Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, June 22, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH .-. Editorial •A GfcftahriB To«> Bmb tt h epowMiwkteg MBtutt it fntrki • turn the fortune* of Preridentlil goodwill tourism. Tt it tlw epoch-Httkini in th*t it thouM in in the United Stales to the pttwtr of orftnltittoni hi nations whom we * Wiete to bl our friend*, Soch tubvenive move* mend can nick these nations into ippnring to be somcdiing they tetwllf are not. We ctn apply this principle to ourselves, as well. The rebuff we received from Japan's Itft Wing organizations, following that which Russian Premier Khrushchev gave President Eisenhower at Paris has prompted some world observers to mark this as the end of personal sum* > nit diplomacy. H It it only natural for the lower-echelon dip.;. totnats to rise up and point out the failure of this program. And they may be right. Yet they, „;, themselves, have met their own failures through the years. So perhaps we should not completely Write off the possibilities of summit conferences in the future. It is a matter of peaks and depths. Mr. Eisenhower has had his great moments in thii realm. Now he has hit it tough. Meanwhile, the pendulum soon should begin to swing the other way in Japan. White riots and revolutionary activity are bound to continue until action on the defense treaty with this country is completed and perhaps even to Premier Kishi's resignation, they can be expected to wane after that. A smart Socialist leader, unless the thousands of voters David Lawrence Most Recent Decision of High Court WASHINGTON - There is a kind of quit that appears in some newspapers, In which on one page it is asked: "Who said this?" Then the answer Is given on another page. Well, who is the author of the following: in Tokyo win* hi, visit, the treaty, and the "Vet Important « these civil Kiihi government did not represent the coun-[ rights arc, It will not do to sac- could be bulldozed, would want to quiet down and avoid rousing indignation in an election where the balloting is secret. Today's early Tokyo dispatches indicate an easing in the violence already. Meanwhile, Japanese industrialists, led by their toy makers, already are beginning to push the pendulum the other way. They indicate one direction from which definite pro-United States sentiment will be coming. The federation of Export Toy Manufacturers Cooperative in Tokyo already h« cabled President Eisenhower to assure that the uprising* Side Glance* »t government try's true sentiments toward us. Americans would do well to reserve their judgment. A shove away through the trade medium could undo the accomplishments of years. We should assure the Japanese we understand what vocal minorities can do to give people wrong impressions. And we should await the indication of Japanese feelings at elections in which all can .vote their own quiet consciences. Meanwhile it would be well to re-examine even the terms of our treaty with Japan in case it became desirable in the future to temper it in a direction more acceptable to whatever government is elected. It will do us little good to have a treaty with Japan if the government and people of that nation do not back it up to the hilt. ri/iee other civil rights In order! to protect them. We live and work under a constitution. The temptations of many men of Experience's Lemon City Councilman Clyde Wiseman's sense of humor is admirable. Commenting Monday night on the problem Of annexing "islands" of Wood River Township which soon will be surrounded by territory newly annexed to Alton, he said the city could expect to be accused of purposely accepting annexations with a view to so surrounding the treas in question. This, of course, has happened of late. Some of our anti-annexation spokesmen have been trying to make it appear a major crime for the city to act under state laws prescribing methods of providing for outlying areas our own urban advantages. The Telegraph has long felt that annexation statutes shall be made more flexible in favor of the municipalities whose presence has attracted problem-causing influxes of suburban population over which little control can be exercised as long as it remains out of corporation limits. Judging by recent annexation reactions, most of the annexed, when they know the full story, desire to be within the city, anyway, so they can take full advantage of the opportunity to govern themselves through a city administration they have a direct hand in choosing. Golfers. Welcome Welcome to the Illinois State Amateur Invitational golf tournament. The community feels honored that our own Lockhaven Country Club should have been selected as the site for this year's event. Numerous institutions and organizations have been going all out to prepare proper facilities for the lady golfers. Alton prides itself on being a good host— and the golf tournament should be no exception to the rule. The golfers and their guests can carry away from here the kind of conception of the community that could spread a good impression to the outside world for us here. We hope