Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1960 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1960
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1960 4LTON EVENING TELfiORAPH Landis' Homer Breaks Chisox' Losing Streak CHICAGO (Af* - Jim Landis carries the lowest batting average among Chicago White Sox regulars these days, but his ninth inning homer Tuesday night might be the shot the ball club needs. Landb '/mer broke a 3-3 tie and &ave the Sox a 4-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The triumph snapped a four-game losing streak. Before Landis' homer, Prank Baumann put in a brilliant piece of relief work. In the top of the ninth, Brooks Robinson doubled off Orry Staley and the next batter sacr'flced. Baumann. aided by a fine field- Ing play on the part of Roy Sievers, retired the next two batters to end the inning. The White Sox and Orioles meet again tonight with Early Wyrm (2-6) going against Jack Fisher (M). The Chicago Cub* lost to Philadelphia 7-6 In 13 timings despite Ernie Banks' 19* and 20th home runs. The second #une of the twi- night doubleheader was suspended at the end of eight Innings because ol the curfew with Philadelphia holding a 7-5 lead. The second game will be completed tonight before the regularly scheduled contest. Although the averages in the second game arp not official as yet, Banks collected two runs batted in to give him five for the night and boost his major league leading total to 58. His 20 home runs lead both leagues. Maria Bueno Loses Weight WIMBLEDON (AP) -Maria Bueno is mdnf up to her third Wimbledon teimrt tourney had her first title defense after.a nag King string of ailments. She has told friends her playing weight has suddenly dropped by 12 pounds. So far she apparently was none the worse for tot experience com' petitlvely. Tuesday she ham mered out a 6-3 6-2 victory in her opener against Belgium's Christine Mercells and showed no signs of combat fatigue. But a British doctor on the sidelines observed later: "Her sharp loss of weight in a short time is a serious matter. If she is not und^r a doctor's care, she should certainly see one at oner a I flrl out '-';rt it is all about." Aussies, Japanese Open Action in Canada Cup PORTMARNOCK, Ireland (AP) — The Canada Cup golf organizers Wednesday broke with tradition and decided defending champion Australia will open the world-wide tournament tomorrow against Japan — instead of being paired with host country Ireland. Reason: Officials wanted to save that glamor match for the last one of the championship Sunday. They believe the Australia-Ireland match could decide the winner of the I960 Canada Cup. So they agreed to make it the match to end the tournament a move certain to pull in the crowds Sunday. Arnold Palmer and Sam Sne»d. the American pair, go out with Dai Rees and Dave Thomas of Wales. The team championship is de elded on the combined aggregate medal scores c' the two players on each of the 3D teams. Each golfer will complete 72 holes over the 7,063-yard links bordered on three sides by the Irish Sea. Individual world championship is decided on the scores shot in the team competition. The player with the best medal score for 72 holes takes the crown. Stan Leonard of Canada, ing for the seventh time in the competition, is the defending In dividual champion. He also won in 1954 on his home grounds of Montreal. 