Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1960
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PRESENT HOME OF YMCd Leaders worked hard to make the present YMCA building a reality. It was constructed In 1907, and was reconstructed in 1914 after fire had damaged the interior. Space below the white line around the building is devot- ed principally to youth activities. Above the line are, in the main, dormitory rooms. There will be no dormitory rooms in the new YMCA, but there will be much .more space for youth activities. Builditig Brought Surge Of Vitality to YMCA (Second of a Series) Although dismayed by their Alter the YMCA was establish-1 tremendous loss, YMCA leaders ed in its new home at Third < quickly rallied. In less than twoj pfpiffenberger and Charles Hus World War I caused anxiety. On May 7, 1915, the liner Lusitania was sunk. War was declared April G, 1917. Prior to and throughout World War I the YMCA was headquarters of the draft board. Serving on the board were John D. McAdams, chairman, Dr. J. Mather and Market streets in 1908, a; surge of vitality gripped the or ; months they had organized a j financial campaign not only to ganization. Opening of the phys-jPay 'or replacement, but for ex. leal department occasioned the|P ansion of facilities. Telegraph to comment, "It isi The fire insurance company 'paid $21,000 for the loss. To expand facilities an additonal $25,sought. L. T. Hartman, the best equipped in Illinois." A YMCA orchestra under the direction of Harold Curdie was started. Membership surged to Robert M. Forbes. E. L. Rose and the Y truly serv- and Wllllam H - Joestmg headed campaign committees. Forbes was chairman at t h e final report meeting when the total reached $25,000.50. Of Forbes, the Telegraph later reported, "It is being said of Forbes that thr preservation of ed as a community center. Then at 2:30 in the morning, March 28, 1914, tragedy struck. Fire threatened the lives of 20 young men who occupied dormitory rooms. Among them was Mayor P. W. Day, who escaped thc YMCA wag due jn , arge de . with the others, but lost-virtual- to hjs contrlbution s of time, ly all of his personal belongings, j m flnd inf]uence in its be . Only the gymnasium, showers and pool remained intact. The remainder of the building was gutted. CALLOUSES To relieve callouses, burning, tendernew on bottom of feet •nd remove Callouses—atk for theee soothing, cushioning padi. kinson. All area men took their physical examinations and were later inducted at the YMCA. The Y also provided special programs for area servicemen home on leave, as well as for those stationed at nearby Fort Dunn Following the Armistice Nov 11, 1918, the Y's program re fleeted concern for veterans who had become more aware of fo reign affairs than ever before French courses were taught at the Y. Simultaneously, free six- month YMCA memberships were provided for returning servicemen, who also could call on the Y for help in obtaining employment. While World War I was being waged, women moved closer props of the YMCA jspeaks best j than ever before to a position of equality with men. In step with To have spent more than 35 vears as one of the main half. Hospital Note* | for the devotion of Forbes." Portions of the building remained in use while repairs progressed. There was hope of completing repairs before winter, 1914. But it was March 28, 1915, before rededication could take place. Already ominous the times, the YMCA opened its pool to women for the first time May 19, 1919, just two days before the House of Representatives passed the 19th or Women's ceremonies i suffrage Amendment. The roaring 20's dawned ALTON MIMOftlAL | MfctttCAL Robert Ewlng, 1033 E. 4th Mrs. Wanda Varble. 1905 Seminary Lindel Lee Davenport. Jersey- vllle Gary Vleth, 3200 Humbert Rd. Orville O. Brunjes. Hartford Mrs. Dorothy Ventress, New* burn SURGICAL Mrs. Edna Klein, Grafton Mis* Joyrp Stewart, Wood River Mrs. Rosemary Moore, 3535 Oscar Mrs. Janet Maloney. East Alton Mrs. Jewell Slutz, Alton Miss Agnes Fiske, 1108 Alby Eldon Moore. Jerseyville Frederick Mark, Rlsah Harvey Harmon, 909 Havvley DISMISSAL Mrs. Faye Blackwood, East Alton Elmer Campbell. 931 Union Mrs. Lula Miller, Kast Alton Jerome Becker, Fieldon Mannes Dubbelde, Staunton Cory Calhoun, Grafton Pete Sudheimer, Alton William Fritz, Jerseyville Miss Lois Weber. 717 Linden Mrs. Flossie Wheeler. Woodburn Mrs. Zelpha Stauffer, Rroughton Mrs. Judith Hassel. 824' 3 E. 4th Mrs. Sharon Tumbleson, East Alton W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL Victor L. Weber Jr.. 239 S. 13th Miss Wanda Lewis, Tulsa, Okla. Donald B. Phillips. 544 Leslie Linda Hubbert, 5205 Wink-Way Dr., Alton Mrs. Mildred L. Mason, 3007 Edwards, Alton Mrs. Helen Mason. 960 Whitelaw DISMISSALS Mrs. N?m Hackethal, 511 12th Donna Lea Marmino, 426 Shorl SURGICAL George M. Lockhart, 212 Me- Casland, East Alton Mrs. Peggy Kladar. 