Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1957
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on BIBLE QUIZ QUESTION: Why is Ruth of Hi* Bible famous? ANSWER: Long ago, a widow named Naomi livad in the land of Moab with her two sons and their wives. Unfortunately the sons died and the three widows were left alone. Naomi decided to return to her own people In Bethlehem but urged her daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, who were Moabites, to remain in Moab where they probably could marry again. Orpah did so but Ruth vowed she would stay with Naomi for as long as they both should live. So the two of them took the lortg tourney to Bethlehem whera Ruth found farm work to support herself and har mother-in-law. The rieh land owner saw her, fell in love with her, and married her, and she and Naomi lived in comfort thereafter. Ruth is famous because she was so fond of her mother-in-law and was the heroine of one of the most beautiful stories in the Bible. FOR YOU TO DO: For your Bible picture series, color this picture of Ruth, paste on cardboard, cut around the outer edge* and stand up by folding on the long dotted line. Cut along the top of the sheaf of wheat and make it stand up in front of the picture of Ruth. (You can win $10 by submitting a good question to Violet Moore Hlggins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Monday: Did Robin Hoed ever live?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner If you are invited to go on a picnic it is always thoughtful to ask if you can bring part Of the food. If you have a specialty which you like to cook and which is par- Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Saturday, July 17, 1M7 ticularly good then by all means offer that. Almost anyone preparing for a picnic welcomes a little help, St ** It*. *at OK. *) iVJft kt NCA twin, In,.*. "When I get to college this fall, Dad, whtt category do you think I should major In?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Hi 7-27 TM. IH US. PU. on. « 1M7 by NCA hnica, luc "You'd better wear your coat more, Richard—you're picking up so much weight it won't fit you next wlnterl" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Kate Osann [p- "I think we would have made out much better at the bakeryl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer 32C "We should take them for a walk every day- good!" -it does them Ocean Gateway Answer to Previoue Puzzle ACROSS 1 Ocean gateway, the Canal 7 is its Gulf port 13 Leveler 6 Masculine nickname 7 Supervisors 8 Altitude (ab.) 9 Jump 10 Moderate 11 Indians 14 Oleic acid «lt » 15 Most domesticated 16 Epithet of Jupiter 17 Not fast 18 Medical suffixes 20 Mexican coin 21 Removes 23 Puff up 27 It bisects an 32 Fortification 33 Elevate 34 Confer 38 Boy's name 38 Scatters 39 Equals 40 Burdens 42 Love god 46 Narrow inlet 47 Back talk (coll.) 51 Befit 53 Grumble 55 "Lily maid of Astolat" 56 Eluder 57 More succinct 58 Sensibilities DOWN 1 Household animals 2 Grandparental 3 Captain of the Nautilus 4 Afresh 5 Middling (comb, form) Arabian caliph 21 Of the teeth 22 Leather thongs 23 Units of energy 24 Sweet secretion window 39 Capuchin monkey 35 Hebrew month 41 Challenges 26 Polynesian 42 Encourage god 43 Hawaiian 28 Robust chant 29 Unit of length 44 Eskers 30 Employer 45 Portuguese 31 Oriental coins 37 Kind of coins 47 Bridge 48 Helps * ; 49 Dirk 50 Weights of India 52 Compass point 54 Night before an event Relief BY EDGAR MARTIN ccsou*> «*oo m us Vj>0 OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS THE SMALL OPEN SPACES J A fUrm. ••«.TJ),u>. am OUR BOARDING HOUS1 . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLI ucv/Tut* eW - LltfS SOME* IMAGINE.'AT mkse\ SirVuiJe 1 •wILO LIPE THAT POKERS SLEEPWALKlN©/— SfrA / / IT* -^..IMIO THE WRONSk |JM/ PERHAPS WE'O i Ya)ifi& 1 DEN/^LST'5 HAVIB - J 0ETTER HOT <3NE- , BOW&ED'taV 1HE OFFICIAL VEI?^IC?Ml THIS |T5W TO THE Gaia^E IL^^ 6 .*" <?E-BIACT-1 torncG\t<z^> PECCH OVSC AT WBW KeTKfiAT FKcMA JfflL^ POTS M& IN THBCHATEAS'JBSaW^^^.^W --.AM EM- t\ w. DOES SEEM A LITTLE ODD = ST BUGS BUNNY Cleaned and Washed PRISCILLA'S POP Small Comfort ALL1Y OOP , WELL, JOE, IT'S ANOTHER DAY BY AL VERMEER Old Stuff to Ooola CALM DCWRj^^ THAT'S RIGHT...NOW x B0Y5, IT /GREAT \\OU THERE WITH „ YEHJ„ \DIDNT / GADFRVC I THE PISTOL... , HEY/ NGET f IT'S A \ TOSS IT J MY RIFLE.' \ FAR! I WOMAN! A OVER HERE.' J IT'S CONE? L- —-V. — ~<£\ 1-17 BY V. T. HAMLIN ...AND DO fT EASY-UXE- I'D JUST AS SOON TAKE IT OFF VOUR DEAD BODY AS TO PICK rr UP ,^<™ v FROM THE GROUND/ / * * V£ MORTY MEEKLE ANTIQUE? ILL HAVE VOU WELLiX KNOW THATS SAMUEL A REAL ) COLT'S PATENTED ANTIQUE// REVOLVER.TH'FINE5T FIREARM IN TH' WORLD TODAY/ O mi >i w» $mc IJI , «m. y*. r «• on. He Has Proof D HINWLt poetic LIBRARY in FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^fWHEW/ BY DICK CAVALLI DICK CAVALLI T-17 The Build-Up THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE BY MERRILL BLOSSER I WOfJOER. IF THESE WILL FIT 1 UNDER MY SPORT COAT, TOO / * Cash? SAY,AR6NYyOUTHE ) (VB&MR. ) am. WHO DELIVERED T BARNES. I IX HER ESSAY IM FEI8SON yWAMTBD TO *KE SURE IT LDtfrecr .UOSTA BY WILSON, SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY On GuaVd IP VOU'Rg N01 WHY PIP VOU VlKICft *AAKIE PHOI0V T0AV0iP<sow5^yF MtMuaiT* TO M COUMTItV «ACk> BY LESLIE TURNER MEU0«.RA*V? TBPI OOTTA TALK LOW.' IM LlANINfi m SCARB0'«PLAC6.MVSB AfTfR SOUTHING HOT! IP'XWoT ' ' " ' " ""^OKAY/ , T6P1 B& CAPFUL;

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