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Be sure to sign your name and address. We'll discuss them with Parker and Gruenewald. Boner Club Nominee* Both William Camp Sr., anc William Camp Jr., of Upper Al ton, renewed their standing as nominees to the Boners Club Saturday during a boat ride on Alton Lake. The men noticed water in the bilge of their out 1 board cruiser and removed the I siphon plug which operates only while the boat is moving. Bu they no sooner removed the plug and the boat ran out o: gas. The Camps were unable to get the plug back in at once and the boat took on more water BUI Snyder, Alby street, nearby in another boat, came to the ale of the Camps and helped hole up the boat whle the plug was replaced and more gas was put in the motor tank. Last yeai when the Camps became nom inees to the club, it was Snyder who also saved the day when the cruiser nearly swamped by too many heavyweights standing hi the stern. Snyder took on some of the load hi his boat. Curious Catfish There are lots of ways oi catching fish but Clyde Leon ard, Bethalto, and Ed Mensc Rosewood Heights, have a mos novel and exasperating method Mense damaged a propeller anc shaft on his cruiser and Leonan helped him removed it in wasit deep water. Alter the shaft was removed, the housing was plug ged until the next day. When Leonard tiled to replac the shaft the next day, it would n't go into the housing. Afte several attempts, he stuck hi finger in the housing and felt a small catfish' wedged inside. AJ ter the fish was pushed out, th< shaft went back into place. Lost Ski If any of you find a baekwarc water ski floating on the Illin River, it belongs to Mrs. Don Smalley, 2301 LuSalle Dr. She was skiing near the Power Line crossing Sunday when the sk was lost. Disgusted Angler A disgusted fishermen wrote :o us but forgot to sign his name. It is a policy of the Tele- jraph not to recognize unsigned .etters. However, those signing their names may request thai they be withheld. Caught Frogs The fishing was slow in the 'leasant Hill area Sunday for Clem Forbes, Oscar street, but ic did all right anyhow by taking eight bullfrogs. BUI Harris, Oscar street, landed a two-pound there. Kuy Young and Bob Hallord of Alton area, landed 15 o 20 nice white perch fishing at Clarksville Dam Sunday, Faris said. fishing Bait Anglers in the Brighton area may get their live bait from larold Woof, we were told by one of his friends. Woof also has ishing licenses. Boating Survey Planned Lt. Cmdr. A. B. Chrlsteiuen, director of the Coast Guard Aux- liary, said that the area's Flo- illas will again make a survey of pleasure boats hi action on Alton Lake on July 4. If enough personnel is available from the Auxiliary's 15 Flotillas, the survey will extend into Winfield and Clarksvilie pools. Last July 4, he survey revealed 4,700 boats in action. The survey is being made at Die request of the'Army Corps of Engineers. Another survey is planned on Labor Day, Christensen said. The Tekgraph'g Radio Chaff' WEDNESDAY MD (MM)} mile WI10 KMtfX (CM) 11*10 Baseball Minor League By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS International League !"iami 5-0, Rochester 3-6 Richmond 4, Montreal 0 Toronto 3, Columbus 2 Havana 3, Buffalo 2 Louu>vU'c 6, Houston 4 Charleston 4, St. Paul :' Denver 6, Indianapolis .' Dallas-Fort Worth 4. Minneapolis 3 Pacific Coavt League Seattle 7, Sacramento 4 Spokune 6, Tacxima j Vancouver a, San Diego 2 Portland 5, Salt Lake 2 gW will UmMrM felta 06 E. Morgan N: MuRle Nite Mu»ic ** •* N; Music Eisenhower Nile Music t* II N: tm«M mage Metronome *, N MemorIM .1 N: MemorIM MemorIM MemorIM! N fi. Ounthor ^ H. Gunther N N; Gunther H. Gunther »« ,• N World N H. Gunther V: Gunther H. Gunther N: Wilton 3d Wilson II t* H !