Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 16, 1973 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1973
Page 8
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Women's Club Topic SSTOBnVJLliS; HAira NBW5>, TUBS... SMi, Uy 1C7S; JPfcgjft ft Ci-aativo Writinsr was (he IOTK gnun topic when the Fine Arts- Department. <rf" the Hsthervillo w Women's Chita msi'n-ursdijwf!- mm; at the 'rama.of Mrs. ilaiuh A. rohnson. MhSi Latin i31ake f5aw mil-- gtbas emnhas-is, spsakinj; of ero- -atn? .stepping stones or Stumbling: lllOfiCS til' (TOT Iiv«s. SlXS road: several ariginai powns. Mfcs. ftlena Star?-, inust; tola the-grain (rf Si&r -.Torrc as loai-h- ar uf. journalism at iowrv i-akes Community College. Sire read jinetry by sTuaems. PraHurrRrrii;,. Saulj: Stihencfc.. and Cecil Kingor;: and jirnse by ilarioy 13rown. Pat: Howards, and Debbie Siwrt. y 31ft c -;10 fill ;»?. ..jivret to the Honors Writtns: Prootram at: ILGC in appreciation Mrs. Story's ,'ieip '.Tith the program.. A. motion was made uy Mrs. (;«nt;e Kibbee and seconded by Mrs.. Louis tlbya thai: the Fin* Arte and Current, nipici ijrouns send ;r: nlant' to Clara Kennedy who gave- .-« gift; trf.:si00 to the Women's Club ai: the tefiinnin? ut ; . 1073.. Miss. Kennedy is on: lianorarj; mwnbter... 'Jtenbws reading - their om-- atlvfi writlnsf • verts Mrs. Jlaymnnd: Haiijjronk., Mrs, GtKirrjo Hibbsa,. Mrs. E. (J. SricKson and' Mrs. Hal nil Johnson. Mrs. JoJnson mad iinaans by Kristun Oay. Miiiremkoe;. Wis.,, and PAmeia. iiibby, Louisville.. Ky,, irrandehiiiirrm uf.members. T?ie ^Kistoss Ttu; assisted in sar-'ing- by Mrs. l£. (L HricK- son. The next inssttof will:be a gtsierai meeting ;tftba Women* s- dub at the !i <i m > J (if Mrs. Jay Hoien. Recipe- o-f tike' Week Love That Pot Roast aV ITLNE STElIJHdHN,. Externa un Home Economist EmmH uid Dlchinstm Counties Mrs. iHantey Heikens (Jane) m" Lake Parx ;ad me drwiiiB} aver this roeipa — can Itardly wait 10 got at it. ~>iie says it's ijretat. HAilVEST P';T ilOAb'T 3e«!' rnAst;(3 to 5 lbs., 1 2 "Hisn. fat: 1' dnvo gariic or ^jarMc salt Z tsn. salt: ; 'J tap..pepper 3 Thsp..\vine v'tnesiar - Tbsp. tiatcup 1 Tlisn.. yiuiar It cap water Brown rnasr in fat with fiariic. Salt .aid pepper. Add ivine Wnefjar and :jiaam for .'30 minutes in a tiijhtly unvorad Dntch oven. Combine the catsup, sugar and water; [jomvnv«r meat and aimmui: for :s hours.. If desimi. maj'arid vegetables the laar liour. It will, be tender! POLLPOIOTRS Sand. Ammonia tsed' T«» Med C3a»& §t»£a» By SOLLY eRliiiWER. DEAR. POLLY—-Vim wanted to knuw liuw to ramove- cast stains- from: the bottom, of; her gluss vase. A frienti who restores antiques tnltl me to put stinit in nudi a vane and cover it witlr water. Let stand for several: days and then ttinmv it out, rinse and the jilassi siumid iuuk like new.—ALENE BEAR. POLLY—To ramove the mat stains from her giass vase Ann Gould pour fiill strength, ammonia ih: the vase and leave it overnight. I£ stains are not completely removed try a second time.If you have any slips that art; Coo long and may show under your skirt save the elastic from the tops ai panty hose and then, slip one around your waist after putting on- such a slip. Never throw away those waiut bands' from panty liuse. They can often he used: for other things.