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A I CIIWiaaUAH) I Buffalo Evening News Saturday January 17 1942 1 To Garbo Hand in Hand Came Triumph Tragedy Is Picture Of Beauty i Fine Cast Presents Lyrical Drama At Buffalo Her Director-Discoverer Died on Eve Of Her First Return to Her Homeland As a Fabulous New Queen of Hollywood midway in the film tha task was turned over to Fred Niblo Garbo could not understand the strange American customs She could not understand American jokes She drew more and more within her self She wanted to go back home home to Sweden The set rocked with laughter one morning as she reported for work Someone had just made a joke Garbo sat alone pale and trembling In a comer Stiller was not there She had none of her Swedish compatriots near her so she could not confide that she had just received news of Alva's death The first link with Sweden had broken! Early Quotes Following are some actual Garbo quotes given during the Interviews she was forced to have then "Everyone Is so happy in America Why is everyone so happy? In my little country we are mostly sad When I am a big star like Lillian Gish I will not shake hands with prize-fighters for publicity How I hpte standing for costumes fittings I wish dresses were all bags and all alike jump into quickly" Incidentally she never said "I link I go home" or "I want to be except yeafs later as a line of dialogue In her first comedy "Ninotchka" Stiller who had failed to expand his genius in America left for Sweden Garbo Wanted to follow him but the studio had realized a fortune on her pictures Tremendous was the success of and the Devil" in which she and John Gilbert co-starred She was cast opposite Gilbert again In "Love" However after she had made several films she was promised that upon the completion of "Wild she could go home To see her mother to see her brother to see her hero the man who had discovered her and taught By CHRISTINA BERGNER Special to tin Birrmo Einim and North American KepPr Alliance OLLYWOOD Jan IT Tha Hc 1 death o( Garbo's lather left the future actress' family destitute Indeed 'Garbo's mother took In sewing but Garbo was unable to stand the sight or her mother's tired eyes as she bent over her work long past midnight The girl got a job In the Paul Bergstrom department store It was there she was discovered by a motion picture director and resigned to make commercial films for Capt Ring and comedies for Pelchler This led her to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm and thence to the greatest director In Sweden Mauritx Stiller gave her the role of the Countess Elizabeth In "Gosla Berllng'a which launched her career and brought her after Louis Mayer head of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer saw the film in Europe to Hollywood When she sailed on the steamship DrotUngham for America she promised her mother that she would be gone only a year She still had family ties in her mother her sister Alva (a gay vivacious girl so unlike Garbo) and her brather Sven Garbo loved Alva deeply She wished she could be like spirited laughing (even as a child Garbo seldom laughed) Frightening New World But the new world was strange and frightening Instead of being directed by Stiller as she had thought Monts Bell' guided her through her flfrst American film "The Torrent" It opened at the Capitol In Ntw York and Was a sensation Garbo as the langor-ous siren made movie-goers sit up and beg for more Stiller started to direct her next picture Temptress" but played a diva In Edward Sheldon drama her what acting to see Maurltz Stiller! to a Mob "Wild Orchids" had five more days shooting schedule One morning she appeared on the set gdwned in a lavish Oriental costume walking quickly as always her head held slightly to one side She was handed a cablegram She read it and only those who know her well could see from the way she bit her lower Up that something was wrong "Ready Miss Garbo" the assistant director said She played the scene and then went into her dressing room The cablegram had advised her that Stiller was dead She took the trip anyhow but by now she was the great Garbo and could not return to the scenes of her childhood without being mauled and