Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 26, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1957
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

•Junior Editors Quiz on- BIRDS QUESTION: Why is the shrike called the butcher bird? ANSWER: The handsome shrika it a songbird gone wrong. Like ••her songbirds, it has weak feet intended only for' parching. But its powerful, hooked bill shows it for what it is—a bird that grabs big insects, and even smaller birds and animals, to eat. Sine*, unlike a hawk, It cannot hold its victims down with its toot while tearing them apart with its beak, it often speers them on a thorn or barbed wire fence, then rands them at leisure. That is the reason It sometimes is called the butcher bird, because butchers hang pieces of meat* on hooks. FOR YOU TO DO; When in the country, watch for a handsome grey and black bird perching on a tree; Ifs possible you may see shrike. Alto color this picture, paste on cardboard, cut along the outside outline, and stand up after folding on the dotted line. (You can win $10 by submitting a good question to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrowt Why is Ruth of the Bible famous?) MAK€fRIENDS •MM* If you are invited for a weekend in the country and don't know Just what kind of clothes and sports equipment to take, ask your host ess. It is better to be sure than to Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa •* Friday, July 26, 19S7 / The fellow who is busy palling W« own weight seldom hat any left to throw around. make a wrong guess. For if you don't have what yeu need, your hostess will feel she must try to supply it. ' TIZZY By Koto Osonn CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE "Is that the only song you know?" now league record with that knuckle-ball you showed mo, Pop—IS walks in one Inningl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "This ear's a big disappointment! I thought I could date a girl for • quiet ride and park a while, but they all want to go some* whera and eatl" By Nadine Stltxer "Ho likes youl" Missing Links Answer to Previous Puxxlo ACROSS 1—1 and found department 5 phone 9 Oet ready, «et , |o! IS Wing-shaped It the Terrible 14 Australian ostrich M Growing old 17 Neat as a —— MA ot affection 19 Tell SI of the earth M One who (suffix) 84 Sheep's bleat 17 and make up . M and fortune IS for the teachar 14 totter 36 Meal 57 Contents 38 Sir Anthony 19 Turkey with —- dressing 41 Female taint (ab.) 43 Without —— or hindrance . 44 L* pert et la 46 Throb 49 of Capri and Man 88 Consultation 84 Obligatory 86 and Mike 87 root (prefix) 58 — go bragl 89 Brown October • 60 Fish tauoa 61 Destroy DOWN 1 of the Mohioans t-i —mar* garlne 3 Was submerged 4 Palm or oak 8 Twitching 6 Coming —— T Actress, —— Turner 8 Door 9 Divides 10 Give forth 11 Whistle a merry 16 In the grass (pi.) SO Mention ? A i u •UULJI A U 6 st • EiUBjl to A> N S ss A * UBQUI3 UJ-. .„l «J u uc i • . n a UUD • UCJCJtj 1 u • UCJCJtj A 5 W o |kJLJLi| T 6 6 L £ 4 Kl 1 32 Rosters 46 Compound 34 as a bone ether 25 Imitated 46 knows 26 Kind of court best 28 At this of 47 Russian mountains 48 Chinese coin 80 Girl's name 51 Goddess of discord 52 Auld lang the game 30 Encounter 31 Gaelic 33 Byways 35 Woman adviser 40 honorable 43 , Florida 55 Detective (slang) OUT OUR WAY BY J. P. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE DRAT THAT- IMFERMAU BUTLER/ WHY DtDNFT MGNt/ftOREtfCy- WARN ME THE MA5TEK OF THE CHATEAU MIGHT (?ETU (2M ItA THE DEAD OP NtSHT 4V FA P.'? HE'LL SURELY 50UMO THE ALARM AMD SET A POSSE BAY- llJe ON MY r . /Tf?AIL/ with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl PROBABLY 50MB 6LO& MY* 4 6BNER0US ftJTLEK llWtTSO/ tO SLBBF W MY PRlZEr BED/ , -*~HE ZOOMED DOT OP ' HERE AS IP HE*b Si ?Br4 FRANl^BtfgTeirVS MONSTBfii •wHMPH/ I'LL PUT MO^TMOREMCY 01*4 A LITTLE*' aO \Z *H0Vl TOMORROW/ • [?SET —. "< SOMETI/vVeS \ . FASTER, "THAM BRAlN€- BOOTS ANO HER BUDDIES Completely Fooled U»fc GOT W I'M C«0 MWR^VH Till I "Jill \ y T* jCfiT BY EDGAR MARTIN TO ax mi Minn BUGS BUNNY Says a Mouthful RUN IN TH' KITCHEN AN 1 GET ME TH' FIRST AID KIT, SYLVESTER... MY TOE'S r~v -y VERY 1 V ' GOOD, SIRE! PRISCILLA'S POP It's True BY AL VERMEIR LJGUESS WHAT'S IN THE CREEK?. A WATER Ait ALLEY OOP Don't Let Me Disturb You BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Looking Ahead BY DICK CAVALU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Switch [>ADDV SAtS ML MAv/t? 16 ee HOME BV MJDMKSMT; —T-V BAZOO/ AMO I CAMT OO TO ALSO,TW€ THE DAMCe CA/ER J KIDS W INWN6ST&M/Hrr THAT SAYS rr!5 TOO J rJUBG ARE FAR.' r\ TOO WILD/ Y AMD 1 HOPE" 'OU'RE PLANNING .ON USIMS VOUR. PARENTS' CAR/I DADDY "WINKS YOURS IS UNSAFE/ P: ' — DADDY LIKES "WE MOVIE THAT'S ON AT THfc? PALACE BY MERRILL BLOSSIR _ DOIhte ANYTMfNS TONtertT. PK5EOMP 4 THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Billy Misses Out BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY Take a Ride? BY LESLIE TURNER YOU om m you MUST SBB scmo AsAiN MOWJ MARI& I m ooiwa RATHER NOT TIP MS H " HIM ViT» WT

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