Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 19, 1973 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1973
Page 3
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Hawkeye State Skiers Paradise Official Publication ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FBI, JAN. 19, 1973 Page 3 City Pays Deeember Bills Quit proposing and cool it for a while By Abigail Van Buren « im »r Ckicaw TrikMM-N. Y. Nm SpM., IK. DEAR ABBY: I am a 70-year-old man and recently lost my wife after 49 years of a happy marriage. My loss was almost unbearable at first, but I faced reality and tried to live again. My problem is this: I have proposed marriage to four widows, all near my age. They are receptive to a point, but all say there is no need for sex at our ages. I am a healthy man and had a good sex life with my wife until she died, so why should I be expected to forgei about sex now? What should I tell these ladies when they turn me down on this important part of life? I say sex is healthy and normal and adds to a happy marriage. Please advise me. NAMELESS, PLEASE DEAR NAMELESS: Perhaps these ladies have turned you down because you appear to be preoccupied with sex. You say you "recently" lost your wife. Yet you have already proposed to four widows. Cool it. Surely there must be an eligible widow who will see things your way. But don't rush her. DEAR ABBY: I am a teen-aged girl who has hairy legs. I don't see anything wrong with it because it is natural. My mother and older sisters say it looks ugly and if I don't shave my legs I will be the butt of guys' jokes, and besides it is not considered good grooming for a girl to go around with hair on her legs. I don't see why society should dictate whether I should have hair on my legs. I think this is strictly a matter of my own choice. What do you think? NATURALLY HAIRY DEAR HAIRY: It's your hair, your legs and your choice. If you choose to keep the hair on your legs, you will soon find out to whom it matters, and to whom it matters not. Since you like the natural look, I suggest you keep it. DEAR ABBY: God help me, Abby, but I made the biggest, most stupid mistake of my life. I tried to steal a piece of costume jewelry from a store and was caught red- handed by a detective posing as another shopper. The foolish thing is, I could have bought it as I had the money. I don't know what came over me. I was booked, and now I have a criminal record which I ant afraid will follow me for the rest of my life. How will this affect my future? I am planning to get married soon. Should I tell my fiance? Will this affect my voting? Will I ever be able to get a passport? Can I hold a civil service job? Will my record follow me into another state? Please tell me everything! I am so sorry for what I did. I wish I could wake up and find it was all a bad dream. HEARTSICK DEAR HEARTSICK: Laws vary in different states. Talk to a lawyer bud get the facts. I think you may be greatly relieved. CONFIDENTIAL TO "BROWNIE": Yes. give him another chance. Tell your husband you will meet him at the next Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, and afterwards you will talk about a reconciliation Problems? You'll feel better If you get tt off your chest. For a personal reply, write U ABBY: Box No. tfTH, L. A., Calif. MM. Enclose stamfed, self-addressed envelope, please. DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Time was when Iowans thought of skiing as something to do in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and other far-off places. Iowa skiers still go to these places, but skiing as a sport and as a business is growing in the Hawkeye State. Iowa has about three dozen slopes for accomplished skiers and beginniners. Though the Iowa slopes aren't especially long nor are they nestled among towering pine trees or boulders, there are typical and beautiful Iowa views from the tops of chair lifts. Many skiers