Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 17, 1973 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1973
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

U.S. Continues Bombing North Viet Strongholds SAIGON (AP) - Despite reports that a cease-fire may be near, U.S. B52s and other warplanes pounded North Vietnamese positions in South Vietnam Tuesday and today with the heaviest strikes in more than a month, the U.S. Command announced. With the bombing halted over all of North Vietnam, more American strikes were being carried out across South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, U.S. officials said. Raids by fighter-bombers increased by more than one-third to 311 in South Vietnam during the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m., the command said. U.S. B52 bombers launched about 90 strikes across South Vietnam during the same period, dropping up to 2,700 tons of explosives on North Vietnamese troop concentrations, staging areas and supply caches. The aim of the raids apparently is to prevent a big. North Vietnamese supply buildup prior to a cease-fire. The bulk of the air strikes were in Quang Tri Province just below the demilitarized 2 one and in the .Saigon River corridor northwest of the capital. Both are major iE&ltraucc corridors aarf staging areas. A ssfceoasal North Vfetra- aese fcgiteBp 'cas b&sc rspcr»d aira? S£ finer ecrrl&r s as Stiraz. Azax. aee-cfciri sC £e Stat r^riac, T -ngmngr oo xayjr •" -*as riparst* iter*. Twenc? K'Zrnrm fceaasa afe D L iiuF. -rJSxufs- x&urt .few. vninif- _4 rsmMixt mg ing one Vietnamese and damaging six buildings and one aircraft, the Saigon command said. No U.S. casualties were reported. On the far northern front, four South Vietnamese marines were reported killed and 15 wounded when North Vietnamese gunners slammed 350 artillery and mortar shells into their positions 15 miles below the DMZ and followed with a .ground attack. Eleven North Vietnamese soldiers were killed, the Saigon command reported. U.S. fighter-bombers and 7th Fleet destroyers supporting the South Vietnamese just below the DMZ reported knocking out two North Vietnamese tanks north of Quang Tri City. Several supply trucks and water supply craft also were reported destroyed. In Cambodia, the government said its troops have recaptured all positions along the Mekong River that they lost last week, reducing the threat to vital river traffic. A spokesman said the entire 28-mile stretch of the Mekong from Neak Luong, 32 miles east of Phnom Penh, down to the South Vietnamese border was back in government hands. Debate Rules for Legislature By WILLIAM L. EBERL1NE Associated Press Writer DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Members of the Iowa House mustered verbal armaments Tuesday to do battle over the rules that will govern them in the 1973 legislature. The debate, first major House floor figfci of the session, was die major order of business for the day. Triggering the hottest debate were rules whfcfc Hep. Dale Cochran, D-EagJe Grove, minority floor leader, charged were cess^aed to frs*;<? Democrats out of niajjr legislative dec is ices arc proviie a way to "gag" ibe~. I D CZKC oetate. Rejciii.-aa jtaoer Edgar Hoadec, H-Osvsqpari, said that "is ox ES:~D:"' of fee pro- jxts-rc 3S* rules. Be said &ey ar=- sse *»afT «s tssar* ar. "or- cnzij 5 *.'Si .iac" Sepebiicaas ScOd a J«f-f4 rascsbsrs-hip advan- -Jiri CTr -r re=»:cr2U in fee itaa jeeprsic rate cissq^es iiiTi- befa zsnit bj' lie Hples Committee than in any time in recent years. The more controversial have squeaked through the committee on a strict party line vote, 7-5, in favor of the Republicans. Many of them deal with an orderly procedure for "winding down" the session and rewriting other rules to clarify them, which are rules with which Democrats heartily agree. They parted company with the majority party, however, on these rules: — Invoking the "previous question" — a parliamentary maneuver to shut off debate on a measure on the House floor — by a constitutional majority, and restricting the right of members to file requests to speak before the debate-limits ing motion is put. That, says Rep. Cochran, is "gag rule," because the Republican majority could discuss strategy in caucus, bring up the bill on the floor, invoke the previous question, give Republicans but not Democrats a Superior Award for FFA X 3ne xirmsmraE 7"inur* ?am> 3KS Of Anserfce ;rs =fiivHC t n&- isooa.: jaeeezissr rrnapssr assart ,'finr paiazifaisixi ic FJT.