The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on August 26, 1907 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1907
Page 3
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■■ 3 - »T ' r J. ’ tefWfMM te&êtoalkâtMI*,d MMdMriMnK PfPiii i VtiW ' TVv. ’ ■ o .4 m . fOOÀY. Ceespor£< «t Uniontown. it Llv|ruoo1 âtq£harl«»rol. Braddttck at ÇimpvHle. Washington at Steubenville. STANDfftti Of the TEAMS. P. a M. LEAGUE \ W. L. Pct. Steubenville .. í . 59 27 .G86 Zanesville S7 38 .600 East Liverpool . 53 40 .570 Uniontown • 4939 .557 Washington». 38 48 .442 Charier»! '/ ----- .. 36 54 <400 BraddoA ........ . 36 59 .379 McKeesport ., . 33 r.c .371 NATIONAL LEAGUE. A W. L. Pct. phicagff .......... 31 .725 Pittsburg ........ . 65 45 .591 New York ........ . 64 46 .580 - Philadelphia ., . 66 49 .550 Brooklyn ........ . 54 60 .474 Cincinnati .... . flh 66.421 Boston .............. . 41 69 .373 It. laiuls . 35 83 .297 I AMERICAN r m > 0 c m W. L. Pct. Philadelphia ... . 6745 .598 Chicago .......... 47 .598 p«*troit ............ 41 .596 bleveland ......... . 66 48 .579 líew York ........ 64 .468 loston ................ 64 .434 It Ixiuis ........ 63 .420 ^’ashlngton 88 75 .299 1 WUT RENN LEAGUE. W. L. PCL nlrmoBt .......... 229 .710 R ottdaie ........ 14 .000 Butler .... 15 .516 IreeiisburR .... . 13 14 .481 Ilarkshurg ........ . 14 20 412 Ion imi Invile ___ 23 .343 Cherubs* Infield since the last trip to Payette county. Both are fast fielders and their work was partly responsible for the score being held so low. ITnlontown scored three in the first. Walsh sbigled and Lauder sacrificed. Kellar walked and he and Walsh worked the double steal. Rudolph rammed one out for thtW sacks, scoring both men. Corcoran walked. McCloskey singled, scoring Rudolph. In the third another run was tallied up by the Champions. Rudolph singled and Corcoran hit for two sacks and scored him. The score: ITnlontown .. i i 1 0 o 0 *—3 Charleroi ----- 0 0 0 0 a 2 0—2 Summary: Two-base hits—Corcoran, 2; Harrell. Three base hit—-Walsh. Sacrifice hits—Davis, JVIeClOskey, Struck out—By Kruger, 7; by Humphries, 2. First base on halls—Off Kruger, 2; off Humphries, 2. Double play—‘Robb and Jackson. Left on bases—Charleroi, 8; tfniontown, 5. Wild pitch—Humphries,' Time—1:28. Umpire—Mullen. Both the Big League Vlow About This, Alex.? îftarty Hogan Is another P. O. M. umpiring Independent ball ln Minne »ota. Superiority of teams between FOOD FOR THJE FANS. UNIONTOWN— R. H. P.A.E. Walsh, rf .......... .. 1210 0 Lander, 3b ........ . 0 0 2 •* 0 Kellar. mf ........ .. 1 0 •» u 0 0 Davis, lb .......... 1 12 00 Rudolph, lf 0 3 3 0 °j Corcoran, ss .. 0 2 1 2 0 McCloskey, 2b .. .. 01 1 3 0 Bailey, c ............ . . 0t 4 0 0 Selvage, c .......... . . 0 00 0 0 ! Witherup, p .... .. 0 0 1 40 r — —. — .— Totals ............... .. 410 27120 CHARLEROI — R.H. P. A. E.| Willig, mf .......... 1 O 0 0 Smith, 2b .......... 11 1 0 Robb, lf .............. 0 1 0 0 Tarleton, lb .... 1 13 1 0 Dail«*v, e ............ 0 3 0 0 Phillips, rf ........ 1 ** 1ts Laughlln. 3h ... .. 0 0 0 3 0 Harrell, ss ........ 01 3 0 Cannon, p .......... .. 0 0 0 7 0 Totals ............ 