Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 30, 1957 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1957
Page 3
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New B-58 Bomber Paves Way for 1,000-Mph Airliners in 10 Years By DOUGLAS LARSEN. NEA Staff Correspondent FT. WORTH, Tex. — (NEA)—A Coast-to-coast commercial passenger flights in two and one-half hours at 1,000 miles per hour are now on the horizon for sometime In the next 10 years. The development by Convair for the Air Force of the new B-58 supersonic bomber capable of delivering hydrogen bombs at top speeds near 1.300 mph breaks all. barriers for supersonic passenger flight. "The revolutionary features of thp B-5B Hustler which permit Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, July 30,' 1957 carrying such a huge load at speeds faster than sound make supersonic passenger flying an engineering certainty in the foresee^ able future," says a Convair official. This was the unanimous opinion ot Air Force experts and engineers from firms supplying parts and materials for the B-58 who were here to watch the first public demonstration of the plane. SAME DAY PHOTO SERVICE QL Os t- D O < z ill u > * </> O O X O. >• < Q 111 to BALK'S . Have a Camera to Fit Every Member of the Family! $3.95 » $800 BALK CAMERAS BALK AND SON Ftank Balk - Carroll, Iowa SAME DAY PH6T6 SERVICE m O > •< "V X o H o (A m 70 < n m > O c H Costly Sections , Up until now only fighter planes, able to carry limited bomb loads short distances, have been able to fly faster than sound. They have been built with costly machined metal sections, not adaptable to construction of large bombers or commercial planes. Development by Convair of a "sandwich panel" for the B-58 is one of the biggest contributions to supersonic commercial flight. A sandwich panel consists of honeycombed sections of fiber glass or stainless steel bonded between thin sheets of aluminum or steel, an inch or less thick. It provides an insulating skin for the plane which resists the terrific temperatures of supersonic flight. At the same time it gives the necessary structural strength to withstand the severe stresses of flight faster than sound. Fabrication of these panels lends itselt to automation and mass pro- THE SUPERSONIC B-58 IN FLIGHT: In 10 years, you may ride coasMo-coasl in 2* hours. duction far more readily than the machining of plane sections from solid hunks of metal, which is necessary for the supersonic fighters. Rapid, Efficient Convair has developed machines and techniques which produce these panels rapidly and efficiently. There are several relatively simple methods for converting the basic design features of the B-58 WATER BUFFALO AND RIVAL: The old brute eats too much. Formosa's Water Buffalo Is Ousted by # Merry Tiller 1 By NEA Foreign Service TAIPEI, Formosa — (NEA) — The water buffalo is about to plod himself out of a job. His arch rival now is a sprightly little gadget who answers to the name of "Merry Tiller." Much to the old brute's chagrin, this little motorized plow is becoming quite the rage in Formosa where it is being used to cultivate rice fields. The Nationalist Chinese are deciding the buffalo is just too slow. Also he eats too much. But with this little Japanese- made device, such problems have gone the way of the buffalo's future. First of all it works twice as fast. It plows deeper, which increases the rice yield by thousands of pounds. It's easy to handle. And farmers don't have to feed it. They say the buffalo takes up too many food producing acres needed for grazing. So far the "Merry Tillers" have been imported with the help of United States foreign aid funds. But if the mechanical craze sweeps the country, the Chinese might start making their own. If this happens, some people predict the water buffalo might j follow his American bison cousin into a passenger plane. The bomb load is carried in a huge detachable pod slung under the fuselage. This pod could be converted into a passenger compartment. Electronic flying aids in the B-58 are so elaborate only a three-man crew is needed tn fly it on its long bombing missions. Bu l the plane is jammed with bulky, complex bombing, navigation and armament systems which would not be needed in a commercial plane. With this gear out of the B-58 it would be possible to make passenger space inside the slender, fuselage. The plane in its present form is relatively small. Its wing span is 57 feet and its fuselage 97 feet long. But. with no major design difficulties, Convair engineers say, the B-58 could be made larger to accommodate a profitable pas senger load. The plane's flight characteristics are also favorable for carrying passengers. Convair chief test pilot. B. A. Erickson, insists that the B-58 handles "smooth as silk" and that its ride is like "sitting on a flying featherbed." He says a passenger would not know it when the plane passed through the sound barrier (670 mph at sea levelK Its triangular delta wing also permits it to fly efficiently at slow speeds, .making it safe during take-offs and landings. With a top speed of about 1,300 mph it has a cruising speed of about 1,000 mph. This would make the 2.500-mile coast-to-coast flight a two and one-half hour hop , or less. New York to London would take about three and one -half hours and the New York - Paris flight about four hours. Waiter Tries to Save t Early American Musk By LEE LINDER PHILADELPHIA Pa., 'API Is there a market for songs that date back to 1790? Is anybody interested in copies of the original sheet music of "Yankee Doodle," "I Wish I Was in Dixie Land" or baseball songs like "Tally One for Me" and "Home Run Polka?" Harry Dichter thinks so. And for more than 20 years he has tried to exploit the songs that background American history from the days of its Revolutionary War beginnings. No Musician Dichter is no musician but he loves old music. He's a waiter by profession, working at that job mostly at night. The bulk of his earnings — after providing for his family — he puts into a music publishing company called "Musical Americana," of which he is owner, editor and chief consultant. "My wife used to ask me years ago when I'm going to make money out of it." he says. "She's stopped asking that now." Ditcher, at 58 with two married sons and a 16-year-olr' daughter, realizes he can't keep pushing "dead" music without some profit. But he still hopes "someone will see the light" — libraries, universities, foundations — and rekiridle the interest in American historical "America has always committed its history to musie, and peoplt would kndw about it more" fully if,, they could see and play th £B #:<:w<t. songs." He adds: -4 music. t x- ' "America sang songs of the Rey»; olutionary War while the fighting was going on. It had its choice of, : 50 or more dirges to sing over'tha assassination of Lincoln. Human Side "American sheet music is v far more than a nostalgic mementV.of the past. Today it is probably the only medium , through which we can recapture the human side of the happenings of the nation of yesterday. "The whole gamut of the emotions of a people are contained in the lyrics and music of thousands of writers and composers, coma now long forgotten." Since then his "Musical Americana" firm has published various assortments of old music ranging from "Federal Overture," a conglomeration of tunes popular in colonial times, to "Baseball in Music & Song," which contains 14, songs about the nation's national sport. The music Dichter publishes must be 56 years old or more, because it takes that long for the original copyrights to expire. He says he's the only man in the world publishing these old songs— "It's really a labor of love." 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