• N; Wilson Ed Wilson • 1 «l l» II N; Wilson Ed Wilson II *l II II N P'houi* Pty, II •* N; Party P' ho use Party tt •» N; Burke J. Burke »» •» N; Burke J t Burke »t »• i N; Burke J. Burke Burke; N fit jfiSS? D. QOfflOB oornwt M fc ISSSfJ*' D, UUIUUB b, OordoB p. ootfw S; Gordon D. Gordon p. Gordon sign Off Opanw N; Farm Vogel Farm N: Farm T. Dailey N: Dailey T. Datley N; Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey Dailey; N Exerclsei Unity. Hymiu O. Cantrell H. Christian B'fast Club •» t* •• •» «• •• N: Dailey T. Dailey N; Dmlley Dailey; N N; Farm Vogel Farm The World •t ii N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N D. WJtt • i M N; Witt Witt; N D. Gordon ** .* N; Gordon Gordon: N N; Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N: own N: fuenan N: w K. WeharC 3: N N; ftteMNl N: I K. RFehafi tti At M* MlJtlMMS If! W ff! RlvnVTv 3. Buck K. Rienarf B. Bum* Si Rlcnftrd Fan in Stand* K. Rlcnarfl interview N: Richard Cards-Pirates K. Richard ' " 9; Jenkins • " B. Jenkloi 1 " N; Jenkins • " B. jenwtu • " N; Jenkins ' " 8. jankias " Nj R. Shop •• Record Shop • " , N; R. Shop Richards; Griffith Record Shop N N; R. Shop J. Buck Record S»op '» " R.COrtS88p N: Buck N; K-Sbo* jr ; Buck p Record Shop " " &<&*§& THURSDAY i N: Williams O. Newton* O. Wllllamg " •" Clockwatcher N; Newsom* " G. Newiom* N; W N; Newionu Rex Davli G. Newsome Clockwatcher N; Newsome " G. Newsorae Rex Davii N; Newsome Clockwatcher O. Nawsotne " N; Newsome " G. Newsome N N; Newsome Clockwatcher G. Newsome " N: Newsome " G. Newsome N; Godfrey N; Davis A. Godfrey G. Davli " " N; Davis " G. Davis N; Party N; Davis Houseparty G. Davis G. Moore N; Davis Crosby-Gloomy O. Davis N; Headline* N; Davis J. McCormlck G. Davis Helen Trent N. Davis 2 Next Door ' G. Davis Whispering Ste. N; Jenkins Ma Perklm B. Jenkins Dr. Malone N; Jenkins Mrs. Button B. Jenkins m. to Happiness N; Jenkins Pat Buttram B. Jenkins G. Williams N; Jenkins " B. Jenkins N: Buck N; Jenkins J. Buck B. Jenkins " N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Buck N; Richard J. Buck K. Richard N; Richard Buck: W K. Richard r*v it It wr.- •i W sign 'Off So.<g, &« N; Day s,6 Bob Day N Boo Day ii H N; Walttf H. Waits* Tello Qutt R. Bensoa N: Benso* R. Bensoa i» it i> ii N; Tlffl* Cty. Tim* M. Galnes N Farm-Ma*. A. Grace Club Newe N; Day Bob Day ii tr B. Counter N; Palm J. Palen 99 tt " " i N; Palen J. P.len "» It N; Palea J. P.1.B 1* 99 TV digest with John N. Jones KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4 KSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9, KPLR 11 WEDNKSUAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Tombstone Territory (4) (5) News Reports (9) Friendly Giant 6:10—(4.i CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Ingham (9) Sing Hi-Sing Lo 6:25— (5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30—(2) Pocket Billiards (4) Reckoning (5) Wagon Train (9) Compass Rose (11) Wild Bill Hickok 6:45—(9) French Through TV 7:00—12) Music for Summei Night . (11) Bold Journey 7:15— (9) Reading Out Loud 7:30—(2i Nelson Family (4) Men Into Space (ji Price Is Right: (Color) (11) Movie 7:45—(9) linages of Art 8:00—(2) Hawaiian Eye I'D Millionaire (5) Happy (91 Play s and Players 8:30—(4) I've Got a Secret (5) Tale (9) Wings to Austria 9:00—(21 Boxing (4) Circle Theatre (5) This Is Your Life (9) Platform 9:25—(11) News 9:30~(5t Lock Up (91 Books and Ideas (11) Expose 9:35—(11) New York Confidential 9:45—(2i Sports: Harry Stone 0:00—(Jt Not for Hire U) News: .Spencer Allen (5i U. S. Marshal i9i My Favorite Reading (11) Movie 0:lj—(41 Eye On St. Louis Movie Movie News, Sports, Weather 0:45—i at Jack Paar Show 1:30— (lit BwJtiiut Stories 2:00— i5i (Hi News Movie (5) Night Court 12:20—(2) News 2:25— (21 Home Digest 2:30~i21 Sherlock Holmes 2:35— <5i Weather Report 1:00-121 Daily Word 1:20—ill Lale News Roundup 1:25— i 4> Give Us This Day lUlUbUAV, JlNt W 5:45—ill Give, Us This Day