Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 23, 1973 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1973
Page 8
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Iowa in Brief j Earth Power ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., JAN. 23, 1973 Page 8 Fatality HOEK1CK, tow* CAP) - B*BET Sureriupfir, IT, of rural 3nr- sicfc, was killed it £ tractor accident at the family ianr> northeast of her* MandEy. Dr. Thomas 1. Goriden, Woodbury County medical c>.- arainer, stai the fetal accident aee»rre«i white the youth was aperetinf s tractor ID clear sinr Irani the itrotrd, Swearing&r drove the tractor too high or. E hill, Dr. Cariden sxid, anc i; tapped over backwards, tending ac ic? of die youth. Airport Tax DES MOKES, lows CAP) — A bill tr. prohibit cities or canaries from imposing s head tax an airline passengers was ir- troduced in the towi Bouse Monday by Bep. Frank Crabb, B-Denisari. Same iowi cities, including Des Moines, levy e SI per person charge oc departing passengers. The bill would prohibit any ciry or coimry frani caBecang * "tax, fee, head charg* or other charge" on persons "traveling in ear commerce... or an the sale of sir transporEtian or as the gross receipss derived from the sate a? air transparatiasi/' Restrooms DES MOKES, Iowa CA?) A bill IO allow restrooms to be huih EI as Interstate SO rest area near Carroll was approved Monday by lie ion Basse TransparLEtico Cammine*.. The rest area is a scenic overlook oa lie the bluffs above lit Missocri Hiter Valley. Cost of building the restrooas was estimated at $193,000 with abaca &S percent paid by lie federal govermnenL k«wa Highways Director Jo sepfc Coupal told tie committee earlier that although there are no restrooEi facilities at the overlook, there is a problem because people "use die faoflitifx even though there are no facilities." Clark Appeal WASEK GTQS CAP) — Sens. Seroid Hagbfcs and Dick Ciark of kwt issued as appeal Moo- day to fanaer5, elevator operators and other lowans concerned with the grain ear sbart- ace to express their concern to a Senate eomnrnte. The wo Democrats urged Ir> wans to send telegrams to the Senate Committee os Agrical- tnre and Forestry outling their prooutirik, needs aid views relating to the sbanage- The enwitntrgie ••ill hold a hearing CB the graic car short- ace Thursday. Jews reportedly ias a bask- loe; request for 2ti,OO0 boxcars to snyve core aai soybeans froins iawa eievatan. Bank Robbery ISSS MOKES, Jo** CA?>- CCk-iali said taat the «*r be- liei-ei. is ie jie j*"jy»ay .car tws Hies; wio held ap ths Griats brasc* of she Banters Trust Co. here Mtegay, was stoies from the Wast Des Moines Yaite? Higb Sdw»! parking Ice The car was foaaa sc the *«rk«« Ice the Crass Heads USA traci stop at lit jmer- •ectisE <£ Doogiu Are. aaJ fc- twrstate S>46. A^ehorines said the pair es- a«*d wrfe a£ estssaaed tS.e&e aad art belse»-«i to be wfcae nles. Oat is believed to be areata witfc a *jti»!*^*rrel*d •teMJac mad the other wjts a haadgaa. The FBI saidi the mem art bt- liered IO be beaded secdb toward the MIssoBri border. Reimburse City MAQUOKCTA, fewa UP> - Hunsviiie Mayor Laorei Sora- •wrs bas ntimbarktA the dty $3,tt%8.92 tor tea warraaui issued by the city for wfcicfc no receipts or imoices were a rail- able. State Auditor Lloyd Smitfe net wfcfa SBUKTI , HartsvlUe Cftjr AOornry Carroll Jetesta of Clinton, the Jackson Coaaty Attorney and tk* Jackson County Board of Supervisors Monday to finalize the settlement. Smith had asked last Aagost, following a state audit of the eonmunJt/s books, that the mayor refund about $1,700 to tk* treasury for repair of a kridge over the Maouoketa Biv- •r. The bridge served only one •raperty, that owned by Mayor Ivaaawrs, and was an a closed street. Hits Train CEDAR PAPIDS, low* ;AP>-GeralD Polashek, -SB, C#- dar tiapids, was killed Monday nigto when the car he was driving collided with a northbound Illinois Central freight trais here. Authorities said there was no signal a; the crossing. Pcia- shek's car was dragged isfi lest, saia officials. Meet Energy Needs from Molten Rock Shooting SIOUX CITY, Iowa CAP) — Kathleen A. McGowen, IT, Hubbard, Neb., was dead oa arrival at a hDspial here Monday afternoon after being accidentally shot is the bead at the family residence. Dr. Thomas 1_ Coriden, Woodbury Canary loedical ei- aminer, said the cause of death was a brais laceration. According to Dr. Coraies, Kathteeg's If-vear-old brother, Dan, was loading the gun which had bees a Christmas present fraiE ids father, when it accidentally discharged. Timely Loan DES MOKES, towa (AP>AE official of the Farmers Grain Dealers Association of k>wa said Monday that If as additional credit of $22.5 million hadn't been. received, curtail- meat of grain-oaying activity unto correal stocks could get to market would have to be faced. Charles Hansen, executive vice president of PGDA, said that as of Friday night all of the organization's $32.5 million eristing credit had been spent. The money was borrowed so the FGDA could eontinae to bay grain from Iowa fanners. Several elevators have reached the extent of their credit and have ceased baying. -The FGDA is a co-operative of 310 co-operative elevators in Iowa with some 130,000 farm members. The member elevators sell their grain to FGDA, at their option, which in turn processes or exports the grain. 