Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 23, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1960
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EVENING Serving the Alton Community for More than 124 Years <• •. 1 Established January 15, l&S Vol. ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1960 36 PAGES 56 Pit Copy Member of Ttw Aiwdtttd LIGHTNING KILLED G0LFEH Japanese-U. S. Pact Kaitifie Kishi Will Resign as Premier Leftists Thwarted By Quick Action By GKNK KKAMEIl I TOKYO (AP) — Prime Minister Nobusuke Kislii jtoday put into effect a new 10-year military alliance jbetween the United States and Japan—the major goal 'of his 3 1 -j-year regime—and announced he would resign. i Kishi. for weeks the target of ty also felt their country should j fanatical demonstrations by radi- not be aligned with cither side ical students. Socialists. Comniu- in the cold war. iiists and labor forces, sot no date Although the leftist demonstra- No. 9 green on golf course of West- photo by Paul Lynn shows radial lines lake Country Club at leneyville where which indicate how force of the bolt was August C. Costa of Stannton was killed dispersed, by lightning, Wednesday afternoon. This Golfer Killed by Lightning As Winds, Rain Lash Area A Staunton man was killed by.ibolt, said Jacoby, apparently;Ronald Housel. 1914 Burling Dr., ceremony arranged secretly to lightning on a Jerseyville golf was transmitted from the iron-! but caused no damage, fire-1foil plans of Japanese left-wingers for his Designation. But a spokes-, |JOJUj Joj . ced Kjshi to ca]| off man said the Cabinet would tnjilj |dent Eteennwve( .. s vis1t to Japaili ,en masse as soon as Kishi's Lib-;^ pr^fa. stubbornly refused to eral Democratic party decides oti: dissolve Parllanlent and makc tlle his successor. treaty the issue in a general elec- Approval of the Liberal Demo-.tfon. cratic choice is a certainty, since 1n a , asl . ditt . h c , tfort . lhc lpft . the party has a majority in both jsts had threatened to b , ockadf , houses of Parliament. But consid- thp us Pjmbassy and , hn foreign erable trading between rival fac- minislry to heep MacArthur and tions may be necessKry before nijiyan , a fron) m(!Ct m g for (lie agreement ratification exchange. This is how The new U. S.Japan security; tney werc thwarted: pact went into force at a hurried-! _..,..-,. ,. , ,, ,, President Eisenhower and U.S. Secretary of State Christian A, Herter signed the formal mstru- and 4 answered the call at 7:27 troversial treaty. play,.vvhea. a first storm struck*|* { They returned to the course, resumed play, and had nearly completed the round when the second storm struck. Was Putting Jacoby said he had been informed that Costa was in the act of putting when the lightning struck. The shock of the U.S. Ambassador Douglas Mac-: the President left on his Far East- scorched by the bolt of lightning,! At 7:3 ° P- m - engine company! Arthur TI and Foreign Minister and the composition handgrip j N °- 3 investigated power lines JAjichiro Fujiyama met at: Fuji-! ern trip but left the dates blank. was burned to a crisp. Mrs. 'Calcari and Mrs. 1 Costa were taken to Jerseyville Community Hospital for treatment and then released. Calcari, most seriously, injured of the three, wag admitted and remained then today. At 9 a.m. today his condition had improved. Costa is a .partner with his two brothers in the Staunton DaiTyj and Calcari is a vegetable distributor in Staunton. Costa's body was removed to I IMJ. o uivtrdugcueu (juttd iiiicsi ^** J1 -' 11J v lujvcunn jut... en. *• uji f anari i down at Franklin and Pleasant! yama's heavily guarded residence; p ' streets. T\vo minutes later No.'and exchanged documents cover- '• As soon as the W1 " te House! course as wind and rain lashed shafted club through the man's men said. Engine companies 2jto delay final action on the con-i . ',%.