Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Page 6
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PAQC8DC ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 2», 1980 Editorial Mbgr Be Bwad-Bnttor Income Ntithtr th* city AW iM taxpayers *hotild | it would reduct property tat«». •ppttwcn t Utility MfVfce tit, is proposed bv A number of different Opinion? Councilman Clyde Wiseman, without an accur- brought up. One wa< to reduce ta«<. Another •te a»«es«iment of whit il likely to happen. *•« to keep property t»*« a< they were and let Councilman WiMmln proper that the tax be employed to reduce the property tax. The immediate effect, of courw, would he David Lawrence Whose Fault Was Failure In Japan? to head off * one-cent increase in the public park tax, sought to pay for a Sain Park improvement program. This Situ improvement i» important and should have the support of the the sale* tires accumulate for a capital inve-t men, project. WASHINGTON - What real Rut r,in, cost, of government operation caught up with the Council. City em- Sr . f . ) . p)ftrv ' ... .,^,^,.. of State MfTtnr now ployc* denunded stiff incre.ue* in pav, and got ' rw , rw j p! ,' fhnt fln >rror" w«« ,1 *'ell-dc<crved part of the booit. 'That jboui marte and that the intormatton did it. The «.il« ta* addition to the cin'< potcn- m to what might be expect™! public under ti.,1 income was ah<nrbed. At anv rate, the cits from the mojw If P™ M £j ^ the community's program of assisting our N'cgro was pjv ing in employes salaries more ne.uh 7^™!^^™, ..° population in every way possible. comparable to those available i'nder private ^ Nevertheless, the public should avoid a hard cmplovment. |]||( , »fld fa»t image Of sharp and uncancelable redur- This is not by way of opposing th,- propose.) Rp|atjl)ns romm iii,.r. ho can tints in the property taxes unless it is prepared ; utilities tar. though it must be rfali/ed then- n . irn h accuse n ftimdlv uo\ is no <pn ial magic in it. The monev for it will iomc out of pretty much the same group "t poikd books, anyway. We point the^c things out by wav of forti- fving our readers against misapprehension of ' n a secretary of --lair IPS hefoir the Senate Foreign fdfr eventual disillusionment. Temporarily, the utilities tax vould comti- tute shifting of part of the property tax load. History of the city's use of its half cent sales tax, however, would cast doubt at anv claim that income from such a source would irrevocably cut back the property taxes. of stale rmnvnt of committing eimrs Y"l the all ini|iftitant fact is lhat thf government of Japan was not able to mainlain law and oidft was not cnpable of assin- ,,,,, .he safely of a foreign dig- the proposal's all-over implications and to guard mt;i|> un om it had invited for against later misunderstandings and disillusion- ;)n official visit. If, after a year or two under the proposed ment. In the mdsl of .Japan'" humil Utilities tax, the propertv taxes crept back up to One prime reason for the utilities tax would jnimn il was embarrassing for where they'd been before, and perhaps a little be to help the city and to its finances if it weir thf American secretary beyond, the man who foots the hill should not observine Matutory lax rate limits. This ques- •'• ^ ^ Jj^*^. £, be too surprised. tion now is up in court, however, and there is ^ ^ <M ^ ^^ ^ h|;imp It is no commentary on any particular ad- some confusion as to whether the city's ta* mmsr . ]r fnr m j s judgment. miniitration or any group of men to say that rates are within the limits. This circumstance H iil the story of the ovenls lead government costs just don't tend that way. then reduces the question to one of whether the jn> , ||p (() mn withdrawal of the Those who recall the city's experience with city could or would lower its tax rates, or hold : invitation to the President now the half-cent sales tax will see what we mean, them in line with help of the utilities tax. We is very clear. Thr .Japanese gov At the time the sales tax became available, mav have to adopt the utilities tat to keep both ernmeiit ^^^^^"J';^; 1 , the chief point of discussion was the