our welcome will be such as to give these guests some^nice things to remember and talk about in the future. Hard to Believe Overruling of a complaint that a new business establishment where customers must spend considerable time was short on rest room facilities should be given consideration by the City Council. The city's Board of Appeals commission held that no ordinance authority existed for requiring more than one washroom in such establishments. Yet it must be realized that men, women, and children spend considerable time in this type of establishment—most of it waiting. It is inconceivable that the operators of such places would fail to realize the need for double rest room accommodations; even more unbelievable that one would fight efforts to persuade the installation of them. Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Eiehmaiui Case Counterparts WASHINGTON — National passions are inflamed both in Argentina and Israel over the kidnapping of nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann which is being debated today in the U.N. Security Council. Argentine diplomats who now demand Eichmann's return, however, might take a of the APRA Party in Peru who took refuge embassy In in the Lima, Colombian remaining there for three years while the two countries argued bitterly over who had jurisdiction. The dis- ness, will be for Bicks. The interesting factor to watch, however, will be two Republl cans. One is Tom Curtis, the forthright congressman from Missouri who is pulling no pute finally went to the World|punches in going to bat foi Court which handed down aiBieks's confirmation. The other r«uni ,u»vcvci ......... — - wishy-washy maybe-this, maybe- is Sen. E. McKinley Dirksen, S at som othe arguments that opinion. Finally the matter the GOP leader who, dtaptte Eta- over SdyTatching in the West-jwas solved by a change of gov- ; enhower, — - »••*. — " v ** _*™» . * ! n ,.r,rr.ontc i,. Porn which permit- firmed. goodwill is to cut corners, take] short cuts, and reach the deslr-j ed end regardless of the means, i Worthy as I think the ends are; which the Civil Rights Commission advances in these cases, I think the particular means used are unconstitutional." Was the foregoing comment expressed by some critic who feels that the desegregation decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1934 ignored the rights of the states to control their school systems? Was It written by someone who, like tliis correspondent, questioned the legality of the "sit-in" de! monstrations at the lunch counters in the south only to hear the Rev. Martin Luther King say on television that, while it may be a violation of local law to trespass on premises in which there is a lunchroom and stay there demanding service, the end morally justifies the means? The answer is that the paragraph quoted above conies from the pen of Justice William 0. Douglas of the Supreme Court of the United States this week in a dissenting opinion in which he and Justice Hugo Black announced their differences with] the other seven justices of the Court. It will be recalled that last year the Supreme Court had a difficult time with the same issue when security clearances in defense plants were involved. The Court said then that, unless specifically authorized by the President or Congress, a government department cannot deprive a man of his job "in a proceeding 25 and 50 Years Ago /it -it 21; 1935 Oty Assessor Otto flwrner's report on ttx assessments showed Alton real estate valued at sn,sn.4tt: pewomi Automobile census was 4.655. A plan for hwidltnf tin new fhrte pit cent sale* (occupational) tea when H btwimt effective in Jaly wu to all muni* "Gee, Marjorie, last summer you were way beneath my notice, and now you're just barely!" Reader's Forum Sad Father's Day Sunday, Father's Day, we of St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church bid goodbye to one of our spiritual fathers, Father Roger Simpson. How do you tell a priest goodbye? Some of us may never see him again. For others, a few times with a quick handshake and a "How are you, Father?V As each priest takes his leave, he leaves something of himself. Father Simpson has left us with that something we've long needed: The ability to pull together, to close ranks and fe'el pride in Forum Writers, Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Readers Forum. Letters should be concise and legible. All are subject to cod' dentation. this, our parish, St. Peter and Paul. God speed, Father Simpson. MRS. JAMES HOWARD. Strong Finishers Needed cities in a bulletin ftraed by the Illinois Chamber of Commtrce, tt provided for uw of token* on sales from 5 to 16 cents. Sales above the IS* eem figure would be taxtd tn pennies. The tt** ens would be one-mill and one-half mill denomination*. The brackets would be one token on five cents, two on six to 10, and three tokens on sales of 11 to 15 cents. Owens-Illinois Glass Co. had begun remodeling of the cold end of its plant. A Chicago construction company had been awarded the contract for elevating and rebuilding the roof over the "lehr" department