„ __*,«„_„..,. !,„,„„" Alton, Wood River and nearby|arm to his body. --' ' J " " '-' *"-" ments ° f U ' S ' raWlcataon before areas late Wednesday afternoon. The steel of the club wasiP-" 1 Wood River area and Upper Alton bore the brunt of storm damage to property and trees. August C, Costa', 49, was killed instantly and his wife and another couple were knocked to the ground and stunned when, a bolt of lightning struck the ninth green at Westtake Country, Club during the electrical storm af 7:20 p.m. Wednesday. Injured were his wife, Mrs. Frances Costa, and their golfing partners, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Calcari. Coroner Rodney C. Jacoby of Jersey County told the Telegraph that the foursome discontinued SECURITY PACT DOCUMENTS SIGNED Ambassador Douglas MacArthur, left, ami curtly Pact at the Foreign Minister's heavily guarded. Japanese Foreign Minister Aiichiro Fujiyama, right, sign the documents ratifying the new U.S.- Japan 8e- official residence in Tokyo. Japanese official at center is unidentified. (APWirephoto via radio from Tokyo) 1 company investigated wires do\vn in the 1600 block of Nolte place. Union Electric was summoned to make repairs in eacli instance. At 9:18 p.m. lightning struck the. <home 'of Enlow Ringor, 2520 Clawson St., and knocked a hole tog their governments' ratifica-;P honed Eisenhower in Hawaii tiou of the treaty. ; Wednesday that the U.S. Senate The exchange immediately' had ratified the treaty, the Presi-j made the pact effective, contin-i dellt messaged Ambassador Mac- uing the U.S.-Japanese military (Arthur to insert the dates on the alliance, giving the United States i documents, military bases in Japan at least Arrangements were quickly for tiie next 10 years and pledg--made for the ambassador and thcj in the roof. Firemen of. No. 4 j ing the United States to defend foreign minister to meet at Fuji- company said the lightning Japan against attack. Artificial Appropriation for Ike Feels Respiration g a j u p ar k y o t e d Talks,Tours Saves Dog yama's home, and not at the for-j struck the television antenna' Japan's left wing had been eign ministry as the left-wingers ; \villiam Cunnm™lv»in of r »2(j Albv ' fand followed it to the roof. jstaging huge and sometimes vio- expected. Newsmen were fid of j gl rpvived llis pe \ chihuahua dog The molion 1>or tnc action - 'Councilman Clyde Wiseman and; I The Alton City Council Wednesday night suspended its rules 1 'and increased the appropriation for the Park Board by.$'.26,422 > to finance improvements in Salu Park. Jacoby Fungal Home here! and Varies was.f Staunton' Rainfall within a 10-mile radi- ' Jacoby said an inquest is pending. Alton Firemen Called Alton firemen received four calls in a two-hour peiiod, from 7:27 p.m.'to 9:18 p.m., as a result of the storm. Lightning struck the home of us of downtown Alton varied from a. third of an inch at Alton dam to 2 Upper Alton, j Hartford reported slightly less man a half-inch. Wood River lent demonstrations for a monflrthe plans less than an hour before) ^ing mouth-to-mouth artiflcal res- against the treaty, contending it the ceremony. might involve Japan in a war be-i Three police patrol cars and 13 piration at 12:45 p.m. Wednesday after the dog hud hanged himself tvveen the United States and the I truckloads of police guarded the """ u , ™* """ ™" ' , " Springman listed such items in. appropriation by the revised | ">« diplomacy ana good will trav- Sovlet Union or Communist Chi- residence. But there was no sign!, 011 h ,™AT":, ,, I ^ l«»c total in discussing the mo-'amoum, Day voted a«ainst: lhe.' p|s inevitable despite the hazards. Market St. Proposal Referred to Committee Soviet Union or Communist Chi- residence. But there was no sign na. Some members of Kishi's par-' of leftist demonstrators. Later 300 weary, dispirited left-! made by Councilman Jerome• Councilman Maynard Uster vot-l Springman, did not specify items ing for the full amount. in the improvement project. On the motion to raise the| in " le Springman listed such items in. appropriation by the revised J niit . diplomacy and good will trav- By JOHN SCALI HONOLULU (AP) - President Eisenhower beh'eves his successor House will find sum- ,, , , , | J' OI . , "a\ynoin, iiaiuma. Cunnin Kham Had parked Ins car . had an inch. Godfrey varied: TODAY'S CHUCKLE from 1 inch in the westerly