pawed at by a mob of curiosity seekers Frightened she returned to the comparative peace of Hollywood The Long Bob Passeth When Sydney Guilaroff Metro's famous beauty- stylist cut Greta Garbo's hair short giving it a modem variation of the Botticelli cherubs hairdress a new style in feminine coiffure was set The long Garbo bob for years the symbol of glamour copied by hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world is no more In fact it Is less than nothing because in her new film Garbo plays a dual that of twins One of the characters is a dowdy ski The other is a rhic glamorous woman As the frumpy girl she wears the long bob When she becomes glamorous the hair is short This was incidentally the first time Garbo had ever had a permanent wave It Is surprising that this woman who cares nothing for clothes who once said wish dresses were all bags and all alike" has started more fashion fads than any other actress on the screen Origin of In a film called Adrian designed a little hat for Garbo that sat on top of her head When she appeared on the screen wearing it the preview audience so revolutionary was the vogue After the preview Metro officials held their The subject of this informal meeting was not the quality of the story or the manner of Its acting The argument was all about Garbo's hat The hat's designer Adrian begged that it remain In Miss G's head and not fall to the cutting room floor Adrian won And that hat which elicited laughter is the "pillbox" which is still a vital part of every chic woman's hat wardrobe It was Garbo who introduced the polo coat for evening wear in a film It was Garbo who started the high standing collars on sports coals She brought In the vogue for heavy flat-heeled oxfords and the slough vagabond hat the raglan sleeve But by all odds the most important was the long hair bob Yet when Garbo first arrived her hair was a great problem She was confused and frightened as experts made up her face arranged her hair put clothes on her She looked at herself In the mirror as the coiffeur said to her "You look lovely Miss Garbo" Garbo shook her head "I hate the way I look" she said Vert week: She Really Levee a Crowd First costume role for Garbo was New Rogers Ad Libs Too True Chip Will Is Cowboy Jim Special to the Bnrmo Ermine Nsws Hollywood Jan Jimmy Rogers is probably the only screen player to have a complete preview of his first picture before the studio officials He shot the entire picture Are Pretty on 16 mm film Whether this younger son of the late Will Rogers will follow in his father's turn from cowboy to actor as a permanent Job depends probably on what the public thinks of his first work before the camera soon to be generally released He not only looks like the great comedian in many of his scenes but proves to be a chip off the old block He balked at some of the lines because he said they Just didn't come natural to him they had to rewrite them Will never followed a script He ad libbed in every scene Jimmy's and roping so impressed Producer Hal Roach that he had some fine horsemanship written into the picture He used his father's favorite horse "Soapsuds" When Will Rogers came home from the studio at night and there were 10 minutes to spare before dinner he would ride his polo pony "Bay around his polo field like mad But if there were some special problem to be sized up he would saddle "Soapsuds" and meander up the hridle trails he had made himself to his highest hilltop where he could see the ocean spread out below Cinema at Organizes Defense -By HAROLD HEFFERNAN Special to tha Burma Xfinihi Kiwi HOLLYWOOD Jan Although qitizens of the West Coast are certain that the little brown men in planes will not attack any city whose back Is not turned the theaters of Hollywood and its movie-conscious environs nevertheless have been mobilized in an Intelligently-planned and aggressive national defense effort It is designed to publicize thee only supporting role: The star of her first Holly- wood film "The was this bewitching Ricardo Cortez Good "HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY" A anth Century-Fox pirturr at ttia Buffalo: directed by John Ford arraan play by Philip Dunna from lha novel of Rickard