and No. 4 warehouse. Ralph V. Stahl of Brown street, owner of the Stahl chain of stores, was uninjured, and his merchandise in the back of his car unharmed, though his car turned over on a soft shoulder at the foot of Rodgers avenue. The accident occurred when he swerved from the road, in a driving rain, to avoid collision with an approaching car. Beneficiaries named In the will of Msgr. Edward L. Spalding, rector of Old Cathedral, included the City of Alton, a $500 local improvement bond; a $1,000 Ursuline Convent bond to Bishop James A. Griffin of the Diocese of Springfield; and the convent itself, $300. Mrs. Mabel Diez. wife of William Diez of 719 Euclid St., remained in critical condition, in Ironton, Mo., Hospital, to which she had been moved following an automobile accident near there. The new and wider pavement on U. S. Highway 67 within the corporate limits of East Alton was opened to traffic. It provided four traffic lanes, and for part of its length two parking lanes. Mother M. Aurelia Mclnerney of the Ursuline Order died at St. John's Sanitarium. Springfield. The native Altonian was the eldest daughter ot the late Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Mclnerney. She was professed at Dallas, Tex., July 2, 1910. Mrs. Ksenia Rosack, widow of Thomas Rosack, died at St. Anthony's Infirmary. I guess it's time to send in my pick of nominees. After reading L. U. Craddick's and Jerry Oriteser's pick, I think that this one is even better. For President — David Lawrence. For Vice President — Everett Dirksen. Secretary of State — Fred Miller. These are my selections because of the mess the country has been getting into the last eight years. They might as well finish the job. E. C. ST1NE, East Alton. More Tourneys Needed in which he was not afforded the safeguards 01 confrontation and cross-examination." But now the majority of the Court has apparently reversed! It is gratifying to hear that at|for the people who use the road itself by insisting that hearings I last the City of Alton is going j al [ of the civil rights commission arc simply "investigations" by un executive agency and do not have anything to do with a judicial proceeding and that there to do some overdue work on the McAdams Highway within the city. But there is one thing about are adequate saieguards any- ithis much-needed improvement way. Justice Douglas, however, doesn't accept this rationalization. He says: , I that is hard for the people who "The procedure seems to mei at Lockhaven. I use this road every day to digest. That is the reason behind il_a women's golf tournament What the All-America City of Alton needs is more golf tournaments, if that is what is need ed to get improvements done. I am a year 'round user of the river road. FREDERICK J. MILLER, Jerseyville. The assessment for ttii ing improvement Judge J. I. Hllteteotttr. The been authorized early in 1909 •***•! Ptv- had tat. ' tt " dgr a cowt-tpproved arrntotfce btrtwetii proponents and objectors, the final hearing hid bfen laid over for a year. When the year ended, proponents began to bombard city official* with appeals to proceed with the project, and tome women's delegations made trtpi to Edwtrdivllle to remind the court that the year"! continuance had expired. The Schuette Brothers, who held the contract for the Linden Place pavement, announced that the new "bJock-type" brick paven would be used on the project. Grading now was in prog. ress. The marriage of Miss Margaret Radcliff, popular teacher for a number of years at Me- Klnley School, and Clayton Phillips, salesman for a publishing firm, took place in St. Paul's Episcopal Church where the Rev. H. M. Chittenden performed the wedding rites. The bride was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Radcliff of Northside. She was recent winner of a popularity contest. Mrs. L. C. Godfrey, 87, who resided at the home of her son-in-law, Charles Turner, Godfrey town olerk, wrote for the Telegraph a sketch of the late Hon. J. M. Pearson. She recalled how he built his Godfrey residence, mov- Ing to it from Alton In 1865. Mrs. Godfrey was the widow of a son of Capt. Benjamin Godfrey Thomas Watson of East Alton came near drowning when he stepped off into deep water of a Wood river pool, under the CB&Q bridge, where he had gone with friends on an outing Companions at first misunderstood his calls fo* aid, not realizing he had waded over his depth. A. L. Fiegle carried out a successful rescue. The 232-acre Nelson Montgomery farm, between Edwardsville and Alton, was purchased at $45.000 by Charles Schmidt, county "potato king," and William Wessel. Farmers near Dow were promoting the organization' t>f a bank to be capitalized at $25,000. Springs uncovered oa the Grafton road near the Hufker place forced a halt until mid-summer in the shaping of th« shoulders along the hard-surfaced section oa both sides of Wannamacher lane. The Allen-Scott Report Serial Numbers for Taxpayers WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Robert Anderson wants to give every taxpayer a serial number. He is pressing Congress for legislation to do this