Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 26, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, July 26, 1957
Page 5
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Seems to Be Bookkeeping Matter or Point of View— State Agencies, Governor Disagree on Whether Appropriations Spent or Not , By ©WIGHT MCCORMACK DES MOINES Wl-When is an earmarked; capital improvements appropriation spent and when Isn't it? The answer appears to be a matter of bookkeeping, and to some-exent the point of view. The question arises out of a recent comment by Gov. Herschel Loveless. He said the State Board of Regents, the State Board of Control and the State Conservation Commission have more than eight million dollars in unspent building funds. He indicated a belief the money should be reappropriated. The state comptroller's office said the total was about $9,200,000. The three agencies answered that the amount all ear-marked by previous legislatures and was now considerably less than that. They said, in effect, that the money was obligated for the most part in construction under way. or being held up for specific reasons. On the comptroller's books, funds are "unspent" until the money is actually paid out. Capital improvements appropriations have been under discussion as a« result of vetoes by Loveless of the 1^57 Legislature's tax program and of more than 15 million dollars in building fund measures. Special Session Also involved is the possibility of a special legislative session. The governor has said that the major reason for such a session would be to re-enact capital improvements measures "as need­ ed." When he wrote the vetoes he said he probably would call a special esssion for September. Recently he indicated any such session would be delayed beyond that time. The comptroller's figures, as oM July 13, showed the Board of Control had about $4,500,000 in unspent funds. But the board says it has about $215,000,* after copsideration is given to contracts being paid off now. The total for the Board of Regents, as given by the comptroller, was $3,500,000. The board said that as of July 18 it had $2,351,244, all either earmarked or being used. It added that several large projects are unavoidably delayed, but others are in progress and the Times Herald, Carroll, ' owt Friday, July 24, 1957 money is being droiWn upon from time to time. The Conservation Commission, according to the comptroller, had Sanatorium, $106,739. Fund Not Spent Half a million of the amount credited to SU1 has not been spent, the regents explained, because it is for a new Law Building, and an additional $350,000 is needed. The money will not be obligated until the total of $850,000 $1,200,000 to its credit. The com ,. ,, ., L nnn mission said litigation is holding j l^™"^ 1 * I^A^f rill 0 : 0 .? 0 up the use of much of the amount. The regents said its $2,351,244 includes; State University of Iowa, $1,00*5,399; State University of Iowa Hospitals, $130,000; Iowa State College, $625,672; Iowa State Teachers College, $101,500; Vinton Braille and Sight Saving School, $91,236; Council Bluffs School for was in one of the capital improvements measures which Loveless vetoed. Another $100,000 of the SUI total is for remodeling of vacated space. Much of this amount will be used to remodel the present Law Building when it is vacated. The total also includes $277,138 the Deaf, $290,697; and Oakdale for a turbogenerator. This has been ordered but payment awaits delivery and testing of the generator. Another $100,000 item Is for a. Laundry Building, now under construction. Payments are beirtg made as construction proceeds. The $130,000 for the SUI Hospitals is for a unit for emotionally disturbed and mentally retarded children. An additional amount of about $50,000 is needed, but the Iowa Legislative Interim Committee said recently it could not legally supply the amount. The $625,672 credited to ISC includes $500,000 for a Home Economics Buildmg addition now being built. Another $95,448 Is for sewage improvements, which are about completed, at which time that account will be closed. Fdr ISTC, the $101,500 total includes $97,500 for a campus Laboratory-School Field House, which is nearing completion. The Vinton institution's $91,236 is the balance of an appropriation for remodeling, after a series of small projects, most of which have been completed. The balance will be held for other repair jobs, as directed by the Legislature. The $290,697 credited to the Council Bluffs school includes $280,000 for a Primary School Building, which is well under construction. Nearing Completion For the Santorium, the $106,739 Install Real Marble fo Give Foyer Luxury Look An entrance foyer that is beginning to look rundown at the heel can be given a luxury touch with the installation of real marble. This is possible with a thin marble tile now on the market . . . half the thickness and half the weight of a regular