Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 21, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1960
Page 18
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ALTON' BVTOQ90 TBL»RAf»H fc$5 i—Sporti a, KMOX (CB8) 4, 8, KEtC $, RPL.R 11 6:00-(ai Wood Woodpecker 'Ml' (51 News Reports #) Sing Hi, Sing Lo CBS News: Edwards Yield* Will Be Reduced Tekpaph 9 * Daily Radh Chart [ MtMtt Whegtt TUEWIAY HSD (MBO) BMRC (MBS) HMOS (UBS) u*» lie KWft ten no WOWS Wit KO N: s: LAW : Will Hills: CofflO N; Cordon o.' Gordon N Oorm«: N N: D«Vlt N: W S: N N: S N: fUomrt K. Richard N: RlchUi K. Rlchtff N: 8 • N; S Man on 00 World N B. MornB F. Lewis Jr. D. Gordon N O. Gordon N: W J. Buck B Bumm Fan In Stand* N; Richard K. Rlchara s: Riohtri K. Ricnari N; Pen N; Mutlo Nite Music D, Gordon S; Gordon 0. Gordon Interview Cards-PlratM N: PJctiaffl K. Richard S; Jtnktn* B. Jenklni (ft) Friendly Giant 8;23-ca> Spotlight with Nancy 6:30-(2> Sugarfoot <4"i Phil SUveYs Show -• {51 Laramie (9) Search for America (11) Wild Bill Hlckok 1 7:00—(4) Dennis O'Keefc Show (0) Big Picture (U) Bold Journey 7:30-(2) WyattEarp (4> DobieGillis (5) George Burns Show (9) Platform i - (U) Movip I 8:00-(2) Rifleman | (4) Tightrope (9) Briefing Session j 8:30-(2) Colt .45 > (4) Red Skelton Show j (5) Arthur Murray Party:. (Color) i (91 Escape from the Cage ; 9:00— (2) Alcoa Presents I (4) Garry Moore Show ' iji M Squad (.9) Bookmark | 9:25—(2) Highway Patrol i (5) Coronado 9 i (9) Sociology: Creditj Course. \ (11) Expose j 9:35-01) Code :•; , 10:00—(2) Pro-Football | (4) News: Spencer Alien j (5) Whirlybirds \ (11) Movie ' 10:10—(4) Weatlier: Fontaine j 10:l&-(4) Eye on St. Lotus i 10:30-(4) Movie ! (5) News. Sports, Weather' 10:45—(5) Jack Paai- Show | 11:00—(2) Movie- ! 11:30—(11) Bedtime Stones 12:00—(5) (11) News 12:05—(4) Movie (5) Night Court .12:35—(5) Weatlier Reporl .43 .IS .18 .M .41 .1.1 .15 N; Muilc site Music D. Gordon M ,f Sign Off N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; linagt (mane Metronome " N; R. SIl'jO " Record Shop " N: R. Shop KiolmrUs-ariifltii Record Shop Memorial Buck N: R. Shop Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N; MemortM Memoriae •• Memories: N N; Buck .;. suck N; R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Snoo Record Shoo Area Severely Attacked by Scab 0? fRtflttAJr W. MA* conBty tram springs Which were almost ideal for a maximum spread of the infection: and third, seed producers and seedmen who were producing seed from hot water EtWVARDSVILLte - Most wheat, fields have been severely attacked by a disease called scab. For the third successive'treated teed or from foundation year the amount of scab has increased. With the damage previously done by the unusual amount of loose smut, yields of wheat will be considerably reduced. Damage from scab takes place i only when the weather IB warm and damp after the wheat heads. Condi- or registered seed with tow smut counts have not been able to provide adequate isolation to prevent a rapM DttUd Up of the smut. Secure JTew Seed Where do we gp from here? First of all, certified seed producers should secure new seed of the desired varieties grown from hot Water treated seed or have enough of their own pur*;! Eastern Stars Have Party At Graf tan GRATIDN- The Gratton Chapter, order of Eastern Star enter talned with a grand lecturer party Saturday evening at the Masonic Temple. Mrs. Rebecca Parker East St. Louis, a past worthy grand lecturer, was honored guest. Mrs. W. Weiland served as WOT thy matron and W. Welland as worthy patron. Other stations were fitted Alfoitowft: Mrs. Everett Wat son, associate matron, E. Watson associate patron; Mrs. Leola Hooper, dtafton, secretary. Mrs. Roy Schallenberg, treasurer; Arlene Fox, Granite City, conductress; Sybil Whlteman, Edwardsville, as- ratten tMi wwk Iran htr dtttin as OMhotfli Comity hom« advto- r. Mm. Katie Bland of Rampv* vllle was taken by ambulance to OQDRIVE TUESDAY, JUNE 21,1WQ _ ———i— .^ —— «iil«B««—••«•••• Boyd Memorial Hoflftal to Car- rofltOn seed hot water treated to seed . eveop-1 make vei . v possible effort to - . of scabjg™ their acreage of seed in an Carlinville, organint: May-belle ery fav-j fsolation _ at , etist ^ mile from i Stuperlch. Walton chapter. Adah: this ear i ^ 1 ^ Schwarte, Monroe diaptep. WEDNESDAY Term Neunreiter, Granite City. I 0^.WV* 4kVSk 1TU»«1 L*-^.U^^.U W >3\«X.U . . . _ _. tionB for the| their renu !red acreage; second, elia P lain: L " ela rapid . develop-!