j:5U—14' News: Tom Brooks b:UO—i4i Tou it'n Country 6:30—i4i P.S. I: Spelling 7:00—(41 Morning St. Louis i (5) Today 7:30—(2) New Mathematics 8:00—(2) Camera Two (4) News: Grover 8:15—(2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00-(2) Jack La Lanne Show (4) Red Rowe Show (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—(2) Romper Room (4) On The Go (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00—(4) I Love Lucy (5) Price Is Right: (Color) 10:30—(2) Topper (4) December Bride (5 Concentration U:00-(2) Mr. & Mrs. North (4) Love of Life (5) Truth or Consequences U:15-(ll) Morning Chapel 11:20—(11) News: Daust ll:30-(2) Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (Col or) (ID Short Story U:45-(4) Guiding Light 11:55-12) News: Roby; Weather, Fontaine (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Woman's Touch 12:05—(4) I Married Joan 12:30— (2) Love That Bob! (4) As The World Turns l:00-(2) About Faces (4) For Better or Worse (5) Queen for a Day (U) Movie 1:30-12) Susie (I) House Party (5t Loretta Young 2:00-12) Day in Court (4) Millionaire <5i Young Dr. Malone (II) Movie 2:30— (2i Gale Storm (41 Verdict Is Yours (5t From These Roots 3:00-(2i Beat The Clock (4t Brighter Day <5i Racket .Squad 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30-l2i Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45-(U) Capt. ll's Showboat 4:00— (2) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) Our Miss Brooks 4:30-14) Movie (5) LifeofRiley 5;00~(2» Rocky and His Friends (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color (11) Sgt. Preston News: Hayward (9) What's The NewsY (11) SuspensevUle * Face Snuffs Cards' Rally PITTSBURGH (AP) — The PU rates' bullpen ace, Elroy Face, had to bail out starter Vent Law in a 3-2 victory over die St. Loui* Cardinals at Pittsburgh Tuesday night. The preservation of the victory helped keep Law the winningest pitcher in the major leagues. He was sailing along with a 3-1 edge, yielding only five hits, when ninth inning singles by Walt Moryn, Carl Sawatski and Curt Food pushed across a Redbird run and left men on first and second with nobody out. Face then took the mound and picked Curt Simmons, who was running for Sawatski, off second base. He then struck out Daryl Spencer and Stan Musial. The victory was Law's llth of the year. He's lost two. He struck out five and walked one during his eight innings of work. Dick Groat drove hi two runs with a pair of singles in the BUGS' seven-hit attack. Bill MazerosW singled three times. Cardinal starter Bob Gibson worked 6 1-3 innings, gave up seven hits and all three Pirate runs. It was his first loss of the year against no victories. Tonight, the Cardinals* Larry Jackson (9-6) will start against the Pirates' Bob Friend (8-3). Braves Hurling Hits Stride MILWAUKEE (AP) - Th« Milwaukee pitching staff has rounded nto form with steady work and the Braves are rolling in an all. out bid to overhaul the front-running Pittsburgh Pirates. The second-place Braves got some more fine pitching performances and mov-d to ./.thin 3% iames of the Pirates Tuesday light, sweeping a twi-night doubleheader from the San Francisco "iiants, M and 2-1 in 18 innings. "We're getting the pitching we new we had," Manager Charlie Jressen sail' after Milwaukee's ourth straight victory and seventh in the last eight games. "Those dozen or so postponements early in the season hurt us badly anr 1 didn't give the pitchers a fair chance," Dresden exnlain- d. "But the weather has been good lately. We're playing and the pitching has jelled." 5: 40-12) Weather: Haywwxl Porky and His Pals (5) Huntley-Bi'inkley I

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