section to inches in the north part of the township. Union Electric Co. crews in A lot of today's troubles arise from workers who don't think and thinkers who don't work. the foreign held *» "'"fll 1 lie lion bl|t pointec | out tha , such motion. Eisenhower's views were report- costs arc only estimates and if Discussion of Hie two motions icd today as the President went .some savings are effected more indicated that both Wiseman j golfing for the fourth time in four in front of| Another 1,-:' town Hibiya Park for Michiko'f 01 " 11 ' " 1P dog had Mod { ° •" ump j According lo the cost esti^proverncnt lo Salu Park while trip. uork than estimated may be and Lister favored immediatejdays, relaxing from thc rigors of implementation of the full im-;his controversial Far Eastern Kamba, '22, a girl student who Alton were working until 3 a.m.i <© i960. General Features Corp.) was killed in a student riot at Considerable discussion preceded City Council action Wednesday night refemng to the committee as a whole a proposal to request that Illinois Division of Highways undertake an engineering study for the use of Market street as a route for the connection of Clark Bridge and ™ em ' is dislurbed today in an effort to repair! storm damage .and restore pow-i er to areas affected by thej storm. Around 200 customers; were without electrical service | at one time or another last night as a result of the thund-i ierstorms and .high winds, John; the j Dippel, distribution engineer, i Parliament June 15. into the front seat and because thej matc figures as presented toiSpriiiKimni took the stand that He teed off in the bright Hawaii- JPs Invited to Discuss Salaries Under New Plan leash wasn't long enough, the dog| counc j|men earlier, the $26.422'the city should do part of the an sunshine on a closely-guarded i,ori i,,,nr,o.i .icnir 'would provide funds for con-i program first and see the re- j course, nestling on the edge of the had hanged itself. Joe Cunningham (no relation) of jGrafton, a state employe and ex! farmer, was nearby on his lunch i break. He instructed the dog's own; er on how to attempt revival of struction of diagonal walkways!.suits prior to further improve- through the park, four barbe-j merits. Springrnan expressed cue units with roofs, a basket-j the opinion that occasionally the bill! court, an office and storage Council is inclined to "go overbuilding, a hose bib and pad, j board" and make such im- Pacific, on the other side of the mountain from famed Waikiki Beach. Eisenhower shunned all outside failure of the highway depart-1 told the Telegraph this morning! ment to answed Watt's letter.: KDWARDSVTLLK - Justices None of the areas affected > 0 f HIP neace and cnn<tuhlp« - cn He also is desirous of knowingiwere on- main lines, he added. : townshps ov the what the highway department, Anione mc areas without serv-i ^ "be insulted at C nT route the: ices were the following: Claw-i here nwrt Tucsd;iv evenlng m son street north of Brown; Nolte salaly recommendations for the Councilman Clyde Wiseman place, about 10 homes were af- wanted to know the present fected; Sanford avenue, about 10 set up in the county be paid an annual salaiy of $4,000. with an i the dog on which no pulse or heart ! a Softball backstop, and lighting iprovcmcnts "too tine.' i beat could be found. The dog was I for the area. Lister said that because the 1 revived after 15 minutes. Unless savings are effected, : improvement is the first step Joe Cunningham, Bishop told the, to enable further items in the! of a plan for further such pro............ 