Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1960
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 32, 1900 XLTOW EV1N1NO TSLEOflAPM YouVe the Doctor By Joseph D. Wassersng, M. D, COMM09 BACKACHES She was a tiny woman, 4 feet. 10 inches, and when she came in complaining of her backache, she had already been studied at the fiigbrain Clinic. She had complained of pain in her low back which radiated down both tegs. Her doctors at the clinic sus* • pected a ruptured disc so, in the four days that she was hospitalized, they had taken spine X-rays, myelograms, and had even examined the sptoal fluid. All of the testa proved negative and she was advised to stay home, take certain ex* etcises. and have physiotherapy. Apparently, however, most of the examinations were made in bed so the doctors may have failed to realize just how tiny our patient was. Even though she wore three-inch spiked heels, her legs failed to touch the floor as she sat in the chair next to my desk. "What kind of work do you do?" I asked. "I'm a secretary and typist," she replied. "Are your desk and chair standard office-size?" "Yes, and I can't find n comfortable place for my legs at all during the day." So I suggested to the patient that she get a footstool to use at her desk v'-hile at work. Her pains disappeared. I cite the above case only to make a point. Not all of us can have custom-made furniture but, since most of our furniture is designed for persons of average height and weight, those individuals who vary significantly beyond the averages may suffer considerably by trying to adjust themselves to existing equipment rather than modifying the facilities in which they work and live into objects that are useful and convenient to them. We can't design people to fit chairs but we can design chairs to fit people. In a sense, all of us actually .iuggle a flexible pole (the spine) on a tall bridge (pelvis and both legs). To be free of backache, the flexible pole must be nicely balanced and must not be subjected to unusual strains or pulls from below. To determine the various causes of backache, therefore, one must first look to the legs that constitute the foundation on which the back rests. Flat Feet a Cause Let us consider feet first. Persons who are flatfopted, for example, are inclined to have backaches. If they happen to be stout at the same time, the backaches are worse. Flat feet often toe outward and this unusual stance is transmitted to the back. If one leg is shorter than the other, from polio or from any other cause, it will create a tilt in the pelvte and place unusual strain* on the back. The woman who does her housework walking around the house all day in slippers or in sneakers often complains bitterly at night of an aching back. The sneakers or slippers have failed to give the arches of her feet proper support and, almost like the flatfooted person, at the end of the day she may find herself waddling around like a duck. And It leads fo backache. Obesity works In somewhat the same direction. The tat person places unusual strains on his underpinnings and this strain, in turn, Is transmitted to the spine. The fat person not only damages his arches but his knees and hips as well. These abnormal strains can be. endured for many years but, ultimately, the back begins to suffer. Like obesity pregnancy, too. is a strain on the back muscles. The proper use of corsets and girdles during this time may help ward off backache later in life. Tall Person SusceptaWe So far we have said nothing about the back itself. Here, again, size has something to do with it. The tail person, for example, has no more bones in his back than tbe average-sized individual but, when the tall person leans forward, he exerts a greater lev-, (M-age on his back so that he places his back at a greater mechanical disadvantage. The tall person, therefore, may be particularly prone to backache and should learn that, for him, it may be hazardous to lean over too far. In many ways, the modern automobile has contributed to increasing the number of backache victims. Aside from injuries caused by accidents the automobile, even when not in motion, is conducive to chronic back strain. Seats are designed, nowadays, for apparent comfort. When you sit behind the wheel of a modern car, you feel as if you are relaxing in the plushiest of plush chairs. The back rest tilts back at an angle more suitable for sleeping than for driving. It may feel nice for the moment but, in the long run, the back is inadequately .supported. Travelers, like salesmen who have to drive long distances or make many calls during the day. are certain to be left with a backache when the day is done. Since the design of the seats is obviously