possibility ends meeting before we're through. ^'"uoind T^r.lis.urM-in,-,'! • • • * * The newspaper 1 ? reported hos- They've Soon Mis Toogli 25 and 50 Years Ago "\Vhpir it says In my will that I'm of sound mind, put in, ESPECIALLY ABOIH' POLITICS. That'll fix my brother-in-law!" The Allen-Scott Report Russians Jittery Over U2 WASHINGTON — Russia's top civilian and military leaders are lions. But the Japanese govern- still highly jittery over the L'i! ment WHS reluctant to admit or spy-plane incident. New indications arose Tuesday that the in- | as planning to call soon may well demonstrate ( 0 recogni/e the clanger. Klahorato civil defense alerts ternational diplomatic "beating" this country- ; the anti-communist feeling of Japan has grown }.; VPM w hen presidential press ., mi CXf , I . risp .. arp now j, pjr) g FORCM RKADKttft VOTB In the absence df any available Forum letter*, thin n|mce today N occupied by the Allen-Scott column. mob in Tokyo. a week at the Soviet's main nil- iirroundpfl by Ihcrc was a feeling thai the.: communists had dune their worst iclear command post on the Yoland that they surely would noljj/a River some 4.")0 miles Irom actually prevent the Kisenhow-j Mos( . ow _ has been taking lateH- may be good for us in the stronger as the result of seeing the Red bear's secretary Blames J|;'« ort V,^ s conducted Icne run teeth so pjainly and so close. The Senate showed an unusual solidarity ***** behind at least one phase of our foreign policy If M I and against the communist world when it r.iti- | f)llf£ll I 211*1 Ol fPOl) fied, 90 to 2, the new U. S.-Japanese Security Treaty, one of the issues in the Communist-Socialist inspired Tokyo riots of last week. That these riots m*- have awakened even some of the Red followers in Japan to enormity of their sympathising with that cause is indicated by the cooling off demonstrated there. For difficult to achieve. new demonstrations called for Wednesday a on an ;) of on ,, r be goiiiR on there more or less Premier Khrushchev has par- er visit. Stones hpgan to be cir- Announccmcnt of successful negotiations ciliated that then was a possi- vith Piasa Tool & Die Co. ownership on Mc-ibillty thai the President's jift,|Hclnated in al least two of these Adams Highway right-of-way and damages il- miRliI be endangered Americah drills: lust rates once more the intricacies of the proh . . . ,1,1. • i j lems that have delayed this pro,ect ami made it cniistantly. : Old Commie Story Premier Fidel Castro is shorf- Iv due to got a hitter dose of what it means to do business with the Reels. Russia is planning to dump a lot of its Cuban sugar on the June 23,1935 foot JOTOM -hid been iee*pt*d by tf* if «fi and defense to hMr tfw trial of Walter flrWh) O'M»ll*y, indicted In the ktdntplng of Augmi UM». Whether Rimdol Su*ene Norvell. brought from Chester penitentiary, would testify w*» *ttll A questionable issue. Harold Bandy wa* the attorney for O'Malley. Extreme precnutlons Had been taken by county authorities for the trial. Doors leading to the courtroom were guarded, and eveYy person seeking admittance was examined. Work on the dam was halted due to the high water, four feet over that-considered safe for working. The contract for furnishing Portland f-pment for thr dam was awarded to the Atlas Portland Omenf Co. of Hannibal. Forrest Cook, past slate master rmincilor, nnrl Maurice Wade, past roaster councilor of the Alton ChnptPr. Order of DeMolay, served as offircis in conferring of degrees by the legion of Honor at a state meeting in Springfield. Mrs Charles Silk of the Mothers Auxiliary. Alton, was elected vice president of the state organixa- tion of nimliHi'iP*. Attorney R. C. Chappell of Jersey County received the opinion of Attorney General Otto Kerner that county and township highway olfi- rials were forbidden to purchase equipment and supplies on the installment plan because such procedure obligated a succeeding administration. The Rev. Father B. N. Manning, pastor of SS. Peter and Paul's Church at Collinsville. observed the silver jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood. He was a former assistant pastor at St. Patrick's