Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1960 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1960
Page 22
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'JPWJBNTX'TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH • ^^SUSk||^:JSJtAJSlfe^|t^k|b .^ul ignored By Mfttt ft Afttow PtcM Jtwrt Analyst WASHINGTON (H - The picture tf the State Department which em fittet from aenatorlal quizzing on tfte U2 spy plane and the Tokyo flOb to more man just the poor judgment now admitted. Secretary of State Christian A. Herter and his department showed • lack of attention to vital details and a failure to understand both human reactions and Communist tactics. When the Central Intelligence Agency sent the U2 on its mission over Russia—just two weeks before the summit conference—it was taking a chance, since the plane might be downed and American spying exposed. Hie result could have been guessed in human terms. Premier NlWta Khrushchev, who had been preaching good will toward President Eisenhower and the United States, would be outraged. And no wonder. Such an incident would make him look like a sap before the whole Communist world. While he bad been pumping up hope for the gummit meeting, the United States was violating Soviet territory. This goes far to explain his violent reaction when the plane was downed and the pilot captured. He wrecked the summit, called off Eisenhower's trip to Russia, and U.S. Booster Program Is On Schedule WASHINGTON /P - The Job of building big enough boosters to get man to the moon Is progressing well, the House Space Committee reported today, but little is being done to see how he can stay there. The indications are It will be something less than a pleasure trip for the first spaceman to arrive. The temperature on the moon ranges each day from a low of 270 degrees below zero to 212 degrees above. There is practically no atmosphere and little gravity. Meteorites are constantly bombarding the surface, cosmic radiation is intense, and an accidental look at the sun would ead to instantaneous, permanent blindness. These hazards of lunar living were cited by the committee in report backing a plan by the Vrmy Corps of Engineers to build research facility to simulate onditions on the moon. The facility would cost six million dollars and take three ears to build, the committee aid. The committee said big boost- r projects to provide the thrust or moon trips have top priority atings. But neither the De- ense Department nor the Na-j tional Aeronautics and began a campaign of ridicule against him. tt might nave been expected of the State Department—with the summit meeting so close—that it would have been on top of every detail involving Russian relations. But Herter told the Senate Foreign Relations, committee that neither he nor Eisenhower knew specifically of the disastrous spy flight although they had approved the spy program in general. Eisenhower was to have gone on to Japan after his tour of Russia. There was good reason to believe that, even if he had a Russian triumph, be might have met with violence and riots in Tokyo. Communists, laborites, neutralists and even some conservatives were opposed to the new American-Japanese defense treaty. There had been mounting demonstrations against it for more than a year. This alone—since Eisenhower's safety might be endangered and American prestige damaged — would have been reason enough to can off his Tokyo trip once Khrushchev had canceled his Russian visit. It would have been based on the idea of taking no unnecessary chances. When Vice President Richard M, Nixon made his Latin American trip in the early part of 195S-and ran into anti-American riots- Khrushchev had just become premier. He had not yet entered his love-America phase. The Communists were blamed in big part for the anti-American riots against Nixon. That's under standable. The Communist world then was trying to embarrass the United States every way it could By the time Eisenhower made his Latin American trip this year Khrushchev had visited him here the summit meeting was just a few weeks away, and Khrushchev wu soft-pedaling anti-American ism. It is probably more than acci dental that Eisenhower, unlik Nixon, ran into almost no ant Americanism from Latin Ameri can Communists. Moscow, because of the mood prevailing at th time, probably told them to g easy on Eisenhower. So, if the summit were not a bus and Eisenhower made a triumphal tour of Russia, it could have bee St. Lonisin Indicted For Fake Jurat ST. LOUffl (AP) - A Circuit Court grand Juty Ttawday returned an indictment against 10th Ward Democratic conunltteeman Louis W. Buckowttz for withdrawing the name of state Rep. Matthew T. Long from the Aug. 2 primary ballot. The grand Jury's indictment charged Buckowitz with aiding and abetting in the affixing of a false jurat. A jurat is a statement attached to an affidavit, setting out when and before whom it was made. Maximum penalty on conviction of such a charge is two to 10 years in prison. ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL SERVICE loSF WANTED — rronrntt in mr home. HO a-Wtt. evening LOST - BUc* Irtrmdor male, white chest, reward. HO 5-3803. 3 whit* P«wt lOTTLB LOST — Herd. 1 cho." Mala. 2-1948, co!ll«-jhep Children 1 * pet. HO Finder _ LOST - MAN'S GLASSES. return and receive reward Jefferson. Alton. 328 LOST - Black Labrldor Retriever ir-k „ FR 2¥" mo*, old. Brighton area. 3189. _. STRAYED — Black and tap toy terrier, weighs 3H Ibi.. » »icM*f of Paragon Cleaners in East AI- ton. CL 4-7*66 after _; p.m. __ iB^NT&raSRiER"sHOp-.Rt. .in. Cottage Hills. Specl!l*lng in, Flattops. Closed Tuesdays Bernard Price «nd Larry Parks. Ph<»« CL were renewed for on electric trains Demands safety door after two boys fell fo their death j from trains the same day, near Sydney, Australia. 9-6481. UNION — NO. 8. ElcMM Jul 7. i960 to select del- ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES -White cups. <poon«. punch print napkin*. BAXTER DIBT. 854 E. Broadway PAPER PLATES plastic forks and bowl rental: M*CO. HO 5-9347 INVITATION FOR BIDS The Madison County Housing Authority will receive bldu at Its Centra' Office located at Market and Washington Streets, Madison, nil- nols, until 11:00 A. M. (C.ri.S.T) on the 28th day of June. I960, for tae supplying of an estimated quantity of 200,000 gallons Propane Gas for delivery to Project 111. 18-4, I. B. Curran Homes. Alton, Illinois, for a period of one year. For further information and specifications contact: D. F. BRANBR, Executive Director, Madison County Housing Authority — June 21. I960. From this I dy forward I win no longer be responsible for any debts commot- ed for by anyone other than my- MASTER IN CHANCERY SALE STATE OF ILLINOIS ) ) ss Administration has a single pro-| gram to simulate conditions a moon explorer will face, it added. The space program for the next 10 years, as outlined by NASA, calls for manned orbital lights around the moon by the end of the decade. No manned andings on the moon are contemplated before the early 1970s. Thunderghowers Fall On Parts of Plains By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Scattered thundershowers fell early today over parts of the )lains area, upper Great Lakes, he Mississippi Valley and the Atlantic Coast states. Precipitation at Augusta, Ga., amounted to .79 of an inch- heaviest reported to the Chicago Weather Bureau office. fair to cloudy skies were mostly the case elsewhere. From the 40s n the extreme northern New England area, to the 90s in the desert Southwest was the temperature range. Blythe, Calif., recorded 101 degrees at midnight. <a D acei COUNTY OF MADISON ) apace] ANTHONY w. DALY Now car registrations in Britian have been running about 25 per cent ahead of a year ago, threatening to worsen the traffic situation, London reports. LAVINA MAE BENNETT, CITIIZENS SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION, an Illinois Corporation, THOMAS KIRK. ROSEMARY KIRK, RALPH MITCHELL and JEANN1E MITCHELL, Defendants. NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE Public notice Is hereby given that n pursuance of a decree made and entered by the said Court .In the above entitled cause on the 13th day Of June. I960. I, ANTHONY W. 3ALY, Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court of Madison County Illinois, will on the 8th day of July 1980 at the hour of 2:00 o'clock In he afternoon CDST, at 607 Stowel Street In the City of Alton, County of Madlion and State of Illinois sell to the highest and best bidder for cash all and. singular the following described premises and real estate n the said decree mentioned situated In the County of Madison and State of Illinois, to-wlt: Lot Number Eleven (11) In Block Number Four (4) in CURDIE HEIGHTS, a Subdivision In the Northwest Quarter of Section 17, Township Five North, Range Nine West, of the Third Principal Meridian as the same appears In the Plat thereof recorded in (he Recorder's Office of Madison County. Illinois in Plat Book 11 at Page 36 situated In the County of Madison and State of Illinois. ANTHONY W. DALY. Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court of Madison County. Illinois. Edward D. Groshong, No. 7 Wtlshlre Mall East Alton, Illinois Attorney for the Plaintiff. 6-15. 22, 29. 1980 Tranquillizer darts shot from a gun quieted two savage bulls and a buffalo which attacked crowds at Humpty Doo ranch station near Darwin, Australia, expected Moscow would tell Com' munists everywhere to pipe down when Eisenhower arrived, includ ing Tokyo. That was about the only reason the State Department should have had for thinking Eisenhower might not run into trouble in Japan. But that reason went out the window once Khrushchev turned on Eisenhower. Instead, the State Department could have realized the year-long history of Tokyo riots was a signa to expect more of the same when Eisenhower arrived, particularly since now Moscow could be expected to stir up the Japanese Communists against him. All these obvious things appar ently failed to penetrate the State