4 24 1J Rain hutted in and came near breaking up the second game. It was necessary to delay the game for about five minutes. * # * If there Is a man in the P. O. M. 0 league hitting the ball any harder and league manager that does not like the ¡the towns of Wijlmar and Benson gait the Champs are traveling at the was to be determined by a double present time. When Saturday s game header at Benson July ,4. It was one vyas called off on account of rain Man-! of the hottest days I have known, ager Pearson suggested that the two' “Benson won the morning game, 2 games be played Monday. Hogan,! to 1 , by a fluke play in the ninth. Will like Stetler and Fleming, refused to mar was somewhat disheartened, but play the games. From this it would 1 for the afternoon game they wert seem that the Champs have struck a fast pace and the Ohio managers want no more to do with them than the schedule provides. However, the games will have to be played here 'later in the season.—Uniontown Herald. Back up, old man. You are in bad. Investigate a little and you will turn around. Hogan offered to play the two games Monday Pearson said he had game on Tuesday * * * Another record was made at Cycle j lag doing.” ¡he says pitching Thielman, a twirier on whom every Willmar fan would bet his last dollar. About the end of the ninth inning Thielman began to show the effects of the heat—and the score was still a tie—had been, in filet, since the second inning. In I he firs* half of the tenth Benson got a run by a base on balls, an error and a hit. Will and Tuesday. | mar fans looked pretty sick. Thielman an exhibition - was first up, arid 1 ¿mild see he was Hogan wanted to about to the ‘down and out’ mark, day. Pearson wavs "noth-' “With ‘two and three’ on him, how Ask Alex and see what ever, he got lucky and biffed a single. ¡The next man up, O'Toole, was a player with a head that lie could use used. Not one ball was sent over the •K- * * Zanesville Signal. # -X- * Kept Sweeney Out of Big League, j He met the first ball fair and square. Manager Buhrman, of the Newark and got what had every appearance pi team, of the Eastern league, was a being a ‘homer.’’ Thielman started visitor at the game yesterday and toon for the ¡date, got to second all right, w w -w a ^oo4i over the players. He came'to staggered a little on the way to third Phillips made a fine catch of a long Pittsburg and ran into Umpire Mai and fell fiat on the bag. ul off Kellar*» bat in the second Eason and the two came to the city .‘‘O’Toole came along, and, knowing „ mie. Phillips covered quite a lot of together. Hurnran is said to have a that two runs would w in the gam« territory getting to this drive. He re- bunch cf 6b or more players corraled and that he could not score ahead of ,...¡,<„1 „»„.i i.lor n*»xt season out of which he ex-’ Thielman, picked him up and carried pects to get together a winning team.: him to home plate and then touched celved the glad hand. * -X- * There Is no getting around the fact Buhrman at one time lived in great ball. He is a great field general and sets a fast pare for the young Port- it himself. I decided that the two runs land, Me., and knows Pat Conroy well, counted. A doctor came out on tne having seen him start his career In field, look« d at Thielman and pro­ base ball. He savs that (\ nrov was a terrific bitter in those days and non need him dead—overcome bv th< heat. That’s what I nipant when 1 broke up many games for ihe dppos- f said I knew of a player who died at fTERDAY’S RESULTS Uniontown .... 