'improvement to I* included injects throughout the city, the peace elected in each district i reporter, had used this artificial respiration method before on livestock. The dog's owner said that this year's work, left out of i Salu the total Park project should be quickly so that Al 1 appointments while resting. In the afternoon, he arranged to work a bit more on the report* he has promised the nation of his flying visits to Korea, Formosa, Jhe Plu'lippines and Okinawa. This, 1 major television - radio minuet, sdidiy ui ji.uw. wiui an stot . k . The dog's owner said that the total improvement as ; completed quickly so that AN' T -„ u «•"•"•»«•-»«««» r^™"^™™** 2 ™ f0r <« ^ Cunningham hadn't been planned will be gravel paths, Ionian* could see the complete T™*™L^L^™^L°" McAdams Highway to the Alton (plans of the state for the bridge I h o m e s were affected, Pvock the first year of operation. St. Louis offices when they are filled by election on a district basis next year, under a new state law, in- : there, the dog surely would have I perished. improved sidewalks along Wash-, job and know that such park ington avenue and Humbert facilities would soon be made The committee decided to con-, F 0 |i mv i n g the respiratimi, the street, parking areas, and a gar-'iivnilahlc in their o\\n neigh- Icr with representatives of the| doj , wa ]|{ ef j artm nd — a little vvob-Ulen area including a pool and borhoods. SI. Louis Bar Assn. for assist-1 bly but alive. the successes Eisenhower believes he achieved in his widely-acclaimed stopovers in these four areas. Tu Kt-porl On Blowup But he also will deal al some Ui-gingsUidy Market street, ant..some oltu,al commumca-1-osterbui^ a1 . ( , onfel . CIK:e h(W W ednes- <h- peace, route and a plea by Kaar. who.'tipn in wntine- One big knockout ««* at s ,,.n>. 0( , |u? bo;nfj Qf Municipalities in the county attended the meeting, that the, Day said fluhe feels that .off Central avenue on H-anklin.,^^. , egislation ( . oinm ittee may still elect police magistrates study be undertaken. :«* state doesn t know what Al- A tree fell on the wires on Cen-y,,, s , at( , s AUy Di( . k ,, Muclge ' a , le , the new Illinois legislation County Clerk Kulalia Hot/, takes effect next year. Kaar, speaking to the Council, said the GAAC does not want the Lochner plan, which would eventually provide a bridge exit overpassing Broadway and going up Langdon street. The con "' bridge-beltline situation because j circuit cutting off electrical] too many "Tom, Dick, and Har-^services to residents on Milnor., rys" are going to Springfield injMaupin and Franklin. Tb. sm- ! In the past each of the 2J Gov William G. Slratlon last Favorites Survive InTournev . "V?'J".- t '" ' S ~ '' The City Council, the mayor pointed out, is the body that nection with Langdon, under the £' ™ "«; 1S "* °™y l hould " )nfer N>th the stale or plan would be at 3rd! street, am) Kaar suggest-1 on » latter and In other instances two street lighting circuits were out. One was in Upper Alton from Wash- townships in the county has bcenj" 10 " 1 " si S» pd inlu law legisla- ^ entitled lo elect five justices I licm wh ich provides for nomin- {,'avorites survived the lii'st , . . A I „ ._ ^ 1' _' t •- .. . - - f A.I . . . I round ol semifinal play in the J7th annual Illinois Women's Stale Clolf Tournament al Loi-k- liaven country club this morn- rock formation. Wiseman suggested that the Karlicr a motion to approve people of the city would hot , ., ... ,. ... an appropriation to finance the object to ar, increase in taxes! 11 .'" 81 ' 1 ,;" 111 «« MW mudi-publi- .entire project this year was de- j| they could see the completed 11 '' 1 ''' Wimu l J °* n "> Planned feated by a 2-L' vote. Council- improvement project. man (Jeorge Lamincrs had been Day look the stand that mon- ,.,. , , , , . , . ;called from the meeting earlier;ey is already available in the . Kls '- Illlout ' r hus _ scheduled his when a tree had fallen across appropriation ordinance to '' Sf " ?f>( '' °' sonu ' tinie next the building housing his busi-: nance the project and that ness lirm. Mayor p. W. Day i new lax. of any kind, is not and Springman voted against; necessary to finance the im- . 