The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York on February 20, 1942 · 9
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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York · 9

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1942
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CITY Amusements Buffalo Evening News — Friday February 20 1942 35 H M I N EMUIFRfiAEI! GENESEE mi UNION ROAD TONY GRAY utirical m pea-Rttto this rii Hoot ihew foataring LES SECHRIST and DALE tMkl'l faatert KMrtiwiil mi (hi y danco BOB COFFEY Tit fanoM kin mtrtrt wMk Vivki Item’ OntaU JEAN MARIAN Duikv Mu rt "Im tnm Ifruua" MME COLLETTE f Tkri IMriH ClrttMw 3 Shaw Ewf Night w W V V T T V GOODELL AT ELM : Sm Thii Brilljjxt Shaw tka "Pan-Awietite Rovut" featuring not Colorful TAHITIAN RADIUM DANCES FRANCIT A DANCING STAR af "Mutiny an tho Bounty" - In tha "Voo Doo" Congo HARRY FRANK vt HAL HEENEY 2 Non truncal Null m Stuff tf Stuff Tha S Baa Gardnar Ad ar ah la DORA ANTON IkM I'kuMlu taiN Girt Una Kwi III Thi BEACH COMBERS is Tsxzn srzz? 1065IGENESEETNEAR1FILLM0RE CmmIo M V HAL rrMU for Ybbt Hfiww TRANK CARMEN IN HU NINTH SENSATIONAL WEEK Continuing to iptllbind audience: with tricky manipulation of hoop B THE HAMILTONS Oynamu In Twlrtinf ms nnmifciwilj iemerMult an Acrehatica JANI STEVENS Blue Singor IlEANOR In Tap Rhythm JACK IK Magitit Feat HAL HAMILTON m Gag b Song !i ii OLLIE HODGES M C Fiauiit TM Stellar Miowl Featuring IRENE AM TakamtH Mi hptfk LONNIE ROGERS Tte Arte mu Jinkr M JOE DE MARCO Tte IM Jtvta1 On seer fc GINGER BRIGHT Tte MfUftlMff led Hasdai A CAIT 0?rl2 ACTSf iOarNfa Hand! TKD WILLIAMS 1 ate kto TKDUY MAKS 1 3 Ont-Hovr floor Stows Nitely— 10 12 2 Ate-tfo Cam ar Mia Far RaaarvaUaaa CL 1127 PkaM Wall Bo Looking lor Tout Marry Attmaa'a GLEN PARK WM GAR DIN WNHamvIHe All Now Shew with Georgia Walker Bach a tha -Niki" Caatiaaaaa Ealartalaarant BOADS ABE CLEBB Floaty at Partial Ipac Sola WolcoanUif Hta: Party Saturday Teb 21 Georgie' Walker nffih'a Fawrito M C Cone to Downtown' Tkoatro Jteitoxraut OR UN OOD LUID Tee aaa ahrars ft roar tank leH ten! Me prlerttlaal You'll see FREDDIE DALE m c CORINNE TANGARRA and FAITH LIVINGSTON Tha exotic aupromo Ted Jaiptr’t Rumbling Rhythm! IB CLARK’S OASIS IS1 SENECA ST 3 ALL STAR SHOWS NITELY Featuring LonnioMaco Sister Bess Who u fralerai hi Taterra Kaai im Ida “Praytaff Nnmm m H iwurti ta Ike etan wnlaa JACKIE DEL RIO DIANE D DIAZ Tha Michtf Mite DenrlTig With Death MONICA DAY IRENE SUMMERS Kaettr la Panieako MIDGET JACKIE DUNCAN Wa rMa M C DICKSEY MAGE AND TNI CLARKITTES EDNA M CLARK Prep You’ll Never Go Wrong Coming Here ! 1 Iptandid ailitd drinks ikunt lutoindlog and dioyM( ontortatnainit ky D'ANNA ' AND YHI DUO FLORENCI YOUNG Tkat FloaNog VetalM HOTEL WORTH TOM and JERRY'S BIG DINNER DANCE N EVERY SUNDAY Imm 3 ta 7 0 TON M1TCL mil BmiTOXI Iw rrtoxd and Hut C 0 V udT aurtL-1 r N UK CMMI I MMI CHII-KBN M Ntr rnvn vixr prtt on MMi'tt atu: A Ml NMIf u Rutod WA MM V V J mm JHT £Lh o w s 9:30 12:30 2:30 ANN YOUR HOSTESS SAYS: "Nut Tin I Hi TUM" on I'll do mry tfelao lo MX ywt rrulna Immsi anal Son This Black and Whitt Shaw Feuturing ZaZa n her Remarkable Swinging and Sleeping Hatcoiion Dohcca BROWN YWINI PRINCE MONDI Drtw Thu Mind-Reader CLAYYON ft HERTELLE COLLINS ALLEN null a Omh USlSr'SiSI HARLEM CHORUS PRINCE MOSS Baappqr Marioo Glrrer m Datum ANNlMONTGOMERYlS 494 MICHIGAN AYE UIHITIE SCHITHDT S NITE CLUB X 1211 (IhNfcSKK M J A NEW BLACK AND WHITE SHOW! SMYTHE & DOLORES Sonutional Sepian Star In Song Dances and “ WATTS A NEWMAN Vedvil and