say it's possible to learn to ski in Iowa much more economically than at Aspen, Colo., for example. The owners of Iowa ski resorts are working hard to make sure the quality of ski instruction is the best obtainable. Many of the instructors are imports from other states and other nations. Typical rates for private instruction start around $7.50 per hour, or down to $2.50 per hour in groups of from four to 11 people. All Iowa ski resorts have gentle slopes for beginners as well as steeper ones for more advanced skiers. The weatherman cannot be counted on to provide a reliable snow cover year after year in Iowa, especially in central and southern counties. To augment natural snowfall, five of the state's ski resorts have snowmaking equipment to keep their slopes in better than average condition. The longest ski slope in the state is 2,600 feet, at Fun Valley, Montezuma. The average is 750 feet to 1,000 feet. The average drop on the Social Set Revives Old Game Iowa in Brief Appointments More Money DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)Sen. Dick Clark, D-Iowa, has been appointed chairman of the Senate Public Works Subcommittee on Public Buildings and Grounds. The chairmanship was formerly held by Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska. In addition, Clark has been appointed to serve on the Public Works subcommittees on water and air pollution, water resources and disaster relief. Registration DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The majority floor leader of the Iowa House demanded Thursday that state Safety Commissioner Michael Sellers quit requiring motorists' Social Security numbers on motor vehicle registration receipts. Rep. Edgar Holden, R-Davenport, said Sellers has exceeded his authority in asking that the motorists' Social Security number or other identifying number be listed on the receipt. "If you feel the information is necessary, you should follow the rule making procedure for state departments" set out in fowa law, Holden said in a letter to Sellers. He said the law sets out in "quite specific" terms the information that must be on the motor vehicle registration receipt but doesn't mention Social Security numbers. Neither, Holden said, has he seen any information from Sellers' office "which would indicate you (Sellers) have made any effort to justify the reasonableness of your new requirement for Social Security numbers." CHARLES CITY, Iowa (AP)—Mayor Leo Schula has found a way to earn more money while receiving less. He accomplished this after new Social Security regulations went into effect this year. In 1972 the mayor's salary was $500 a month. But after all the deductions had been made, his take-home pay was $388.72. Social Security regulations now allow persons to earn $175 a month and still be eligible for benefits. So Schula asked the Charles City council to reduce his salary to $175. Now, after deductions, Schula takes home a $158.64 check from the city, $244 from Social Security and $165 in state retirement benefits. That's a totaL of $567.64 a month—an increase of $178.92 over his previous straight salary. AT&T DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)-A spokesman for Northwestern Bell Telephone company in Des Moines says it is too early to know how Iowans will be affected by the landmark civil rights agreement signed Thursday by the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. Joe Elstner of Northwestern Bell said it will be quite a while before the phone company will know how many people in Iowa might be affected or how much money they might receive. Northwestern Bell is a subsidiary of AT&T and serves about 7,500 Iowa customers as well as customers in Nebraska, Minnesota and the Dakotas. Elstner says the primary recipients of lump sum payments will be women and minority employes. By WILLIAM DICKE Associated Press Writer LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) From