109 Acton Mrs. Helen Miller, 108 Haller, East Alton David Lee Edwards, 531 Metzger Mrs. Rosalie Bizaillon, 311 2nd James R. Billingsley, 531 Whitelaw Mrs. Hulda L. Little, 214 McCasland, East Alton Theresa Ann Williams, Moro Mrs. Dorothy M. Arndl, Cottage Hills Mrs. Anna Lee Pattengill, Cottage Hills ST. ANTHONY'S ADMITTANCES Dorothy J. Brumfield, 915 Hampton Donald Lynn Funk, Cottage Hills Ross L. Faulkner, 146 Eula, Wood River Mrs. Gladys Greenwood, 226 Goulding, East_Altpn peal, and serving on his executive committee were G. A. McKinney, Gilson Brown, Robert M. Forbes, A. H. Meyerhoff, W. C. Gates, Frank P. Hearne, and C. L. Goulding. Mrs. Lulu Miller, 66 S. Center, East Alton Mrs-Edna Hendrtcks, Rt. 1, Godfrey Mrs. ROM Mtbner, 3331 Edwards Joseph F. Cowan, 413 Chamberlain DWM1MAL8 Mrs. Wanda L. Lynch, 3738 Doetr Mrs. Charlene Croquart, East Alton Jerome E. Ttemann, Oodfrey Richard Releford, Hetttck Marry E. Wheeler. 834 Wy«s IT. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Frank Polio, 3238 N. Rodgers Don A. Bflloer, 849 Hamilton, Wood River Mrs. Myrtle Bufftn,.3616 Powhatan Mrs. Bineta Bllyeu, 783 Birch MM. Margaret Stahl, 1414 Mil ton Harold Hermans, 2300 Benbow SURGICAL Harold Cole. Jackson Place, Godfrey Roper Georgevitz, Rt. 2, Godfrey Gary Beck, Enos Lane, Godfrey Miss Janice Rizzoll, 1228 Franklin, Edwardsvllle Mrs. Rowena WilHs, 605 California, East Alton Mrs. Zellie Mefford, 724 Berkshire, East Alton Allon Huck, 3101 Belle Miss Diana Morris, 2620 Clawson Gary Blevlns, 762 Wood River, Wood River Martino Girogl, 3151 S. Spring, St. Louis Mrs. Betty Henkhaus, 916 E. 5th Mrs. Nellie Dare, Rt. 2, Brighton Patrick Collins, 2423 Oakhurst, Mrs. Julia McHenry, 509 Miller DISMISSALS Miss Cheryl Bailey, Rt. 2 Clifton Terrace Mrs. Ossie Bradshaw, 1931 Oak- clouds of and Watch for Our REMODELING SALE In Thursday Night's Paper VARIETY STORE 636 E. Broadway, Alton, III. Dial HO 5-9242 with them dawned the need for a new YMCA heating plant, new WOM , Mrt. CrWtetU . ena, Wood River Gayle Uttle, East Alton Mr*, M«ten HtoFwrtJ, 1119 Cardinal Thomas Duggan, 518 Mather John Swing, 43 Sullivan Jam« French, JerseyvtHe Mr». Carol Frechette, Godfrey Mrs. JoAnn Frey, Edwards- vllle Mrs. Blenna Godar, 722 Central John C. Gray, Rt. 3, Jerseyville Thomas Heltzman, 1718 Oakwood Guy Hir-kerson, 262 Dooley Cleo J. Undreth, 360 Leslie, Wood River Miss Lynn Logsdon, 238 Onkley Mrs. Mary Lorsbach, Hardtn Mrs. Carla Nelson. 610 Marsh Robert Potts, South Roxana Mrs. Mary Ramsey, East Alton Mrs. Leatha Rlbhle, Godfrey Archie Stupperieh, Rt. 1, Alttfn Mrs. Reba Tuetktn, 2415 Vlrden Christopher Witt, Wood River JIRJIY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Miss Evelyn Armstrong, Jersey. vllle. Mrs. Wesley Powers, Fieldon. rtrs. Russell Sinclair, Fieldon. Leo Held, Brussels. Arthur Ewrthjm. Jerseyvtili. Terry R. Fuller, H«fdto. Norman Kallal, Cftrrollton. DISMISSALS Ray Shortal, Jerseyville. Charles and Glenda Conrad, Jerseyville. Rose Mary Blasn, Fieldon. Sari Wllschefz, Brussels. India'* Tea Board now can end funds to tea estates to buy needed machinery. The money may b« repaid In annual pay- mnts over seven years. New Delhi announced. VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRY OLEANINQ SPECIAL THIS WEEK 909 E. Broadway 2012 State St. 226 E. Elm 436 N. Weed River Ave. By June 19, live sive had been repairs were filter for the pool, extensive re-i Sept. 22. 1920. 1920, the objec- reached. Exten- completed pairs, 'redecoration, plus money to pay off certain debts and to pay operating expenses. There was no Community Chest at that time, and each service agency sought its own financial support. Today, a portion of YMCA operating expense is covered by a Community Chest allotment. On June 8, 1920, a campaign was begun to raise $25,000. B. C. Richardson, high school principal, was chairman of the ap- Through t he 20's the YMCA program grew. In fact, in 1927, E. J. Byron, then president ol the YMCA board of directors, commented, "The industrial work of the association has grown to a point where we are unable to take care of the increased demand on the staff and equipment." Then came the early 30's when any thought of expansion —either of YMCA or other facilities — was necessarily tabled. i m wtor S«Kfcp. WC-TV-D* M I A8C-W. IT ONLY FEELS LIKE POWER STEERING (Corvav doesn't need ii) Carvair** ingenious design smapty places the in the rear. That means lees weight on front wheel* and a lighter, happier fed in fee carve of your bond*. No power assist B» needed in a ear thaf s naturally nimbi*. See wtwt a fresh engineering approach can efc? Fran bandting and parking ease right em, there j*at ian't anything ordinary or conventional aboot Corvair, Look at Its practically flat floor, four-wheel independent suspension, fold-down rear seat. 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