Church here. Miss Louise Lampert of Alton would have charge of dramatics and music at Camp Talahi, summer activities center for Y\VCA high school age members. Miss Jean Cousle.y had gone to Greencastle, Ind. to attend the first in a progressive convention of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. She was the official representative 1 from the University : of Missouri chapter. Following the meeting at DePauw University, she would go to White Su% phur Springs. Va., then to Washington, D.C. and New York City. A rush buying of city auto .stickers resulted in sale of 3,700. June 23,1910 The wet spring hid stt tvtft springs tot flowing In Alton ittti ind MMng those reactivated wttMn tilt city Wtn I Mfflbti in cellars of buildings along s. fleoond itiwst. H. 0. Tonsor found that t spMflf HI tl» big*merit of his husfnem bUlMlftf, ttPlr W8 fbtt Of Welgler street, was flowing 4W ttttcttttl I d*y. Another spring was bfleK Ifl ifltWh tt thi eillar of H. A. Wutjtier's tdjactnt bulMlng. Both tore draining Into the Second rtfWt WWW. Tensor said the spring in his b»wm«lt MtfMMy towered the air temperature thert, and to hoped the flow would continue through th« hot cummer period. A. L. Burnett had tendered his resignation a ,. <. errP |ary of the VMCA to Its board of directors, effective'in the first wee*, of August, and was making plans to move to California. Assessor J. J. Hammond of Alton Township and his assistant. J. B. Copplnger, completed a property assessment footing to $11,855,000. The increase was $443.000, despite a decrease of S2:!r>.(»00 in assessments on mortgages. August B. Luer. Alton businessman, escaped injury when his delivery wagon team was Struck by a Bluff Line train at the North Wood River crossing. One of his horses was killed, the other was only slightly hurt. With Luer in the vehicle were William McDaniels of Upper Alton and Will Miller of Benbow City. A committee which met at the home Of the Rev. M. B. Baker in Upper Alton made arrangements for an inte-r-Sunday school track meet to be held the third week in July. Jesse Jones, 76, died at. the home of his son. John Jones, in East Alton. A clay-worker, native of England, he had resided in East Alton 20 years. His death occurred while his wife was visiting their daughter in Fenton. England. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Olin and sons, Franklin and John, were returning here from Ithaca. X..Y., in a new automobile, and were expected to complete the long motor trip in two more days. Dr. D. F. Duggan had been named county physician for Alton Township as successor to Dr. C. A. W 7 inn. William Adams bought the former Garfield school annex and was to Wove it to a new location, likely for remodeling Into a dwelling.' ,m,ld sen,,usl> lust rates once more the intricacies of the prob-^ 1 "'^ <"'i™> s ('"valely ex- This is the first time, since the pressed their fears, lo refuse, 1958 completion of this huge and world market. In go would put Mr. Kisenhower; extensively equipped under- Purpose of this undercover in Ihe position of. being afraid, ground installation that .serious s ,.|,,, mp j s to smash world sugar Access to the plant and retention of a tun- It would also imply that the training activity has taken place predicted turnout of 100000 failed to develop, nclwav under the road were the chief problems United Stales cnuldn'l rely on there. In the past, that has been It was reduced to 40,000. And even this mob taken up with Piasa. '"" •'"Panese government t*'Infrequent and largely perlunc- 11 was reuuceu , v i ... i maintain order and protect the torv. with only minor officials on S. sugar mowers. began breaking up quickly after demonstrations Miesc were as nothing, however, compared P| , psjf)f , n , hanf| ^ M State Dop81 ., mf , nt re . Started around the Parliament building and po- with the problems laced bv the state m reaching T|)r Monrjav mon ,i nK quarter- Blll no ... ,,,„.,„ ,. ommHnf i I)(K , „ , „ n , ,,,„ nminrills „„, . i f • \ I ' ' ' * I ' ' u»Jiiiv/v% 11 j t.^s s. 'Ji 11 j 11 n i n i !".'.