Department thinking. HERE'S THE TOTAL SELLING PICTURE YEAR, U.S. FAMILIES SPEND AN AVEPASE OP 4(311 AT THEIR LOCAL GAS STATIONS-TOR GAS,OIL AND SERVICE REPAIRS. WHCN THIS IS MULTIPLIED BY THE GROWING NUMBER OF CARS OWNED IN OUR .COUNTRY- WELL OVER HALF OF THE WORLOi TOTAL-IT ALL ADDS UR MERE'S TH« TOTAL,S£LLIN6 PICTURE... Master in Chancery of Madison County, Illinois CIRCUIT COURT OF MADISON COUNTY IN CHANCERY NO. 60-C-60 EDOAR R. KELLY. Trustee ) In Bankruptcy of the Ea- ) tate of ROSS LJJE BENNETT, ) Bankrupt, vs. Plaintiff, 22nd day Box 225, E. MOVIE CAR party? S*« Foster's for brand na Stock of Walt Dlsnars cartoons Foster's Drug Stora, Camera Headquarters." Broadway. HO 5-258B. 230 B. 1IA RIDERS ptnFHS— to St Louis from Wood Rtvfr East Alton. CL 4-5300 or CL 4-8784. ___ _ ____ WANTED — Rider to California. Take 1 or 2, share expenses. Leav- Ing June^ 29%^ 4-8719. _______ ' ^ WANTEb-Ride versity, Monday CL 4-8837. st through EDUCATIONAL I2A INSTRUCTIONS A1B CAREER STUDENTS WAPTT ED -Fly -meet people. Grada ates over 18. under 35-nish facto and photo to Airline Training. Lambert Airport Class. St. Louis, Mo. w * * »•••—" — • — - , — MOTEL' MANAGEMENT — MEN WOMEN and COUPLES to train fO° MOTEL MANAGEMENT am OPERATION. Only nat u « d be considered. Age over 2fc, "••£ NATIONAL MOTEL TRAINING INC Box 990. Care Telegraph,, ^NIPLOYMENT IT—HELP WANTED — ACCOUNTANT — Sales representa- tive7 engineers, manager trainees teller Others $550 month Employment. 205 Plasa FURNITURE SALESMAN — ---.- ina to prove managerial ability, Excellent opportunity. State exper lence, confidential. Reply P.O. Box 58. Alton. LOCAL FIRM has opening tot men to train for permanent sales position. Qualified men will star at $120 per week. For personal In tervlew Phone 3575 J _Edj | vardBVJlle 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE_ CARD OP THANKS. AMOS FISHER ELLIOTT—We wish to thank all our friends and neigh bors for their kindness and sym pathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. Maurice Burgund. Smith's Funeral Home, pallbearers, singers and all others who assisted or helped In any way. The Family of Amos Elliott The family of Mabel Robinson wish to thank all who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially Rev. Scott of Carlinville Nazerene Church, Marks Mortuary and all dear neighbors and friends who participated in any way. WE WISH to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our relatives, friends and neighbors who were so kind during our re cent bereavement. Especially Ruth's Nursing Home, Rev. Cleo Klern, Jacoby Bros. Funeral Home, pallbearers, all who sent flowers and cards or assisted in any way. The Family of Elsie Cox. PERSONALS ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker. P. O. Box 185. East Alton, or CL 4-9278 or CL 4-8305. SINUS SUFFERERS try Plopper's E 2 X for relief. E Z X Is for tale at local drug counters. SOCIETIES and LODGES ROUTE"MAN — 21 • so, with car operate retail sales route In loca area: will guarantee $100 per week plus expenses. CL 4-7037 between . 9 p.m. BOOKKEEPER — Stenographers alteration lady, sales lady, wal tress Others to $350 month. Amer lean Employment, 205 Plasa. LADY TO TAKE OVER MOTHER LESS HOME with 4 children Would consider couple. References required. Write Box 1030, car- Alton Evening Telegraph. MIDDLEAGE HOUSEKEEPER — Live on premises, care for one elderly lady. State salary expect HO ed i 5-7623. RELIABLE white lady to care fo baby. Apply 649 Oakwood after for interview. SALESWOMEN — 30 - 65. Excellen earnings. Call AVON. HO 2-4278. SECRETARY — Shorthand, typing filing, some reception work. Pre fer experienced person. Must to able to speak well and meet thi public easily. Montlcello College Write Box 353, Alton. I* HELP WTD.—Mate • Female AIR CAREERS SEE OUR AD UNDER CLASS 12A WANTED — Industrial engineer. 21 35 with degree, medical technician Investigator, collector, communica tlon equipment salesman, alterer instrument repairman, waitress misc. kitchen helper, h° UB . eke08> P 1e , r (stay), room clerks, hotel maid nurse aide. Apply In person, nil nols State Employment Service, 8 Henry. Alton. SALESMEN FRANKLIN LODGE No. 25, A.F.fcj A.M. Special meeting Thursday. June 33. 7:00 p.m Work in 3rd Degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshments. H. L. WILSON, W.M. ARE YOU THIS MAN? Ambitious, Bondable, Own transportation. Ages 21-60. . If so, one of the largest companle in Its field with an excellent cus tomer rating needs you to fill va cancy on Its staff. Complete train Ing and advancement await you appointment at 205 Plasa. Rm. 242 Thursda. 9 to intTMr. Haney LAWN MOWING—Yard work. Woo> River • Roxana - East Alton. CL 4-7055. 