Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 29, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1957
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Qui* on- HOOD United f RIEND5 Continued displays of affection [ between a man and woman in mixed company can be ember I massing to others. There is a time Tim** Herald, Carroll/ Iowa Monday, July 29, 1957 LITTLE L.IZ There are a lot of girls who can't go back to mother because mother is having too much trouble with father. ©UT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS and place for such displays. Mixed company offers neither one. TIZZY By Kate Osanri QUESTION: Wa* Robin Hood a real parson? ANSWER: The Robin Hood story may have soma truth In it. Soma such person probably existed, though it is hard to say which, of the stories about him are legend and which fact. Tradition has it that Robin became an outlaw in Sherwood For* •st for poaching in the royal game preserve. He gathered around him • company of brave fellows, good archers all. Their great enemy was the sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood took from the rich and was generous to the poor. After many scrapes and perils he made his peace with the king, Richard I, also known as the Lion-hearted. He joined the king's forces, so the story goes, and accompanied him to the wars. Some s«y Robin was made the Earl of Huntington. FOR YOU TO DO: Paste this picture on cardboard and color. Fold the bases forward on the dotted line and also fold the right I ' hand panel back on the dotted line. Then you'll have Robin kneeling j by the brook, blowing his horn to summon his band. (Send your question for Junior Editors to AR Newsfeatures In •are of this paper and you may win $10. Tomorrow: Why is the rat •ne of man's worst enemies?) "Okay, «ut on the laughing, everybody, and smllel' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner | SWEETIE PIE ft" By Nadine Seltzer 7-M rjt. n«t- u.a. Pm. on • ««7 kj HE* Sontot. M. "Car* for a |am sandwich?" "Ftw afraid I cant afford a contribution, EcM I'm expecting some unusual expenses—my entire family has been treating me euspietouery nice latelyI" Long end Short of It Anawar SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith TJK. «<f . u.*. '•(. on. -a <P 1M7 >> NtA ttnm, hw. j "We're looking for a slttor for. little Muriel and Alvin—Ohl Yaw do know them? Well, ooodbyl" ACBOM 1 Short haircut 4 It's a long one that hat no turning • Taking a long time tt Long, long IflChilk 14 Weary 16 Place 16 Broken 18 Pioneer 30 Fishing sear (pl.) tt Falsehood 98 Prince of Persia 24 Pronoun JC Uphold J7 Immerse 30 Go back 32 Ohio eity S4Expunger 35 Revised 36 Enervate 37 Swine 30 Beverages 40 Horseback game 41 That girl's 42 Carbonated . drinks 44 Hotel attendant 4* Word-stealer 31 Fish St Opera by Verdi 33 Wicked §4 Burmese wood sprite 36 In a short time 36 Simple 31 Measures of type DOWN 1 Singing voioe 3 Molding 3 Cork substitute 4 Fine cotton . thread 8 Hurt 6 A shorter distance away t Suffix g Guide • Italian eoma 10 Russian eity 11 Espouses . IT Photographer's stand. If Long or short durations 33 Specks 34 Very (Fr.) Ml UAIilNlM Previous m N 36 Ooddess 36 danger 37 Decide 28 Notion 29 Pea containers 11 Remove from power 33 Measure 38 Long-haired horsewoman, Lady 40 Heathen 41 Warmly 42 Mineral springs 43 Medley 44 Pedestal 46 Fullness (suffix) j 47 First man I 48 Seines j 50 Tipsy (Scot.) part ALL RlfiHT, VDUN6 MAN, OUT WITH IT-' WHAT* THIs> SUPPOSED TO 86? 'JUST fiBTTlM' PRBfHRBD, I&ALL- l'VE MADE A U&TOF EvEftVTHINd SOU'VE MAPE ME DO AROUND THE HOUSE .SINCE VACATION STARTED AND THERE'* ONLY DUSTIN' AN GENERAL HOUSE CLSANIM' LEPT/ WHEN IT COMES 1 WANT TO BE ABLE TO LOOK TH' PART/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE M tSOtSTTBLL'DSybU PREFEC OUR CORN PONS COMPAQ to me tDOuete NSCTAR4 ?oo WERS'WHALINS COMER AT THAT DIAMOND- M. 6T0DDED ;' CHATEAU/ SOU y<?u WALKED IM Vt?0R *LE£f». CWER TO THI6 LEAkCY* L£ANi- T0f~ IF NOt <50,IN56 BAC\C Y#LVfc£ rJOT with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl WHAN eeeAst cml , ? assS-i .SOWBVlHEBcs lrt THAT SYMPHONY* 1 HtkUMt.**.** 1pV }t*t* .1t*i BUGS BUNNY Accommodating DON'T SO AWAY. KIP5, I'LL MAKE ROOM FER yA! PRISCILLA'S POP Good Point BUT, DEAR.' VOL) »- IWOULON'T BE ABLE TO GET TO YOUR j- OFFICE/j BY AL VERMEER 1 ALLEY OOP Slight Error BY V. T.. HAMLIN ...BUT JUST TO MAKE SURE L'5 WELL BACK THERE HNW I THINK. ^\ IN MOO. TLL MAKE A OOOLAIS HAD TIME TO \ VISUAL CHECK BE <3KT THE GANG SET UP ] FORE CLOSING FOR THEIR RETURN TO /THE SWITCHES THE 20TH CENTURY MORTY MEEKLE One Assist, No Errors BY DICK CAVALLI BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Enough Is Enough BY EDGAR MARTIN , '•I'T) "< IFVOO'RE M GOING TO STAY WITH ME MOO'LL HAVE TO KEEP QUIET, WINTHR0P [O0P6/N0WVCU MAPE ME I MV DRIVE ^ _o »ftty'Htfi siMw.hw.TM .ltn. »•»• Mt.Q« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Big Chang* r BY MERRILL BLOSSIR THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Prize for Sale BY WILSON SCRUGGS ANSWER we, HOW/ WOULWfT ) ttU PWTHCR HAVE CASH INSTEAD OFASCiOEfOR WNMMSTH* HERE ESSAY CONTEST? VERY CLEARI FIRST PRIZE IS A BIKE 'i\ MOT licm! CA0W, PLEA56 1ST) HOPS 1 . A Uf 8P ffl WE RIOC rr HOWB.O BlKt OOV^T BRIVW FlEARlY AS MUCH *B A . PANKI^MeWON^ /••Ft CAPTAIN EASY Compromise? BY LESLIE TURNHR BUT POMB HASmTO <3BT A 5T0R.V. I 'W C0NVUJCBD MOW ALL I WANT IftTOXVOtfRe ON THg LEVBUtWD 1 SEP MOM <5ST W61LI \ Vll <3WB YOU THB CASH I MAVS NO 015WB TO ) SH» NiB05 WHEN TWB PPtOVi YOU 'RE 7 C0NVIUCED HIM ft* NOT ^ MV PSTHER- ^Bir MARKMAtA i

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