Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 19, 1973 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1973
Page 4
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Official Publication Countryside ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, Fit I., JAN. 19, 1973 Page 4 Authorize Pay Raises Midwestern Winter is Stimulating COUNCIL— Continued From Page 3 Treasurer, State of low* Sales T?x 15.25 Bill Kolpin Meetings 20.00 Anderson-Schenck Supplies 8.00 Bagan & Sons Clothing IS-50 Burrell Oil Company, Inc. Supplies 3.48 Coast to Coast Store Supplies J3.2S D.E.K. Rural Electric Coop Bill 24.00 Donovan Motors Repairs 6.38 Estherville Towel Service Services 5.50 Golden Sun Feeds Services IS. 00 Grea: Plains Supply Company Materials 35.85 Hammond Oil Company Account 22.02 Joyce Lumber Company Supplies 2.70 Max O. Pelzer Services 24E.30 Jack Platter Excavatinf Services 180.00 _,, Sieg Company Supplies 61.23 Stulf s Autr Supply Supplies 12S.7S Welding Supnij Company Supplies =7.25 Jim Valgn J 7 'arc. Jni. Supplies 4.01 Jim Bur Ken Services 120.00 KMC Carporatirir, Supplies 105.72 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Company Repairs 99.46 Robert D. Milne & Associates Services 53.10 Mobil Chemical Company Supplies 52.50 N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill 25 .11 Preciiion Laboratories Chemicals 1,719.56 Standard Oil Company Account 23.15 Total Sanitation Fund Gregg Appraisal Service Sen-ices 250.00 Hach Chemical Company Chemicals 20.96 Robert D. Milne & Associates Services 101.77 N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill 16.70 Novelty Machine & Supply Supplies 25.66 Standard Oil Company Account 52.33 Total Sewer Renal Fund 27.52 165.57 379.26 1,843.32 1,770.91 600.52 9.42 $ 8,643.86 SEWER RENTAL FUND Payroll No. 25 Payroll Payroll No. 26 Payroll Light Fund Usage Water Fund Usage Sewer Revenue Bond Fund Transfer ILL Mutual Life & Casualty- Insurance C & L Flying Service Sen-ices Linn Foderberg Travel Electric Motor Sendee Repairs Hammond Oil Company Account Peoples Natural Gas Bills & Supplies Hardware Electric & Plumbing Supplies Stulf s Auto Supply Supplies Ralph B. Carter Company Supplies Culligan Soft Water Service Account Dust Tex Service Services S 6,502.96 RECREATION FUND Payroll No. 25 Payroll 346.15 Payroll No. 26 Payroll 346.15 Payroll Transfer 7.58 Light Fund Usage 87.32 HI. Mutual Life a Casualty- Insurance 13.31 Nar'L Rec. A. Park Association Membership 25.00 Park Board Tax Draw 920.30 Estherville Scrap Iron & MeaU Co. Supplies 1.20 Estherville Senior Citizens Payment 50.00 Great Plains Supply Company Materials 90.68 Welding Supply Company Supplies 17.42 Electrical Materials Company Supplies 506.00 la. H. S. Athletic Association Supplies 2.60 N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill 1L80 Pitney Bowes Equipment 50.82 Utility Equipment Company Supplies 529.26 Total Recreation Fond * 3,005.59 PARKING METER FUND Payroll No. 25 Payroll 180.00 Payroll No. 26 Payroll 180.00 Anthony's Clothing 14.00 Penney* 6 Clothing 9.99 Typewriter Exchange Supplies .77 Gurtis 1000, Inc. Supplies 94.28 Pitney Bowes Equipment 254.13 Supplies Brown Supply Company Supplies Gibbs -Cook Equipment Company Repairs Total Road Use Fund $ 10,183.38 ELECTRIC LIGHT CONSTRUCTION FUND B. C. Bunn Contract Harold K. Scholz Contract Fagre Construction Company Contract Coast to Coast Store Supplies Esthen-ille Concrete Products Co. Supplies Hardware Electric L Plumbing Supplies Crescent Electric Supply Supplies Total Electric Light Construction Fund SI 80,382.90 TRUST & AGENCY FUND Payroll Transfer D?ERS Withholding la. Employment Sec. Commission Withholding Police Pension Tax Draw Treasurer, State of Iowa Tax Total Trust & Agency Fund 1,957.50 131,400.00 44,437 .00 1.48 82.43 45.61 2,458.86 4.87 1,768.58 3,998.88 579.94 1,254.39 $ 7,606.66 DEBT SERVICE FUND lowa-Des Moines National Bank Bonds & Interest 5,355.50 Emmet County State Bank Interest 1,327.00 First Trust & Savings Bonds & Interest 12,220.00 Total Debt Service Fund $ 18,902.50 SEWER REVENUE FUND lowa-Des Moines National Bank Interest 821.25 Shaw, McDermott Company Interest 420.00 Iowa Trust & Savings Bank Bonds & Interest 5,125.00 Emmet Count}' State Bank Interest 307.50 Total Sewer Revenue Fund $ 6,673.75 ELECTRIC LIGHT BOND RETIREMENT FUND Emmet County State Bank Total Parking Meter Interest 3,218.75 850.00 Fund $ 733.17 Iowa Trust & Savings 3,218.75 ROAD USE FUND Bank Payroll No. 25 Interest 1,000.00 79.86 Payroll 3,441.37 Total Electric Light 1,000.00 Payroll No. 26 Bond Retirement 73.35 Payroll 4,591.57 Fund $ 4,218.75 Alvin Dalen PAYROLL FUND 16.21 Reimbursement 7.00 Police Pension Estherville Concrete Pension 473.35 Products Co. 111. Mutual Life & 185.00 Snow Removal 37.20 Casualty Estherville Sand & Insurance 1,026.48 26.69 Gravel Trust & Agency 1,026.48 Snow Removal 