-• i IJO1 I \\olllr> wl llll> (MillIMJlI> JJ* •>" lice headquarters. agreements with, for instance. Mississippi I bil( . ks now arr savinK that the:,. S(1|risps arp vcry wterrn\. sihiniv Thr information is has The riots yesterday were designed to stave Co., whose problems were added to by several President shouldn't have agreed, Sjm , p ^ disclosure ot the ,. e . mioimauon off activation of the treatv, which nevertheless changes through the years in the road's basic 1 to go in the first place. But '"^i (pd ' . md conception. invitation was extended - -' facilities: I"' 10 * h ™. ..™ ru **^. . ™L™ \ plans? the " CPXs "ar'e "compre- l '«"»' p '- nieasums under stu- raising the issue of Drew Pearson's Merry Go-Round Could Have Saved Summit WASHINGTON — There's a ing voice, that Eisenhower had i the President to call on Khrush- secret report in the State De- rnade no of f or t to see him to ;<*«'• Ike - however, refused, partmenl regarding the failure ( , x|) |. |jn thr sn> .plane incident. Klinishrhev Got Sore of thr summit' conference which. Hp ^ smar)jn ffom , he fact The refusal made Khrushchev Sen. Jack Kennedy '»'**««-,„„, R||sslan ai , hafl bwn vio . indignant. Having been spurn- " Intricate trades of propertv and facilities between private owners also were involved in went through the proper channels. The Japanese doubtless will continue thinking more about the seriousness of their action in driving the President of the United States the 'long series of negotiations now ncaring an . o ,. rl ,, T erl thai started Ihe Sofrom their .shores in their efforts to head end, which will open the way for calling of bids viol premier and his agents on; ...._ .. ..-.. _. h h sjd f the ]l>on , , i to Russia of U2 reconnaissance tune when Khrushchev was on . , ,-™-, v „ . ... .. .. .. .plans, the CPXs are compre- fnendlv terms with the United'. . . ... . . , , hensive. and carefu ly orgam/.ed dy include long before the events mid staged operations that are Soviet dumping in Ihe United away carried out \vith utmost earnest-'Nations. A m h a s s a d o r Henry p ar j s (| 1;ll no vvould have ex- chusetts ought to lay hfs llanns j a|p( j )us( i,pf ore he "was suppos- ( ' (l i' p S«rding his willingness to on. It strongly reinforces his:^'— f]is( . (|ss ^ j n ' Paris ,sit down with P^isenhower per- hand against the gibes of h's. NpVPrtneless he indicated that i ««>""»>'. Khnwhchev upped his Democratic rival, Sen. L>-ndon' th . ( , mlld bp smoothed ovp ,,jterms. He. in turn, refused to Johnson. jf on|y , ne two men could talk 'mert with Eisenhower as part of When Kennedy had the spunk pr j va tpl.v tlle B 'S Four on Monday, May to stale, after the tragedy of; ^ Khnishchev insisted; 16 ' He dplayed fte «««««»« lactic of demonstrations off the treaty They may have thought about on paving of the road within the city limits. it by now—even the students who appeared to Highway designing and building, though friendly in Ameri.-a.^Bul thon. be the center of the rioting. complicated enough, is comparatively simple. " ls <ls (>( • w '> Elections which Premier Kishi is represented ; It's clearing the way that's tough. canceled alter the sum Victor Riesel Says Crippling Defense Strikes On June 15 following Joe Fin-.mocracy. It wa* a dark day for Workers which started June 6: waking hour, his Irishjour defenses. Khrushchev had At the vital Kdwards Air Force ness by the high-placed civilian Cabot Ijxige favors going furth- p,. PSSP d his "regret" to Khrush- un- „„_, _. :1 . ,_, (i( a|)(J jnc ,| uc )i n g (he whole question of Russian infiltration in Cuba. Meanwhile Castro, in one of his hours - long radio - TV harangues, p r o u d I v announced and military participants. Kiisis of these training proh- ll lp jleins is assumed large - scale . \> l l\J llf chev over sending a I "_> spy. plane |w . over Russia on (he eve of the{ ajr that Eisenhower, as the man! who had publicly taken resnon- opening until a plenary session v|o))i Russian make -, he finjt l ' •*• nuclear attacks. President have Irip immediately mil conference in Pans col- These theoretical strikes in lapsed'.' If he had done so. he volve both bombers and inter I rill i">|J4i^t. Jim.