Swarding Artlatil RONNIE HART Sptod Taptw ANITA Charming Exotic ESTHER LANG Song and Novolt im I Mm NHtty prartpttr 1 ll:Mb 1:M I Mm Ertudif— Ml II : Show Bandog Nlto— II and 1:30 SEE THE STORM! It' a pKtaculor Mquwic 1 and o faithful rendition of tho mighty iplandori of o tropical form We know fhli thrilling i panorama of u Iropinl rtnna leill rontrtbnfo to the pinnrtl of your arenlng DANCING EVERY EVENING Mmic ky TONI MARLOW and Mil I ltd I Vocal hy HELEN RENEE CAFE AlOttA t FIRRY at MASTEN Covw a 3 Swill Floor Shows Evory Night! Mia er cerer eicegt Mill m tehiriay nig hta wily BIG SUNDAY DINNER DANCE S to I— FLOOR SNOW at T W Ne mM diirhif dinner ience b-J'a FRIED CHICKEN 45c Indndea Fotafora Vmtobt Salad Braadand Butler Fr parkmg torawattani appaaita Did You Ever Hove a BOMBER'S SANDWICH tt’i Mieiow-A Jfeel In Ilul FRANK t THERESA'S ANCHOR BAR 1047 MAIN at NORTH Entertainment Nightly BROGAN'S SENECA at MICHIGAN ALL NEW SHOW! NEW ACTS! ! i Shun Nitaly A an Saturday! NEVER A MINIMUM CHARGE PHONE CL till SONJA WILL SKATE LESS BUT INCREASE SINGING DANCING Star Takes Costume Tests for New Rink Revue William Farnum in Another Film By HAROLD HEFFERNAN Spirlal to tha Bumto Emm Kiwi and North Amrttcui Nrwtpaptr Allium HOLLYWOOD Feb 2a — Sonja Henie will akato lea and ting and dance more In "Iceland" which gort into production next week After transacting a total groat bualneal of Sl750000 with her Ice revue Sonja la back for coa-tume teat Spending two month poring wet lnexhauitlble data on Edgar Allen Poe Director Irving Pichel who will make a movie based on the life story of the author-poet concludes he la the third most-written about figure in American history Only Lincoln and Washington in that order exceeded Poe in historical wordage Pichel believes Director Invite Public - Director Preston Sturgr is deliberately going out of hit way lo make himself a marked man Pittsburgh booslen resent an unkind remark about that city in “Sullivan’s Travel" and now in “Palm Beach Story" Sturgea la risking a run-in with waiters In the latter film Rudy Vallee playing a miserly financier lays: “Tipping is strictly un-American" Despite the fact that authorities Insist burning of the liner Normandie was not traceabla to enemy agents Universal will use newsreel clips of the conflagration in “Sabotage" which deals with Just that Dean Jagger Gene Kelley (Broadway actor) and Burgess Meredith were to test this week for the Father Chisholm role In “The Keys to the Kingdom" the trickiest cssting problem on Hollywood’s current list Fan inquisitiveness h s s n ' t changed much over the years In combing Gene Autry mail Republic finds four questions predominate: 1— Etoes Gene Autry take a bath every day? 2— What cotor socks does he wear? 3— Does he read the funng pa pen? 4— Are his handkerchiefs colored or plain white T William Farnum Is on hand at Universal to offer technical advice on the fight scene between John Wayne and Randolph Scott In the current — and fourth— screen version of “The S pollen" It was Farnum who mopped up on Tom Santschi In the memorable brawl of 1923 He is playing a small part In the new one Lana to Wear Long Skirts Trend experts say Hollywood will have 20 musicals in production within the next 60 days moat ROGER'S Lackawanna’ Hast Turnout Nile Cluft FOX one HAMBURG TURNPIKE Starting Monday Ftb 23rd Tha ThriR Imutioa of 1942 MARNA to Her OilflMl Dmko Cmtioo “BEAUTY and tho BEAST" FLUE 14 OTHER ITAR ACTS Reiervutiomi ore tuggeiledl NOW APPEARING! The 3 RHODIS SISTERS WIN1 him Mill Steffi RC OFMtlOH Til mated yoi oC