Llewellyn Tha featured ptayera: Mr Gniff)dd Walter Ptdseoa Anfharad Maureen Mr Morsan Donald Cries Rrnwen Anna Lea Huw Roddy MrDnwall lama John Lndec Mr Marfan Kara Allfood Cyfartha Barry Fitzfarald Ivor Patrir Knnwlea Wrlih Mnaera Thamaelvra Mr Party Arthur Stuelda OmwHi Ann Tndd Dr Rlrharda Frederick Wnrterk Davy Rirhard Kraaee Gwilym Evan Evana Owen Jamea Monha By ARDLS SMITH MTTOW Green Was My I isn't John Ford's most exciting movie but it is his most besuliful far and away It really should be called a musical The singing la as natural to it as the1 spirituals were to "Tha Green Pastures" One may doubt that In Wales a band of richly harmonious choristers turns tha corner just in time lo solace every one for all life's sorrows But that's the way It happens in Green Was My Valley" and the experience ii an exhilarating one One should have a great deal of time on one' hands by the way to 1 enjoy this lyrical and loving iwan song (Till War's End) of Mr Ford His story of the Morgan family from the year the valley was green in the days of Virtoris down to the time that slag and greed snd too-fierce competition blackened and corroded It seems to take almost as long as a reading of Richard Llewellyn Yet It la a atory of the fewest words per foot since the talkies came fewest at least of dialogue Economical of Dialogua The story is told by a man of 5() of his boyhood you know Ai la not usually the case in plays the exposition la the finest part: The serene and measured limning of the dignity that dwells In the house of the coal-mining Morgans of Ihe strong sons and tha kindly patriarchal despot who rules them Of their recognition of his authority Of their washings family meals and merrymaking This all has a beauty and a snngfulnesa suggesting In a way "Our But a great deal happened In Llewellyn's book and it appears that Mr Ford made a vow to get it all in To tell at length how the mine owner hammered wages down in an overabundant labor market How tha long strike came and how Mr Morgan was suspected by the unionists of treachery How his 12-year-old Huw accompanying his mother to defend hla father before the worker fell into an icy pond and was frozen and disabled How Mr Gruffydd tha parson persuaded him to walk In the Spring How his sister Ang-hsrsd loved Mr Gruffydd but married the mine owner's elegant son How the Morgan anna left horns In anger and how they returned And how young Huw- left the school for the collieries Of death In the shafts and grief above them Tons Poem of Folks Waya The customs of country tha music of the tafk the hard bone-bred standards of the Ihrie are the elements that fetch' you If you are to be fetched Such an unexceptionally lovely chain of scenes In the pita on tha hoists in Ihe cobbled street with its mounting row of field-atone cot-lager and in tha fields has seldom been caught by cameras Just goes to show by Ihe way how much finer screen-painting can bo done without color The cast la up to the compost- tion which is as fine a thing as you could say for a cast with Donald Crisp as old Morgan Maureen O'Hara as hla daughter Angharad Bara Allgood as the mother of (he Morgans And John Ixder Patric Knowles Evan Evana and Richard Fraser as the older sons With a remarkably touching lank-haired urchin Roddy McDowell as the small wondering least of tha Morgana And Walter Pidgeon ai Pastor Gruffydd It Is a movie I think who first half is worth more than tha admission price It might be more of a bargain as a matter of fact If you left after the first hour and a half FRIDAY JAW 24 Modtrn Tricks! Oriental Mystorits! Major lllusioas! SI TO THS- CARNIVAL Ef MAGIC Woman Sawsd in Half! Lovitation of Karu! Tha Floating Spooks I Tho Woman Shot! Stats SI 10 and 55e fid year tirkete mw at (he Bnfhto Evenlnf New Denton Cettler A Du toll Mathias' Buffato AlhMic Clnh ar at tha ran'ictory Bearfll ef the NEWS' Keedleet ran Buffalo Consistory Friday Jm 24 at 8:30 Programs in the Community Theaters Other steps Included: A comprehensive manual on the handling of any situation In case of blackout or attack Organization of 28 different theater zones each with a captain and from three to five lieutenants each zone covering from two to three square miles establishment