20 I (I 0 A 0 0 4 Charleroi .......... 0 0 0 0 ( 0 n il o —0 s Summary: Two-base hits—Kudolnh! and Willig. Three-base hit—Rudolph J Sacrifice hit—Lauder. Stolen bases-! Walsh, Kellar, Phillips. Struck out - * By Cannon. 2; by Wit hemp, 4 . Bases on »»alls—Off Cannon, 3; off Wlthortip, 4. Left on bases—Uniontown, 8 ; Char- Jock Menefee and his Tubers will he ■ lug teams. Buhrman Is the man also third base aqd then scored with us today at Cycle park. The who kept Chief# gweeaey cut of the anyway.” chances are that the Champs will g«t big league. Sweeney sign 'd to go a run another crack at “Scratch” McGuire, with him and then was given and here is hoping they find him a lit- chance by Manager Robinson, of the P. O. M. LEAGUE. I Za ne» ville— •ville ................................. lock ................................. 'Up and Montgomery; Ihriver. «ville *« g ^ rk •!,*;• .......... •• ...................7 o rn arttt Màfttgnme»?: Alberts and MT. tie offener than a few other teams of Baltimore team, tlrnn In the American * * -X- SCOfTDALE FRICKS SHUTOUT PITTSBURG FRICKS. R H. K 2 2 2 1 6 0 Sullivan lerol, len. 7. Time—1:32. Umpire—Mul- Tho battle the p. o. M. league that could be men tioned. * %r * I'SSt Thursday, when the secon«! game of the double-header with Brad dock tfas called in order to allow the Orphans to catch a train, three of the ~ foUr raen 8COrin* (he game credited ECOND GAME. McCloskey with having ended the second game was a pitchers* game by striking out. This was an between two youngsters. Bert j t.rror, MoCluskey was at the bat with three halls and two strikes when Mullen called the game. * * # league, to go with t%At club, but Ruhr-! 8 COTTDALE, Aug. 2 -'».—The local fTlfifl WOlllil BOt BilBCOIlt tarK(/v)i All »•*»..* % a * < . i i ». man would not consent which settled j Frick team shut out the fast city offio« the big catcher and though he kept team at Ellsworth park, Saturday In him r«'served for several vears, he¡ their annual game, by a score of 3 to Humphries opposing Ale* Kruger J Humphries was touched freely the .first three iuuinga. but after that he settled down and did some fine work. would not play with him and went to Harrison, for the city team, pitch the Tii State instead. East Liver- a good, steady game, the like of pool Review. j whjch should win most games anrains» * * * a pitcher of less ability than one Leo. Harvest Days For Minors. Skeuip, who, as per usual, allowed These are (he days when minor l**a-^only four hits and struck out 13 of gue baseball owners are all looking the Smoky City lads» He had good lot a chance to sell their best players support, however. Score i to major league clubs, hoping to get j bigger money for them now than Billie Walsh, the clever little out -| regular drafting price under the nat- | T’hey registered seven safeties, four of fielder of the Uniontown team, has j ional agreement, WEST PENN LEAGUE "hleh were garnered by Warnh and been re-called by Altoona, and unless j Wnen the Cubs played”in Altoona tlsvuie 0—Clarksbur * Corcoran. Walsh worked in a three Walsh eeccfeeds in “fixing’’ things lie tne other day President Murphy ttj 0 j g*a|m)ont **-. wb,,e 10,11 Com »ran landed has played his last gam** with t he j bumped into one of these cases. Pres- 11,0 ......... lft,r tw° two base hits. Kellar, Davis j Cham pious, Billie Walsh Is not only j Went Cassidy of that club kept after the Cub owner am! Manager Chance mud Kruger registered the other three} a great ball player in every depart lelptUa a Ht. ],mi Is SATURDAYS RtSUlTS. P. O. M. LEAGUE. AMERICAN LEAGUE. hits Abe worked fine for five innings. ...............7 Boston ......... 