Um Andnvo iMm Every mat la o rtonrido beeeuae of our newly ctovntra donco floor I SHOWS NITELY— tiio 12:10 2:10 Never a Minima or Cover Charge gms&m ciRLSi GiRLiisftsaam? DECKHANDS' BUFFET j 223 Swnn near Michigan t 5 JIMMY SHIELDS M C I Prssmti Buffalo’ Dancing Sanaa tiout 3 LA RAE VALLEY 3 AR loffria h talking rtoat hoc - Coma and mo ok I F FhM too PARKER IIITERt JERRY li UNI GLORIA LOVE md CORINE p 4 Ikaart NHohri 10—12:10—2:10 4 i MO MIN 0 COVE! I R $ Rail Itolisn Spsahofti 25 £ LrSS--:4GIRLII GIRLHuXrtrrfRSS : lALEMIt : CLUB RAINBOW 241 COURT IT — k gf GHy HR Udiv G Mo Cog ‘Indian Fantasii FMlyrlng JEAN HAYES THE ONE AND ONLY MEW ICTOftY COCKTAIL LOUNGE 517 Wiihiaftoa St FRANK STIFFAN Fngrtotor Visit u t tome evening afire the theatre oud here entiled nr o hie In eel Ynu'U enjoy the flee u ini turmuudingt here Will Become Bride Of Actor-Ensign PATRICIA ANN O'ROURKE LOS ANGELES Feb 20 IA— Wayne Morris 28 movie actor who io now a Navy ensign applied Thursday lor a license to marry 19-year-old Patricia Ann O'Rourke Miu O'Rourke la a sister of Film Actress Peggy Stewart and formerly lived in Atlanta Mr Morris was divorced In 1940 by Leonora Schinoal heiress to a tobacco fortune with chorus lines of from 20 to SO girls— providing enough pretty ones can be found to go around— If and when the Clark Gable film “Somewhere I'll Find You” la produced Lana Turner will wear long skirts throughout Next starring combination at M-G-M will be Garbo and Robert Taylor They scored in “Camille'' five years ago even though Taylor adorned in fancy clothes and frills was plastered with a “pretty-boy" label that he almost failed to live down After her performance In “The Courlhlp of Andy Hardy" Donna Reed la tha pride and pet of the M-G-M lot An Iowa larm girl under contract to (he studio for six months Donna still lives at the studio dub modest boarding house for struggling movie hopefuls Of all the Hardy family discoveries this pretty brunet whose feet are strictly on the ground la tagged as the beat bet of all 5 Are Held in Plot To Smuggle Gold Scheme Said to Involve a Million in Bullion Federal Indictment handed down secretly here a few days ago have resulted in several arrests and -disclosed what aulhoritlei declare was a 31000000 plot to smuggle gold bullion into tha United Slates from Canada Assistant United States Attorney Robert M Hitchcock said the federal grand Jury's investigation followed the arrest her Oct 5 of Charles Abrahams 51 of Buffalo and Harry Julius 42 the Bronx on charges of attempting to smuggle 510000 in gold bullion from Canada into the United States over the Peace Bridge As a result of the new Indictments three arreits have also been made In New York Bernard Kushner president of Kushner St Fines Inc a gold refining concern and David Roth a paper salesman were held by federal authorities there on charges of conspiracy to smuggle nearly 31000000 In gold from Canada New York City police held Jack N Rubin under 350000 ball on an Indictment charging him with receiving stolen property In connection wtih the ease federal officials there also announced Kushner and Roth are to have a hearing In New York Thursday ( Mr Hitchcock said the Investigation covered New York Buffalo and Canada and was aided by Royal Canadian Mounted rollce and the crown attorney in Toronto In ad-ditlon to the Buffalo indictments he said 15 Indictments were returned in Toronto He explained that a careful scheme had been uncovered In which a fortune In gold had been stolen from mines in Northern Canada smelted into small discs and