«,,. to „«.,.,. ,^B««m« *tt n *t »„ view, marshal: ment were very T. W. May orable this year, j ^ale'd wheat "vhich "is" kn"o^n" i ^'^ SchwarU, Monroe chapter, with HO much rain and high hu-! to be MesM with smut: third, | Ruth : Ruth a ' ism ' New , H , opc j midity. i watch the production of Ver-j chapter. Esther: Georgia Hcaley. Heads of wheat attacked byj mtllion ^j Monon boy, of whlch , Graf ton, Martha; Juaruta \Vahr-; scab may be totally or partial- j ^ re i a tively new and more re- i nieyer Lily of the Valley chapter, ly blighted. The infected spike-1 cenl i y froni * hot water treated j Electra; Delia Anderson, Eas^St.; lets bleach to a straw color, see(1 ' to aMCe rtain the " ' ' """ while healthy one arc green , encc , o{ smut j nfect i on . Accord- PURPLE GANG MiBAfmr SULLIVAN At St25 PLUS At 7:00 9:50 French women w*m «*if food fresh, not tattn,ti»w? in the Paris area showed. GRAND ALEC MINIS HlrMMMM NOEL COWARD* RALPH MCHMBOi 0145 PLUS 4:20 7:45 H. Ounther N H. Ounther N opener N : Farm voge) Farm N: Williams G. Williams clockwatcher o. Newsome Nt Newsome G. Newsome N; Day Bob Day N: 'Jay Bob Day N; Gunther H. Gunther N; Farm r. Dailey N: Oallcy r. Dailey N; W Rex Davis Clockwatcher N; Newsome G. Nowsome N; Newsome G. Newsome N: Day S: Day N: Day Bob Day World N H. Guntner N; Gunther H. Gunther N: Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey Dailey: N Re.i uavla Clockwatcher .N: Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N ;;ob Day N: Wilson Hd Wilson Exercises Unity; Hymns G. Centre!) H. Christian N Clockwatcher N: Newsome G. Newsome N; Newsome ci. Newsome N; Waltar H. Walter I'cllo Quir R. Benson N: Wilson Gd Wilson B'fast Club ;,; Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Oavls G. Davis N: Davis ft. Davis N; Benson R. Benson N: Wilson I Ed Wilson N: Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey Dailey; N N: Party Houseparty G. Moore Urosby-Clooney N: Davis Ci. Davis N: Davis 'J. Davis N: rime cty rima M. Ualnes .W .13 warden: Hugh Whiteman. Ek'vardsvHle. sentinel. Mr. and When the humidity is high. a| ing to the Purdue plant breed- Mrs. Forrest Duncan. Grafton. pink fungus growth can be seen, crs W | 10 pl . c ,duced Vermillion this j were guest soloists. at tin- base and crevices of the j vai . icty is considered "moderate-! spikcletj*. Kernels arc bleached I j y susceptible" to smut. Appar-j white and may have a pink col-! on( ] y n exhibited some field tol- \v :|| « U1 oration. Some heads are entirely erancc. .. u r pink. Seed from plants having! Gl . ui|J bjn|s should be deaned Meel al Uardlll scab produces poor strands, seed- am] |mi , ed , 0 control , ngectH; HARD1N _- n , e PuBt Matron - s ling blight and weak plants \Mt>i. bc£ore the nevv wheal crop iB ; CJub of Calhoun ampieVi Ord . so much smut and scab tins put jn them Malathlon used as a . Qf Eastern Suu , t w11] nieet year, good seed may be hard to & spl . ay in the empty bins has| Thursday night a t the home ol find ne '«J a11 - given excellent results. Mix 10 M ,. s . Claude Ruyle in Hardin. Seedling Bllgnt ounces of malathion in 5 gallons Mrs L v . Kinser will be assist- Otu- phase of scab is seedling^ watel . and the fl "„?, loste8S blight, which can be controlled; waj|s ^ ceil| m Ule spray ant '' „ ... by planting clean seed treated] off _, \vith mercury seed treatment: „'. '. ...... _, . .... HARDIN — Mr. and Mrs. Several samples of white. Mortland and daughters, snakeroot have been brought to' Beth and N Nvi ,, retum ing head blight, the type of scab ^ ^^ tota^in^ «* W6ek t0 ^ *** *C now damaging our wheat. Head j ^J^ ^ J ^ 'J^i Naples. Fla., after a tsyo-week ,.,..-•.4 ...._ i.- ..._ii_j t« lianas, in snauy places. 11 is a,^;, tvith , v | a tives in this ai'ea N P'house Ply. N: Farm vosel Farm The World N: Headlines .). McCormick Helen Tram •J Next Door N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N farm-Aim. A. Grace Club News chemical. However, seed treatment is not effective in contrail- . .... iiuiiius, in snau.v uiciucs. 