^L j i inr\t tin-, summit conference, Johnson l»'o-j ;(pproadl He niarie it clear ceeded to needle Kennedy in campaign speeches. Wilhout men "' OVP ,. [ 0 tioning Kennedy's name he could be called. By that time Eisenhower was worried, ready to make concessions. But' it was too late. would have disappointed Ihe peo- mediate and inter-continental bal- of the Philippines. Formosa lisiic missiles, directed at key crip- negans -— 6 ..... ....... -- - ^ jn Cnllfomia onf> fl|M temper took over from his skill- said he would bury us. The At H.. sUppnK0 .. , IOKS )n timpl ed sense of velvety diplomacy. ; miral said he had heard thrj fmm rvrrv ( ,,, v of strik dny A l and Korea. He could, on the Russian centers and other other hand, hardly have gone phng targets. to some Far Eastern countries \\|,i|e the Kremlin's grei .,.,., ji»i ' HI fAUJVJ l"< I'lCllllllllK inai i i c~ni~ al hod with us and not lo Japan. clo . ir mmmmd po st is sup e,-sec- dpnt Aclolfo L * Mateos .- sol . Hence the question ol just how, ret . NA TO authorities never- „ , v Dromised mp h e will of- to abandon the Irip became a lhol( , ss j™,, auitp a bit about ""/,.' ''f'," delicate one. Mr. Eisenhower ficiall.v visit Cuba that Russia will publish a "col- sno tited at his audience: "Would lection of my H d d r r s s c s and other statements." (o ([m{ you have expressed your regret |||m to Khrushchev.' Do you want a ' And Castro's puppet President Dorticos. since returning from nu " : Mexico, is claiming that Presi- inan for president who would apologi/.e to Khrushchev?" Since then an interesting report on the summit failure has, that he was not going to drive; Macmillan was so upset by ^ Amor1can embassv I Eisenhower's refusal to see Fispnhowei . the Pres i.,K)imshchev that he commented haye to ' come to see privately that Ike had waited too | ong . If he had acted in time hf could have saved the conference, Macmillan said. Prime Minister Macmillan promptly relayed this message, to Eisenhower. He also urged '-earning of Macmillan's re... —__ mark. Eisenhower made some critical remarks of his own Up to that moment it had been sound a black mornmi; for tin tion's defense production of most everything needed to counter-punch an attacking enemy. omiuiinist guns t \\ r Korce Rase (Cape was ready to take the risks, but the abandon the Irip became „ mp ,|, ss imou- mmp a rm annm.,. ... ( .. ,, , • fn future." Dorticos is giving no This mlorniation includes pho- i n ,|i,..,iinn hrm nt<-n- lhal liitin-e ,. _ , „ . . lapanese government final- ,,,,-ranhs- of both the CP )n d na-iwha. he heard convinced him CamiV'erah three-qtmrters« r,- a , v a(lmit(pd MlaMt might not b , ^ J f ? f CP ' Inrt of [that Khrush.-hev meant that asiriay for each strike day. At Van- . ||||(> ^ ( . (m|n)| ^ m ^ .unoundinK more than a hit of Red rhetoric 'denherg Has--, one-thud .if a day AS ^ {.^^^..(^u (lf ^ - fleet ,s becoming obsolete .lor each strike day. At the War- rhuso ,; ' Hepublican, said is. dnnlil f , ist j r til j,; continued.; ren (Intercontinental Ballisti During the previous day, Finne- we would be burying ourselves. Missile) Air Force Base the loss gan, the Federal Mediation Finnegan and the Admiral |pft; is llalf a fll .' v for nwl '- v strikp > Board chief had heard pained after 15 minutes , tla - v - At .,?, l ! ut cries from the Pentagon above <;on.pany and union men bar-. ]™~ ™ .gamed all day \\ednesday and Mllns "' a Ul< -^ massive underground relies in Ihe center of an ;\j. (| .j ( 1)11 clalioralelv camouflaged a n d Wednesday alter llerter's testi- heavily guarded VJ-mile region, iinonv. Ihe President's recent Th( , installations are more than , Ail .i tl ' HVPIs " di(l nnl havp negotia- 1L . 0 f PPt underground, with three- !titm as thpir P' lr f K1>lp anrt th( ' n '- working and living facilities for the roar of Japanese rioters. i un . sf|nv of' Friday andi« strike. Finnegan decided the time had , h(>n mp , ea ,., y S ., Un ^ ny j n thei ^^c are permanent come to get some crippling de-i Mediation Board's field offirp!"' 