Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 22, 1973 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1973
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 22, 1973 Page 4 Iowa Suicide Rate Shows Increase Overseas but not underloved By Abigail V«n Bunm DEAH ASSY: My hajbaerf sad I ar» is ocr twenties. Ve irns i«s carried fcr afeosi a year aad a hatf. We Js^re y, tifldres. Osr ta 26s is »L We haven't siept in the saaas bed fee scse .Txrr ?rt la as EU3T niactra we hare not eve. eates a meal tftgftiaw, nor ta-ve we held bands, »atei*rf T," together, or speM coe eveassg together. We •psfce ta e*& «ier a Bce& ago, arad that was on the Still, wic& ow 5asSed eflcsmsaaeatjoe we bam grows to Vsve aad appreciate each other mere every day. you see, my insiarjf is «ae the thr/atanria of men «bo is serving fees caactrj ryserseaa. God w25ag« be will be home in three BHC&S , aad '-jss I »S thank 37 axky stars every day for having as7 bcafcaod near sat. Every wife should follow not. Courage to Seae who are separated from their loved ones. MRS. RONALD M HAYES DEAR KKS. HATES: Thaat yw f*r a bearifal re- mmdar. Mawy *t ** eaaaaJr/ take far granted the Messiagx •then are 3y CAROLVV COLE Drake University JOBrsaiisss Student DES MOiXES - The saicije rate in tm is slowly increas­ ing, according to a little-aociced study consisted last year by the ion State Department of Health. A preliminary report on suicides and suic«5* attempts for the years of 1569 and 1970 Omaha Plane Crash Claims Five Lives DEAR. ASSY: That woman who wrote to you about having a atarf crush on her doctor has the same problem I had, veij I didn't hare sense enough to ask anybody's advice. I giimged right into a stupid affair with mine. All I can 137 is. if a woman has to have an affair, she should find aeraeif a "ice salesman. The last man in the world to pick ia a Coefor. He just doesn't have the time to carry on a decent affair. He has a hundred built-in excuses for not shewing ir>. ar canrarng out, or running away early. Mans ae*er *d call me by my firs* name, or last nacre Or even the number on my chart. Sign me . . . CURED EN ALBANY DEAR CURED: Aeeerdiag to my ataii, (with few ex- eeptiMsJ, the aaiy wossaa a doctor has time for other than his wife is Ms aarse. DEAR ABBY; Our daughter and her fiance told us they would rather have f 1,000 in cash than a big. wedding. Our stipulation was that she would tell us when it was to occur and we would give her the money. They were married on a Saturday and we were not told until the following Monday [they sent U3 a brief note!. Altho they didnt honor their part of the agreement, we honored ours. At Christmastime we gave our son a new car. He's a college student and needed reliable transportation. Our daughter immediately asked us where "her" car was. In other words, she felt that since we gave her brother a car lor Christmas, she had one coming, too. Her husband makes a good living, but as an appeasement gesture, we told our daughter that when she was ready to buy a home, we would give her the price of the automobile toward a down payment. These are the only children iwe have, but how much do you think parents owe their grown children? BAFFLED EN BALTIMORE DEAR BAFFLED: They don't "owe" their grown children anything. I don't know much about your son, but your daughter appears to be taking you for all she can get, and •he's getting plenty. DEAR ABBY: That dentist who said the reason people lose their teeth is because of carelessness and neglect ought to meet my husband. He is 95 years old and he still has all his own teeth, and never had a filling in any one of them. He never had a toothbrush in his mouth and never even heard of dental floss. Besides that, his teeth are so white and pretty folks keep asking him what dentist made 'em. He must have kept his mouth sterilized with some of the hottest words a man couM release between his teeth. NO JOKE IN NORTH CAROLINA OMAHA, Neb. CAP)— A twin engine Cessna 310 plane crashed while approaching Omaha's Eppley Airfield for a landing Sunday night and five persons died. Four died at the scene and the fifth, Dr. Lyte Ryberg, 44, 0/ Derison, Iowa died Monday at bnmanuel Medical Center. The other dead were identified by the center as Jack Larghter, no age available, from Denison; Leslie Berthusen, 57, and his wife, Velma, 56, at Avoca, kma. A fifth person, a woman from Arizona, was not identified by name pending notification of relatives. The flight was a rescue mission. Leslie Berthusen suffered a stroke in Mesa, Ariz., last week and was being flown to Omaha by chartered plane to be hospitalized. Larghter, who was manager of the Denison airport, apparently was the pilot of the plane. Ryberg is a Denison chiropractor and the unidentified woman was believed to be a nurse. Berthusen operated a mortuary bearing his name in Avoca until about three years ago. The wreckage closed Eppley for a time, as snow and ice petted down. Officials said the plane apparently had struck an embankment or dike surrounding the airfield while attempting to land and bounced over it to its final resting spot. A Federal Aviation spokesman said several pilots had reported icing on their aircraft throughout the evening as a freezing drizzle fell in the area. But, be said, there was no report that the pilot of the crash flight had radioed be was in trouble. Files show that the last fatal air crash at Eppley was December 9th, 1944. To Auction Used Vehicles AMES, Iowa CAP) - The Iowa Highway Commission IHC will auction 85 used vehicles and other equipment here Jan. 27 at 10 a.m. A required $200 bid deposit will hold one or several vehicles, which will be sold "as is," the commission said over the weekend. showed an increase of 11." to 11.S