4 ROOM air eondmoMM upstairs apt-Heat and water nintisnM. HO 2-1W7. CARPET . mates. Madison County Carpet c Route 4. Lou Juan Hill*. Edwar vtiie. in. ATiamie t-nn. CUNNINGHAM —I ...... exterior. Patch plait repairs. Reasonable sured. HO 2-8429. FOR YOUR HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING NEEDS — CALL AJAX HEATING A AIR CONDITIONING CL 9-2011. HO 5-2701, "THJRNACE CLEANING GILLENWATER, HO 5-8308. HARRIS TREE SERVICE —" spraying by state licensed operator. Tree work. HO 2-0811. HO 8-8387. .AWN MOWERS SHARPENED — 617 Spring. . GUTTERING 2-1424. HO JOHNSTON'S mobile waldlng and cutting. Evenings and Saturdays, HO 2-3588. POWER LAWN MOWER REPAIRS AH Makes. Guaranteed work Registered Service Dealer Pick Up And Delivery MESTERS AUTO REPAIR 215 Niagara. East Alton Ph. CL 4-5921 POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED—SHARPENED ALL MAKES Complete stock Toro Kut Kwlck mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College. HO 2-7326 WEEDS MOWED with tractor. Yard grading, driveways, landscaping, HO 2-3165. a BUILDING — CONTRACTING Altrt Home Owners Insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 5 yrs. to pay—Free Estimates NO MONEY DOWN—CL 4-0731 ALL CARPENTRY and painting Interior and exterior. Phone HO 2-7419. BLOCK. BRICK, stone, plaster, con Crete. New construction. Remodel ing. HO 2-9140. BLOCK and CONCRETE WORK — Repair work. Fre« estimates. Ph HO 5-8132. BOB WOODS — Cement contractor Union work. Free 5-2938. HO 2-7832. estimates. HO CARPENTRY and paintlnB, reason able. After 5 p.m., call CL 4-0570 CARPENTER WORK — Large or small. Free estimates. CL 4-5718. CARPENTER — R o o f 1 n • repair block and concrete work: exper lenced. Fre« estimates. HO 2-4110 COLLINS CABINET SHOP. Custom made cabinets. Work guaranteed Free estimates. Tarry Drive. Alton HO 5-1407. CONCRETE BLOCK WORK, 18r BLOCK. ED HENDERSON, CL 4-8211. 34 DECORATING FLOOR SANDING And Reflnishing. For free estimate call E. Wetsteln. HO 3-1934. INTERIOR and exterior painting 25 years' experience. Pankey, CL 4-9098. Joseph INTERIOR-EXTERIOR decorating Patch plastering, removing wall paper. 7083. No job too small. HO 2 INTERIOR, exterior painting, decor atlng. Wallpaper removed. Frer estimates. HO 2-3141. HO 2-0871. PAINTING—inside and out. Smal Jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAINTING—Paper hanging fc patch plastering. CL 9-2267. PAUL McGUIGGAN—Paper ham Ing. Save money. HO 84764. 87 HEATING * PLUMBING ENJOY the convenience of clean economical gas, no matter where you live. Metered. bulk or auto matlc cylinder. L. P. gas service for heating, cooking and water heating. Specially trained service men and engineered Installations Insures trouble free operation. ALTON BOTTLED SAS CO. GODFREY ROAD Phone HO 6-3461 STORAGE — MOVING ACROSS THE STREET ACROM TUB NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE LOCAL ft LONG DISTANCE IBM Washington AT*. Dial HO AERO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Moving'* Storagt Co Bxciushr* AgatU Local ft Long Distance Moving Warakoiisa aad Faao«4 Lot Storage Frae Estimates - No Obligation Phoaa NO B-Mtf — 290 B ~ RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS CLEAN OUTSIDE ROOM — Rea sonable rant. Special rates fo pensioners. Columbia Hotel, 1326 E. Broadway. COMFORTABLE — Sleeping room refrigerator, near restaurant. 77 Whltelaw, Wood River. CL 4-514 .. .. } after 5 p.m. n SITUATIONS urro.—FEMALE MOTHER'S HELPER-Baby sitting or light housework. HO 5-9268. PIASA LODGE—No. 27, A. F. ft A. M. Tuesday, June 21. 7:30 p.m. Work in 3rd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshments. W. C. Perkins. W. M. I QUALIFIED, reliable, licensed practical nurse: private duty; hospital, home. Night duty preferred. C 1 4-0983. WANTED—Housework by day by young woman. HO 8-6823. NOTICE—Regular meetlug Wednesday. June 32, Wesetern Star Lodge No. 1. Grand Master to present 50- year jewel) to Brother George Wailenwebber. Refreshments. J. Webber. N. G. FINANCIAL A BUSINESS DRIVE IN — Dolna excellent bust- ness. Showing good return. Financing can be arranged for responsible parties No phone inquiries. Cap's Drive-in. Brighton. 111. To A MAN WANTEDI operate local business. STATION tacgft CURRENTLY TOTAW THAW 41^000,000,000 A •A* AND Oik AQV£RTI66RS INVESTED f 2^000»,OOO IM OAIUY NEWSPAPER* M HSQ TO Tgu. YOU ABOUT THE NEW ANP UrtpRoveo P«OPUCT.S AVA»C*BL£ AT we *A$ STATION* IN V00« •O* Wood River Lodge No. 106;;, AF & AM. Wed. June 22iid. 7 p.m. F. C. degree Visiting brethren welcome. Clarence F. Ansel], W.M. St sa- tiona'l new product! . Earn S23 300 per year. Minimum investment of $2,500 to $5,000. If you can qualify, write Century Brick Corp. of America. 1020 Baldwin Bldg.. _brle.__Ptt. FOR SA'lli — Coln-o-matic Laundries in Mi. Olive. 111. and Oljles- Dle II! Doing good business. Contact John Ferketicli, 303 N. Broad St.. Carlinville. 111. Phone UL 44111. SMALL TRAILER COURT FOR SALE — City sewer and water and utility building. 13th and Edwards ville Rd.. Wood Rlvur. CL 4-4088 Wood Rtver OES No. »71 — Will have a meeting Thursday «veiling June 23rd, 6:30 p.m. InlaUoa; 7:45 regular meeting, formal. Wood River Lodge No. lOi.'