one of the factors that sells automobiles, no one will complain except your patient. If you are suffering from backache, therefore, it is well to check a few simple things before you get involved with Upper Alton News Events BOY nwtutt wmuB WADDVO fit CHKBK Donny Hayw, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aft Hay«8, 3M* Seminary, wa§ given emergency treatment at Alton Memorial Hospital Tuesday night lor a toot injury ttJcnrrtrt while wading M a creek near his home. Donny was fishing for crayfish when he stepped on a piece of broken glass in the water. Four will return him, "He isn't valuable to anyone but at," she said. *EV. ARMMMtOffQ AT MtOfftf STRUCT BAPTIST The Rev. Larry Armstrong, appointee to the Philippines under the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, will conduct the midweek service tonight at 7:30 at the Brown Street Baptist Church. The Rev. Armstrong is a grad* Campbell had said they were. Officers told •» OOJra to limit their walking to the sidewalk in the future. Southwestern to Light High School Grid Field BIBLE MHOOL Of LASf f HMBfe DA*B I PIASA — The Board of Education of Southwestern Unit School District has voted to fa- There are two more regular lstaU jj gntt „, tn « football field sessions Of the vacation Bihlo( of thc Wgh schw i glte at the school of the Upper Alton Bap- Junothm ^ Route m and ftout« list Church to be held Thursday and Friday mornings. Enrollment to still for the wound, .Jary. Johnson City, N. Y., and isi uiia hj e to attend the school. Donny's crayfish hunting will I „ foi . mei . assistant .. .. ....l uiia - le junction 16. The school has been playing games for the past five the school day or schools curtailed for at three weeks, his Mother said. UPPBB ALTON WAS ARfcA ROAD OIL MOMDER • the area. The new lighted mer assistant pastor of thei T |, erc will be a special fl!)al ifleld wll j ma ), e lt possible for BaptW Church of Johnson sesaton $ Um iay evening at 7 more parents ^ ^ tne ^ me i o'clock In the church sanctum.v. Kameg am | 9nou id create more The Rev. Armstrong is filling:The member* of the school \\ill j n i oreg f on the part of the stu- ' « worship service at , jent body , n foo tball, Troy L. the pioneer' in tile use of road!. in for the Rev ' Arthur Woolsey, conduct sssi oil in this area, as well as in hi- in Long Beach, Calif., this MAN INTOXICATBH AT O.MftO STATION Edward H. Moody, agent at \\*f3fllf tuminous pavements. Files of; ' »ho T«ioi»rnnh rovpal thii V) rnp Friendship class will meet W W VmageMavo,^S^ial .he ,*un* at 6:4S P .m. •mun.-.thr OM*O station on College en rrid RnansedMbr tSt 1 ^' to « 0 to N)e llome of Mrs - avenuo "P" 1 ^ to P° Hc * Tuef( - RDrinklinff of the Washinatoni A ' B C°ry. W East Vanrtalia day that there was an intoxirat- Sue "tar^a £venS "&»•• Kdw«rdsvi,le. . '«! man waiting for a train ,n,l .Meyer, school superintendent, said. The board voted to have the unit children participate in the American Red Cross Swim Pro* summer at the Cnr- The Applies for JP Position Vacated by May In connection with the resignation of Thomas E. May after seven years as an Alton Township justice of the peace, Fred C. Swain of 2600 Amelia St.. former Upper Alton garage own* er. has applied to Alton town board for appointment to the [vacancy. Justice May's resignation Lake. contract had been purchased for the pur- 1 senior high young ffeople will: posp early in April, but th plmeet at HIP church at 3:15 p.m..! Police officers went to the , . sprinkling experiment was de-|" n d will travel by bus to Wilson l^tat ion and took thr man into ferred when the protracted wetiP"'* in Hrantte City for a pic- j custody. for servicing nil commercial I machines in the district was awarded to thc Carrollton Typewriter Exchange. The contract was awarded on the basis of ! spring weather of 1910 kept nic. They will be accompaniedj •re- !streets dustless until late Juno. n .v The grade of oil was renorte !as "crude," and a frw barrels! their counselors Mr !| COMPLAINTS OF «. Han-TousHnTand Mr.