suicides per 100,000 population in those years. There were 322 suicides in 1969 compared to 335 in 1970. Raw data for 1971 indicated the number of successful suicides may have increased to 359, or 12.6 per 100,000 population, according to Mike Dare of the Iowa State Health Department's Bureau of Records and Statistics. The preliminary report was completed last April by Paul H. Ogilvie of the Maternal and Child Health Division of the Iowa State Department of Health. It was started in late 1968 when the Health Department began evaluating and correlating information received from Iowa's three accredited Poison Information and Treatment Centers (Blank Memorial Hospital in Des Moines, Bethesda General Hospital in Fort Dodge, and University Hospitals in Iowa City) and 43 accredited Poison Treatment Centers located in smaller Iowa hospitals. Data compiled from the 16 centers showed 701 suicides and attempted suicides by poison ingestion in 1969-70. Psychotherapeutic agents (including tranquilizers and amphetamines), bar­ bituric acid and derivatives (sleeping pills), and salicylates and congeners (aspirin) accounted for 498 of the 701 poison ingestions. Psychotherapeutic agents and - or barbituates accounted for 10 of the 14 reported fatalities in 1969-70, and 12 of the 14 dead from poison ingestion were women. Ogilvie said it is sometimes difficult to tell if a poison in- lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sioux Empire Livestock Shows & Sales Sioux Falls Stockyards New Sales Pavilion Replacing shows and sales scheduled for Sioux Empire Farm Show cancelled by fire LIVESTOCK SHOWS - 9 AM SALES - 1 PM Jan. 27 - Bred Ewe 4V Lambs Show ft Sale Jan. 29 - Marathon Brad Gilt Shews t Sales Jan. 30 - Hereford Show fc Sale Jan. 31 - Shorthorn Show A Sale Feb. 3 - CharoJats Show ft Sale Feb. 2 - Hofetein Show & Sale (To tf hill at 4H Bldg. - Brookinp, S.D.) 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Also, the number of poison inges­ tions is difficult to determine, be added, because many patients are treated by private physicians and it is not mandatory that they file poison report forms. Six hundred and fifty-seven kv wans took their lives using firearms and explosives, motor exhaust gas (carbon monoxide), cutting and piercing instruments, or by hanging, suffocating, drowning or jumping from high places during 1969-70. According to Ogilvie, "these are definite suicides; the cause of death was listed as suicide on the individual's death certificate." Of the 657 suicides, 48.6 per cent (319) were committed with firearms and explosives, and 284 of the 319 dead were men. The breakdown of the total deaths (657) by sex (492 male, 165 female) approximates the national average for suicide; three times as many men die from suicide as women, although the ratio of female-male suicide attempts is about three to one, according to Ogilvie's report. When asked why women attempt suicide more often than men and why men succeed more often in killing themselves, Dr. Charles Hintz, a Des Moines psychiatrist, suggested the reasons "are cultural, rather than genetic," and that "men are usually more serious about wanting to be successful." Ogilvie said that any speculation about the differences in male and female suicide attempts-successes was "a controversial sort of thing," but added that he thought women use suicide attempts as an "attention getter" and men tend to use more violent methods because "they want to make sure they get the jobdone." The suicide rate among the elderly is increasing, according to Ogilvie. Three hundred and sixty-nine of the 657 (56.2 per cent) in 1969-70 were committed by persons in the 65 and older age group. Ogilvie and Hintz speculated that the increasing rate of elderly suicides is partly due to the fact that older' people on fixed incomes cannot keep up with the rising cost of living. Hintz also added that incurable diseases, loss of a spouse and a general trend toward "taking less direct responsibility forelderlycitizens" might be contributing factors. Ogilvie and Hintz are advocates of suicide prevention centers, and Ogilvie is currently studying plans for crisis intervention centers which have already been established in other states including Florida and California. The centers employ psychologists, sociologists, phy- chiatrists, social workers, clergy and trained volunteers who are available on a 24-hour open telephone line. Ogilvie is researching the possibility of having a statewide suicide prevention center at University Hospitals in Iowa City. STARTS FRIDAY, JAN. 19 WOTER THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW! AILY NEWS Boys'Winter Reg. BOOTS MCX $^98 Men's Winter Reg. $gflfcQO BOOTS Men's | TOPCOATS V *2 PRICE Pull Over -I / SWEATERS 72 PR,CE An independent newspaper published "Monday through Friday," except principal holidays, excluding February 22 and Veterans Day. Second class postage paid at Estherville, Iowa. Published by the Estherville Daily News, Division of Mid- America Publishing Corp., 10 N. 7th St., Estherville, Iowa 51334. Subscription rates: City of Estherville, Armstrong, Ringsted, Terril and Graettinger, delivered by carrier, 60 cents per week; $7.80 for 3 months, $15.60 for 6 months, $29.70 year. By mail in Emmet and bordering counties: $15.60 year, Zones 1-8, $19.50 year. Fred E. Williams, Publisher; Charles Ostheimer, Managing Editor; Richard Myers, Advertising Director; Gladys St re iff, Business Manager; Donald Stoffel. Production Manager. Member of Associated Press, Iowa Daily Press Association, Iowa Press Association. Photos submitted to this newspaper will not be returned by mall. However, they may be picked up at the Daily News Office. 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