marble slab. Over the floor, lay strips of the desired color hardwood, two inches wide and half-an-inch thick. The strips are laid so that squares are formed into which the tile will be set In place with mastic. How large the squares are will depend on what size marble tile you buy. They come in three sizes — 8 inches by 8 inches, 8 inches by 12 inches, and 12 inches by 12 inches. • For*' the best effects, contrast the tone of the wood with one of the 18 different marble colorings, a dark wood-light marble or light rooms and even living rooms with the outdoors. Newer, lighter and stronger materials have permitted the use of double-paneled glass in cold climates and the consequent elimination of drafts and heat losses. Offer Tips On Plans for Shower Bath Much of the enjoyment of a shower depends on having enough hot water, being able to control the temperature and volume of the water, and having a good forces fighting "the House-passed showerhead installed at the right bill now that it has been stripped height. down largely to a measure pro- According to architectural j viding for the use of injunctions Call Rival Strategy Meetings on Rights Bill By JOHN CHADWICK HD-Wyo), providing for jury trials what constitutes criminal con-isaid the more he studied the var WASHINGTON MB — Republican j in criminal contempt cases. tempt. j tous jury trial proposals, the more and Southern Democrats called j Russell said that O'Mahoney's The amendment would provide! ne was convinced that none of rival strategy huddles today in the! amendment "is not entirely satis-[ that in any court proceeding to Senate struggle over writing a! factory to me" because he feels, impose "criminal penalties for jury triabamendment into the civil | a jury trial should be granted in contempt" of any injunction is- rights bill. i all contempt cases, civil as well i sue d un( j er the act, the defendant Department of Inquiry Queition: I have some wiring to do in the basement of our home and planned on using BX cable, but a neighbor tells me it is per- missable to use fabric cable in our area. Since this is cheaper, I would like to use it, but do not know whether it is practical. Can you advise me? Answer: BX cable Is rubber-covered wire encased in a flexible steel covering. What you call fab- A requirement for jury trials is; as the major objettive of Dixie ric cable is non-metallic sheathed a uain nvjuu-ugui mai uic ui list"' ' , 1 -cliu » t L , ; wood-dark marble being the most j F, a ™ e \ Elth f >s satisfactory but interesting combinations. it is important to check with lo- standards, the proper height for a showerhead, from the floor to the center of, the head, is 6 feet, in the case of men, and 5 feet 9 inches for women. If the shower is to be used by children, the height should be 5 feet. More and more the trend is toward the self-cleaning type of showerhead.' In fact, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau, the development of this type of head is probably the most important development in the shower industry in recent years. Nothing is more annoying to a shower bather than to look for- !er to protect voting rights, Sen. Russell 'b-Ga) said in advance of ; a meeting in his office, however, that he thought the Southerners would line up behind; an amendment ot more limited! scope than they would like. j Such a move would be aimed at' strengthening their position in the face of the determination expressed by Sen. Knowland <R- Calif) and other supporters of the bill to resist any wakening of the right-to-vote provisions. Knowland, the Senate GOP lead- had an opportunity to discuss criminal, arising under the legislation. Russell said that some revisions might be made in O'Mahoney's amendment? "to make it clearer." He said the legai points involved are highly complicated, and that during Senate debate many lawyer members have disagreed over shall be entitled to a jury trial. Knowland contended that adoption of this or other jury trial amendments would "greatly weaken the effectiveness" of the bill and said "we intend to make a major effort to defeat it." Another leadinK supporter of the bill, Sen. Clifford P Case (R-NJi, m lZ^7^71Z^\ m ^ • cal authorities . O" what may or I ward to the pleasure of" a good ! ^ situation with President Eisen- In January, 1951, approximately, may not be used rather than ac . j shower only £ {ind that the ^ e ad; hower at 8 House breakfast 250 sliding glass doors per mwith; ce t the word of fl neighbor . It is were being manufactured by less: u important to know wheth . than a dozen manufacturers, all located in southern California. What little sale they had was confined mostly to their own area and to expensive homes. Booming' Business Today, these same manufacturers .. . now the nucleus of a booming business on a national basis . . are producing and sell is clogged with sediment scale. With self-cleaning heads, only a simple turn of the unit is neces- all clogging a n d i prior to a closed conference of all Republican senators. er the work you plan on 'doing can be done by anyone except a licensed electrician. You may be \ sary to flush away voiding the fire insurance on your house without knowing it. Question: I recently inspected the outside of our house, as I am Eisenhower recently said he op- posd providing for jury trials in contempt of court cases, arising materials. |from injunctions obtained by the While there are various methods i government to enforce voting jury trial proposals ing 30,000 sliding glass doors and!?' dr y mold m many places. Can windows every month. Although th,s be removed effectively? 