the European ski retreats of the social register set to Hollywood backlots, the ancient game of backgammon is enjoying a resurgence. It has spread from con-' servative Eastern mens clubs into the school yard and the middle-class living room, according to Alexis Obolensky, founder of the International Backgammon Association. Packing portable boards, the mark of the veteran player, most of the world's great backgammon competitors are coming here for a world championship tournament opening today. Some 300 figures from the social world, the sports world, Hollywood and Europe will compete in the four-day tournament sponsored by a distillery. Prizes to be divided among the top 18 winners in the tourney are estimated to total about $100,000. And a part of the proceeds, derived from entry fees, will be contributed to the United Cerebral Palsy Fund, Obolensky said. Playboy Magazine publisher Hugh Hefner has entered, as has actress Polly Bergen, former baseball great Hank Greenberg and Oswald Jacoby, the contract bridge columnist. Obolensky said, "A great majority of our players you might term 'goers.' they like to go to places with action. The casino always benefits." The game, played by the Chaldeans in 3000 B.C., the Egyptian pharoahs and the ancient Romans, caught on at first in resort areas like St. Moritz, Switzerland, Obolensky said. One of the game's enticements is that a player who thinks he is leading can double the stakes. If the lead changes hands, as it often does, his opponent can redouble. The stakes can be Increased until they reach 64 times the original amount. "You can lose a quarter of a million dollars in one evening in some clubs in Europe," Ob- lensky said, adding, "This used to be strictly a man's game." The backgammon player moves 15 playing pieces called counters along a board with 12 narrow triangles, or points, on each side. The winner is the first one off the board. The counters are advanced by a roll of the dice. The game is deceptively simple but powerfully addictive, said Obolensky, who has played it for 36 hours straight. slopes is 200 feet. The largest drop is 250 feet at Decorah's Nor-Ski Run. There are 19 rope tows, three motor-powered, one T-bar and a Poma lift. Most Iowa ski areas have shelters and a hot lunch counter. Nearly all have skis, boots and all other skiing paraphernalia for rent. All the resorts are fairly new and their equipment is in excellent condition. All are anxious to show that skiing is fun. Last year, there were more than 45,000 ski visits to Iowa slopes. Most of the areas have National Ski Patrols trained to give not only instruction but first aid when necessary. Following is a list of the slopes in Iowa. The telephone numbers can be dialed for more information, including reports on snow conditions. Decorah, No-Ski Run, on U.S. 52 IV2 miles north of intersection with Iowa 9; six slopes from 1,500 feet intermediate, 1,000 feet expert and 300 feet beginner; four rope tows, one cable tow; rentals; nights, closed Mondays and Wednesdays; 319-382-4251 or 319-3829962. Clear Creek Ranch, Lansing; 500 feet slope; one rope tow; rentals; snowmobile trails; lights; 319-533-4166. Hickey Holls, Waterloo, south of Waterloo on County Road X; three slopes 1,000 feet; three rope tows; rentals; instructors; cross country skiing; snow- in a k i n g equipment; night lights; 319-266-6813. Winter Playground, three miles east of Humboldt on Iowa 3, three slopes from 750 feet advanced to 700 feet beginner; two motor powered, one rope tow; rentals; toboggan run; snow-making equipment; 515332-1316. Pilot Knob, three miles east of Forest City on Iowa 9; three slopes; one rope tow; rentals; weekends only. Dayton Dells, five miles east of Dayton on Iowa 175; three slopes, three rope tows; rentals; 515-547-2410. Holiday Mountain, one mile southwest of Estherville on Iowa 4; three slopes from 750 feet advanced to 800 feet novice; one