Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 29, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1957
Page 5
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Keeps Young With Community Activities, Varied Interests EVEN IN SUMMER .... we have to eat a few substantial foods along with cold drinks and frozen desserts, but they are more appetizing if pepped up with sauces, spices and relishes. * * » CRANBERRIES .... once considered a fall and winter fruit, make a deliciously tangy relish in summer time Add whole cranberry sauce to drained crush-[ ed pineapple and serve with baked ham. * * * BROWN PORK CHOPS .... in a heavy skillet and arrange in a baking dish. Spoon some applesauce over each chop, dust with nutmeg, and bake in a moderate oven until tender. * * * ADD GRATED CHEESE to mashed potatoes, turn into a pie plate, dot with butter or margarine and reheat in a hot oven or under the broiler. Serve for lunch with broiled 'tomatoes and green spinach. BRUSSELS SPROUTS . . . . may be served!, as a salad or greens if drenched in a marinade of oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, pre By Mrs. D R. McOrath (Staff Correspondent) MANNING — No one would believe, looking at Mrs. C.J. (Clara) Claussen, that she has a granddaughter who is a college senior. Mrs. Claussen- stays young by keeping her fingers in a number of community "pies" and by following the activities of her seven grandchildren. Born in Carroll County, she is practically a life-long resident of Manning. As the second youngest of nine children, she learned early in life the virtues of homemaking. Each child, in her family had something to do in keeping the big household running smooth ly. The knowledge of homemaking gained as she grew up was transferred to the big house that Mr. and Mrs. Claussen built in 1910 and lived in for many years, just a block west of Manning's Main Street. In 1947 they sold their home and moved next door to Mr. Claussen s father's home, which they completely remodeled. Four Children The Claussen's have four children, all of whom graduated from Manning High School and went on to college. Mrs. Arthur (Ila) Rix is now a teacher in the Manning Public Schools', Major Glen Claussen is with the army in Arlington, Va.; Mrs. Gale (Alvera) Miller lives in Miami, Fla.; and Gene is co-owner of Radio Station K1C in Iowa City. For a long time Mr. Claussen was one of the partners in Rober- Wehrmann Co., Manning's largest general store. Duiing the time he was in the store, each member of the family took a turn at one time or another in helping out in various departments. When the busi- pared mustard and a sprinkle of sugar. Be sure the sprouts are, cooked until tender but not too i "ess was sold, Mr. Claussen was much. * • * COOK A PACKAGE .... of frozen green lima beans, drain and cool. Mix with thin crescents of celery and salad dressing. Serve on crisp salad greens. Food Prices Up 3%; Blame Handling Cost •'WASHINGTON WV-The Agriculture Department reports that retail food prices are up 3 per cent from a «year ago, but that farm prices are not responsible. The entire increase, says the j ning's first bridge club, the Ugo' agency, can be charged to rises! Igo. organized in 1921. in marketing costs, such as la-1 Mrs. Claussen is interested, in bor, transportation, packaging and j polities'. Although she has never employed by the Iowa Liquor Commission as a clerk in the Manning store, where he is at the present time. Many Interests Mrs. Claussen has long had many interests outside her lovely home. Her greatest interest is centered in Salona Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, which she joined in 1916. She held a number of offices in the chapter anti is a chartet member of its Past Matron's Club. For the past;Serves 6 to 8 21 years, she has served as secretary of the chapter. She is also a member of Chapter IS, P.E.O. and a charter member of Man- son; she also appeared on the program for the year Before the. cii* rent group was active, Mrs. Claussen served as' secretary for the Ladies Aid Society Makes own Clothes Mrs. Claussen's reputation as. a seamstress is an enviable o n e."] She . makes many of her'' own clothes, those of her daughter and two granddaughters, Diane and Karen Rix. Mrs. Claussen also does a good deal of fine hand sewing. Mrs. Claussen'? cooking and baking is well-known to her friends and acquaintances. Following are some of the favorite recipes of the Claussen family: Snowflakp Cake Sift together into bowl: 2 cups flour 2 T. flour (sifted) Add: 4 tsp. double action baking powder 