1 ln the sixth the Cherubs got quite ...................I New York-----2 j gay and scored two runs. Tarleton ^-Philadelphia ,,i opened the Inning with a bunt and was .9 safe. Jackson stung a safe one to < right and Tarleton kept on to third, j Dailey was not satisfied and attcmpt- I ed to stretch his single into a two- baser and was caught between first the team and s«*ond has*». However, ho fiddled steady Job for the haiauce of the »41 *«* ..............3 Washington . .0 4o,ig enough to allow Tarleton to get son. j*i«% 111 • • Ram .McKeesport 1 ' i,S| !*''' philc The throw (<> ♦ ♦ ♦ pvegj .....i Bain Braddock **'t ,f“' Cherub manager failed, the |,OW11 in Steubenville thej are pat score counted, and Jackson was safe themselves on th«* hack bivause s**c«md Phillips and l«mghlin (i,,y 8a-'H ,4lfl consilttition do»"« ment of ihe game, but a gentleman as well, and the locals will suffer a gr« af loss if the 1 'ri Stat»* team tt«*»:ides to use him the rest of th«* season. There is not a faster man in the league g«*t ting down to first on bunt hits, while in the outfield In» ranks with the I* *-»l in the league Walsh’s absence from will give Fred Rob rts n i'H- NATIONAL LEAGUE. mk ............7—-Pittsburg dphla ,..,,3 -Cincinnati *li*hla ii Cincinnati Lui?« 8 ftroohlyn Ivn ............ ^ on second. I'hilllps | each tli«*»l to Ihe outfield, and a hit by | not Provide for the piavi ¡g off of all 4 Harrell score»! Jackson. That ended lM,,sHM,m‘d games, whether on home or * the run getting for the Cherubs. foreign games. The consti tut Ion pro- nj The Champions scored in the first.|v,de# a «a,«r> limit of ll.gon, bui how 1, seooiid and tliiril innings, in th** first l,,Hnv L*ams in the league are within and Phillips on this figure? r«ctors have The P. O. M league di idpttla litis .. lo . . . . pglou .« Hi, Imuls ........5j Walsh hit to right field Chicago j p.( || K,.| h w a y, Wabih landing on ! nrtorH have paid but little attention Humphries made a wil»l* pitch clause in the constitution J There will be some fun when th** and AMERICAN LEAGUE. ... 6 8t Philadelphia ...5—-New York . ,.. ,U—I»et rott .... , thir«! i ami Walsh scored l,OM|H j ning Corcoran hit ,. i .2 ind ........7—Boston- 'EST PENN LEAGUE. jmt ..... 12 Gre<>nsbut g Jung i Oan—itovin» llsv ill«* t C|,«l k ditti K tie ...............7 Hutl»*r ..... lit th«* second tutor two baS(*s and McCloskey sscrifiee«*d hi into third. Selvage dr»*w a jiass and Kruger lilt a IVxmh leaguer over second, scoring Corcoran. Kellar led oft th«* third In nlttg with u lilt and went all th»> way t»» third *ut Davis’ saerin»*«*. Rudolph hit a long foul to the fence, which Phillips chased and **aught K**llar scoring easily on the out. Th** s«*or<*: fun when Steubenville. East l.lverpm»l Zanesville teams conte East on the uext trip. Charbroi and Uniontown will demand that doublelteuders b. played. Th»* tcattis will line up on the