in private talks with members of the tax- writing Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee. vation and to make it more ef- tacked the "tendency toward private property" among members fective. The President's chief fiscal officer pointed out that the government had sufficient authority to assign numbers now, but that additional legislation was needed to require banks and other financial institutions to report dividends and interest income to Anderson, seeking action be- the Internal Revenue Service, fore Congress adjourns, is requesting a method of taxpay- Under his proposal, he reported, banks would be required to er identification patterned after list the income on cards carrying of what it called the "Dacha class." The emergence of the rich goes back to the Stalin era, according to the report, when the directors of large state concerns and members "Intelligentsia" of the so-called were given high salaries. Later premiums and prizes such as the Lenin prize were introduced. Engineers, artists, doctors, the social security system. 1 the taxpayers' number. These prizes which and lawyers won amounted to as His unannounced plan is de-; cards would then be forwarded to signed to help the Internal Re- j the nearest IRS office where \ venue Service collect billions in : they would be run through IBMj federal income taxes that are!machines V™ 1 could indicate!" much as 100,000 rubles. Since Khrushchev became Premier, Army marshals, actors, patently unconstitutional whether the hearing is public or secret. Under the commission's rules the accused is deprived of the right to notice of the charges against him and the opportunity of cross-examination . . . and doesn t want Bicks con- ernments in Peru which permitted De La Torre freedom. Most sensational case of international kidnapping in the Western Hemisphere was ern Hemisphere. One case which aroused thej Argentines just three years ago was when the No. 1 storm ti-oop- er of the Peron regime, Patrico Kelly, fled to Chile March 18, 1957. Kelly sneaked across the southern border of Argentina into the little Chilean town of Pun- t4 Arenas by bribing border guards. With him were six other i kidnapped Galindez has never * m "*"^*" I ,,..1. , rt j .i.i,-J nnl\itr4\; Lmr»lUt top Peron fascists all of them escaping from the Rio Gallegos jail in Pategonin. The new Argentine govern- firmed. Dirksen has been maneuvering so that Bicks's confirmation will not come up before the full that of senilte until about the last of ' Prof. Jesus De Galindez of Columbia University who was whisked off the streets of New York in 1956 reportedly to the this session of Congress. Then he hopes to stall. Johnson-McCarthy Ticket What makes the otherwise con- JDomuiican Republic.. W h o | fWent Kenned,- camp § nervous been solved and nobody knows where he is today. Big BuklueM* Label The Eisenhower adnunistra- tnent was just as irate at the-t ion has now handed the "big escape rt these Peron strong-arm I business" label given it by the these days is the fact that his fellow Catholic, Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota, is reported flirting with the idea of running for vice president on a Lyndon Johnson ticket. Why couldn't the city do it even if the commission were inclined in a particular case to protect the accused from the opprobrium likely to flow from the testimony of individual witnesses against him by holding secret sessions, this would be little comfort alter the com- Entered as second class matter at AltonEveningTelegraph Published Daily by Alton Telegraph Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY. Publisher and Editor Subscription Price 30 cents weekly by carrier: by mail S10 a year within 100 miles. $14 beyond 100 miles. Mall subscriptions not accepted In towns where carrier delivery Is available Storm Scout OKLAHOMA CITY (API - Pilot Jim Cook goes into the air whenever the weather is bad. He is an aerial scout for the U.S. Weather Bureau and flies through violent winds, hail and rain with his equipment-packed World War II P-38. j now going 1 year. unreporled every mission's findings, based on such untested evidence, were publi- ci/cd across the nation." Justice Douglas insists that the Civil Rights Commission is not an arm of Congress but is an arm of the executive and thai the only way the chief executive may move against H person | accused of crime and deny him the right of cross-examination is by a grand jury proceeding. He adds that the instant case is "a device to expose people as suspects or criminals," and he says of the Supreme Court justices themselves that "personal Today's Prayer We pray for Thy blessing, our Father, upon all those who practice the healing arts. Bless all i physicians and nurses and their i aides. I minds May their and hearts hands and reflect the the post office at Alton. III. Act of Congress, March 3, 18 ) MEMBER OF . THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited In this paper and to the local newt published herein. MEMBER. THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Contract information on application