1 tsp. salt IVi cups sugar V* cup shortening 1 cup milk 1 tsp. flavoring Beat 2 minutos, add % cup (4 large) egg whites and beat 2 more minutes. Bake 30 to 35 minutes at 350 degrees in two 8x8 square pans or a 12x8 oblong pan. Chocolate Upside Down Cake 4 cup flour % cup sugar 2 tsp. baking powder 2 T. cocoa Pinch salt 2 T. melted butter Vi cup milk Vi cup chopped nutmeats Vz tsp. vanilla Mix all together and put In square 8x8 buttered cake pan. ' Cover with the following mixture: Vt cup white sugar Vt cup brown sugar 2 T. cocoa \ cup water Mix together 'and pour over cake mixture. Bake about 40 minutes at 350 degrees Leave in pan until ready to serve. Cut and serve pieces upside down, top with whipped cream or ice cream and 1 tsp. vaniha Cool slightly. Form into balls, put on baking sheet and flatten with floured fork. Bake at 350 degrees until slightly browned. Tuna-Noodle Casserole 3 T. butter ' 2 T. flour lVii cups milk ' 1 tsp. salt V4 tsp. pepper k V* tsp.,paprika Cook all together until thick. Heat one 4-oz. can mushrooms, Mi cup pimento, a little green pepper. 1 can mushroom soup, and add to first, mixture. Cook 4 oz of noodles and place in bottom of buttered casserole, covet with half the sauce, then add one 7-oz. can of tuna fish, then' the remaining sauce. Sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs. Heat in oven. Strawberry Short Cake Cream Vt cup butter and 1 cup sugar. Add 2 well-beaten eggs, Vt tsp. salt, then alternately "A cup Tlfhet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Monday, July 29,'1957 the like. A report on the national food situation said that marketing charges at midyear were 6 per cent higher than a year ago. "RIVER OF ARCHES" Utah's river of arches, the Escalante, makes such sharp loops and turns in places that it can travel one-half mile and yet be only 50 yards from where it started. held an office in the Carroll County Republican Women's Organization, she is active in its internal workings and attends all its meetings. A member of the First Presbyterian Church at Manning, she serves as chairman of the church's Memorial Fund committee. She attends all meetings of the Presbyterian Women's Organization and is head of the group's nominating committee this sea- milk and 2 cups flour in which is sifted 2 tsp. baking powder. Bake in "two layers at 350 degrees. Use when cold. Pineapple Roll J cup flour *3.eggs 1 cup sugar lVi tsp. baking powder Vt tsp. vanilla 3 T. milk Beat whites and yolks of eggs separately. Add,halt the sugar to the whites and hs!f to the yolks Mix baking powder and flour together, add milk and vanilla to yolks. Fold floui and yolks into the whites. Bake as a jelly roll. When cool, spread with pineapple mixture and roll quickly. Pineapple Filling 1 small can crushed pineapple Mt cup sugar ' 2 T. flour Mix and cook until thick. Corn Pudding DeLttxe 1 can corn 1 cup tomatoes 1 slice onion V* green pepper 2 T. flour 1 tsp. salt Vfc tsp. pepper 1 egg Mix flour with cold water to make a thin paste Add salt, pepper and egg yolk, beaten slightly. Mix corn, tomatoes and pepper. Combine the two mixtures and fold in the beaten egg whites. Put in buttered baking dish and sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs. Bake at 350 degrees until a delicate brown. Ham A Ls King 3 T. butter 2 or 3 ounces mushroom * 2 T. flour IV* cups milk 1 egg yolk v * cup green pepper SKILLED SEAMSTRESS . . . Mrs. C. J. Claussen of Manning It held in high regard as a lea'ding seamstress of the community. She not only makes many of her own clothes, but also those of her daughter and two granddaughters. Here she 's busily applying that skill, one of her many. (Times Herald News Service Photo) 1 chopped pimento 2 cups ground ham Stir continuously and cook until thick; add ham and pepper. Cook Melt butter and add mushrooms: until pepper is soft Remove from > and cook until they begin to j fire and add beaten ' egg yolk, brown. Blend in flour and milk ! Serve on toast. Fruit Salad 1 lb. marshmailows 1 lb. white Tokay grapes 1 No. 2Mi can pineapple V* lb. blanched almonds 1 pint cream, whipped 1 heaping T. Miracle Whip Mix all together and put in ob long mold. Let stand overnight. Powdered Sugar Cookies 1 cup powdered sugar 2 cups flour 1 cup butter 1 egg 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. cream of tartar Mi tsp. salt Mix together like pie crust. When crumbly add 1 beaten egg ROCK CORNISH . . . hens are growing In popularity and are even • more, delicious when served with mushroom curry sauce. With Mushroom Curry Sauce—Try Tender Cornish Hens