. AF & AM. Requtot brethren to assemble at Marks Mortuary, Wood River to conduct lust rites for Brother O. M. Duncan Wed Juoe 22c<l 7 p.m. Clarence Aust-11, W.M. PERSONAL SERVICE MDBESSM AKING— TAILOR WO COOL sleeping room. Gentleman Private entrance. Shower. $6. CL 4-1694. MODERN — Private home, on bu line. One or two Indies. HO 5-6808 MODERN—Newly decorated, tele phone * living room privileges Close In. 123 E. 3th. ROOM—2 blocks from downtown Wood River. Private entrance. CL 4-3947. SLEEPING ROOM for gentleman next to bath and phone. 3018 Col lege. HO 5-3774. SLEEPING ROOMS-48.50 week. In eludes use of physic*! facilities YMCA, 2 W. Third St. O ROOM AND BOARD FOR MEN—Nice clean, cool rooms Good meals. Cloie • In. 628 Alby Alton. PENSIONERS and Social Security Good meals. State and city license Mary Stahl. 1414 Milton. Alton. HO _____________ PATIENTS— Private. Social Secur tty and pensioners. HO 2-AOtia. 44 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS—Utilities paid. Adults. HO 2-3588. 1426 E. 4th street 2 MODERN' — Light housekeeping rooms 606 Belle. ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY — Fur nidhed Adults. 703 Washington. HO 3-1740. CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS - 41 APABTMENT8 » PLATS Work guaranteed. Hale. HO 6-2533. Mrs. Homer LADIES It CHILDREN'S dresses, drape*, double breasted suit* m«d» •ingle. CL 4-3674. CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING — Slipcovers, drapes. HO 2-8884. tAUNDCRWO 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. 3706 Col lege HO 2-5083 for appointment. S ROOM MODERN 2nd floor apt " ' ' itor. heat, only. HO Cabinets, range, refrigerator, heat, water furnUhed. Adult* ' "~ 5-3452 after 7 p.m. IRONING WANTED — Reasonable Mll , and experienced. Can give refer- _!lr_r: «nces. CL 4-7943 ' 3 ROOM — Newly decorated 3 ROOMS — Sunporch, all modern duplex^ Hartford. CL 4-8924. 3 ROOM modern apt. Adults.~$60~ HO 2-2794. j lit floor reasonable A!s>o 2 room unfurnished desirable for I. rcjioa- .-.,-... _ . ablfc HO 5-1203 after 3 p.m WHITE LADY wants regular Iron- ;~pncvLt' APT niTi7ti«V~?rr;Air:u7j ln» in bar hnmA ^all On 1 ISrtB I J KUUM API.— Utilities fUrnlahSd in: in hernme. t-aa M-oW First noor 36J9 C oronado Dr. HO IRONIN'GS —- And men« bundlo Reasonable, experienced. HO MEN'S BUNDLE WASHING ironing. CL 4-4820. _ end | 2-8078. FOUND - White »b«««y dog wlthj ironing. CL 4-483Q. jrROOMlrtobE^N^Ni.vFd^lI. brown spots. Will owner please IRONINGS WANTED—Fine work a ad Pruate bath a:;d entrance. ioeatif.i, or wiU give to good home.! specialty. Pickup 4 delivery. Re«- (.'iiimej paid S-S BID 1316 W HO 2-4902. soudble. CL 4-769-1. ' 9ib. RENTALS 2 ROOM B ROOM AP^.-twet AJtti. hi- vate eatfancet. JifMt atliran for- nisaadj. .lome tymiUMt.^ Aduiti only. KffaYMGg f*owren. 9110 me. 801 BOND — 8 room* and MM, Meat, water furnished. Adults. Ap. ply Bristol), MB State. FOR COLORED — 3 rooffl modern second floor apartment. Unfurnished. Limit 2 children. Mlddletown on Harrison Street. HO 2-4483. FOR RENT — New 3 and 4 room apartments. 8th and Alton streets, dan HO 2-isn. UPPER ALTON — Large 3 room apt. on bus line. Heet and water furnished. HO 2-4641. NEW 9 ROOM 5-6974. rent, no NICE 8 Newly nisfted. and 3-RM. APARTMENTS'- decorated. UttMttsu fttf* 5-2274. HO NORTH ALTON-^ root* UBfUfflfsh ed apt. Phone HO ••3712 af ' after 8. NORTH ALTON—9 room apartment. Rooms are very modem and large. Lots of closet space. Front and back entrance. This Is newly decorated and first class all the way. Heat tt water furnished. Adults only. $80. Dial HO 2-0085 or HO 2-0315. PARTLY FURNISHED — 5 room all utilities paid, $85 per mo. 1217 E. 5th. HO 5-5528 after 5 HO 2-6688. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—85S Neva da, 3 room modern, 185 month. Inquire 85 S. 9th. 2132 STATE — Small apartment, upstairs. 130. HO 5-5916. UNFURNISHED APT. — 4 rooms and bath, refrigerator, stove, air conditioner. Heat and water furnished, S90 mo. Adults only. Call HO 5-7088.' VERY ATTRACTIVE — 3 room up stairs apartment, full bath, prl vate entrance. Adults only, $65 month. 334 Jefferson Avenue. HO 2»6477 after 5 p.m. Worden Apts. Office, 1103 Washington. 3 room efficiency — 2 room efficiency — Range, refrigerator, blinds, utilities (except electricity^ 4S FURNISHED APARTMENTS 1 ROOM APT.—Furnished for housekeeping or sleeping room. All utilities paid. 1030 Union. HO 2-S970. 2 ROOM — Furnished. Desirable for one, reasonable. HO 5-1203 after 5 p.m. 2 CLEAN furnished rooms. Utilities furnished. 224 Lorena, Wood River. 2 ROOM furnished apt. 1 small child welcome. $9 week. HO 2-8284. 2 ROOM MODERN — Utilities fur nlshed. Adults. 261B Yager. HO 5-!!987. 2 ROOM furnished apt. Private en trance and bath. Near stores and bus line. HO 2-9508. 2 ROOM APT.—Milton Area. Utilities furnished. $12 per week. Phone HO 2-8078. 2-ROOM HOUSE — Bath, hot water, private entrance. 208 Illinois. East Alton. 2 AND 3 ROOM — Furnished apts., Real Estate Exchange. HO 2-9797. 3 ROOM furnished ford. HO 2-2322. apt. 2910 San- 3 ROOM — Modern. Private bath, washing f acuities, porch. Reasonable. CL 4-1432. Screened CL 4-5192 3 FURNISHED ROOMS and private bath. Call after 7. 