414.00 Withholding 3,982.63 175.77 Irvin Laidig Iowa Trust & Savings 3,982.63 Snow Removal 142.00 Bank Jack Platter Tax 6,563.46 42.98 Excavating Emmet County 6,563.46 Snow Removal 96.00 Credit Union 23.64 Gary Reese Employee Snow Removal 180.00 Withholding 2,871.00 Rohlin Construction Total Payroll Fund S 14,916.92 120.05 Snow Removal 337.50 COMPUTER FUND Stulf s Auto Sanitation Fund 14.00 Supply Transfer 1,934.45 14.00 Supplies 364.39 Sewer Rental Fund 1,934.45 All Wheel Drive Transfer 5,241.94 3.80 Company Water Fund 5,241.94 102,314.78 8132,435.87 390.75 456.31 2,794.65 $ 3,641.71 8517,061.28 Transfer 22,944.70 Light Fund Transfer Total Computer Fund MUNICIPAL ENTERPRISE FUND East Side Cemetery- Payment Oak Hill Cemetery Payment Library- Payment Total Municipal Enterprise GRAND TOTAL 11. APPOINTMENTS - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to approve the one-year appointments of Francis Shadle and James Currell to the Police Pension Board. 12. INDUSTRIAL COMMITTEE — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to appoint Councilman Kultala to the Industrial Committee to replace Ed Quiliin. 13. WAGES — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that each city employee be granted a cost of living increase of $30.00 per month and that call out time remain as stated in the Personnel Rules and Regulations. 14. ZONING RECLASSIFICATION — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the council grant permission to proceed with the necessary arrangements to rezone sections of the city as approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. 15. FIRE HOSE - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the council approve the Fire Chiefs request to purchase 150 feet of fire hose and to allow the firemen to attend a refresher course at the local college at a cost of $150.00 per year to the city. 16. REQUEST — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the council approve sending Paul Trosin and Don Buthmann from the Electrical Department to a meeting pertaining to OS HA sponsored by the Iowa Association of Electrical Cooperatives to be held January 9, 1973. 17. ADJOURN - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the meeting adjourn. Connie Garrison City Clerk COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE CITY OF ESTHERVILLE, IOWA 1. Council met in special session called to order by Mayor Foderberg on Thursday, January 4, 1973, at 4:30 P.M. 2. ROLL CALL - Roll call showed the following members present: Meadows, Ridout, Kollasch, Brashear, Kolpin, Kultala— 6. Absent: none. 3. FIRECRACKER SUIT-On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the City Clerk be given permission to stamp warrants in the amount of $94,676.15 to pay off the judgment in full. 4. ADJOURN — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the meeting adjourn. Connie Garrison City Clerk (Jan. 19, 1973) Ringsted Mr. and Mrs. Avery Spooner and sons of Kellogg, Minn., spent the weekend at the parental Bernard Twait home. August Christensen of Armstrong visited Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frankie Myers. Merritt Giffin has returned to his home from Rochester, Minn., hospital where be had treatment. SGT. STUPES... FOREVER yetapwee* i HEAP by RiH HowriH* TY,MY 6>OUl&9BfiFM10Z THE RADGE GUYS THESE fiftSTCUevES /WENY TOO ROUGH ON >OU ARE THEY, CHIEF ? CHIEF * BY SUSAN EBELE Every day now the sun shines higher and brighter and at the base of trees you see bare ground, where sap is being generated. The snow itself is still white and pliant and it is fun to shovel it. I like to go out every day and shovel a few feet, as it gives me exercise and a feeling of doing something worthwhile. IT B FUN, TOO, to scoop up this beautiful snow and take into the house in a AP News Analysis big canning kettle. When I put it by a register it melts over night and is ready to be used as real soft water for hand washing or such. Several of my friends tell me they are doing the same thing. I DON'T SEE MANY birds about the place but the feed is always gone, so I know they are still here. And during the day I hear birds in the neighborhood carrying on conversations. At night they murmur cozily, and it is a good sound. A NOTED PSYCHIATRIST said over the A Gradual Change BY JOHN DORFMAN AP Business Writer NEW YORK AP - A new Securities and Exchange Commission ruling on stock exchange membership eventually could bring powerful new forces into the securities industry. But the changes will be gradual, and the financial community's initial reaction Tuesday was generally cautious. The SEC ruled that financial institutions such as mutual funds and insurance companies can own brokerage firms holding exchange seats if the brokerages do at least 80 per cent of their business with the public and only 20 per cent with the parent company. Institutions have long sought