80 per cent of all these pfoducts 1 Answer: Dry mold on the out oi controlling the temperature and rights, volume of the water for a shower, Various getting ready to paint it soon. 1 \ the trend in recent years has > have been advanced. Russell said was dismayed to find evidences j been toward the single - handle | he expects Southern foes of the lever. j bill to throw their support behind This equipment offers the con- J one offered by Sen. O'Mahoney venience of regulating the water are still manufactured in Califor-: side of a house can be taken .off | to suit the wishes of the bather! nia, sliding glass doors are now easily by washing the affected j % the simple turn ofone handle,; Defeated DeaUlV state t„ | area with either hntisphnlH am. ! the Bureau points out. \ _ . , _ J the union in all climates The Sliding Glass Door and Win dow Institute points out that only in common use in every state in ] area with either household am-i ine Bureau points , monia or a solution of trisodium In many homes the shower over iSueS /VuS Clin IS the bathtub is supplemented byl* JV-, *"*° u -' phosphate. When the mold is off, rinse with clear water. However, one home in every 12,000 has slid- 1 the presence of dry mold indi- ing glass doors or windows in j cates excessive moisture, and this 1951, whereas today one in every j condition should be corrected be- 10 new homes is equipped with \ fore repainting, otherwise you'll them. Originally used only to integrate the living room to the patio the doors and windows now are being used to Integrate kitchens, dens, dining rooms, hallways, bed- have the same trouble all over again in a few months. MOP-WRINGER PAIL Eliminate bending and stooping one or more pre-fabricated metal shower cabinets. These are leak proof units made in various sizes Blackboard Made On Back of Chest Entertains a Child A handy blackboard which will test provide hours of enjoyment for For $30,000 BALTIMORE W — Mary Leona Gage Ennis, whose big lie bounced her out of the Miss Universe contest and into a treasure trove, has been sued for $30,000 by the blonde beauty she defeated for the right to represent Maryland in the con them is sound. He predicted that in the end they all would be defeated, as did Knowland. But Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas said he expected the Senate to adopt a jury trial amendment. Johnson said he hoped to get a unanimous consent agreement to vote on the jury trial issue early next week. Knowland and Russell spoke of the possibility of a vote by Tuesday or Wednesday. is for jobs including a kitchen* dining room, and -n addition to the power plant. Both are nearing completion. A long list of projects at Board of Control institutions make up the amount credited by the comptrol*.,. ler to the board. It said all of the major credits represent improvements which are under construction or finished. For all practical purposes, the board added.' the money is just the same as spent. The remaining unobligated amount is being spent from time to time for small projects at many of the institutions, and to pay architects and inspectors hired in connection with the construction, The Conservation Commission said close to $400,000 has been provided for the Prairie Rose Park and Lake. But expenditure of the complete amount has been delayed because of court contests over acquisition of the land need- The commission said also as to other unspent, items, that the Interim Committee 'had been asked for required release of some of the funds. The committee did release some, but has taken no action on other items. REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIRON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? • WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum • Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tile • Carpet WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Large or Small Samples shown to you. in your homo. Dial 4175, Alvin Heinrlchs or 9923, Matt Furniture MATT Furniture while moping th efloor by using j children can be fitted easily to the a galvanized steel mop-wtinger j back of a chest of drawers. pail; Mopping is' easier with such a pail because the wringer operates on a foot-pedal. STORAGE CONTAINERS Gardeners