1716 Feldwlsch 3 ROOM, furnished basement apt. utilities 4-4673. furnished. $50 mo. CL 3 ROOM FIRST FLOOR FURNISH ED APT. — Completely private Adults only. HO 5-3712. 3 ROOM HOUSE TRAILER — For rent. Newly furnished Inside Garden plot. Reasonable. HO 2-5645 3 ROOM furnished apt. Utilities private bath, entrance. Couple. 820 E. 8th. 3 ROOM — Furnished apt., nice, clean, modern, $50. Adults. HO 2-5335 or HO 5-9044. 3 ROOMS with bath. All utilities furnished. $15 week. 2011 Brown HO 2-1252. 3 ROOM furnished apt. Gas heat Utilities, private bath, eatrance Couple. 820 E. 6th. 4 FURNISHED ROOMS and bath Utilities furnished. Children accept ed. CL 4-2080. 4 ROOM MODERN TRAILER — Ideal for working couple. Adults only. 3423 Glllham. 4 ROOM FURNISHED APT. located 260 E. Acton. Wood Rtver. $15.00 per week: HO 5-4020. 501 - 503 DRY, East Alton. 2 fur nlshed room apt. 303 Parklane, Wood River. ATTRACTIVE 3 • ROOM APT. — Private entrance, private bath. Laundry facilities. AH utilities fur nlshed. Adults only. No pets. CL 4-6342. EXCEPTIONALLY NICE 2 rooms private bath, 532 S. 9th, Wood River. HO 2-7863. FURNISHED 3 room basement apt. 305 Bowman, East Alton. LIVING ROOM—Bedroom, kitchen ette, bath, private entrance. Rent $55 month. 632 Broadway, East Alton. CL 4-3342. After 5 p.m. CL 4-8614. NICELY FURNISHED — One room efficiency, all utilities furnished, private bath, washing privileges 2704 College. HO 5-7331. WOOD RIVER — 48 West Acton Nicely furnished efficiency apt Close to downtown and bus. Al utilities furnished. $65 month. To inspect diel CL 4-8284 or CL 4-3893 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 2 BEDROOM house, wall to wal carpeting, rumpus room. Nice sub division. EDws. 302. 3 ROOM cottage. Modern. CL 9-3958 3~~ROOM HOUSE for rent. Lights and water furnished. $25 month HO 5-6527. 5 ROOM FRAME — Built in oven and stove, immediate possession, 4210 Aberdeen, $90 per month. HO 5-5526 after 5 HO 2-6688. BETHALTO — 4-room tnpdern. Gag heat. $85. Inquire 55 So. 9th, Rose wood Heights. EAST ALTON — 5 room, all modern. CL 4-7212. EAST ALTON — 3 room modern house. CL 4-4889. FOR RENT — 4 room house, bath. CL 4-8317. FOR RENT—4 room house partly furnished. 322 Old St. Louis road, Wood River. HALF OF DOUBLE HOUSE — _ rooms and bath. Adults. 1314 Pearl St. HO 2-1272 aftar 4 p.m. 48 FURNISHED HOUSES 2 ROOM HOUSE water also furnished. CL4-S607. Furnished, lights. After 6 P.M. EAST ALTON • house for rent. - 3 room furnished CL 4-7749. MISC. FOR SALE [ MORTON TRAIAND of Alton Homo Improvomt Mt Glvec Quality «t Be«t Price* on Alum. Sldla«. Awnings, Windows. Daws, pliance*. wd Ap- RENTALS REAL ESTATE SALE •Famished, lights, ilitred. After 6 FOR LEASE WILSHftE MALL STORES, OFFICES YODEft — CL 44113 •USINESS PROPERTY . POR LEASE NORTM*ALTON 2610 STATE STHBfit — 4,080 IQ. feet pins 480 f4, ft. gtorate and 2 rest rooms. Tile floor, central air condtttMttif, Ideal lighting system and 48 ft, window display. Owner win dlvne for more than one ten ant. Rear IMdljjf and parking. DOWN TOWN AREA 112 WEST WWADWAY - 1800 sq ft. each floor pint •ajoining 2,500 id. ft. parking lot. Rear loading for building and rear exit for parking lot. CLEM NOLI AGENCY HO 5.6621 SI OFFICE * DESK ROOM NEW 2 ROOM wood paneled offices. 307 Henry. HO 2-8511. OFFICES — Reasonable. Faulitlch building, downtown Alton. Suitable for professional and business. Also meeting hall, will remodel. HO 2-2912. WANTED TO RENT 2 or 3 BEDROOM HOME—In clean location. CL 4-3793. CLOSE TO ROXANA POOL — 2 or 3 bedroom house for area teacher and family. Moderate rent. CL NICELY furnished, large 3 room or 4 room apt. Preferably In Alton vicinity for young engineer. CL 4-7098. WANTED TO RENT—3 room apt for young couple; moderate rent Upper Alton area preferred. HO 2-9185. WANTED TO RENT — 3 bedroom house. 8 children. Contact Nca Donnals, Flamingo Motel after 7:30 p.m. REAL ESTATE SALE 88 BUSINESS PROPERTY GARAGE BUILDING Concrete block. Has paint booth am office plus 40 ft. work room. 7 large overhead doors S8.95C BEN 0. MOORE, REALTOR Office: HO 2-2222. Nlte: HO 2-174 BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR SALE BROADWAY tt MARKET STREET: 8 WEST BROADWAY 112 WEST BROADWAY 850 BELLE STREET EAST BROADWAY BUSINESS PROPERTY 50 FOOT ON EAST BROADWAY 80 FOOT ON EAST BROADWAY CLEM NOLL AGENCY HO 5-6621 COMMERCIAL Building 6,278 Sq. Ft. Idea for church, tales barn, mfg. etc. Air-conditioned, loading platform. Approx. I acre of land. Located Rt. No 140, Cottage Hills. Price $22,000 WICKENHAUSER AGENCY HO 5-2021 After 5: HO 2-7263 87 FARMS AND LAND 5 ACRES of land, good 4 room house, 4 miles west of Hettlck o all weather road. Omar Jackson Hettick. 111. 8 ACRES with small house and barn CL 4-8687. PIKE COUNTY — 4% miles from Nebo. 30 acres. 