of a communications committee with quick telephonic contact with every amusement place in the city (All theaters in this network can be reached within five minutes) Also preparation of films advising the public what to do in an whether at home on the street or in the theater ALLENDALE Aunt Golden Hoofs Sun-Mon My Life with Caroline Manmade Monster Tues-Thur Affectionately Yours Lucky Devils Frl-Sat APOLLO It Started With Eve Naval Academy Sun-Wed Shadow of the Thin Man Raiders of the Desert Thur-Sat Henry Aldrich for President Gay Falcon Sun-Tuea Dangerous Lady Mexican Spitfire's Baby Wed-Thur Hold Bark the Dawn Let's Go Collegiate Fri-Sat Look Who's Laughing Marry the Boss' Daughter Sun-Tues Maltese Falcon Miss Polly Wed-Thurs one Foot In Heaven and The Body Disappears Fri-Sat BROADWAY Basil Honky Tonk Sun-Tucs Father Takes a Film Hollywood Shy Stars And Most Movies Made Elsewhere By PAUL HARRISON Hollywood Jan VL-Thia la as may have been observed before a funny town It is almost as odd as the Industry supporting it It's the only place in the world where you ran see a cowboy completely costumed to six-gun and spun riding a bicycle Or a woman wearing pajamas and a mink coat on a shopping trip Actually Hollywood isn't a town but an unmarked Indistinguishable hunk of northwest Los Angeles with no official status except for a branch posloffice Incidentally after the new posloffice was built and dedicated It was discovered you couldn't mail a letter there! At least It had no letter drops A Tawdry Glitter Hollywood has four movie studios but most of the pictures are made In Culver City Beverly Hills Burbank Universal City and North Hollywood The latter la a civic entity with its own mayor and cops Scarcely any real stars live in Hollywood and not a single prominent movie personality lives on famed Hollywood Boulevard Except for half a dozen office buildings three department stores and four big theaters the boulevard's business section is mostly one-story shops in which a cine ma queen wouldn't he caught dead Cheap perfumes frocks and cosmetics said to be like those worn by your favorite stars Sight-seeing buses souvenirs and a shoeshlne by a Negro in top hat and tail coat Rubberl This midway Is a mile and a half in length Tourists drive slowly bump fenders and jam traffic as they peer at the pedestrians some of whom are extras and chorus cuties who deliberately make themselves up to look like stars Five beauty colleges flourish In flashy second-story quarters on the boulevard There are several dancing schools a couple of figureforming establishments and a brassiere factory At the Intersection of the haul' evard and Western avenue (which is over to the east) Is the building occupied by the Producers Anno elation and the Hays Office Sculptured into the balconies and cornices are small figures of con siderable more nudity than the Hays Office would allow to be photographed on a movie set A Cowboy Boom Until a few months ago one of the four or five biggest box office attractions in movies wjs virtually unknown in Hollywood and none of his pictures ever had been shown on the boulevard Hie star is Gene Autry Finally one of the smaller theaters renamed itself the Hitching Post began showing nothing but westerns and has been jam-packed ever since Fortune tellers flourish here advertising their intimacy wltn the stars and spirits with Neoi signs On the lawns of private houses are signs offering all manner of baths massages reducing treatments bust development and hair dyeing Incidentally Hollywood Is the only place where nobody Is surprised when a man asks for a permanent wave A Bracken Build-Up Eddie Bracken didn't think his role In "Out of ihe Frying Pan" was so hot so he was given the script to build up As a result this picture-stealer -will not only wrap It up in cellophane but tie it with a big red bow As a struggling New York thesplan Eddie Is in a new makeup and roslume each time he appears In the film Nspoleon is one of his characterizations A Blow to Kind Hedy Talk ahout Ingratitude! One of Hedy Lsmarr's supporting players in "Tortilla Fiat" to whom she had been particularly loving even feeding him by stalked Into her dressing room drank all her perfume and