^ndi 0 ^ 8ANPORD AVBNt'K Rnlph Scheffel. and also because of the ex- ^^^ 1o hp service rendered ia«t ()f j n i v j «diool rear. Meyer said. luctantly submitted on acocunl of a health condition." and Swain's application for appointment will be presented at Alton town board meeting In City Hall tonight. May. with an expression 01 appreciation to voters who twice honored him by election, and tti thosr in official positions with whom he has been associated. Guidance Tests 9w*d To Be Given At SW Center '**«* KDWARDSVTLLE-ror the CO* venietwe of students planning to enter Southern Illinois University this tall, guidance teats will be given at the Alton StU Center Benror u " Thursday, beginning at 9 a.m. and «w»al St. ending at 4:30 p.m. The tests will The Alton gJ be held in Room 5 of the auditor- guests Of the him, 3809 College Ave.. Alton. Designed to aid faculty members in counseling students, the tests are used as a basis to award scholarships and to section English and mathematics classes, according lo! Dr. Howard V. Davis, director ofi student affairs tor the southwest-' ern campus. j The tests are open to prospective freshmen, whether or not they have applied for admission to SIU. Taking them in advance will expedite! matriculation, Davis noted. tht ££««$ . Senior Cituw* far* It Hw il> The St. Louis clufr wlflttrrrthh a picnic dinner ifijf fflttrrtibv ment for the Alton WOOD RIVER FREE PARKING Day Of Scare* DEPOE BAY. Ore. — In ! one day. residents of this coast-; H! town were jarred by these reports: A tidal wave was com-! Ing, mysterious red objects werej at sea, and there was a subma* of office .1-! rine lying off the coast. Thc red objects turned out to Aak about our new Account. Phoebe's Extended Pay. With "PEP", yon have np to 8 months to nay. Swain is the husband of Mrs ^ fishing boats, the submarine as "crude.' and a low barrels""- —•"' ™'- Mrs - Jean Graiiei ; - 8 -° S " n 'j A ro " orl was madc '»' Me . vc1 :'Lillian M. Swain, deputy county! turned out a^tug: and UW had been readily available at thej At 7:30 p.m. Saturday the men i lord Ave.. reported to police j regarding the reimbursement ol ( ,| pl . k for Alton area in handling! tidal wave uwn j_™^ °™ al ™; Wonrt River wflnprv 4 iarvin will meet at the church for their Tuesday evening that there wu>>| $2.711.158 f rO m the state super-, marr iaKC licenses and voter reg-, ~<ra\.>a**tfa"\Vani Ads ''CLICK"" Wood River refinery \ tarvia will meet at the church for their juesnay evening uiai men- wunjy/.yiJ.iiR trom me siaie super- nuuT i a g pavement was a form of tar-iregu'ar prayer meeting. ! a constant flow of speeders tn. inlenden t's office for the up- jstrntions. : hnnmi "or »m- ^PHlnri macadam tnc 280 ° blod< 6f Sanford ?we- : grading of the science, math and DOUnd Ol tai-seaieu macadam, xfti'rnv r^tma suitn ; . ^, i j f*Wim milncr niie guidance programs. The board> Uceun-gouig Upper Alton had two such pavements 50 years ago. One was on Washington, the other on Seminary street. Different specifications had been followed in applying the bituminous compound to the two streets, however, so that each was test of a different method of using tar. MILTON rrBS HOLD POTUJCK SUPPER Cub Scout Pack 15 from Mil-! send a patrol car to the area. ton school held a potluck supper' Tuesday night at 6:30 at the, Westerner Club grounds. | The cubs played games after! She requested that thc police expects to participate in 41^ n > I AltOIl Postal same program next year.. Bus drivers, cafeteria workers and custodians were employed for the coming schoolyear. One ""^' '. cafeteria worker is still needed i ships will cease the j coming to Calcutta in another tw years unless stops arc taken lo thr Hooghly Ri\er. now br- shallower, the port nitr i.uua jjmyeu ^aiiica cuiuj i -— . . *-v the meeting, and awards were 1 rOXltlOHH Upeil (presented. Applications for jobs as fire- driver from Brighton and oneij,, ,, ,.„«• O f Awards presented were: Wolf j man-laborer and custodial-labor-, from Medora. i \Vre«-nigiiig. South Africa. The judge mimed Muller and a at the high scheol and one bus I pro swutor named Smuts officiated limciil driving, at CATT FAMILY REPORTS DOG "PANCHO" MISSING Stephen Catt. 3, son of Mr. iSchelle and Roger Dillback; sil- and Mrs. Charles Catt, 3856 ver arrow, David Swaim and Horn Ave., is a sad young man j today. His dog, Pancho, has been ! missing since Tuesday morning. Calvert Spurrier; council activi-1 fj e j c ] Stephen and his brother, Ted. ty and community service badge. 1 R ,„ '2, have been quite upset about i Kenneth Cook: lion book. James' , . -, badge. Roger Dillback and To-j er W JD i )C accepted until July iby Feltes: gold arrows. RobertJOQ. Postmaster Earl Hill lias announced. Examination will be required and applications must Ronald Scott: bear badges, Jer- bo fi i ed w j th thc Post Office Dery West, Richard Gilliand, and j par tment. Post Office. Sprin«- One girls' physical educationj f . oln ,,| K j, um r s liamr wa s Mrs. teacher and a part time guiii-ismuts-Muller. ance person is needed for next] year at the high school. ! said. SPAGHETTI LOOM ADO FASHION IXCITEMINT 8,98 to promraad* checked with • v«ry iBterwtiog eriMaop deUfl MTW • whtt* yok*. Or«y. Brova «f Blaek vlth White. HMS *»14 Dresses K*8 to $22.98 Sport Sets $7.98 to $12.98 Jamaica Shorti $3.50 and $4.98 Maternity Topi $2.98 to $8.98 Skirts $3.98 and $4.98 [ COMPUTE LINE OF MATERNITY LINGERIE [ Slips $2.98 to $5.98. Half Slips $2.98 and $3.98 Garter Belt $2-00 Brat $2.50 to $5.00 Panties .