tl»*ld and if the visitors do not put in an appearance the games will b. claimed by iorfeit. This will b** an »»ther matter for the National contntis sion to settle In the fall. because h** had two or thre«* men he wanted to dispose of for fancy pri»*»*i( liefore ih«* drafting period conies. Then they can be tak»*n away front him Tor *1,ooo per head. Baum, the pitcher, who worked against th«> National lintgite champions, was one of them. Cassidy »)ff»*re»l him to tne Chicago club for f l.oott and wanted Murphy to take Wyatt Leo, t«x>, at $2,000 more. Otto IH*itiing«'r. w ho won great fame when he beat the White Sox, chant-! plons *»f the world, by his gr»*at hit ting, also is on the market at a fane... figure. None of these men took Chance’s eye enough for any business transactions to go through, hut lik;*( all other major hutgtie magnates Pr«*s ! Id«*nt Murphy is k«*pt busy these days | running down tips and bwtking over promising material offered for sale at this time. * * * One <»f the sti ingest «if known Incidents in the history »»f tin* great national game *>f base lull I has b«*«*n t«»l«l ami is vouched for by Umpire Ander Seottdale.— R. H. p. A. Cookson, ss ........ .......... 0 1 *> 0 T. Scott. 2b........ ........... 11 *> *> Hammer, 3h.... .......... 1 0 0 •» Skemp. p .......... 0 (1 >» 'Guest, If ............... .......... u 1t 0 'Beckman, rf ... ............ 0 1 0 0 Burriss, mf .......... 11 «) u J. Seott, lh........ .......... «I 0 4 0 Lewis, c............... ...., 0 0 15t » Totals ............. * «ni r 27 7 Pittsburg.— R11. P. A. I McCrearv, ss... 0 0 0 Russell, 21» .... .......... 0 * I 1 t Lei hen, 31» .......... ........... 0 1 3 1 Dillon. Jb.......................<» 0 10 1 Price, c ............ 1 9 •> Mason, rf ........... 0 0 1 Dyke, If............... ...... 0 0 1 0 McAfee, mf ........ .......... <1 0 0 0 Harrison, p .... .......... 0 1 0 «■* E. Totals ......................... o 4 24 11 4 Scott da le .. ( 2 <* n t» 1 0 0 0 •—3 Pittsburg ......... <1 o o 0 o u 0 0 0—0 son. umpiring In Wm%omdn State league. *" 1 tt 1903,” said Anderson, *‘1 was Two ba»«* hit, Price Stolen bases, Htirrisx, McCreary, First bus«* on bitlis, off Skenip 4. Struck out, by Sk* tup 13, by Harrison 3. Left »>ti bases, Seottdale 3, Pittsburg 9. Wild pitches. Sk»*ittp. Harrison. I*ass»*«t hall, l,**wis First has«» on errors, Heot’daU* 2. Hit by pitch«*«! ball, Dillon. Time, 1:40. Umpire—B**n Evans. IUBS WERE VICTIMS If OR TWO VICTORIES lut I titled From Page On»*.) I> man («« g«*( ,i Ini « »ft \\ nini }t hi it.-ii more than one baa two bagg«*r, the first hit niHde Irlend, au>l It cam»* in the*third I W II it 1 vs •> nit it n || v\ .i i M* 1 »ti (y«* tai over K« ) I,i » li< ,««l Ile but th«* fieet-footed Cani«*gi** tilt* Itali buck to the infield lit jthape and lieu was stall«*«! at The next titan was retired at a ground hit to latmler at In the first, Rudolph’s three- was r**s|MuiaiUU* for two runs, j Charlie MrCioskey’s slashing Lo I Igitt in the same tuning vv,«f |ro«lueei |Cheriibs pia ve.i ervorlea* hall j Caumm. l.aughliit, the mute, |rr«il ate two now men on tn«' UNIONTOWN it. H. P.A. Wuiali, rf ........... •« 00 I.aud»*r, 3b ........ .. 0 0 0 •I K««llar, mf .... I *1 1 Devia, lh ........ 1 5 0 Rudolph. If .. 0 0 I Corcoran, xk .. ... 