placed in pocketa of a vest-like garment worn under the clothes of the smugglers Theaters Will Halt Movies To Carry President’s Talk All Shea theater will carry the speech of President Roosevelt Monday night from 10 lo 10:30 through their loudspeaker systems The regular program will be Interrupted to allow theater pntmns lo hear the addresa Shea'a Buffalo Great Lake and Hippodrome in the downtown lection the North Park Kensington Seneca Elmwood Roosevelt and Niagara In the communities the Bellevue In Niagara Falls and the Kenmore and Lackawanna will participate ““Buffet n’t Fevnrile Nile Spol’m RYAN'S 142 SENECA ITSIET COLLETTE Dynamic M C Fraaily PrMrrta n-r Urn oirtm Flaw Dlwv “Slaipy Tima Down South" A Bum InImim ikal im will ralw Mrtaf ua at Lmlr ItaxrlM llih PMturtai Rita Robinson RENEE Marlflt loo f'MIlxraul Duar SMILING IAMMY JINKINI ft Tkrt IvRHiaul Uaatrr 3 SHOWS NITELYI EXTRA UDIS ATTRACTION! SPARK PLUG O Tha: foxtail nrlwm ud mono rhorartar pwund by imirutuv DOimAn HIT A Bl'nniK OKI WON II alrl m rtf aira: ixrwx bookman nu MK Oamar TMK AMKN bINTPKX dor Unrt rt Ik Ohio I SNOWS (VERY NIGHT Mart by JIMMT PKRSINB aid Orrbmro arrow iiwaa Snioa Be Cocoanut Grove 4IS CormaotKat It Tarand Feathers Are Too Much! By MAYME OBER PEAK Special to tho Btreruo Emm Km HOLLYWOOD Feb 20— They tarred and feathered Victor Mature for "My Cal Sal" and the results were felt as far away as South America! Vie turned out to be allergic either to the tar the feathers or the soap base they used and had to go to the hospital This held up production on the picture which meant that Rita Hayworth who is co-starred couldn't get away for her South American Good-Will tour! Vic la back on his feet again and on a rigid diet He constantly consults the diet cards he carries around with him in his pocket Vic's domestic troubles are coming to a legal head too His wife the former Martha Kemp Is filing suit for divorce Shirley Temple Steps Out Jane Withers may be the next Tailwaggcrs president Virginia Weidlrr is wearing her first long evening dress And Shirley Temple UNUfD SCOTS WHISKY— SAS PIOOF SOMEBET IM FOETHS 1TD NEW YO CHICAGO SAN FSANCBCO wwnmmmmmmmsmTwmsnrm': rrt m Your ALLEN mam ELMWOOP AiMpfca Mtnjou Gloria Surtmon John Howl'd "Fothw Takrt a Wife" Olio Krugar "Tho Big Sow" "The Shy Kidrr' llllltDCT fm Unlaanity ARIIIClfwl Parking Fiji William HolriM in "TEXAS" LorcTI Young in “THE MIN IN HK LIFE" APOLLO JEFFESSON al I UTICA Lsrrtt Young Conrad Void! "THE MEN IN HER LIFE" "the Pittsburgh kid" B all EV BAILEY al GENISII DAILCT Pham HU 101 Margairt SuNavan Chariot Boyar "APPOINTMENT FOR IOVEV "SWING IT SOLDIER" BROADWAY BIFF° IRION Edor Kcroen Churl McCarthy '"LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING" “THE OFFICER AND THE LADY CAPITOL 1770 SOUTH PARK AVI Humphrey Boqerf Glftrfyf Geerge Mery Alter "The Meltrve Falcon " Weaver ftrot Etviry "Mountain Moonlight" Short CENTRAL PARK PULMORI Brands Joyce Srueo Edward: "Marry lha Boh��� OaugMsr " Silly Conr Jaan Parkar “Tha Pilliburgh Kid" Snort: 444 CONNECTICUT oaar RICHMOND Spancar Trary tana Tumar "O' Jekyll and Mr Hyris" Richard Arlan Andy Dsvma "Mutiny in tha Arctic" COLONIAL 7S3 GENESEE ST Humphrey Iteffrt Mey Aster "The Mil tete P:cen ' pl chffp Arte An4y Devine "A Dengeroue GameM Certori Sertii la having her first glamour photographs made by Hollywood's famous glam photog George Hurrell He posed her In formats playsults afternoon frocks and sport clothes declaring: "Shirley Temple Is not only a grand camera subject but the most beautiful young lady I ever