1 "'"'*^ lo tlu> F™t*K<™ plan- conference and "h r e a k u |." <™"K (iivision offiflprs who workrooms Tlie laller a,e the ones «'<' "P tllfl »'B'" 1 « >S fo '- nlp Y(1 'to which each side goes separale- ">mcwherc flown the line Ihcre and Vice Admiral \\«llHce M. ,,, , ri dis ,. u<;s ,| IP other's nrw:«''*' sllrl1 imperfections in mn s y s t e m of labor - management bargaining that at one tense strikes settled. Later that morning, Wallace to .•w of lim ' ( '° lll(i not Nl 'PP |ant thp norni around .",00 persons a! diplomatic processes." The An Intelligence report describes losses • MHSsa < l|ll ' sf%tls senator added: thp fT a<; a . lrohot r||y .. nnf , whp » lho lrrm 'personal •• HU |omHtion showcase" with tho presidential diplomacy 1 is used. nlos , niodern communication nm . in ,, hi it must be applied spedficallv P( , 1M pn,ent Unking i. no, only ,„„„'' v. m l,assa,lo, de Torrenle .o a siliiiilii.ii like the Pans sum wl(h ,, V( ,,. V , );u ., ()f Ulls , ja ,„„ llH -' on - Ainu.iv.iiw. .nit iiK-elnm. rather'than loss, -n ul ,h the satellites and lied Chi- Foreign l-'lasln-s Argentine's fe'N Ambassador Amadco. who is pressing Ihe complaint there against Israel in Ihe Adolf Kichnuinn case, was once connected by the United States with Nu/is in Argentina in Ihe State Department's historic "Blue Book". Swiss Ambassador rle Tonente is returning home lo retire after •10 years of diplomatic service, three years in Wash- been written by Ambassador AI tOllEveilillpTelegrapll indicating that the British prime Randolph Burgess, former und-; minister was an appeaser. This r>|.unr.|.nt'ii*v nf thn tl-oncilin. „„...' PUbllSMPlI UailV hv AltOO Telfigiaph .... , ,. eisecietai-> of the tiensuiv, now Printing Company did not go down well. U.S. ambassiidor to NATO in p B const I-Y Puhiishrr n i i.- • m ,- . £ , „,.,,. r, i. , ' LULIM.I.T, i iinnsner However, when Foreign Min- Paris. Sen. Wi ham Fu brigh . and Ktilior , 0 , , , . . , jiii lstfi1 ' Selvvvn Llovd came to who was pressured by Johnson snh, ( npilon Pike :io rents weekly \\ . .!,;„ „„„' f n ' av\Tn not to be critk-il of Fisenhower bv Crtrner h> '"»» «>« » v««ir with "^Inngton 'o> - the ist-ATO con- not to DC iitu u ol Kis.nnovvci ,„ 10{ , m(les su beynnri 1()() mj|cs 1(M . on( , c , |u , President gave Mat , his [(robe of the Paris fias- Mail subscriptions not accepted in ,, . , . . . . , lowns where carrier delivery .nilllan a belated private apolo- i« available in co. never took lime to dig into a lot of things. So he never discovered this report. Khrushchev Was Aniciialile However. Ihe report bears out Kennedy that the summit conference might well have been saved by a frank face-to-face Entered a« second class matter at the post office at Alton. III. Act of Congress. March .'I, 18 i MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Beakley, former head of tin ())t ,,,.„ Finally Seventh Fleet off yuemoy and;jagged in Ihe unions own now the Navy's Deputy Chief of 1 *'"" '"' (1 ' lf> around casuallv as a description Mi> ils WP || Started in lll.vl. Ihe of those breakup moment lust Wednesday morn- Operations, drove Mediation Board's at 441 G St. in ovcr to the field office rooms thai some of the leaders strikes had paralyzed mi slugged it out with their fists '''par ship construction: six of everything Ihe President does outside the borders of Ihe I'nil ed Kti«tes. Good-will missions, el furls lo convince far-flung peo redoubt was complet lull new cunsli'iieliiiii d pies of the basic unity of free everywhere, travels to de monstrale Ihe dynamic beliel of After punching each other, ihryini^ilo bases, and production ol m|>n Washington aglWl( on a common front "'^ All()as - S P- V satellite, the Sa There some 35 men awaited [against tl ompanv Fmall.v lvms ">''»« machine, the Discov |m , ^.^ ^^ ^ „,„.,,, .„., them - all but 10 representedj at 1wo „-,., 0( . k sMndav Ihe strike «'« i r and Polaris flying bombs. {h ^ ^ ^ (I( , |N I|)( , M the Af^L-CIO Marine and Ship- W as .settled, \\hidi side won 01 lhfl PnK'»^ s fO1 ' lhe nav °V , lfip( , n|)f) SJX(in Ml ( . |( , d|1 building Workers Union which i ost j, „,„ ,|,,, |J()m , \\hat is im- ( ''' 0( ' kp " •'•"<! l|f)llllfl I 1o 8 missiles ^ ( ^ ^ .. had sti-uck the Bethlehem Steel portani ,s thai me public losi. •""' tnp "cradles and checkout . : . Co. shipyards lor almost .'1 M O ( the least of the in.iury to weeks at a cost of .some V10.0UO.