about 20 miles northeast of where the undersea eruption in 1963 created Surtsey, a new island made of lava where there had only been ocean before. Name Hill DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Lt. Ernest Hill of Davenport was named vice president Monday of the Iowa Association of Professional Fire Fighters. President Walter Petersen of Waterloo announced the appointment of Hill to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Capt. Jack Thoren of Des Moines. Petersen said C. Steve Johnson of Council Bluffs will take Hill's place on the association's board of trustees. WASHINGTON (AP) - Higher prices for eggs, fresh vegetables and household services pushed up the cost of living by 0.3 per cent last month, giving the nation a 3.4 per cent rate of inflation in 1972, the same as 1971. The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today the consumer price index went up to 127.3 per cent of the 1967 average, meaning that it cost consumers $12.73 to buy the same basket of goods that $10 bought in 1967. But the December increase was figured at only 0.2 per cent when the department subtracted the usual seasonal influences from the statistics. On a seasonally adjusted basis, food prices showed no change over November, But they went up by a sharp 0.5 per cent on an unadjusted basis. The BLS issued an indirect warning that the January index will show sharply higher food prices. Wholesale prices of food went up sharply in December, but not all of the impact was reflected in the December Consumer Price Index. The BLS said price information for two indices is collected at different times of the month, adding that there is generally a time lag between wholesale price increases and their reflection at the retail level. In addition, it said, not all wholesale price increases are passed on to the consumer. The report showed the Nixon administration went over its 1973 target of trying to cut the rate of inflation to three per cent or below at the end of the year. During Phase 1 and Phase 2 economic controls, which were abandoned by President Nixon early in January, consumer prices went up 3.2 per cent, the report said. The report said that prices of food purchased at grocery stores climbed by a sharp 0.6 per cent, but this is a usual increase for December, the BLS said. Non-food commodities rose by 0.1 per cent on an unadjusted basis and 0.2 per cent on a seasonally adjusted basis. The main reason for the rise was new car price increases put into effect in early December on an order approved by the Price Commission. The price of services went up by 0.4 per cent in December, the report said. In Phase 3, the Nixon administration has retained wage- price controls in the food, construction and health industries. Most of the rest of the economy was freed from direct mandatory controls. The administration •aid it will challenge any price increase out of line with voluntary standards. In another report, the department said average weekly earnings of workers went up by 2,7 per cent last year. The increase for December was 0.1 per cent Average gross weekly earn; logs rasa 7 per cent last year to •135.78. The average in 1971 was $126.91. Hid & SONS K Thursday, Friday, Saturday—January 25, 26, 27 ALL SALES GASH Ortd ALL SALES FINAL dents in our history." Democratic National Committeeman Robert Fulton of Waterloo recalled that Johnson was no stranger to Iowa, having visited the state several times both as a U.S. senator and as president. During the 1964 presidential campaign, Johnson made a tour of an Iowa farm near Indianola with Hughes, who was then governor, and other Democratic leaders, and that night in Des Moines addressed one of the biggest Democratic fund raising dinners ever held in Iowa. Later, he stopped off in Des Moines again to address a cheering crowd from a platform outside the west entrance to the State Capitol. He was in Iowa several times in 1960 when he was seeking Iowa Extends Sympathy DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)The Iowa Legislature passed a resolution Tuesday extending to the Lyndon Johnson family "deep and profound sympathy and sorrow" on the former President's death Monday. The resolution called Johnson "one of the most distinctive presidents who has served as president of the United States." It said Johnson was a "dy­ namic leader" and lauded him for his contributions, especially in civil rights. Sen. Gene Kennedy, D-Dubuque, said on the Senate floor "While no one with many goals reaches them all" in his lifetime, "Johhnson's goals deserve our efforts." Kennedy said "We must not forget what he has done for us." then-Gov. Herschel Loveless' support for the Democratic presidential nomination. Former President John Kennedy captured the nomination, then made Johnson his vice presidential candidate. "It is very sad," said Fulton, "that he had such a few years to enjoy his retirement. "The nation should remember that President Johnson more than any other man brought about equality in our nation with the Voting Rights Act." NOW THRU SATURDAY I FAST I I i PERMANENT Ooi Reg. 1.49- 1 Oz. Tube With Coupon PREPARATION H OINTMENT 4 00 With Coupon I •GOOD ONLY AT HOYE SUPER REXALL J • COUPON EXPIRES SATURDAY, JAN. 27 I | LIMIT ONE COUPON WITH PURCHASE I GOOD ONLY AT HOYE SUPER REXALL COUPON EXPIRES SATURDAY, JAN. 27 LIMIT ONE COUPON WITH PURCHASE 1.67 ^Reg. 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