3y WILLIAM X. OATTS Associated Press Writer UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. CAP) — The heat of molten rock deep within the earth is being harnessed to help meet the energy needs of 18 cations. This source is called geother- rnal energy, from Greek words meaning earth-heat power. "I believe that we are witnessing the birth of a vast new source of energy," says Joseph 3arnea, L'.N. director of re- soarces and transport. He addressed a seminar here on the development and use of geothermal energy, attended by 250 people from a dozen countries. 3arnea told newsmen the participants agreed that this type of energy was making a breakthrough and was widespread, clean and cheap. Nobody really knows what kseps the rock molten. Scientists theorize that it is friction in the broken crust of the earth and the radioactive decay of materials underneath. In most places the molten rock, or magma, is 15 to 23 miles underground. In some places, where there are fissures in the earth, it pushes closer to the surface. The magma beats other rocks and these turn underground water into hot reservoirs, six miles or less from daylight. ff the hot water can find a way, it comes out in hot springs or geysers. If not, it can be tapped by a well drilled down to where it is. The wells bring up steam or hot water, or both. The steam can be fed straight through a turbine to run an electric generator. The hot water can be used to boil some volatile liquid, like isobutane, into vapor, and the vapor will spin the turbine that runs the generator. Tsvi Meidav of the U.N. Resources and Transport Division speculated that eventually hot underground rocks could be tapped for more than double the energy in all the world's es- SALE! THURSDAY ft FRIDAY ONLY 1 ONLY - BRAND $ NEW N0BART CABLE 00 1 ONLY - STORY ft $ CLARK SPINET * (DEMONSTRATOR) 1 ONLY - BRAND NEW $ Aft A MAESTRO PIANO HOU 650°° oo 1 OILT - HELM SEWIN6 MACHINES Trade-in Sewing Machines - . _ _ _ — _ Are Pouring In. All Trade-ins PRICE Thursday and Fn6ay '* SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL 1972 MODELS! STEREOS SPECIAL PIICES M 1172 STEiEt STICK SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL 1972 STOCK THURSOAT A FRIOAT! NORTH IOWA 711 tflTUL Pitt! M2-II2I timated coal, oil and gas deposits. Meidav listed IS countries where geothermal energy is now being used or developed — the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, FJ Salvador, Chile, IcelanuL France, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, the Soviet Union, China, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia., New Zealand and Kenya. Barnea said U.N. studies showed Ethiopia had enough geothermal energy potential to provide all Africa with electricity. Italy has been producing electricity from underground beat since 190-5 at the Larderello steam field, which helps light Rome. San Francisco gets electricity from the Geysers, a 12-year-old steam field 85 miles north of there run by the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Near Kiland in Southern California's Imperial Valley, the Saa Diego Gas and Electric Co. is building a hot-water electric plant, after investigatians by the Bureau of Reclamation, on a design developed by the Magma Power Co. of Los Angeles. Geothermal energy has other uses. In the Imperial Valley, the hot water used to generate power will afterward be flashed, into steam in low-pressure chambers and the steam will be condensed to fresh water. This fresh water will be dumped into the Colorado River to lower its salinity ata help the Urdted States keep a treaty piedge to Mexico to limit the salt content of the river. Generation of electricity doesn't amount to a great deal yet. The ir^talled geothermal electric generating capacity of the whole world is only about a million kilowatts. But it is building up. Under a 1970 act of Congress, the U.S. government is about to issue leases for development oa 5S million acres of federal land in 13 states. An Interior Department panel estimated last year that geothermal energy in the United States could, by the year 2000, be supplying 355 million kilowatts, more than all the U.S. electric generating capacity today. Barnea says it requires less capital investment than other power sources: S1O0 to &15C a kilowatt now, against estimate* of S2O0 to $300 for a coal ox oil- burning power station and SoC'D for a nuclear power station in 1ST 5. A geothermal electric plant takes only two years to build. Charles Baldwin, consultant to the California Senate, listed some problems: Geothermal wells cause land to subside. They throw off some pollution in noise, heat, bad smells and harsh chemicals. Geothermal electricity cannot be built up to peak loads to meet varying needs through the day. Debt Jumps S5 Million COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa CAPV-The City of Council Bluffs ended 1S72 with a long- term debt which is &5,292,000 more than a year ago. Figures released by City Finance Director Charles Campbell shew indebtedness now stands a: S2Ci, 155,000. However, he noted that $5,S59,000 of Shis year's total are actually urban renewal fund notes drawn oo a federal grant reservation made in 1969. The federal government, and not the city, put up the security. The urban renewal note total is about $800,000 less than last year. Without urban renewal notes, the city indebtedness is $14,486,000, compared to 12,362,000 at the start of 1972. The big jump came in a section called industrial revenue bonds, or bonds issued by the city- to finance a specific industrial project. The bonds are paid off by the company without any cost to the city. "GEE! At these prices even [m impressed! Don't miss outontnis RCA BARGAIN DAYS SPtCHVL" Come see TV viewing | luxury—RCA 100% Solid State color Reg. $779.00 688 00 vi/f TTMGttOK* . 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