1 2 I 3 McCloskey, 2b , .., 0 0 3 0 8 lev age, «• ,,, 00 9 *1 ét Krug«*r, p .... 10 0 Totals ...3 7 21 11 CHARLEROI H it 1». A. E a- -a * Stetler’* Hair Turning Gray. Matty of the fans all over the I*, o M. circuit have wondered where Pet- E Willig, inf .. Smith, 2b ... Mghli. if,.... Tarleton, lb .lat'kxon, c .. Phillips, rf Latighliu, 3b Harrell, as ,, Humphries, p « * Dailey Totals H IK 10 •Hutt**d for Bmlth tn the seventh. 0 cv Htetl«*r, th** able manager of the n coming champions of the l* o, m. i,.«,. o gue. came from. If leaked out last 0 night while the team was loafing p around Hotel Heigel. 0 FTrcy was a window trimmer in , WilliamsiHirt. and was manager of the 0 independent team of that place. One _ day th«* Williamsport team went t«» j Cnatsvllle to play. Percy climbed up jiu a tree outside the fence to sec the guttt»*. Several Costsville piuvers saw some one In th«* tree ami w«»nt out and fi shook It. Perev fell down In the 0 wee<ls Tim pi aver« lik«*d Stetler’s 0 looks and mad«* him manager of their 0 aggr«*gation, 0 Within th«* last week Stetler’s hair 0 has begun to turn gray. This Is cans- 0 »*<1 by Hi«» worry lie has ha«l over ltle 0 player». It Is hard work f«)r Perev 1 , to keen “Mother Goose" niasshitraer 0 and “Doggie” Ortlieb straight. They »¡are <h«> German comedian« and nt«v 4 Join th*» D** Wolfe Hopper company after the season clus«**.—-Washington Record, WSSSK? Sold Only by Harry Beeson, West End T heitre Bldg. Leading Sporting Goods Dealer. BEESON MEANS BEST*. P t OM'ÜÜLGÊR I Ì MAKES GOOD CLOTHES FOR MEN M * MONDAY, Autturr ax aw. % BRUMBERG & BERGMAN, THfi S'!ORK THAT SEULS T(» ALL a L j KR. See Our Windows Big Bargains to wind up the August Business WINDING UP OUR Red Letter Sale. Many Red Letter Ba.rga.ins Awaiting You Children's Wash Pants 5 C. A PAIK 25 cknee pants lie. See Window $ 12.00 13.50 Suits 15.00 $7 «5 Other Suits to wind up out Sale in the same proportion JOHN B. STETSON Hats. LARGE AND *T A/\ SMALL SHAPES A few left. Balbrig- | *7 gan Underwear ü / Cm The Better Grddes of Bdlbriqqans in Brown and Blue 33c B. V. D. Underwear Porosknit Short or lorg Sleeves Also ihe Olympic Athletic Underwear all going at »HIE PR LONG DUWERS 37c BRUMBERG & BERGMAN, , Strlttly Due Price. No Jockey Business. b\ • '/ I Ì- ''U-ì V j GRAND OPENING OF THE LYRIC THEATRE 27 Main St.. Monday Evening, Aug. 26th The BEST IN VAUDEVILLE, The UTESf M MOVING PICTURES. The Most Interdsing in Illustrated Songs, AM, PRESENTED IN A THOROUGH, f.K<r CLASS MANNfR, AT A POPULAR PRICf, WUHIN THf, KK4CH ALL. Co tb.uous l\v foimdnce Every Ddy fvti pt >unilciy. From II A. M. to (I P. M. Vaudevlile Matinee 2 P. M. u nil 5 P. M. I’KKfORMANCL EVILRY HOUR, Ghe LYKIC THLATRF- A k tlnmnighly up to date its any small th«*at« r in the United States. Bhe LYRIC THEATRE. where a man may bring his family often and enjoy nearly an hour’j enterLitiiuiient lor a popular price. N Wye LYRIC THEATRE. where a man may bring his sweetheart and entertain at a popular i)rlc«* » 4 if% ^ Wye LYRIC THEATRE. where every I rmiy can be entertained. * " ‘ Vaudeville Attractions This Week. THE BER.KES, Wanted, a Partner Also Bey Champion Dancer, FRKÜ BOWMAN. Cutnt'dian And Musician HARRY FOSTER, Dutch Comedian NELSON & EGBERT, WILLIAM BITTNER. Illustrate«! Snngs

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