7 acres tillable, bal ance timber and pasture. $750 Terms. CL 4-7462. SMALL FARM—48 acres. Ideal for large lake and country home. Nice brick 5 room ranch type home, on good road. Just a few minutes from Godfrey on Glass club road Hemphill Agency HO 5-3583 after 6 p.m. Jim Mettler . . ..HO 2-0472 58 LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE — 2 lots, V t acre. For rest Homes. CL 9-6309. S90 DOWN — $25 month. Wllshlre area. Large lot. city sewer, water gas. Price $2450 YODER REAL ESTATE CL 4-9113 — CL 4-1484 KING SIZE LOTS In D'Adrlan Gar dens Rolling, landscaped. Flntst in the area. City water, natural gas sanitary and storm sewers. Homer Adams. HO 2-4403 KLOPMEIER ADDITION—Nice lot suitable for split level house Priced right at $1100 GEO. ROBERTSON . . HO 5-3583 HEMPHILL AGENCY Eve.. Sat. or Sun,. HO 2-8608 LOTS OR ACREAGE ON STAND ARD TORCH CLUB RD. — HO 2-8953. LOTS FOR SALE In Moro Subdl vision. 75 x 140 and larger, Re strlcted to brick. r CL 4-1496. WILL SELL on contract for deed level lot on Falrvlew Drive, 65x 120', $1850. Low down payment HO 2-8133. HOUSES FOR SALE Living at Its Flnast RIVER AIRE Naw brick homes ready for eeeu paaey. or will build to your plans Trade-ins arranged. Joseph Wfeken aausar. HO 5 3381. HO 5-1246 FOR SALE by owner, reasonable. 5 room modern frame on Klngsliigh way in East Alton. Automatic heat, New kitchen. CL 4-9739 after S p.m. FOR SALE in Wood River. 4 room modern house. Gas heat. Close In, CL 4-5406 or CL 4 MISC. FOR SALE mmmmtm**mmH*i^mm^^^^ PIASA MOTOR FUEL 24 How ffuraw S«mc« MICH BEI-TUNE HO S.2SS1 VKATBTU* V PUVWOAIX MUSSILL •UNO * AWNINO CO. wM we. POR SALE U»ed 90,000 BTU Bryant Oil Furnact. Hood and pip* included. On* Speed Queen waiher, A-1 condition. HO 2*7141 Ait9i 7 f.M. MIDOUI'S Clectrk nwwew, nod »ppU- •oeew r«9«if«d. Ifower btadv* made nwnr «karp> Tool* teat** WEDNESDAY. JUNE 22, 1060 REAL ESTATE SALE HOMM POT Mtt ROSBWOOP _SlfetOltTS _^- +jffM» brick by OWDBF. coftcrew dnve* way, attached carport with storage mace, full divided basement, wail insulated, storm windows and doors, good location. Can after 6 0.m. CL 4-1817. Airlift*. SPACIOUS Urge uvttt «*>«• area, automatic dish fun Baignent. NBW3BBDROOM BRICK—Roae wood Heiihto. MO 2-J7W. BY OWNER—Ifl CMtaee HUH. •pom modern House on 14 acre lot 7.200. wni ten contract for deed. 1800 down. HO 2-9909. HARTFORD — Srooms. fayed streets, sidewalk. Lot 82.5 » 112. Oms heat. Wall to wall carpeting. Block from school and Super Market. CL 4-4877. 8 ROOM MODERN HOUSE—Glass ed-ln porch, gas heat, basement good location, large lot, fruit trees. 124 Abbott Place. Bethalto. DU 4-8104. NEW 2*3 BEDROOM modern homes. $500 down. Inquire 58 S 6th. Rosewood Height*. REDUCED—3 bedroom, m bath. Brick. 3 miles north of Godfrey. Trade. PR 2-3598^ WOOD RfVER—Brushy Grove Ad dition. J595 down complete. 4-yr-old 3-bedroom home. Large corner lot. Natural gas heat. Carpeted Youngstown kitchen. Trl 7-4540. BY~OWNER—Two 4 room apt*"., isi floor. One 5-room apt. second floor, all modern. Private entrance ttor. monthly Income. Also basement apartment, CL 4-7874. 5~~BEDROOM HOME — Excellent Mlddletown location for sale by owner, reasonable. HO 5-7244. CL 4-9118 ~ Ct 4-MM tHERESA-N6RtH GILLMAM 4V, room frame, carpeted Hying- gfej^teWUPiS BEN'bVMb'dREi'R'EALl OPPICE HO 2.2222 Nitei HO 2-1742 or HO 2.5761 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 3 bedroom brick. Birch cabinets. tile bath, aluminum storm windows S closets, walk-out basement with Picture window. Lots of ex pensive shrubbery. Price Just reduced to 114,700 WEST AGENCY CL 4-1122 FRONTENAC PL.-« room brick. 2 large bedrooms, alr-condltloned. Large lot. Phone HO 6-2548. NORTH ALTON — IIII Douglas. 5 room brick, 2 bedrooms. By owner HO 2-3987. NEW BRICK HOMES — All areas financing available. Will trade. HO 5-5528 after 5 HO 2-6688. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—62x150. $900 down, balance monthly. KLOPMEIER ADDITION—Nice lot. suitable for split level house. Priced right at ......$1100 OEO. ROBERTSON—HO 5-3583 HEMPHILL AGENCY Eve., Sat. or Sun-^JlO^^-SBOS MILTON — By owner, 2933 Buena Vista. 5 room 2 bedroom brick. Hardwood floors, plenty of closets, wired for 220. city sewer. Full deep basement. Nice neat neighborhood. Priced for_ quick sale._ HOUSE" FOPi'SALE' — A'nd removal from present location. 6 room frame at 310 Lorena Ave., next to the First Baptist Church In Wood River, III. This Is open to bids- subject to the approval of the church—See one of the trustees or call CL 4-6949 or CL 4-5235. For your real estate requirements call the leader, Hemphill Agency. Ask for George Robertson, HO 53583, Evenings, Saturdays & Sundays HO 2-8608. Will consider trades. FOR SALE — By out of town owner, 5 room modern house, double garage. Immediate possession. Call CL 4-6361. 1422%. E. 4TH Close to Glass Works — Just redecorated. 