By GATNOR MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor Here's an attractive way to serve those increasingly popular plump and tender Rock Cornish hens. • : Rock Cornish Hens (« servings) Six 1-pound Rock Cornish hens, 8-ounce package herb • seasoned stuffing, 2 tablespoons strained honey, 1 teaspoon kitchen bouquet. Make stuffing according to package directions. Place stuffing in cavity of each hen. being careful not to overstuff, and fasten securely with a small poultry pin. Roast in preheated 325-degree oven approximately 1 hour or until internal temperature of 180 degrees is reached. Combine honey and kitchen bouquet and brush generously over hens 15 minutes before roasting is complete. Mushroom Curry Sauce (2 Cups) Two chicken bouillon cubes, 3 cups boiling water, 6-ounce can sliced broiled mushrooms, Vt teaspoon rosemary, Mi teaspoon curry, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, Vi teaspoon onion salt; Vt teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons cold water, N Dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water in small saucepan. Drain mushrooms, add broth to bouillon and bring to boil over moderate heat. Combine and add rosemary, curry, cornstarch, onion salt, salt and water. Cook, stirring constantly until sauce is thich and clear. Add mushrooms and heat thoroughly. Remove from heat and pour into warm sauce bowl. Place .in center of warm serving platter, arrange Rock Cornish henr around it and garnish with springs of parsley. TOMORROW'S DINNER: Rock Cornish hens with mushroom curry sauce, small bowls of watermelon pickle, candied ginger and kumquats, steamed rice, mixed green salad, blackberries, cream, coffee, tea, milk. CLAIR-PAK RID PITT1D CHERRIES 4 c.» 69c LEMONS KRAFT'S FRENCH DRESSING .33 .C-.poi. .i5 23c TM Finest APRICOTS O PEACHES .for Canning ALSO COMPLETl LINE OF CANNING SUPPLIES MINCED HAM All Moat 39c CUR EAM C H E ES E OM*V i A§ Lb, 49c ''A U EWAY STORE I i II \6\ II ( ,\i i i M > i> HIM mm i i (» \ Fartwtll Party For David Freests (TlmM ••raid M«w» BtrvlM) WESTSIDE — A farewell party was arranged Monday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Freese as a surprise for Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Freese, who moved from their farm home at Lake View last week. Those who comprised the party were Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Holdsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vetter, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Freese and family, Mr. and Mrs Earl Ellas, Mr. and Mrs. John Oeser Jr. and children, John Oeier Sr., Mr. and Mrs. David Freese The guests brought baskets of re freshments which were served in the late evening.' The group pre sented Mr. and Mrs. Freese with a farewell gift Wanda Jans entertained a group of friends at a slumber party Tuesday night in, her- bom* Guests were Clarice Schroeder and Julie Anderson, Arcadia; Judy Schroeder, Manning; Jesn* ette Justice, Dow City; and Sandra Weasel. wimiimiifflM flMHMifl^^ ...what could taste better than a frosty Cantaloupe a la Mode! ^"^ Cantaloupes California-grown, golden meat, thick and sweet as honey Ice Cream Party Pride; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry %- gallon FINE GRANULATED BEET SUGAR SUGAR COFFEE COFFEE Grape Juice POWDERED OR BROWN EDWARDS Mb. Pkg. BUTTER-NUT or POLGERS Tea Garden, 12 -oz. Can 19c 3 24 -oz. Btls, • 10 - 89c 10c 85c 89c 55c .Mb. Vac. Tin .Mb. Vac. Tin . .Can DIAL COMPLEXION SOAP 2 27 c . SKINNER'S RAISIN BRAN 25c DIAL SHAMPOO 3.5-os. Plastic L"l r Squeeze Bottle 0 /1 i. REAL KILL INSECT BOMB a cZ 98c Heinz Spaghetti 15 '/i -oi. Cm 16c H&w tHin cooked spaghetti Coconut or Pecan Shorties Mb. Pkg. 49C Susy Baker; fresh, delicious cookies Frozen Meat Pies onvemmce Eius; ready to Ellis ...... ^JoocL Chicken, Turkey or Beef; Swonson 1**4-«•. Can Can Egg, Noodles N' Beef™" 8 Spaghetti N' Meat Balls Ellis TamalesliTSS. 16 .*£» Corned Beef Hash 3E£. * 16 *c?„ Blackeyed Peas N' Ham *,„..., Beef Stew old fashioned , Can jpdlllMl nice and *uy to serve Can Egg NoodlesN' Ham™ Short Ribs 0' Beef Green Peas N' Ham ma. 31c 28c 25c 35c 35c 37c 19c 35c 39c 33c 8-oz. Pie c M&M Candies Chocolate coated; Ideal treats and snacks 6~oz. Pkg. c BJOHT EESJUVtD TO u«rr QiuNTims Prists effective thru Ssturelsy, AuflUit %, In Carroll. ^MIIltWlWIIIIIIIIllHyHIMtlWHIIIWIHIIIUIWttilliailllllhllllllHIllllllHlliaiaHIIIll SAVE-A-TAPS for Wonderful FR€C GIFTS! xvailablt just by saving your pink cash register tapes from Safeway filiiilF " "

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