T-bar, three rope tows; rentals; instructors; snow-making equipment; closed Mondays and Tuesdays; 712362-9028. Horseshoe Bend, three and a half miles southwest of Milford off U.S. 71; four slopes, 250 feet to 750 feet; one power tow; 1,000 feet toboggan run; snowmobile trails; 712-338-4007. Fun Valley, Montezuma, two and a half miles west of Iowa Highway Commission store on U.S. 63; three slopes from 2,600 feet advanced to 100 feet beginner; three rope tows; rentals; instructors; 150 acres snowmobile trails; 515-623-3456. Ted's Hill, one miles north of Grimes intersection on Iowa 141; three slopes, three rope tows; rentals; instructors; weekends only; 515-986-9092 or 515279-0677. Dexfield, two miles north of Dexter on County P-48; two runs, 1,400 feet and 200 feet; two rope tows; rentals; instructors; nights; 515-789-4597. Crescent Hills, Council Bluffs, 15 minues from downtown Omaha; two runs; one rope tow; one Poma lift; rentals; snow-making equipment; 712545-9301. Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE CITY OF ESTHERVILLE, IOWA 1. Council met in regular session called to order by Mayor Foderberg on Tuesday, January 2, 1973, at 7:30 P.M 2. ROLL CALL - Roll call showed the following members present: Meadows, Ridout, Kollasch, Kolpin, Kultala—5. Absent: Brashear (He came in later.) 3. MINUTES - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the minutes of the December 18th council proceedings be approved. 4. OFFICE RECEIPTS REPORT — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the Office Receipts Report for the month of December be approved. 5. POLICE COURT REPORT- On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the Police Court Report for the month of December be approved. 6. CLASS "C" BEER LIQUOR LICENSE - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to renew a Class "C" (commercial) beer liquor license as filed by Floyd Given, dba-Friendly Tavern. 7. BEER PERMIT - On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to approve the application, bond, and fee for renewal of a Class "C" beer permit for Mortimore's Grocery Store. 8. APPROPRIATION RESOLUTION NO. 1- On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to approve the 1973 Appropriation Resolution, giving authorization to make payment for necessary 1973 expenditures. Ayes: Meadows, Kolpin, Brashear, Ridout, Kultala, Kollasch. Nays: None. Absent: None. 9. RESOLUTION NAMING DEPOSITORIES NO. 2- On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried to approve the Resolution Naming Depositories for 1973 using the following banks: Emmet County State Bank—Estherville -$700,000.00; Iowa Trust &Savings Bank — Estherville— $700,000 .00. Ayes: Kollasch, Kolpin, Meadows, Kultala, Ridout, Brashear; Nays: None; Absent: None. 10. BILLS — On a motion duly made, seconded, and carried that the bills for December be approved. GENERAL FUND Payroll Account Transfer $ 144.37 Gordon Sandvig Refund 37.50 U. S. Post Office Postage 66.00 Peoples Natural Gas Bills 230.66 Light Fund Usage 2,300.55 Water Fund Usage 36.94 Chamber of Commerce Expenses 250.00 Payroll No. 25 Payroll 961.84 Payroll No. 26 Payroll 940.12 Don Buthmann Expenses 77.21 L. M. Brashear Meetings 20.00 Anderson-Schenck Supplies 1.00 Coast to Coast Store Supplies 18.61 Electric Motor Service Supplies 7.37 Emmet County Recorder Services 4.50 Emmet County Sheriffs Office Services 2.25 Estherville Daily News Publications 815.68 \ PAIL' AILY NEWS Dust-Tex Service Services Emmetsburg Rendering Works Services Harris Janitor Supply Company Supplies Koch Brothers Supplies Misco Leasing, Inc. Supplies Muni Chem Supplies N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill R & C Office Supply Supplies Wallace, Holland, Kasterl, Schmitz & Company Services 5 Total General Fund $ 12, STREET FUND U. S. Post Office Postage Light Fund Usage Dl. Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance Ed Anderson Reimbursement Brad Origer Services Cliff Nicol Mileage Treasurer, State of Iowa Sales Tax Ken Kollasch Meetings Anderson-Schenck Supplies B & B Implement Company Supplies Burrell Oil Company, Inc. Supplies Donovan Motors Repairs Electric Motor Service Supplies Estherville Concrete Products Supplies Estherville Implement Company Supplies Estherville Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Supplies Garry's Body Shop Repairs Hammond Oil Company Account Hy-Vee Food Stores Supplies Joyce Lumber Company Supplies KILR Ads K & S Lumber Company Supplies Olson Electric Service Supplies Rogers Repair Shop Repairs Rohlin Construction Services Sieg Company Supplies Stall's Farm & Home Supplies Motor Supply Company Supplies Hardware Electric & Plumbing Supplies Stult's Auto Supply Supplies Welding Supply Company Supplies Alexander Blacktop Company Supplies Brown Supply Company Repairs Gibbs-Cook Equipment Company Supplies 11.84 Company, Inc. 9.20 Dick Bahr Plumbing & Supplies 1.38 Heating Olson Electric Supplies 49.76 Service 12.00 Burrell Oil Company, Supplies 38.68 Inc. Max O. Pelzer Supplies 4.35 Services 98.30 29.00 Coast to Coast Ringsdorf & Associates Store Services 56.00 156.10 Supplies 70.52 Sieg Company Estherville Concrete Supplies 4.51 138.86 Products Co. Motor Supply Company Supplies 85.35 Supplies 26.35 59.21 Estherville Towel Hardware Electric & Service Plumbing Services 1.50 Supplies 26.10 63.60 Golden Sun Stult's Auto Supply Feeds, Inc. Supplies 276.78 14.83 Services 1.00 Typewriter Exchange Hammond Oil Company Supplies .38 Account 19.02 Welding Supply Company Joyce Lumber Supplies 64.13 ,000.00 Company Cause 0, Inc. ,597.25 Supplies 8.70 Supplies 38.96 Jack Platter Crescent Electric Excavating Supply Company 66.00 Services 652.50 Supplies 1,022.67 Stall's Farm & Home Curtis Industries, Inc. 1,022.67 102.87 Supplies 10.26 Supplies 49.68 Motor Supply DeLaval Enterprise Company Supplies 464.96 266.20 Supplies 14.46 Dust-Tex Service Hardware Electric & Services 4.90 5.36 Plumbing Electrical Materials Supplies 42.14 Company 13.21 Stult's Auto Supply Supplies 868.35 Supplies 16.24 General Equipment & 25.35 Welding Supply Supply Company Supplies 463. 74 Supplies 11.20 Iowa Electric 1.35 American Salt Supply Company Company Supplies 88.35 10.00 16.77 1.44 6.96 21.68 14.42 78.23 45.84 4.65 15.00 95.06 9.20 7.24 48.75 117.35 6.42 13.40 2,343.50 155.93 3.51 1.02 10.76 1,084.22 90.60 176.31 54.90 An independent newspaper published "Monday through Friday," except principal holidays, excluding February 22 and Veterans Day. Second class postage paid at Estherville, Iowa. Published by the Estherville Daily News, Division of Mid- America Publishing Corp., 10 N. 7th St., Estherville, Iowa 51334. Subscription rates: City of Estherville, Armstrong, Ringsted, Terril andGraettinger, delivered by carrier, 60 cents per week; $7.80 for 3 months, $15.60 for 6 months, $29.70 year. By mail in £mmet and bordering counties: $15.60 year, Zones 1-8, $19.50 year. Fred E. WUliams, Publisher; Charles Ostheimer, Managing Editor; Richard Myers, Advertising Director; Gladys Streiff, Business Manager; Donald Stoffel, Production Manager. Member of Associated Press, Iowa Dally Press Association, Iowa Press Association. Photos submitted to this newspaper will not be returned by mail. However, they may be picked up at the Daily News Office. IIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII Estherville Drug Repairs 77.00 Company Holiday Erickson Supplies 5.18 Supplies 1.54 Estherville Laundry Iowa State Industries Company Signs 253.78 Services 30.20 Robert D. Milne & Gambles Associates 1 69.22 Supplies 1.39 Services 1 69.22 Hammond Oil Company N. W. Bell Telephone Account 75.84 Company Hoye Rexall Drug Bill 89.72 Supplies 2.44 Standard Oil Joyce Lumber Company Company Supplies 4.10 Account 240.79 K & S Lumber Company Total Street Fund $ 5,645.54 Supplies 90.16 WATER FUND 5,645.54 