'the lull-amount motion with'provcment. , , of thc peace and five constables I ation of JusHces of the peace and T""-in addition to police magis- ( ' ollstabl( '- s nt ' xt > eui ' at party s held in justice districts of to be established by boards. Justices of the peace county elected within major ington north and the other was "'fipalities. Washington and North San- Th(> '"'" lliu etteciiu- i which was back in by 12 MW, provides lor election „,; jmj a l(j , :es ol the peace and con- are re-: unsightly. P. W. Day told the Council that the state requires an indication of what the city wants as the connecting route prior to adoption of a bridge approach plan. The City Plan Commission report, earlier referred to the committee as a whole, had also asked for the route study. ^ Councilman Jerome Spiing- i ™j ~ ( j|£ t ^ man, by an amendment to the nection between the term high motion for referral of the Mark-| way ^ the ^j,,^ nab know yet favors. Springman also himself as dissatisfied with the communications between the city and state on the bridge-belt- line situation. Wiseman told the Council that he feels that earlier Council action in approving stage one of the Lochner report left the next 'move up to the state, but Day con- Doris Phillips, Belleville, Lana Kae Roberts, Disagree on Timing of Utility Tax Ordinance he Hies back to the White House this weekend. In Eisenhower's view, the gain registered in the capitals he was able to visit came because presidential tours provide an uneqlialtd opportunity' to demonstrate dramatically U. S. interest in individual countries. The next president, Democrat or Republican, may have to set off on such travels just as much us : •-•" • i_ I j r • *-*> tnv/i rj. ! lately of cleaning up and tak-i county board of supervisors urn- Additional Offlurn iing care of fallen limbs on pow-Powered to determine the size pow er lines, Dippel said this morning. (tlliuk Mercury Hip The Telegraph recording thermometer shows a temperature tall ol ;>7 degrees, (com 98 to 71, in c.,,.1, u en , as he has despite the pitfalls, he be. On the question of financing, es prior to collectiiii; the miJj-'h'eves. met in a torrid duelj the j mpl . OV e me nt to Salu Park, I ties tax. i One important reason dictating that saw the lead change hands | cj ty Cornell was divided Wed- The motion tailed by a 2-1'vote tms ' Eisenhower feels, la that The resolution adopted at Uie three times before Miss Phillips ! ne sday night. Mayor P. W. Day: with Lister and Day opposing, i they undoubtedly will he neces- J(jne bj)eL .. a] county bou ,. d i „,„„,«,. «"» ™& \u. ^s lt ^ aiy am rx|JLlu ' t 'meetiiig here provides, that in ad- 'the imal hole. auo»ance B 101 sucn oriicers. MiOiiuunj Populatlun won the 18-liole match on|and the three councilmen pre-j Wiseman directed Watt to pre-j **"'>' lo offset the personel ap- |sent. Maynard Lister. Jerome .pare a 3 per cent utilities tax Pearance tours of the Soviet Un- clition to one justice of the peace Miss Phillips .shot a 424U lor j Springman. and Clyde Wiseman, ordinance for him to introduce ' on>s fast-moving Nlkita KhTUSh- and one constable to be elected an 82 total, and Miss Roberts;agreed that a utilities tax at the next meeting. die" who shows no signs Of ilow- In a special meeting June 3, for each district set up ui theicarded 41M2 for an 84 total. [should U- studied, either as ai Tlie urging the preparation of j ing down his travels. tlie county board unanimously: county, an additional justice andj ^,. ^j,.^.-, ,»~... -" ~ •». "• uit cuiuuy uoaju unanimously county an aauiiionai justice; anui Miss Phillip- was meeting:means 01 increasing me ParK.sucn an ordinance. Wiseman cit-| **>• \-i hours after 6 p.m. The high- j adopted a resolution fixing the constable may be elected for|%j rs . p au | Dommers, Belvedere, Hoard tax rale while deereasiny! ed the need for haste in provid-i K is it temperature of thc year to j minimum population require each major traction of 20,000j in ,1^ se < 0 nd round ol *emi- tin general properly tax rate or, ing financing for the Salu Park! and his est date date was recorded at Alton jmeuts tor such districts at 20,- jwpulatkm unit ui eaiii district. (ina j ,,1;^ , h is allernouii •'»« d&"). thoutfli that top reading ol|OOU tor electing justices and con- Member ..f the board ol sup- v ,, x 'uommerfe elirnirialed th 95 degrees was still three de- stableb next year. nvisoj.- legislation committee Mi ". b ' B urbara Bt-m-kman Belle- es graes below tiie Wedwesdav liigli The board has vet tu dteidu meetin" here Wwlno.dav in .li>..i' ..'. .'".'