ate most of the curtains and decorations A goat! Wife A Three Cockeyed Sailors Wed Week-End in Havana Naval Academy Thur-Sat Down Mexico Way South of Tahiti Sun-Tues Little Foxes Three Sons of Guns Wed-Thur Nirie Lives Are Not Enough Last of the Duanes Fri-Sat CENTRAL Great Guns A You Belong to Me Sun-Tues Little Nellie Kelly A Misbehaving Husbands Wed-Thur All That Money Can Buy A Naval Academy Fri-Sat Our Wife A Parachute Battalion Sun -Tues Broadway Limited A I'll Wait For You Wed-Thur Perfect Specimen A Black Cat Fri-Sat COLUMBIA (Gammel) Belle Starr A Great Fun Sun-Mon Buy Me That Town A New Wine Tues-Thur Three Sons of Guns A Last of the Duanes Fri-Sat COLONIAL Nothing But the Truth A Buy Me That Town Sun-Mon Parachute Battalion A Three Sons of Guns Tues-Thur Highway West A New Wine Fri-Sat Navy Blues A Tillie the Toiler Sun-Tues New Wine A Flying Blind Wed-Thun Virginia City A Little Abner Frl-Sat ELLEN TERRY Nothing But Ihe Truth A Buy Me That Town Sun-Tues Kiss the Boys Goodbye A Man at large Wed-Thur Flying Blind A Las Vegas Nights Fri-Sat ELMWOOD Pul-ham Esq A Design for Scandal Sun-Wed Sundown A Cadet Girl Thur-Sat All That Money Can Buy A Last of the Duanes Sun- movie theater as one of the safest places In town during an air raid to actually make it so It Is a mobilization of morale and protection that might well become a model wartime operating plan for all show houses and amusement places 1 "It is the story of why the theaters in Los Angeles will remain open In the face of any war scare" according to Tom Bally director of the committee on public relations for (he Los Angeles Defense Bureau "It is a story that might well he put into action by motion picture exhibitors from Boston to San Francisco from Detroit to Here according to Baily is how the safety theater plan is expected to proceed during a blackout or an actual air raid: In an Emergency Let's say an enemy plane is sighted SO miles away An is sounded In Los Angeles Within five minutes every theater manager in the city every bowling alley proprietor every dance hall operator will know of it In the theater an "alert" staff is ready to take charge of the audience In case the power is turned off and the picture can't continue the screen is raised auxiliary lights flare from the stage and a master of ceremonies takes over Each theater manager is now an air raid warden He has been trained by the police and fire departments for the job His doorman stage hands projectionists and others have been assigned definite duties for the emergency For weeks all usherettes have been taking Red Cross nursing courses Wide Range Plan A few days after the Pearl Harbor attack the long-established city defense council started to put into effect rules and regulations to govern every citizen every business in the city Attending the first meeting was a theater man Sturdivant who believes the screen is the world's Number 1 morale builder Bturdivant suggested the formation of the theater defense bureau to build public morale and patriotism educate the public in emergency methods educate all theater employes in measures for the complete safely of every man woman and child in an audience Anri to keep amusement centers open provided of course that the theaters were safe Class A structures With the words of President Roosevelt of Winston Churchill and of Mayor LaGuardla In praise of movies as morale builders ringing In lls collective ear the defense council gave Sturdivant a fatherly pat on the head cloaked him in plenty of authority and the now-powerful theater defense bureau came into being Films to Instruct The story of the defense bureau was told to every theater manager in the city at a general meeting Police and fire rhlefs were on hand to explain problems that might confront them In case of panic or an incendiary attack Rules for meeting every emergency were dispatched to all employes along with advice on emergency lighting impromptu entertainment and emphasizing the necessity of remaining calm Enter PLAYING 'Lu the "glow-worm of the cinema" that charming and slightly daft usherette of a movie house who takes II upon herself to make an unknown gentleman rich and happy Selma Cohen brings her corned ir talent to