3-room, 2nd floor unfurnished apt. Complete bath, hot and cold water furnished, immediate possession. $40 month. HEMPHILL AGENCY Dial HO 5-3584—Evenings HO 2-6833 SUBURBAN PARADISE — For the retired couple or family man. 20 acres with beautiful country home just one mile west of White Hall. Modern one story six room home. Oak floors, knotty pine kitchen, basement with oil heat. Beautiful lawn with nice shade trees giving a quiet, distinctive charm all its own. Complete set of farm build- Ings. Improved pasture and farm land. Price for quick sale $15,500 GLENN S. PETREY, REALTOR 113 South Main Street White Hall, Illinois Phone DRake 4-2012 BY OWNER — Country living at Its best with all the comforts, con- viences and protection of the city in this 3 bedroom brick colonial house with 2 baths., fireplace, lots of closets and with a large screened attached' patio. All this In a setting of landscaped acerage and close to schools, hospitals and college. Only 2 blocks from bus route. This 4 acres Is suitable for subdivision. For appointment call HOward 2-2659. _____ PHINNEY 6 ROOMS—Two baths, ceramic tile, large kitchen, modern birch cabinets, full babement, gas heat, garaee. carpet throughout. Drapes, living room 30x13. Large closets. 42-;n. attic fan, 12 large trees. Large picture windows. Lot /Ox 135. Price reduced $26,900 CALL FOR APPOINTMENT WM. F. BUND HO 5-3583. After 5 p.m., HO 5-3498 Hemphill Agency ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS ROSEWOOD LANE — 5W-room modern brick ranch — I'/i baths, 2 fireplaces, divided basement, gas heat, attached garage. Extra lot. See this for only $21,900 EAST ALTON 212 WHITELAW — 4-room modern brick. Carpeted, air-conditioned, gas heat. Asking $11,500 111 CARDOT — 4-room modern; full basement, gas heat, garage. Asking $7,650 WOOD RIVER AVE. — Duplex 5 rooms and bath each side. Oil heat. Will finance. Asking $9,450 RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY HO 2-2246 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS The Finest in ALUMINUM SIDING •£ Kevere ir Reynolds it Alcoa * Kaiser "We Sell the Best- tor Less/" NO MONEY DOWN 5% FHA Financing Free Estimates ALUMA-LINE ff Alttn 2301 Main St. HO 5-H87 Kenny Webb, Proprietor FORREST HOMES 1425 Fifth street. Five room frame features new siding, attached garage, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, utility room and finished bath, ready for water to be brought in from street. This home !e on a double lot 100 x ISO, fenced to for privacy. Nice condition ....W.500 JOSEPH WICKENHAUSIR AGENCY DON BARNARD . . . CL 4-4983 OFFICE HO 5-3381 BY OWNER 3 miles out on Fosterburg road. 28x40 home. Breezeway. large garage, aluminum siding, on in acres with option on another acre, $15,500. HO 2-8969. — Weekend Retreat— CLIFTON TERRACE—4-room modern with 2 acres of ground. Walking distance to river for fishing or boating. Horses could be kepi here. This might the the summer cottage, or year 'round horns you've been looking for. Only $5,500 BERIGAN AGENCY BEST BUYS CONSIDER TRADES CL 4-6614 Evenings: Ber.gan....CL4 : 12 4 p Boerner .. HO 5-7618 9 ROOM FRAME 4 rooms down with modern bath k kitchen. Carpeted dining and livin* room. Large entrance hall and one bedroom: 5 rooms up with modern kitchen and large bath presently being used as Income. This home has a new oil furnace and has had excellent care. Full price....$14,800 JOSEPH WICKENHAUSER AGENCY DON BARNARD ... CL 4-4983 OFFICE HO 5-3381 SUBURBAN MENT. CLOSE TO NEW GIBSON BROWN SCHOOL. BUILT IN STOVE AND OVEN. ATTACHED GARAGE. EXCEPTIONAL ALLANFOX HO 6-3315 HARRY DREW AGENCY HO 2-1296 Large Family? Small House? Tight Budget? 3 LARGE BEDROOMS, large closets, living room, dining room, kit- Chen with plenty of cabinets, combination alum, screens and storm windows. Full basement, -hot air furnace, garage, fenced-rear yard, lots of shade trees. 320 S. Pence. East Alton — Consider trade. $8,930 BERIGAN AGENCY BEST BUYS CONSIDER TRADES CL 4-6614 Evenings: Berlgan.... CL 4-1283 Bishop .... CL 9-2487 Boerner .. HO 5-7518 SO. ROXANA 407 OHIO — Extra nice 4-room with carport and paved driveway; utility with gas heat: very nice kitchen cabinets, HWFs, plastered walls. Only 1 year old. Will sell on G.I. loan, no down payment except loan expense; buyer can move In and pay rent $75 mo. until loan Is closed, or will sell on Contract for Deed, $1,000 down payment. Priced at t $9.200 WE HAVE OTHER S. ROXANA HOUSES, 2 and 3 bedrooms, priced from $6,950 to $12.500. Hessenflow & Coppinger Realtors CL 4-3893 or CL 4-7748 ANNOUNCEMENTS FINANCIAL LET GEORGE DO IT ALUMINUM SIDING BIRCH CABINETS ROOM ADDITIONS ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT Dial HO 2-0386 GANHAM HOME IMPROVEMENT FINANCIAL .. . left get right down to thi i matt»r of personal !o«nt. It it foolifh to borrow, wh«n it o«n b« avoided. However, there are times when a pertonal loan make*, all the difference in the world. When you need a pertonal loan, ttop in. Vacation Cash i to jo NOW i ...PAY i UTEI ! . '25 «o '800 I { Yes, You can take your vacation i I now and pay for it later. Get the J \ money here for expense*, wheth-1 I er you're going away or staying J J ... whether for travel, auto, or i I clothes—or to paint, repair, and ! I fix up around the place. { j You'll get quick service on »ensi- ! ble plans. (Dome in, phone or J write for inuaedia^e information. S IM ve t«eJay< { IN AitON HI litie ft* IM WOOD UV« HQuKMiM W U*I A1ION

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