at the Telegraph business office. HI East Broadway. Alton. Ill National Advertising Representatives: the John Budd Company. New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Dallas, I (C I960 by the Division of Christian New Orleans. San Francisco. Los I Education. National Council of the \naeles and Seattle. Churches of Christ in the U. S. A.) Answer to Previous Punle compassion of Jesus, Who had a special care for all hurt things. We thank Thee for these servants of Thine, svho are servants of man. May their love not taller and their strength not tail; through Christ. Amen. George U. Martin, Steubenville, Ohio, minister, First United Presbyterian Church. McCarthy, one of the outstand-! preference, not reason, seems to ing and most respected members I be controlling." Here is the most as the Israeli government > Democrats back to Democratic^ O f (ne Senate, comes from the'severe criticism that Justice Animal Antics men would be if Eichmann now es- eaped from his Jerusalem cell and there were intimation! thai they might be kidnaped and returned to Argentina. To prevent any kidnaping, Chile jailed all seven, taking senators. 'farm belt and has the confidence i Douglas wrote aboul the incon-l This was done by sending the,of both farmers and labor. Helsistencies of his fellow justices! appointment ot Bob Bicks to the i studied for the priesthood, has ajon the Supreme Court as well as Senate for confirmation as as-1 spotless family life, and is the I judges generally: Acmost 1 Tiger, for 4 8 Gaelic • Pendent ornament 1 Biblical name • High windt sistant attorney general in charge | idol of the liberals in both tiie of the Justice Department's anti- House and the Senate. He was "Yet one who tries to ration-. alue the ease on cold logic or; 13 Agei trust division. |one of the organizers of the!reason fails. The answer turns; 11 Poker rt»kt Bicks ranks along with Judge 1 "Democratic Study Group" in on the personal predilections of ISUquor Thurman Arnold as the toughest!the House which has scored such the judge; and the louder the; J'B!^." anti-trust prosecutor the Justice^ record in pushing through im-|denial the more evident it is thatj " "" m * n . . L. .. ..„— LJ_ i ruii'tunt lom^lutimi thic v»ur Iplllntiaii r;tthpr tliun rnuhuui rlii>.' then) M a precaution away from the border to Santiago. which had^S^ckeKt'l'erW 1 Spa'itment has evei seen. Heipurtant legislation this year. i emotion rather than reason die-; WIMWI n»u JUM «n.*cu «» f-wjn.i^r ^^ ^^ ^ e ^ ^ A Johnsol ,. McCa ,. thy ticket.'tales the answer. This is a ser-i 19 Motionleat 19 — aad call 33 Former 31 Holding Barbaryttate 93 Greek demanded their return. would have ious price to pa\ for adopt ing ••( free-wheeling considered the matter ' finally S es « contributors to the Republican politicians agree decided that five had been guil- i*n Party, including Du Pont<*'™« ™t P r « ""»«'- ty only of political crimes andiand General Motors Members should not go back but that two oi me cabinet have grumbled -JCeUy and John \V. Cooke - uver Bicks's activity, but both AFL-UO's Political Education i enumerated i n (he Constitution Labor The leaders who control the > to the concept of due Hum confining it procedures and devices II Finish H Japanaal outraita 14 Peel 14 Mexican money UHigh card! 1C Dried 17 Horaa di physician M Tried 40Observw 41 Polygamlat'l family 4J Stain 43 IroquoiM Indian 44 Ftct part 41 Membrane 4T Jacob's brother (Bib.) 41 Italian family 50 Mutical direction Anderson is also offering the plan as the Administration's alternative to the dividend tax withholding plan being pushed in the Senate by a bloc of liberal Democrats headed by Sen. Eugene McCarthy ID, Minn.). Like the McCarthy plan, the immediate target of the new Anderson proposal is an estimated $5 billion in dividend and interest income that is now escaping taxation because of the fail- within seconds whether the income had been reported. Committee members, while showing great interest in the plan, decided that the proposal needed more study. They approved a motion by Senator Harry Byrd (D., Va.), chairman, to millionaries," the report .states. The list will grow even larger, the report concludes, if Khrushchev goes through with his plan to abolish the 13 per cent tax on income next January. More Troubles U. S. Agriculture Department have their staff explore the And- omdals> £rom secretary Benson erson plan along with that of Senator McCarthy. The House Ways and Means Committee decided to follow the same cautious approach. It is on down, are deeply alarmed about the long-range impact of commodity control plans being discussed by the new European Common Market. Their fears , , , . -W* • **•»•• *•*»•. »*,*> 4. Aiwa* *^H1 & ..„...,.. . ,«>njwtUH whether either com- illave been t forth jn .