the Studio Theater the first time this season Thursday evening when Molnar's Good begins a run of nine performances Bernard Hammill Jr the Tues You Belong to Me A Two in a Taxi Wed-Thur Chan In Rio A Private Nurse Fri-Sat Maltese Falcon A Body Disappears Sun-Tues Lydia A Marry the Boss' Daughter Wed-Thur Power Dive A Outlaws of the Panhandle Fri-Sat GENESEE Week-End In Havana A Saint's Vacation Sun-Tues All That Money Can Buy A Hello Surker Wed-Thur Target for Tonight A Father Takes a Wife Fri-Sat GRANADA-Shadow of the Thin Man A Moon Over Her Shoulder Mon-Tues Maltese Falcon A Married Bachelor Wed-Thur One Foot In Heaven A Target for Tonight Fri-Sat -CRAND Belle Starr A Great Guns Sun-Mon Invisible Ghost A King of the Zombies Tuea-Wed New Wine A Roaring Forties Thur-Sat JEFFERSON (Baail)-Sea Wolf A Go Collegiate Sun-Tues Smiling Through A Man at Large Wed-Thur Navy Blues A Parson of Panamlnt Fri-Sat JUBILEE Charley's Aunt A Great Guns Sun-Mon When Ladies Meet A Scattergood Tues-Thur Three Sons of Guns A Passage From Hong Kong Fri-Sat KENMORE Shadow or the Thin Man A Moon Over Her Shoulder Sun-Tues Lydia A Target for Tonight Wed-Thur Married Bachelor A Nine Lives Are Not Enough Fri-Sat KENSINGTON (Shea) Billed like the Elmwood LACKAWANNA (Shea)-Shad-ow of the Thin Man A Bachelor Daddy Sun-Wed Unholy Partners A Cracked Nula Thur-Sat You Belong to Me A Naval Academy Sun-Mon Trail of the Lonesome Pine A Let's Go Collegiate Tuea-Wed Week-End In Havana A Sailors on Leave Thur-Sat Never Get Rich A Cltldel of Crime Sun-Mon Hold Back the Dawn A Gay Vagabond Tuea-Thur New Wine A Parson of Panamlnt Fri-Sat NEW ARIEL Hold Back the Dawn A Henry Aldrich for President Sun-Mon Buy Ms That Town A Nine Lives Are Not Enough Tues-Thur Father Takes a Wife A Border Vlgtlantea Fri-Sat NIAGARA Week-End In Havana A Dangerous Game Sun-Tuea Married Bachelor A Nine Lives Are Not Enough Wsd- hilarious Alexander Throttlebot-tom of last season's Thee I Sing" will play Dr Sporum James deMunn Jr will be Ihe Infinitely composed head waiter Lu's real love of the moment And Konrad the amorous millionaire and man of affairs will be played by Thomas Glass Others In the play a famous vehicle of Hflen Hayes include Julia Snow as Karoline and Harrison Richards as Dr Metz Thur All That Money Can Buy A Burma Convoy Fri-Sat NORTH PARK (Shea)-I Wake Up Screaming A Rise A Shine Sun-Wed Skylark A New York TOwn Thur-Sat Honky Tonk Sun-Mon Mob Town A Secret KvI dence Tues-Wed Week-End In Havana A Henry Aldrich for Presl dent Thur-Sat RIVERSIDE Look Who's Laughing A Marry the Bnaa's Daughter Mon-Tues One Foal in Heaven and Body Disappears Wed-Thur I Wske Up Scream' Ing A International Squadron Fri-Sat One Foot In Heaven A Body Disappears Sun-Mon Pulham Esq A Design for Scandal Tuea-Thur I Wake Up Screaming A Sleel Against Sky Fri-Sat ROOSEVELT The Birth of the Blues A Among the Living Sun-Tues The Feminine Touch A Cracked Nula Wed-Thur Unholy Partners A Bachelor Daddy Fri-Sat ROXY You Belong to Me A Smiling Ghost Sun -Tuea Smiling Through A Gentleman From Dixie Wed-Thur This Woman Is Mine A Dangerous Game Fri-Sal SENATE-Hold Back the Dawn A Moonlight In Hawaii Sun-Mon Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde A Chan in Rio Tuea-Thur jtina From Manhattan A Prairie Pioneers Fri-Sat SENECA Billed like the Elmwood SYLVIA-Yank In the A A Smiling Ghost Sun-Mon Shining Victory A Kisses for Breakfast Tuea-Thur Parachute Battalion A Bride Wore Crutehea Fri-Sat Appointment for Love A Cracked Nuts Sun-Tuea Gambling Daughters A Gangs Inc Wed-Thur Spooks Run Wild A Zls-Boom FrL-Sst UNITY Nothing But the Truth A Buy Me That Town Sun-Mon Father Takes a Wife A Three Sons of Cuna Tuea-Thur Scattergood on Broadway A Mob Town Fri-Sat VARSITY You Belong to Me A Angela With Broken Wlnga Sun-Wed It Started With Eva A Burma Convoy Thur-Sat VICTORIA It Started With Eve A Nine Lives Are Not Enough Sun-Tuea Dreaming Out liOud A Cockeyed Sailors Wed-Thura Shadow nf the Thin Man A Desert Raiders Fri-Sat director and star Maxwell Anderson Alfred Lunt standing and Helen Hayes of "Can dle In the the Guild drama of captive France coming to the Erlanger Feb 5 6 and 7.

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