photographed" In Shirley next “Annie Rooney" she will have not only one boy friend but two Dickie Jones was to have been one of them but in hi excitement he fell down the stair and broke his leg! He is now out of the cast and In a cast! Ranch Wife Waring Ginger Rogers got a bit bored with her ranch and slipped off to New York to tee the shows Ran Into Gene Tierney on her way to the train for her hard-earned eastern vacation I encountered her at the famous Schwab Drug Store at Sunset and Laurel Canyon where she wa posing for a picture for use with a national mag story on this well-known huh Count Caatinl who went with her was Impatiently waiting at the car which stood at the curb filled with their bags Gene looked so Haig a Haig Scotch was born 315 yean ago It hai leen Britain win over 100 Naval Battles —and has set for Itself an unequalled record of continuous satisfaction ssmn : Community Theater glowing that I asked her how on earth aha managed to retain her radiance after five picture in a row She said: “Oh I'm young I The Food Mixer “Buy” oi Today! It’s the Miracle Mixer (approved by Underwriter Laboratories) Whips Mixes Stirs Stats Mashes and Extracts Juicss — 3-speed Universal motor — a mixsr built to do a job for ytara to come Complete with stain-resisting beaters turntable Urge and imall bowl juice reamer and juice extractor bowl everything to lighten your food-preparation tasks and it's guaranteed for 1 full year This Amazing New 192 PHILCO RADIO-PHONOGBAPH Combination On Sale at: EASY TERMS up to 18 months (Exactly as Pictured) Here's a truly superb radio-phonograph combination that gives you everything at a price Genuine Philco 6-tube radio with built-in auper aerial system oversize electro-dynamic apeaker also plays 10 or 12-inch records with absolute fidelity of tone no needles to change with ‘this crystal pickup with permanent jewel and1 records last far longer By all means see it today I Genuine APEX Washers Wa believs it is topa because favorite Really “good buys" in the famous Estate Electric Ranges It will pey you to check over these values now fCoU&i & Milled 316-322 GENESEE ST Open Mon Tbur Fri and Sat Evenings :' eu::v:nw: wmmm JUKuai guess" I guess so too— only youth could go unscathed through Gene's long grind! She wan terribly thrillel at the prospect of visiting Washington OUR REGULAR $2400 VALUE! It ii giving 50 - Toniaut ara ra tasaxamwatatviajaai I RIV0LI 1109 BROADWAY Loretta Young "THE MEN IN HER LIFE" Ruby Koalor Dime Nalonn "SWEETHEART OF THE CAMPUS" ROXY 625 WILLIAM ST Waller Mil' Ion Edward Arnold in "ALL THAT MONEY CAN BUY" RILrERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE" ecu ATC RH0D( ISLAND at WIST wEIIJl It Aw Cendihensd R Runsll D Ameche "The Feminine Touch" Ranger Bull art "Sadrllo Mountain Rnunnug" "Jungle Girl'' No 12 tarloorn S4S WALDEN AVI Newly Redecorated Frfdrk March Mar parel Sullavan "So End: Our Night" "Harmon ot Michigan " Cartoon Dmnerwara STAR (TsoowanJa) Fihher McGee and Molly in "LOOK WHOS LAUGHING" "LAW OF THE JUNGLE" SYLVIA 1401 FILLMOM E G Rcfc'mon E Arnold "Unholy Part nert" H Herbert "Hallo Sucker" Cartoon Short Subrtctn Bingo UNITY 1065 GRANT ST Ronald Reagan Joan Perry "Nina Uvea Aia Not Enough" Lha S'CHord Eiohn Anker: "Burma Convoy" Cartoon Serial VARSITY 'INsiNGTON Alice Fave and John Pavne in "WETKIND IN HAVANA" 'RAIDERS OP THE DESERT" VICTORIA W PERRY a GRANT IT Lortria Young and Conrad Veidt In "THE MEN IN HER LIFE" "RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE”

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