take notice: Large quantities of fertilizer and potting soil may be kept in galvanized steel garbage cans These containers, placed upright or on their sides as bins, will help keep the garden equipment center neater and will simplify storage of bulky materials. New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart New Modern Styles IP YOU'RB RIMODIUNG OR PLANNING TO BUILD You'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures. They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Prices reason able. H El RES ELECTRIC CO. To the back of the chest should be attached a panel of Masonite Presdwood which then is covered with blackboard paint. Putting casters or rollers on the unit will permit the child to turn it easily. Smooth, snag-proof Presdwood commonly is used for case backs, drawer bottoms and sliding doors on furniture. If you have a chest in which hardboard is used, you may need only the blackboard paint, available at hardware and paint stores, to complete the blackboard projecf. PAINT COOLER Cool hues are the receding colors — blue, green and gray. They help create an illusion of space more so than darker shades and I schemed toTonceal the f act" "that warmer colors vory, light cream] Mrs _ Ennis was marri ed. The and oyster white are cool and j schem i ngi she sa id, cost her the Mary Callie Hill, the defeated beauty, also sued the sponsor of the Miss Maryland Pageant, the Walters Academy and Fashion Guild, Inc. ! Mrs. Ennis won the Miss U.S.A.; title in Long Beach, Calif., last week and was among the semi- I finalists for the Miss Universe title when word leaked out that she was married. The publicity brought her night club, television and movie offers. i "I think it was downright mean of that woman to cheat me of the big chance." Miss Hill said. "I have no Hollywood tryouts or night club offers." Her jsuit was filed through her mother in Superior Court. The suit alleged that Mrs. Ennis and the sponsors "fraudulently spacious, too. CLEAN HOME HEALTHIER The best health insurance your family can have is a home that literally smells clean. Sparkling windows and freshly swept steps and walks tell passersby that yours is a fastidious family. Most disease germs and the dust which irritates respiratory systems can be eliminated with a couple of galvanized steel pails, hot water, a scrub brush and plenty of soap. trophy, the trip to the Miss U.S.A. contest, an automobile, a $1,000 wardrobe and the screen test which she said the Miss Maryland sponsors promised the winner. NEW TILE A new linoleum tile comes in a parquet effect that may be installed in a number of different effects including herringbone, chevron, mitered block design, depending on how the tiles are placed together. __ Some of the Coolest Stores in Town Are Air Conditioned , by Green Colonial • Why Not Check Up on Cool Comfort For Your Home FREI •STIMATES NO OBLIGATION PLUMBING AND HIATING SCHICK'S ALUMINUM ROLL-UP AWNING by - ^f.iY //i ///t Now! An aluminum awning that rolls up and down to five you • Sun protection when you want It. • Smart uncluttered appearance. • Permanent installation — no storage, no deterioration. • Famous Flexalum spring-tempered aluminum—with two coat baked enamel finish. • Design your own striped effect from decorator colors. • Matching door canopies, porch and patio covers. Call tor i frit demonstration and iitimata. fatteettedbv ^n George S. Miller Glass and Awning Shop 104 I.'4th St. Dial 9449 Give Your Home A Weil-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE PAINTS for » Low Cost • Low Upkeep • Durability Rettenmaier Drug 118 W. 5th — Dial 2805 IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH As Well at Yojjr Homel •II. B'HfJ l',"M An air-conditioner is your best investment for allergy free, healthful, year round comfort Home of Famous Admiral Appliances SPORRER'S TV fir Appliances 901 Salinger Ave. — Dial 9513 11 GOOD Used Baby Buggies or Strollers This week one Daily Times Herald Subscriber advertised a good used baby buggy and stroller. She sold them both on the first call and still received eleven more phone calls asking about one or both of the items advertised. If Your Children Have Outgrown Their Buggy or Stroller, Why Not Turn Those Unwanted Items Into Cash Quick! TIMES HERALD WANT AD GETS RESULTS Whatever you have to solLean bt sold with a want ad. For axtra vacation money, advortls* thoae unwanted Items now while the demand Is greatest. BABY BED, HI-CHAIR. BABY Basket, all in good condition. 51-160-2tc The above ad placed by a Daily Times Herald Subscriber, was scheduled to run two days this week, but was cancelled the second day because the lady who placed the ad said she had already sold the items and had received "at least a dozen calls." Why Don't You Let the Daily Times Herald Classified Section Work for You? Just Phone 3573 And Give Your Ad>©>" 5 the Adtaker.

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