- the punhc is the expeiise of live (01 and the looms" for our only operational U'H.M. the Alias. A "checkout Plonetorium ATROSH 53 VaUfhof IV „•*.!» mth. - viA """" » niirt •"' « iiigh' sky . . ,. ., . *4r'*' i **«^ f. sou,, -to! BMV,:,,-!,,. that on constructed a modern chancery and established himself as one ol Die most popular diplomats in III. capital. . I I'N.II (III- Mil!! S-. nil, ,11. In. . Answer to Previous Puzzl* . ,, , . ,. A , ,r, . rne Associated Press n exclusively talk between Ike and Khrush- entitlpd to the use fm- publication of chev. And if the Paris confer- a "' Ilews <Ji»Puf'-iie* crediied in Hiis n«pei antl to ihe local news pub ence had been save there would luhpd heioin. have been no humiliation in To- M,-:MHI R. THI; AUO kv. HI RL.M 01- CIRCULATION 000 in wages and scores ol mil- a ce Federal mediators sitting at '°°'"." sl ' r h as exists at Warren lions in business lost by tne com- ion sessions with company am) Air Force Base near Cheyenne, is ^_ ^_ Pany. i-nion officials And lens of .nous Ihp hpavi| V protected, electron- fmm ^ ^ ^^ Most vital yard was the sup- ands of dollars worth of long dis- l(>allv equipped area where the of er-modem installation — one ofitance phone calls clerical help Atlas is 8 iven a «'omplete going the world's besi - the Quincy, and travel charges. ' 1)Vel before il is l>ois' e *l <« "> e Mass., construction do ( 'ks It There is little way to make l )ad ' or a counter-punch. was needed not only for comule-j up the time lost during these If we ™ntinue this "slippage." tion of a struck nuclear cruiser ! deadlocks In addition to the re- we '" fa " ri * M on our democra and destro>er then-, but for new,cord 149-days on nuclear fighting ships to ij<- built under: s hip^. t usl look at the losses in the still unannounced '61 pro- |) u missile and aacraft strike* of gram. Joe Finn :yan was blunt the International Assn. of Main a short speech which might dum-ts and (lie I'niu-d Auto c.v and Khrushchev won't need to bury us. We'll do it all by ourselves '.O I960. The Hail bvndiCrte. Inc. 1 well serve all Ibbor-r negotiators Ironi now on He said it swiftly - aii n-h. >ou huv«- lOUgbt each other within youi * lights for over live months Now Eternal (l the government and the public Thine own. KIV < n A. rru\vr College Te»l Iteport IOWA CITY, lovva iAP> — A total of W>i colleges and univer sjties participated in the Amen , can College Testing Pro^ruui > I Mrst year. Jean Paul Mullier AC1 is In lie Moll (I n| i mil si 1 that Mr. Klsenhovver n-ceivecl liemendous welcomes m India and Pakistan and in l.aiin Amei ica. llieie is much lo be ^ain.'d )I heads stair. In fact, if ill. pivsi dent's missions had not been .so successful in other countries, the invitation to Mr. Kisenhower to visit Russia its-elf would not have been canceled by the Soviet premier. Also the conimun ist regime in Moscow would not iiave tell it licet»,nv In sill up trouble by instructing its agents in the Far F.ast to help oiBani/e mobs to cai r.v on hostile demon strtitions. Kill when all is said and don. are American ideals and a-piid- tions i m pa ned because ihe Pi.s iiient of the t'nited Stales is tor the time being uusiu costni m carrying out his mission oi bf 12 J'rrni h ri\ *f 13 Pe*i Gynt's mother 14 Pirpoti'ian 16 Pluto ua* the - plan^t 4itcovtr«4 by astronomer* II MMdow ITNiunal rhaontlf II Kvist 19 Fart n II Dn m( command JJTatti* (arm 14 Sootr,ja\»r« The leport reveals that when AI|\PMI,HII Prime Minister Macmillan c-all-'' riu l '"^ jrnid ' ion "" appiu dtum ,n ed on Khrushchev. Sunday. Alay, KU.,I Br'imd'wJy. Au'on''"iii""\aiionli la, in a desperate effort to sal- Adverlisl "i Represeniatives ihe ever. cerl; \'age the conference, Khrushchev' I'lncago rjptrol! Atlani.