. ' ( insurance .._„ . ls;da > high The board has yet tu decide meeting here Wednesday to _._ et street survey for committee ^ the s j tuation with re g ai .,j s to recorded at the Telegraph. on the number ol districts no bt «oiss piublems involved in (lie consideration, asked that infor- ;the ^.j^ approach since the Humidity was well over 70 set up and the number of jus- new justice-constable setup were.; raation from the Diviston of|L< x . nn8r p j an ^^ ^pptoved. j pei cem aui " in 8 ^ latter;tices and constables to be elect- Hairy A Bnggn, N'arneoki. cban- 1 JU11 oi Wednesda> afternoon and ed next year in each, as well as man: Fred N JohanntoseUel.! Highu'ays be obtained either by its representation at the committee of the whole session, or through a letter to City Man-! ager Graham Watt prior to the! meeting. Watt has written a letter to the department asking uuannation, and tlie letter is as Councilman Lister told Uie Council thai he is not disturbed by the budge approach, f \m\de Mutt* (made toe heat oppressive. Wednesday evening's storm]to be paid by the county. compensation far such oHicers Ne« Douglas: Orvil R. Oglesby tiiuunillk also because apparent determination to measure m improvement and other possible negotiate personalty a t the top 'lit that sonu property tax- financial coiilijigencies The that Elsenhower refused tO be- BeJIe- es levied are found improper Salu Park project, he pointed! h'eve that summit Conferences we .ilk I and '-' ibis morning | Couneilmi-n wen also unani- out. cannot be started until ti- dead. Uett-nuinu " champion Mi^ Iaous "' Admitting then know- nancint is provided He is known to share Secretary Luis Uratke LaOraaue scored ! ll ' f ' u '' '" "" ulililil ' s tax " lil11 ' Lister uolin « that '»c needs'of State Oulstian A. Herter's an ea»v 8 and'? urn over Miss, ' I( ' |J '""' "' M '''' kill » '"''Uiei in- to know more about tin mililies | vi*w that more empbasjfi shouM be ,, '.. . . .. , . ' ,. i formation on the levciiue produc 1 Penny Keriult. «'—•'"•'•' ••• <*•«. ' '» tax. said that he iny measure cawt* QHITl ittl u f AGB i* f»4Gf: U P4<i£ 3» Last Alton; T W. Francis. Gran>' onli "K l ' uund ' ^ lld n ' 4S lo meet ! Wiseman and Lislei was reported to,have caused flash The board is expected to take ite City and Kobert M MillerJ Mibs Barbiil ' a i > lol)t '- \\aukega Oooding at points in Piasa Chau-jaction on those matters within Alton ; in a " l^-holf niatch Uiis ulter- tauqua, summer resort northwest the next r*o months, after Uie Circuit judges, and iepiL.senta-' rux<n Miss Jjlobe deteated Mrs. deadline tor changes in voting'lives of the Madison County Bar!R°ben Davis. 01 Casey 3 and to study the mallei dUli-red ordinance is before nu u, ,, ...j i !nlo.,fir4 ««. t- • A .,. - ne would prefer | placed on trying to settle tangled atter "before tlie ' international problems via - of Alton. This morning another rain- .precinct boundailes storm struck in the Jerse>ville! board'b July session. al tiie Assn. have recommended that'-, 'his, morning five districts be established in sharply on which should first, the study or the oru Wiseman offered a resolution i propositkiii, .md told the Council which would have instructed Ci-'tliat there are sufficient fluids ;t> Manager Graham Watt lo pie- • appixipriatcd which will not be problems via gfiio- malic channels, espectaUy iy view Id come, Day also asked for more in-I of the Paris summit ""ilangf •(linaiice. t"i malion ou the utilities iax ; 6 TV F414K 3* | vicinity where the downpour One suggestion mud* at the the county t'oi -election of justices 'was described as a "yull>-waih- committee meetwg WedneoOay o( Uit,>«••" vva» Uiil the justk** gl Uie r ajid constab'ei* fui- ntw syst^ai next year The t\\o winner-, ui tins, alter- part aii ordinance calling tor a spent this >ear to finance noon's play vvill meet for the title in a 36-hole final starting 9i 8''ju u m Friday. j per cent utility ta.\ and to : Salu job. make adjustments ui the propei'-i Wisemaji suggested the levy ol ty tux levy to cut property lax- (C'oatiuutd uu

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