—MRS. H. H. DEAR GIRLS—Another uld'faHhioned remedy for mineral staiiiH in ijiaHH such as Ann's vase is tti use used tea leaves and vinegar Shake ttiein around until: the stain diHupwears..—POLLY mfmmmv^mmu PaJly'a Problem DEAR: POLLY—Mildew has grown, under tlie glass over a hand-painted' picture that is too> pretty to discard' and still not nice looking as it is. Surely someone among your vast number of readers can tell me haw ta remove this mildew. It does not seem to be spreading so the picture will probably be all right if 1 just remove what is there now.^-MRS. K. D. E. DEAR POLLY—[ want to. tell! Sally that we have found many uses for gallon-size plastic bottles; We fill them with water and freeze for our ice chest.. We alsa> freeze a. fruit- flavored powdered drink the children! like as well as iced tea; When they melt, we drink the- contents.. Gut such hottJes in half and use the tops for funnels. The bottoms; caw hold- nails, bnlta, clothespins,, oniund and! other small items. We also use these hottles: for Buoys in the water. We do a lot of camping: and* find' their uses are almost unlimited!—S. 3. DEAR: POLLY—On. eacln hanger with: one' of my husband's colored shirts E hang a: tie that is co-ordinated in coliar: Thiff eliminates time spent searching for the mght tie to go with a certain: shirt. Try it, he'll Uke ic—MR&. G-. G. DEAR POLLY—I discovered; that cunning hot water over a: naU! poUsh bottle he- fore applying it to the nails makes: it shake better andi then; Oie 1 polish: gue* am smoother.—CAROL IE, 4 TBI I0CIHOMS (VXECx AND MANCY LEE Aunouncumwit; is made uf'the- unxaiiemunv of.' \aney Laa Hav- ilnjf, <Uiu?mer nf'Mrs. Aivin iiap- UiKf ftf Qnllivor- and late Mlv Iiatlinv, to Kenneth • jroj; ntiel, ; son of Mr. uid Mrs. Kenneth Thiei ui niral Esther'/illu. j3oth :ufi !{raouateii 'Ji. Lincoln Csntrai !iii;h»<^iuoJ .uidsufj pru.s- ueitty aitendhiKlownotate Univor- :iity. Mist; UtitUnj? is mnioriiB? in textile?; and liiothire?. Her fiance will be txs'.u'iv.tiu; Ins de- Urae this yeju* in rujronomy.. The iifiuple will ba wod nuns Z. at.St. Patrick's Catholic Church in.Esihervilht. 1973 StiKlv Stuay ui die aooii oii. Enhesisns- ^TOs bagtm bj- the Esther.ville Lutheran Church Women, (jn Thursday ttfternoon; in aethatQ' Hail. Mrs,. Oacar EnsjobrotEon: ih-- troducad the study for 11)73 with a presentation ui loeattun, of: Ephesus ;md-Ijackground in the lllo at Paui. Mrs. Art 'v'rjenn«nn, : pianist, accompanied ,jroup sinsjire?,. Tlie mestln? .ras upaned by Ms.. Norman. Fransdal, prosident.. Mrs. AiTiald .Sana ledi in devotions, Mf?i. cnadj :s T v ,TO«dt:and i WUi- ma Granstal; seei-ataries (if.'odi- ucation, wera in tmarse in" the in-ogrnm. Mrs,. Arvim Iiihl and: Mrs., iim Valen, sang "Tliis is my Fathers World;" Mrs., aruce Anderson gavetne worship medltatton. Tlie general! board- uf' the ELCW- served; on~ the liostoHB committee. Mrs, JJdi- win Thomson. ;utd : . Mrs,. Dennis aetiher servmi on the hospitality committee.. Mrs.. William: foiin- son and Mrs. Oscar Enj^hruteum naurod ciofoe. Carai Hlqgins. Hdltar Roy