Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 30, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1957
Page 9
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Junior Editors Qui* on ANIMAL QUIZ MAK€ FRIENDS Ttm« Her«ld, Carroll, InWa 4% Tuaiday, July 30, 1957 *f LITTLE L.IX CNIAO . The loudest nol»e In the world Is the first rattle In your new car. eUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS The person who spills a purse ing by and staring at the scene, or bag of groceries is in trouble} If you won't offer help, at least enough without someone's stand- 1 look the other way. QUESTION: Why Is the rat man's worst animal enemy? ANSWER: The rat destroys tremendous quantities of grain, fruit, vegetables, poultry and other food products—perhaps 190 million dollars worth a year in the United States alone. Also, it spreads disease. There are black rats and the bigger, tougher brown rats that have taken over most of the rat territory In America. Rats gnew through wood, plaster, and even soft metals like lead. They infest wharves, ships, run-down buildings and barns. Because they breed several times a year and produce from six to 22 young in each litter, man's fight against them is constant. Rats carry deadly bubonic plague, which In times before adequate sanitation killed millions of people. FOR YOU TO DO: There are "good" rats too. These are the white rats that scientists keep to study for medical secrets that are helpful to mankind. Some boys keep them as pets in little metal cages. If your mother doesn't object, you may want to try this. (Send your Idea for Junior Editors to AP Newsfearures In care of this paper and you may win $10. Tomorrow: Where are these strange statues located?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner '7-30 T.M. *H- »»«• <t> HIT by Mt» fniH, Int. "The continued popularity of your weekly TV talks is amazing, Senator—most comedy programs are having tough sleddlngl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith TIZZY By Kate Osann "I'll tell you how I got out of doing dishes—I beught the wife a fine set of china. f ha won't lot ma touch '•ml' 4 "I 'm not exactly going steady with him— I just go out with him all the time because nobody else asks me I" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer Z "Shulz has a bono to pick with Rover!" Baseball Star ACROSS I Baseball star, Berra , 5 He is an — catcher I He plays with the New Yankees 12 "Emerald Isle" 13 Unrestrained 14 Level 18 For fear that 16 High mountain 17 Opera by Verdi 18 Puissant 20 Pantry 22 Born 23 Possess 24 Confession of faith 27 Printing machinery 81 Communists 32 Honey makers Ir M Worthless table scrap 34 Collection of sayings ' 35 Young salmon 36 Storm 37 Fustian 39 Playing card 40 Exist 41 River islet 42 Dung beetle 45 Steeples 49 Dismounted 50 Blackbird of cuckoo family 52 French river 53 Grow dint 54 Youth 55 Memorandum 56 Pitcher 57 Lixivium 58 Pace DOWN 1 Sharp, quick cry 2 Mountain (comh. form) 3 Main point 4 Means 5 Winged 6 Masculine nickname 7 Scientific discoverer 8 Pines 9 Roman poet 10 Remedy 11 Wood burr 19 Beginner t (comb, form) 21 Windmill sails 24 Crustacean 25 City in Nevada 26 Type of cheqse 27 Saucy 28 Fly aloft 29 Therefore 30 Let it stand 32 He is an expert —— phyer 35 Brazilian state 36 Allotted shares 38 Trade 39 Point 41 Stage whlspei 42 Out of dsngei 43 Talon 44 Military assistant 46 Tumult 47 Royal Italian family name 48 Ooze 81 Negative vote BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Aftermath BY IDOAR MARTIN UHWL, • TvAWYS *U*UV TO UNO* t>OU>V6 TNA* STOfcHT «tfO Y\P*>Tt vio ova* E<O«.K> W^COf*?, T5 L&*B OPsb^'T ST, TXSttStf •VTNAWT, fctf 1 *\va-T «0l*fe V\fc\*- > <1 •)! '•,"<» i% >«''-'•»**' * • OUR BOARDING HOUSK . with .MAJOR HdOPLf HAVE Y0Q 6C0UT6 5£&rt THE MA30R HOME SUOQEMLY THE OTHER MI6HT AMD WALKED'IM ON" HIM 6MORlrt6 IN H16 PRIZE BED/ ^HOOPUB POPPED OUT LI HiS A CHAMPAGN& CORK/ ALL H& NEEDED WA£: A TORCH TO L0O)4 'MONTAiORSriCVf LlKsW&RUNNEft ^ 0P£ti\ti& THB OLYMPIC (SAME-S, . SIMCEHEf H>MUSTA 6B %'M GALLOP- ' '" CAME IN6 IN |N THE MIDDLE OP •IE MI6KT „KE PAOL ,REVERE/ RECORD/ - ? ^?HAT . SLEEPWALKING STORY WAS BUBBLE SUM 1 BUGS BUNNY The Alert Workman PRISCILLA'S POP The Letdown BY AL VERMEIR ALLEY OOP Right Ooola? THEN VOU / PLEASE, NO-THE WOULDN'T CARE OROJMSTAiNCES 'HOW OOOLA WOUND \l TO TELL US V JUST TOO ' UP JUST * HUNDRED \ WHERE \OU \ INCREDIBLE YEM2S 5TEDDA>THE \CAME^FROM? HUNDRED CENTURIES I'D ^P? SET THE MACHINE FOR, I CANT FIGURE OUT/ 9 BY V. T. HAMLIN m MORTY MEEKLE Overplaying It BY DICK CAVALLI I'M GOING TO REHEARSE MY ACT ALL NIGHT, UNTILJJ'S PERFECT/ 3 I© by Nik Unit*. IK. T.M, H|- Ut. >tl, 0H.| NOW WHY WOUL0 AKYONE WANT TO THROW A ROCK AT LULUBELLE? J FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wrong Cheer BY MERRILL BLOSSIft [ DON'T KNOW MUCH ) YAY/ ABOUT SPORTS, BUT <UAhV. IT SEEMS SO J jnMI#I EXCITIH6 / KSTEC RIKE THREE/ VER HOORAY FOR, THE UMPIRE / THROWING _ • THINGS? n O 1M7 by Hlk IMn. Inc. T.M. »f. U.S. »«t OH. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Two Disappointments HOWb VSOUKE AWALKIMSi/BECAUSE I *xi 4MOMilPiTlON0F)>aj«o eUESSTjDSAPPOlNTMEMT, fOVE MDUP AWDTUAfS v1 ff»SS|N BEST SIU.V- ^r^im^ AMD TWAfS ALLTHAT COUWTS! BY WILSON SCRUOOl MEAMWHIUS...! CAPTAIN EASY Key Man BY LESLIE TURLIH WHAT V W»ARK vVlLL TRV TO P&V ABOUT TH' ) H6K Oft fVVJP 5fHBR e«L? J HOME IP TM^T FAll£, HB'LL SILBWC& m OA06WTER.TOO'. X IP TH' 5T0H«/ EVER 6R6AK* THAT H&'5- , / $U$P6CTB0 BEIKI6 WARKHAM' OTHER* ( WHO <NPW HNAIKI W PAST WILL V rORWARO! IT'LL RUIM WARKi ANft MAy \3VJC0VER OUR. WHOLE 0R6AVHZATION1 m v \V ;'' v i i '"N^S

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