Niemoth Printing Payroll No. 25 Service Payroll 3,962.96 Supplies 34.95 Payroll No. 26 3,962.96 Max O. Pelzer Payroll 4 ,177.26 Services 257.05 U. S. Post Office 4 ,177.26 Sea Horse Car Wash Postage 66.00 Account 1.00 Light Fund Hardware Electric Usage 5,691.15 Supplies 4.79 Dl. Mutual Life & 5,691.15 Stult's Auto Supply Casualty Supplies 11.10 Insurance 119.79 Typewriter Exchange Iowa State Supplies 64.36 University American Linen & Training 30.00 Supply Treasurer, State of Account 6.00 Iowa Burroughs Corporation Sales Tax 577.68 Supplies 534.36 Ed Kultala 577.68 Salt 5,161.80 American Water Works Association Memberships 193.75 Anderson Chemical Company Supplies 554.30 Brown Supply Company Supplies 308.87 Clow Corporation Supplies 82.19 Dust-Tex Service Services 6.20 Electrical Materials Company Supplies 12.15 Globe Machinery & Supply Company Supplies 92.70 Kirkham-Michael & Associates Contract 4,000.00 Robert D. Milne & Associates Services 257.12 Municipal Supply Supplies 716.90 N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill 85.30 Patzig Testing Lab. Services 15.00 Pitney Bowes Equipment 101.65 Richards-Ewing Chemical Chemicals 169.26 Standard Oil Company Account 43.06 Transport Clearings Freight 39.60 Utility Equipment Company Supplies 434.94 Total Water Fund $ 27,921.47 Iowa Machinery & Supply Company Supplies 4.45 McGraw-Hill Book Company Supplies 28.55 Robert D. Milne & Associates Services 264.16 N. W. Bell Telephone Company Bill 88.51 Pitney Bowes Equipment 609.90 Standard Oil Company Account 103.72 T & R Electric Supply Company Supplies 1,050.00 Terry-Durin Company Supplies 116.03 Transport Civ. .rings Freight 15.70 WestinghouBe Electric Supply Supplies 479.44 Total Light Fund $ 62,121.16 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND Payroll No. 25 Payroll 4,902.70 Payroll No. 26 Payroll 4,742.65 Cliff Rauhauser Travel 7.00 Light Fund Usage 8.76 Jerl D. Dieken Travel 15.30 Dl. Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance 159.72 Anderson-Schenck Supplies 1.28 Brey's Radio & TV Repairs 9.50 Brown's Shoe Fit Company Crescent Electric Supply Company Equipment 57.03 Earl Draper & Sons, Inc. Supplies 19.90 Meetings 20.00 Anderson-Schenck Supplies 3.00 B ft B Implement Company LIGHT FUND Shoes 31.49 Payroll No. 25 Burrell Oil Company, Payroll 8,536.57 Inc. Payroll No. 26 Supplies 1.74 Payroll 8,016.82 Coast to Coast All American Store Transport Supplies 2 .82 Freight 13.80 Richard Dahl U. S. Post Office Expenses 37.10 Postage 66.00 Donovan Motors Peoples Natural Gas Repairs 20 .76 Bills 8,439.72 H. Dale Huffman Water Fund 8,439.72 Services 150.00 Usage 138.82 Estherville Laundry Electric Light Bond Company Retirement Services 14.24 Transfer 6,645.00 Estherville Shoe Store Community Credit Shoes 29.00 Service Hammond Oil Company Collection 7.02 Account 368.17 ni. Mutual Life & Herb's Shoe Repair Casualty Repair 1.50 Insurance 253.38 Niemoth Printing Paul Trosin Service Travel 100.00 Supplies 37.15 Treasurer, State of Max O. Pelzer Iowa Services 15.00 Sales Tax 1,875.55 Sea Horse Car Wash Ken Meadows 1,875.55 Account 7.00 Meetings 20.00 Motor Supply Company Carol Ridout Supplies 32 .33 Meetings 20.00 Stult's Auto Supply B & B Implement Supplies 124.91 Company Typewriter Exchange Supplies 1,57 Supplies 1 .84 Burrell Oil Advanced Systems, Inc. Company, Inc. Services 55.00 Supplies .87 Heiman, Inc. Coast to Coast Store Supplies 32 .84 Supplies 23.87 N. W. Bell Telephone Estherville Laundry Company Company Bills 118.04 Services 81.30 Total Public Safety Estherville Towel Fund $ 10,927 .84 Service SANITATION FUND Services 4.50 Payroll No. 25 Hammond Oil Payroll 2,842.10 Company Payroll No. 26 Account 21 ,508 .68 Payroll 2,646.34 Herb's Shoe Repair 21 ,508 .68 Dl. Mutual Life & Repair 4.64 Casualty K&S Lumber Insurance 93.17 Company Supplies 8.37 COUNCIL— Mayer Electric ContlnwdonPaf

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