-i. Dallas Al Kansas si had pleaded, almost in a whin- »'* gy. He told Lloyd he did not really mean to call the prime minister of Kngland an appeaser. jNOTK—The latter part of this is not in the NATO report received at the State Department. Opposite Sides of the Kiver Though the Mississippi Rivei separates Tennessee and Arkans as geographically those two slates are parallel southern slates, both bounded on the nortJi b> the :;uih degree of latitude \Mien it conies to politics, how tin Tennessee and are completely opposite. l%0. Bell Syndicate, lac.) M1KKOR OF YOUR MLND " I08 ' PH "" 1TNEY J O'ir *«r'n If 'h» 10 M'i'teiirt* 34 Anoints rvarnmilc 36 P^nn nil 11 PruDotriM^ carritr* 1» Monti! S7Hmd»rt < onctptioRi] IS Sum 10 Small pliMt 40 Hif h-itruaf I Bargain tvtJQt ;M f'iil«r 43 Rod 6 Kmp'ov »r IS Sea d>.ck» 44 Inland 27 Piu ales (ib.) 45 Rrquirt J8 M»s' dish 48 Pillar 33 Femirnnt Ml i \Viidau app*njt on r»ar 3 Agreement 4 Rot Aaxby •xpoaurt Wlni art mindful ol t Thv jiracc lo Ihosf want thi* settled In Uie nanie ot who* 1 strengib yrows less as their) president, reports dw United States, Finnegan told vears grow mou Krve,,l to ilienr More than 12.YUW high si hool stu Uwra not to get away Horn ihat Hi. sources of ,,.,,-nu.v and peace, (ieiils participated. friendship and eood will C,n th bargaining table until they had Through the discipline of patience Mather, who came to ACT from jt . K . • .. itttled. uav ihe.v be drawn to Thee Al 'he presidency of the Universit> : Tb«& Admiral Beaklev took eventune mav tlu n l« h-hi for of Massachusetts, hailed the pai gvur. It's fine, he said, to en- ihem (iive them HH unclouded sun- ncipation as "ama/ingly rapid! jfty th* privilege ol tree collec- s. i with its pium.'se of a lair to- conlirmauon ol the needs met b.v i tive bargaining. But now the morrow; in J<-sus' name .\inen the program." It tests college- had com* to make certain —Joseph P. Si/oo Washington L).. bound high school seniors 21 Hubbub* 21 U>i ( ht of Poland 30 Scatter 3) KM 32 Beroie 31 Nanow *trip« of wood IS i« on the •pace ut 3t Doctrine of this countrv hi wiped out overnight bv a tyob instigated b> Ihe communists' The 41 ] na , answer will eventually be given b> peoples evervv.heie who love includuig the that we produce the weapons r, Af*l. initiated bv an agency ol themselves, when tliev ful- ' professor of i eligion, George «». .,...,-.r U u> a.. - BI -,R-.* u. , ^4^.^ the lr 1( , k . W.hico will pieswve toe free Washmgion Univei>it>. Hie .-Mate I niver.-nv ol Iowa, is to W* can enjoy >jl IMO *>yg£» Division of cijriju.jB be incorporated as au indepentent all the i-ffti'f'fd risks ot •-•••—•'— ...—... - .. i niiion itonai council of ib« nrn ...... ( , ,. nni brut io th« b. S. A ) i non-piofit agency. s of their own government in jthe face of threats of violence I (C 1MO N- Y. Htra.a Iiioanc. la^.n 42 Kxnauit i6 i ons mt4 «7 Charge 49 Mineral reek (0 Pia>er endmf |) The uoiv«r«e though some may do so througji in diffi icnee. Siudirs have noted thai chtaiina 111 elenientai-j schools WJIMS from classroom to class loom, drpending on pupil-teacher relationships. As a rule, cheating at a minimum when the teacher is respected and esteemed, at us worst when an opposite relationship exists. I no you IOM part Answer: V. s. loss of nuinoiv amnoia > mav be paitial »ucli as insiiii; ones nvmorv lor colin>, sounds liani. s. etc.: and ev.n in lota! amnesia >uch Fixed hahiu 3± leading, w riling and v^alking are remembered. When amnrMu i« caused b.v a seveit . motional i on fhct memorv usually icturtis when the coiitlict is resolved When a suiierer from amnesia caiiuoi lemeniber his name lie is uauallv facing, a situation so lwpele»s no luiiu thai eveu his iJentiti biaoks out. at your UIHUOI-.V? U« MMU* teftrtwrt Ao»\trr: t'heatuig has p been encouraged b.v the recent pavola and quiz-rigging scandals. However few. if any teachers de- nvourage chenling al- Kicg F»4tarca iiofl . lac ) U bypaoUkm of vtilt* In obesity? Answer: OnJ> in carefully selected > a*es. Dr. Ruth Oakley, at the »N Y.I General Ho»P*Ul itctntiy pointed out 'h?' the Use of negative hypnotic suggestions in treating obesity can cause great harm. She said wiMV patients are hypnotised into fi iff'' k i;iy the ittste of favorite food*, th«y often find favorite substitute*• When h v vpnotists unplaiu tbe Ulu»ion of txjuig full of food, *qm* patients trv to VUlUit foouj ^jy>ij|gn their stomachs ai-e empty. *T k

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