some kind of arrangement allowing them to save on brokerage fees. Accordingly, the SEC ruling might expected to set off a flood of mergers, with giant institutions gobbling up brokerage houses. But this will not happen soon, industry- sources say, because of three obstacles: the issue of size, questions about whether the SEC ruling might be overturned and doubts about profits. The size question was seen as a dilemma. "We just don't generate enough trading on our own account to make it worthwhile for us to acquire a brokerage firm." said an official of one medium- sized insurance company. But, for the very large companies, rounding up enough public business to fulfill the 80 per cent formula would require the acquisition of a large brokerage firm. "This 80-20 formula makes it so difficult for us that I would say if s really designed to pretect the current exchange members and the status quo," said the Op UU/HU president of one mutual fund. Officials for several other mutual funds said they felt the new rule raised a conflict-of-interest hazard, and some predicted Congress or the Justice Department might act to overturn the SEC ruling on antitrust grounds. "I've testified before the SEC and the Senate that they're creating a monster," said Charles W. Shaeffer, chairman of T. Rowe Price & Associates. The brokerage community, facing possible competition from firms whichform- erly were their customer, greeted the SEC ruling with mixed feelings. John C. Whitehead, chairman of the Securities Industry Association, a brokerage trade group, said he welcomed the SEC decision as solving a long-knotted problem and paving the way for creation of a central market system for the entire nation. But the head of a smaller brokerage house described the change as hastening the day when "there will be only 40-50 superfirms left in the brokerage industry." One factor that will tend to prevent a sudden rash of interest by instituions in buying exchange seats — which are limited in number and sold at auction a few times a year — is the simple question of profit One Wall Street analyst said, "The brokerage houses haven't been doing that well lately, and no one wants to be stuck with a white elephant" radio one day this week that what the world is most in i.sed of is a course in mothercraft. That made sense to me. FOR ME THERE HAS not been any static so far this winter. When I brush my hair it doesn't fly out in a witchy way, and when I dress or undress, my clothes don't stick to me stubbornly. Or if I am sorting cancelled stamps or doing some mission project I don't have to shake myself loose. This is such a relief. MORE AND MORE FOLKS are baking bread these days. I wish I had time to experiment with some of the intriguing flour combinations. Column readers write me about their bread baking sessions, and often friends send me a loaf or part of a loaf. Generally I think men are getting interested in bread making, especially the bachelors and a few priests I know who do their own cooking. Which reminds me that the food most difficult for a man to make is gravy. It is so easy to make and I wish I could point out to them not to let it scare them. It has been suggested that cooking and particularly the art of making gravy be taught in seminaries. RECENTLY I MENTIONED in the column that I was getting tired of hearing and reading so much about nuns who leave the convent My mail has substantiated the fact that others feel the same way. Now let's add to the lurid stories we read about ex-nuns, those of ex-priests and ex-wives. I want to know more about the men and women who stay within the system and work out their destinies. THE SUN AND I are adversaries these days. Every time I write a column, in it comes through the south window near my desk and seduces me. I'm too stubborn to pull the shade down, because I love its winter brilliance. I don't want to miss one minute of a midwestern winter. It is a glorious experience. IT STRENGTHENS the body; purifies the soul and stimulates the mind. Medallion The Republican state central committee has commissionedaspecialgovernor's medallion. The bronze medallion which features a profile of Governor Robert Ray on one side and the great seal of Iowa on the other, has been fashioned by Val Berryman, curator of historical artifacts at Michigan State University. John McDonald, Republican state chairman, said Iowa Republicans have ordered 600 of the medallions with the sale price expected to be set somewhere between $15 and $20. WINTHROP by Dick Covolli DID SCUR SCT-IER OPEN BOX HE VSiON IN THE - BAFf=I_E?' £ WJ k, HU, I.e. TM. tU, VI hi. Off. HE WON Z5QOO BOOMS OF UNSOLD BAFFLE TICKETS. THE BORN LOSER VJOO \mc \L \c, wen, \ by Art Sonaom STACTlNfe TOMORROW, roMO&'MISTER UuCrJfcur/ "Mfe Mt A PMOfd Ml OUT iMtflratfriM" "Ibtew by ntotator . .

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