Hurrm 7 Observe Mr. :utd Mrs.. !loy Hiirriu, Superior,, will: celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary unJtuu. Zl with open house held at. their home from-.3^5 p.m., Hosta will be dieir ciiilttren;, Mr., and. Mrs.. Harian Harris,, aamHen;. Mtr„ audi Sfiea.. Ronald Harritf- tuiflj Mfc. iuidi iMra. Lu- uuid Harris, tural Eatherville;: Mr. and Mrs. HobertAyoi-'i. Qei- mund; and: Ilobert Harris, at home.. Supermr Mrs. B. F.. Kathmim liosted a coffee party Thursday ofternoon. Guests wor« Mrs.. Geor/je Smith, Mies., Lester Gross,. Mrs. Leonard Comer, Mrs. Art Lata, Mrs.. Frank Smith, Mrs. GarhardtJen- sun, Mrs. Cluudu Stratman and: Mrs. Ed NauuH. Katkfyn Lamb* Reed Engaged Mr;, and Mta^. Carl Lamb *, Est>- herviUu,. announvn the Jiujtujo- menu tu their daughter, Kaihlyn Ann, to Handy Allen Heed, son (rf- Mr. and Mrs.. Bonaid Heed, tlhufsted. Miss Lamb, a ti>71 ijradiuiui <rf Esthervillo Hhjh Seliool, is a sophomore at ttiwa Lakes Com- munitj' College;, Siie has part time umpiuymunt at Harold's Hod Owl Store. Her fiance graduated from nmgsted High SchooL in 19H9 and attended ILCC.. He is nrus- untly employed at Art's-Way Manfacturing Co.. ihiAxmutrong. The wedding is planned for June 17. \_ W C w a. i»* UQMUQ/Uf ClriiPdrsns Sizes SVi to 4: CLBUUNCE Values to S8;.QQ PAIR: Meni's. DRESS SHOE v t™ CLEARANCE S,5M » UPHOLSTERY FABRIC CLEARANCE ^ ILaaW FASHION BOOTS Paiiir Mmm% Hi«owy IL»nadl Bitiigflrt W\'aM gm CF.0. JACKET * 5-®mty — $22 .99 Wdkmi Each OniilldlT*ffl8. Futr Tiriatm tHbus» SLIPPERS ¥db <* to 52 - 5Ql Siz8*9)ta,£!>/& ?iiufeorlu» CLEARANCE PORCELAIN ENAMEL GOURMET AT RED OWL Go Bright . . . Go Bold . . . Go Gourmet. . Tinas Exclusive Decorator Cook ware Cooks As Good As it Looks . . . Start Your Set Today! This vivid, lustrous, caokwara is: enough to, gladden. £h& heart of any cook —gourmet ar nci:i The genuine porcelain finish gives: you: bright good: locks that: won't fade ar stain. The; non-skid: bottoms and.: ffarne-guerd handles., make this: cookware as: safe as it is beautifuii. QUrablfe and ; prsctical;. a;quick- swish in suds is ail that's needed'to retain ins briilianfcsheen. Red Qwi; makes it easier to enjoy more of the good things in- life. . compare: this outstanding; value:. ... you'd; expect fa; pay far-more, far a.- set. of imported cookware. of this quality. Don't miss; this ance-in-a-lifetime; chance, to. "Go Gourmet" in your kitchen .... bright., bold: and; beautifully, with. Gourmet Cookware from Red Gwl. FIRST WEEK'S FEATURE 1 QT. COVERED I SAUCEPAfy QIMLY With, Each & Evei"/ S5.QD: Purchase.' PURCHMEA FEftTURE ITEM EACH WEEK be. ane: raaturs waeK .3, piuue: with every/ SSiOQ.' ourchuse 31 U.QO purchaagj 3; pieces with; a, SI 5.QI3 purchuae. ate FLORIDA "ViTaTBTTiLLED" Juicy Flavor Fnlilisd- Flbnicia "I'ndrani R;i;v.«r " SALE! USD OK WHITE Flbrrdc Juice ORANGES Large. Size "Sweet Eal-ih" Juicy TANGELOS 129-Sin TOMATOES I Pure Floruit* 0RAN6E % Cni'sp,,. Tender, Taatiy bntdrji Sumsli.ilne"' BASKET OF 4 PEANUTS 39 c "Salted 1 lfn» m« Sliel" rauMi PEARS HAROLD' RED < OWL * ,0 : ' • •'O-^'-^^-W^:"^ ;-'•;'•-' ''"' i t" ,K, i . li> us \ f

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