$1.00 to $1.50 Girdles $4.98 to $10.98 Gowns $3.98 to $5.98 Supp'hose • $4.98 Body Lotion $1.25 Disposable Nursing Pads 24 for 79c ThM SI. Over Grants. Kevin i«7 tTJki C.UtOfHItK*. U»utx UO 3-WU. Oueo K\«r> triday Till » f disappearance of Mrs. • Catt said. She said >eal that Stephen spent Tuesday calling Pancho, and praying for his return. ron Fleming: two-year service star, Paul Heinkel; one-year service star, Galen Ott; appreci- The dog was an Easter present ation awards, Paul Burkhart to the two boys. land Gene Fleming, and 50th an- I fireman-laborer, $3,670 a year, stalling pay. Application forms and further information may be obtained al East Alton Post Office. Mrs. Catt said that Pancho is a mixed shepherd and collie. He is black, brown and white, and has a thin red collar around his niversary ribbons to Neil Ott and Randy Burkhart. The scouts will conduct a paper drive on Saturday. neck. j Plans for three other summer A neighbor told the Catts that j activities were made at the she thought she had seen Panoho following two boys walking along meeting. On July 9 there will be a trip to the Science and Trans- the street yesterday. ' |portation museum in St. Louis Mrs. Catt is hopeful that if j County. JuJy '£', will be the Jubi- anyone finds the dog that they i lee pack meeting at Rock Spring more Complicated medical or surgical therapy. Make sure that your shoes are good and fit your feet properly. Give your back adequate support during your hours of work or play (television). Make certain, top, that you know how to, lift properly and stand properly to avoid unusual stresses on your back. If these simple things don't suffice, then check your condition promptly with your own physician. © I960 N. Y. Herald Tribune, fnc. A Yugoslav Himalayan expedition will attempt two peaks in India, Belgrade learns. Ol'T-NUMBERED MILWAUKEE .V - - A formidable array of police officers confronted Patrick Koliloff when he was stopped on a traffic charge. Out of the patrol car stepped Police Chief Howard Johnson, Inspector Hugo Goehlen, Capt. Anton Komperda and a patrolman, who was driving his superiors home when they stopped Kohloff. MANICURE for MEN MINERAL SPRINGS BARBER SHOP Phone HO 5.4060 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK Perfume 'Round the Clock q.—Dear Jane: I adore perfume, hut for some reason or other Its fragrance just does not taut on me. I Have told several of my frtendn that I want a new perfume, but first I must find out about a- laxting one.—Mr*. 0. B. A. A particularly good idea for women who claim that perfume dues not "stay with them" is a Liquid Skirr Sachet. It smooths on the skin very easily, and lingers longer because of its j sachet base. It has a slower rate \ of diffusion and evaporation! than any other type of fragrance' and was originated by Houbi- gant. Try their Chantilly Liquid! Skin Sachei. Only $2.25 plus tax, THRIFTY DRUO STORIS j Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" SAVE iPark. and on Aug. 23 there will .; j be a picnic and swim party at | • Camp Warren Levis. ! COMPLAINTS OF BOYS * j RUNNING THROUGH YARD ? I Curtis Campbell. 3306 College i;; Ave., complained to police Tues-!:: day evening that two boys had >f run through his yard, and were <f standing in the street near his $£ home trying to hitch a ride j;J with passing motorists. ';• Police investigated the com-'!plaint and found the boys where | ! ? Buy your furniture on Easy Budget Payment Plans... NO CARRYING CHARGES ADDED! So...SAVE...Buy at Jacobys Since 1883 &T04A6C 627-633 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois RUG & CARPET CLEANING THE MODERN WAY (Miria) Automatic Rue CUanini Maehini Automatic Rug Sizor Automatic Rug Duster Hoat Controlled Drying Room SPEEDY 3 DAY SERVICE air THE ONLY CIRCLE- STITCHED BRA WITH 9x12 Rug Cleaned and Sized stretch Fabulous Flair*, the bra wNH custom-fit . . .' new, circle* •titchid and completely lined for maximum control, All-way •tr«tch«l«ticn»t (nylon, cotton, rubber) frame* cups . . . you'ro supramsly confident Of smooth, comfortable contain* ment that "stays" with you through longest stretch e* raach. White cotton. A cup, 32 to 31; $^00 • AC, 3MO. «* Superior Carpet Cleaners 1636 Main St. HO 5-8141 Alton V THEFT! RICH TEXTURE I SUBTLE DECORATOR SHADES! Rainbow Fiberglas MOTHS! FIRE! BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! Stort your precious FURS and Winter Garments at STORK'S now and bo urfe. Our modern vault* with temperature and humidity control, will kufeguard your lovely fur* from aumnier beat, fire, theft ana moth damage. 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