„. ure of individual taxpayers to^mittee will act before Congress; secrel document pre red and r*»nnH- thlc Incnmci in mpir f uv: aHimimic . . . ir r report this income in their tax;adjourns, returns. | Soviet Millionaires Most recent Treasury study I Russia is fast increasing shows that $4 billion, or 50 per cent, of the $8 billion of interest income earned in 1958 escaped taxation by not being reported; also that $1 billion of $9 billion paid out in dividends that same year went untaxed. How It Works In his backstage talks its number of "ruble-millionaires." Latest statistics reveal that that there are now more than 2,000 "ruble - millionaires" in Russia today. Before World War II there were less than five. This development of a privi- lleged class of wealthy people in with!the Soviet Union is highlighted circulated by the Trade Policy Division of the Foreign Agricultural Service. It warns that "The Common Market is directed at self-sufficiency in agriculture and not at free trade," and "the potential trade restrictions could reduce imports of farm commodities major U.S. tfa nothing members of the Senate Finance!in a report prepared by the State H Committee, Anderson said that! Department from recent ' he was requesting specific legislation to put his plan into operation in order to win Congressional backing for the tax inno- munist publications. more than a trickle." Last year the United States exported more than $215 million in feed grains ( $89 million in tobacco to the conv I Common Market nations that j comprise France, Germany, It- MIRROR OF YOUR MIND "' J08mi W1 ™ 1!V must return bnital and to stand trial for inhumane crimes Eisenhower and Bicks's immed- Committee have agreed inform-1itself. .. -- chief. Attorney General Bill «"> 'hat Adlai Su-vfiisun would! "\\e look to the Constitution- presi- not to the personal predilections they: of the judges - to see what is fellows have done *ould accept either Kennedy or permissible. Since summoning the law ought to be eu- Symington. an accused by the government Kelly was considered a sort of i Rogers, have backed him up. be their first choice for counterpart of Eichmann Be-' Eisenhower has said privately: Jem A* second choice, fore he could be extradited "M however, Senorita Blanco Luce »"*g Brum, a right-wing writer, come forced." into Kelly's cell, exchanged For a long clothes wife him and he escap- 1 "acting" in a . a *om«, Sept. . time Bicks temporary capa has to I d o explain or justify his conduct. was P''"' de » l ">* 1 » Charged as a crime may he vvoul< * ""mediately «tk to, be done only ui one wa> ib> .Adlai bteve.ison neuds l ' ial lf HiJnuterb of jm>t-i c(jnf i r matjon, and it •» i ramtt. Kelly fled to MI uve him. Cuba, th*a to fcfcf Opminican Re- It* subcommittee to whj»v k» joined bib old cbjef, ex-pjpe«1d«et JUM Peron, in exile. for definite will be up, veto w ap- appointed l-v«'ely that the world's most him wdude* J»m dear Ustiand ol MIWHWMWI. Olio Johnston of South Carolina, P«m- way, he said, pow ers must scrap Another interne Latin - Ameri-1 ocrau, and Roman Hruska oJip ruu { Ameiica - s guaj . d . he worked out a otjl row teak Place aver Victor (Nebraska, Republican. Johnston, Uaya (to Li Tom, head 'who Uos battled agaimt big meiit before a can be done in a different way." This echoes the demand of the world i man) citizens who fell in 1954 their nu-ithat reversal ol * kmy-time pi«- cedent b> tlie Supreme Court was wrong and that the "law ol the land" should be changed alter such a long lapse oi tune only (ooj . with the Kmu- 30 Card fame 33 Nullity 34 Hunting 4of 35 Slanted type 3«Fuil (auflU) 37 Seine* 38 Be without 40 Unclothed 4 (Chicken 43 Spanish (entlemas) 4S Sea«e*» spectator 4* Objector • I Worm 63 French river 83 Far (prefix) 84 Rodent 5S Golf mound! •8 First man f 7 Prosecute POWM ITaod ] Ajtrmjeol I Moderate by a constitutional amendment V. Uftr«M Tritauw. luc.i per cent of today's patients had emotional problems, with the number gradually increasing. However, this may not mean an actual increase. A number of the family- type doc-tors said the apparent increase may be due to the greater present-day awareness by family doctors of emotional factors in illness. Do men rett-ni their uivt* Most men do. suuu'- liwes with justification. However, women's grievances are oUcn encouraged by their husbands' indif- (ereitce. I am told that il husbands were more willing to give a sympathetic eu 1 to legitimate complaints there would be fewer of the grossly exaggerated kind. Sometimes a husband is too preoccupied with bis own troubles to Should you worry about otlwre' optekaM ol you? tamer: You should worry enough to sense what others think of you, but not to the extent ol trying to attract favorable opinion from everyone. We leant to understand ourselves only by knowing how we affect others; therefore, we should try to be objective and Unemotional about other people's interview opinions. Ironically most of us personal criticism Aiuuer: A personal . dist-uss his wUe s problems, but poll ot doc-tors attending the an- either ignore whatever tus reasons may b*, the mjal meeting ol Uv American from others a interpret U more he ignores Uitm the mure Academv ol General Practice, oon- terms ol our self-opinion and out ducted by Factor, suggested that ii personal feelings u»»anj ine cnuc U, l*>o. Km* HI*LUJ«» they accumulate. >

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