&. and • ——....n-ny ajttiriiisi, ae=sordiiag -.•DiBiEetaBr atorririTTIMwtj Ifte esataer <mt& «n? «f to", aawo**- •Ntt' i'v *3Uf*trrs Of a cosil «Sf ISUi ao -r*Mm- tat aware. Tte aosai easjKrr sm sweenst? tout wmetrc o. r stgerior pirritrmma^t tor aiae ymen mi o.' 2b yean- tf. partis rpali&c tTttret- ftmmrone cir'Ji will i.-ottlisut tosir college «tiu'--aiiw- •wt Mirrnimr.iaH '..oli«{» sH"itoi:; V.toi or. iiaii. HE, at- t<uuini. -wis. oaiiyrtrt; tnms.Sun. t 'hut iv x. iuwl •inesigf:. lEufc ^irii urs iLteuiiit ftmiwn;, tfctuchiMr ,vC Mr. tiaji .ate. 2*ilfc Samma^ Ztejgi Jfeii, iuuqpnur u! Mir. uiit l<£n. ritv; an fliwiSi fciigrai-jirii'/S '.ft-.', Mrs- !Lea& Sefeeafe of Fairoax, a *tt«at mrjws » tte Ted I&xoexi boosfe were Jerrj'JaKie* iofcmon of Cortfcz, Colo., Mr. aad Mrs. Richard L. Johnson, Nancy, Bruce and Ricky of Missouri Valley, Glen Nuegent of Rolfe and Eunice Blekfeid. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thackery of Ringsted have an adopted daughter, LaKrecia Kay, who arrived Dec. 28 and weighed 7% pounds. She has one brother, Murray. Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Paulson and Mr. and Mrs. William Thackery, all of Armstrong are the grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Valdon Eckholm and Mrs. Viva Thackery of Armstrong are (he great-grandparents. Mrs. Marvin Corderman entertained the bridge club at her home Friday afternoon. Mrs. Berneta Theesfield won high prize and Mrs. William Teeter of Fairmont, Minn., won the low prize. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Henriksen, Terry and Tracey have concluded a trip to Florida and have reopened the Shapcral Cafe on highway 9. Lois McGregor of Minneapolis, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McGregor of Chicago, HI., have been visitors in the parental Clifford McGregor home. Clarence will leave soon for overseas army duty. Wallace Richmond has returned to his home after spending several weeks with his daughter, Mrs. Tom Bowen, at Forest City. Mrs. Ransom Harris is recuperating at her home from a se verely sprained ankle. Family members of Mrs. Nada Horswell's gathered recently at the Rene Maes home in Mankato, Minn. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Stan Horswell and son, Mr. and Mrs. David Holl and family of Dunnell, Minn., Mr. aad Mrs. Herman Blom of Es- Mwrville, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Horswell of Fekln. HI., and Mr. anc M TE. iiaSii MtEfiaE of here. Mr., ant) Mrs. Daric Horswell anc Iamiiy of Gennanv were ur>- ahte xo at tnart. tolii QcabianowHiu x£ lift- vwqioliE, Minn., .was temorefire- sentlv at e ftmiiy tliiiuier in huiiur of her Dirthda.i'. The dinner war faeic ai uu- Sieve Forshee home •m Waseca, Mine Turne present wen- iiellv's pareniE, iidr. and Air&. larry GrahianowEli aid iiiHtlhev. of i^Iinrwayoiis., I'dinn., ifc ami i»irs.. janifct Grabianow- shi, -Julie anc Jili of Mankatb, iilinr:., ant ; hir. and I6rs. Tony 'Qraiuanowtihi anc Grfcg of hvrz. ik'xrt. Lfeuti Loaft rauiruuaed ite GGI r ariSgt Club recent3.v vitji bCj%. .Mari'iii C'jrdwmati &£ * suvtr. «T tiit ti\iii* Ms. 2ut$ Mrt- Larry Hwk usti >SJ& *£ Vtsna211itt2, S.D., spam i*rivr-i± .*tj'j, at Tiit; pmsautl Or- Ttl >' JQ4-J; aai lieiiaw Hfc '.'k Mii. I/rrei CrwaVs, Saosne rweotly. Mrs. Loli Cor<S&rxnsu3, <fe.ugia*r of Mrs. Cronk, had surgery recently aad Mrs. Cronk assisted with the bousehoid duties. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Daniels and iamiiy of Eagle Grove visited recently at the parental Reuben Larson .home. They visited Mrs. Danieit' brother, Roger Larson. Mrs. Ctaia Bailey of Esther- vxLle aad Mr. and I^rs. Howard Erivh&oa and faraily helped Mrs. Lteald Cronk observe her birthday recently. Mrs. JCadixie Smith of Ringsted aad Mrs. Lyle Lindell sang a duet at the recent Eastern Star Installation Ceremony of Esther Chapter at Emmetsburg Saturday. i^Lr. and Mrs. Gilbert Place, former Armstrong residents, were installed as Worthy Matron aad Worthy Patron. Mrs. Lindell, their daughter, served as installing .Tiarshall. Mrs. James Stillman 'A Dolliver served as the insiaJJtag officer. Mrs. Allen Heathman and Mrs. Frank Pape attended the installation. Mrs. Elvera Ries is spending toe winter in Ft. Myers, fla. chance to file requests to speak, and "freeze out" the minority party from debate on the bill. — Reducing from three-fifths to a constitutional majority of the membership the vote necessary to take several legislative actions. These include sending a committee bill to the floor; withdrawing a bill from the sifting committee; or taking a bill once tabled, off the table for further consideration on the floor. Inflation Deflating Bullfights MADRID (AP) - Inflation, along with other things, is bringing a deflation to bullfighting in Spain. Last year was the managers' worst in a decade, with an indicated drop of 15-20 per cent in box office receipts. A 10 per cent rise in cost of living is believed to have kept many Spaniards from the bull ring. Other influences are a lack of big stars and of artful fighters, this latter perhaps the biggest sin of all in the fan's eyes. The prospects for 1973 are brighter but not shining. Manuel Benitez, "El Cordobes," the country's No. 1 draw before he retired in 1972, is flirting with a comeback. So is solmen-faced Santiago Martin, "El Vitti," another favorite who missed 1972. A law promulgated by the directorate general of health goes into effect this year requiring all bulls in first-class rings to be at least 4 years old. This is expected to bring on tougher, smarter bulls that are less likely to fall down and can stand the required three "pics" or lance jabs. But raising the bull's fighting ability may also slow down some of the more flamboyant types. "This year you won't see very many fighters making 40 or 50 passes in an afternoon," says a Madrid bullfight critic. Older bulls bring other problems. Breeders estimate there are not enough to meet the needs for an estimated 680 first-class fights in 1973. NOW APPEARING HIGHLANDER CLUB ESTHERVILLE, IOWA BOBBY RIVERS AND HIS COUNTRY TRAVELLERS MONDAY THRU SATURDAY STOP IN ATTHE'HEATHER ROOM f Qg YOUR FAVORITE IN STEAKS OR SEAFOODS Husband takes the term 'close relatives' serious By Abigail Van Buren e itn •» auum TMM*-N. Y . nn DM., IK. DEAR ABBY: My problem is with my husband, age 32, and his two nieces, ages 1« and 17. [They are sisters.] We went to an all-night madhouse inn to have breakfast at 2 a. m., and my husband disappeared with the 17-year- old for two hours. They said they were upstairs looking at the view. When they came back I didn't say anything, but I was plen'y mad. Whenever my husband and I take these two nieces out, he takes turns dancing with them and leaves me sitting. It's gotten so he never takes me out alone, he's always got these girls with us. He has fixed them up with dates with some of his friends who are his age, and for all I know my husband could be seeing them himself. He has disappeared for whole nights and comes home with lipstick on his shirts. I have told the girls' mother about this and she says I am silly to worry, but I don't think I am because there was a lot of talk about incest in their family between my husband's younger brother and his older sister. When my husband says goodby to these nieces, he kisses them on the mouth. My question? Is this healthy? JEALOUS IN COLORADO DEAR JEALOUS: It 's not healthy, and neither to the relationship between your husband and his young nieces. Set this swinger down and talk to him like a Dutch Uncle, or that uncle will be in Dutch for footing around with minors. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have a little problem we need help with. We have been going to a doctor for the past four years since we've moved to this town. Once, when our regular doctor was on vacation his partner filled in for him, and Abby, the partner was fantastic! I liked him so much better than my regular doctor. My husband also had the partner and liked him better than our own. We would like to switch over to the partner but we don't know how to go about it. We are so afraid of hurting our first doctor's feelings. Do you happen to know how doctors feel about this sort of thing? MRS. B. DEAR MRS. B.: I doubt that a doctor would be overjoyed to learn that a patient preferred his partner, and would like to switch. But a patient has a right to choose his own doctor—unless he goes to a clinic where it to understood that he will take whichever doctor to available. Read on. Another reader has your problem In reverse. DEAR ABBY: About two months, t agQ ; m^|pctor. took in . a partner. The problem is that when I go to my doctor's office, the nurse tells me I have to have the 'partner. I like my original doctor, and since I am paying the bill I feel I am entitled to get the doctor of my choice. I am told the new doctor is "just as good," but I still prefer my old doctor. Please tell me what I can do about this. I don't want to make a trip to the doctor's office, and then go home without seeing a doctor because my own doctor won't see me, which is what I intend to do if this happens again. Please advise me. DISGUSTED DEAR DISGUSTED: The next time you want an appointment, tell your doctor 's secretary which doctor you want to see, and make It clear that you will see no other! It Is common practice for a doctor to have his partner [or some colleague] substitute for him while he to on vacation or in an emergency, but no ethical doctor will arbitrarily transfer a patient to his partner without the consent and approval of the patient. Problems? You 'll feel better if ye* get it off year chest Par a personal reply, write to ABBY: Bex No. tflfe. I* A., Cattf. mm. Enclose stomped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abey's booklet. "Hew to Have a Lovely Weddlaf." eead $1 to Abby, Bex mm. Us Angeles. CaL NMe. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., JAN. 17, 1973 PagB 8 Venereal Disease Classes Scheduled by Iowa Lakes HAMMOND OIL CO. Esrherville 362-4432 Two public information programs dealing with problems of drugs and venereal disease are being presented by Iowa Lakes Community College at Estherville and Emmetsburg. On Thursday, Jan. 25, Bill Luke, Administrative Assistant of the Northwest Iowa Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit, will present a program entitled "The Chemical Trap and Its Altera­ tives." This program, which is geared to all adults and young people, includes a discussion of why people take drugs, coping with drug abuse situations, and what can be done about them. The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Iowa Lakes Community College auditorium atEs- therville. The second program will be held on Monday, Feb. 5, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Emmetsburg High School Little Theater and is entitled "What Is VD? What Can We Do About IT?" Dr. Carlye Moore and Dr. Robert Cozine from Emmetsburg will assist with the program. Longer Hours DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)Rolland Gallagher, director of the Iowa Beer and Liquor Control Department, says an experiment will probably be repeated with extended hours at state liquor stores during this year's holiday season. Gallagher said Tuesday the department lengthened the hours at 58 of its 199 state liquor stores last Christmas and New Year's. The purpose was to provide more service to Iowans, who usually purchase liquor and wine in larger quantities during the holidays. rnpr 50 Extra Estherville | TKCE Thrift Stamps | With $3 cash purchase & this coupon # Expires Wed., Jan. 24 Limit 1 coupon per car Open 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We Honor all Approved Credit Cards hfillftlE ESTHERVILLE UUUDLE THRIFT STAMPS With Purchase of $2.00 Or More And This Coupon ra«r»» Thurs., Fri., Sat. - Jan. 18, 19, 20 |K$ Not Good On Charges Or Contract Accounts. COAST TO COAST STORE •ffe^e^e^eQU^e^t^e^a^^ I TREE GREEN STAMPS 9 With $2.00 or More Purchase and This mmmwmm ' | Coupon Good Thru Wed., Jan. 24 • 1 JU»/ M I I |One Coupon Per Car Per Week Pleosel iSviB I BRINK OIL CO. 9 1619 Central Ave.-Phone 362-9006-Estherville I |^NjCrt^Cardij'Opf^^ FREE PRESCRIPTION _ DELIVERY THRIFT STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE OPEN 9 to 6 DAILY - SUNDAYS 10 A.M. TO 12 NOON THURSDAYS 'TILL 9 P.M. 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