11 i» a;... !4 . ,,.;*i, blight can be controlled to somc; hazard livestock . especially ^' l - n O m^ Neb Mr and extent by not growing wheat af-i,^ Wateh foi . ft _ ^ ]et |and_ uj^aha, ^ Mr. Iter asoneofthc common ° ne ° ltn ™ ° N: Party N; Witt P'house Party D. Witt " N: Witt " Witt: N wnisperlni Sta. N; Jenkins N: Day Ma Perkins B. Jenkins Bob Day Dr. Malona N; Jenkins Mrs. Burton B. Jenkins B. counter N; Burke J. Burke 0. Witt 1, »* N; Witt Witt; N Rt. to Happiness N; Jenkins N; Palen P«tt Buttram B. Jenkins J. Palen Ci. Williams NT; Jenkins " B. Jenkins " " corn rot diseases is caused by do. animals find it before you|. n Unjt 4Q High Schoo i ta Hard . the same organism that causes *"" ^ ,_. , in. are now teaching in Naples. wheat fab. The spores live ov-i 4 »»«'«« Day July si Mr . and Mrs. W. S. Anderson er winter on corn stalks, chaff A vegetable growers' field day^d son , Dale, of Roswell, N. M..I and stuMJe. i wi11 bc held in Nameolli town " ! have arrived in Illinois for a There ir-no difference in wheat shi P Jul - v Variety test plots | it wim relatives and friends in 12:45—(2) Home Digest 12:50—(2» Paris Precinct 1:10— (4) Late News Roundup 1:15_(4> Give Us This Day l:20-(2) Daily Word WEDNESDAY, JtTSE TJ 3:45—14) Give Us This Day 3:50— (4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00—(4) Town 'n Country 6:30—(4) P.S. 4: Government 7:00—(4» Morning St. Louis (5) Today 8:00—(2^ Cartoon Classic (4) News: Grover 8:15— (2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kunguroo 9:00—(21 Jack LaLunne Show (4) Red Rowe Sliow (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—(21 Romper Room (4) On The Go (a) Play Your Hunch 10:00—(4) I Love Lucy i (5) Pi-ice Is Right (Color; 10:30-(2) Topper (41 December Bride (a) Concenlrution 11:00—(2) Mi-. & Mrs. North (4) Love of Life (a) Truth or Consequences 11: la— (11) Morning Chapel 11:20— (11) News: Daust ll:30—(2> Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow & It Could Be You (Color) (11) Short Story 11:45—(4) Guiding Light UN; Burke |J. Burke U. Gordon n ,» N; Gordon Gordon: N M Buck r. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Palen .1. Palen .41 ;N: Burke |J. Burke i» *• Burke; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon; N N: Buck r. Buck 't ft Buuk; W N; Rlclwrd K, Richard M Richard K. Richard N; Palen .1. Calen 11:55—(.2 > News: Hay ward I Noon—t'2.i Reslless Gun (4i Nuws: Max Roby — i Weather: Fontaine (j) Charlotte Peters i U 'i Woman's Touch .12:05—(2.i I Married Joan Love That Bob! As The World Turns About Faces For Better or Worst- Queen for a Day Movie Eldred Youth ! Ma i' le Faniil > Has n no r\ Jacksonville Reunion Gets BS Degree Mi Mi 1:00—(2i i-l i l-.-M-M M> House Party (ji Lorettu Young Da> r in Coui-t .Millionaire u'ji Young Dr. Malone i.ll) Movie- Gale Storm M i Verdict Is Yours (ji From These Roots 3: UO—(2) Beat 'Hie Clock M_\ Brighter Day i.5'i The 'lliin Man 3:15—(2i Who Do You Trust? Mi Edge of Night t j i Yancy Derringer ;J:-15—illi Capt. U IOLDRKD-Terry Klutt. son Ol' Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Flatt, received a bachelor of science degree in Agriculture from University of Illinois Saturday. Terry was a member of the Ice Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity. ! He is a graduate oJ Carrollton High School and attended Illinois State Normal University for two and one-half years before \ transferring to the University. Mr. and Mrs. Flatt spent Friday night and Saturday at Cham-! paign and attended the graduation. 10 • AIEDOUA — The annual reunion of the Maple family was held Sunday at Nichols Park, Jacksonville. A potluck dinner was served at noon. i ucic :.»» uv VH*V«-A t,11^.1. "* »» IA^.ui. t t • i varieties in their resistance to |of sweet corn - horseradish and,Hardin and other places in this; scab; they are all susceptible, \ tomatoes will be visited. 'vicinity. They were accompanied! so there 1 is no use to try to findi Cutworms are damaging some'by Jim and Tom Beaty. sons of seed of a resistant variety. com fields. Merlin Gusewelle Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Beaty of ' The prevalence of loose smut i of Pin Oak township, Rudy Kap-i Hardin, who had been visiting! I in wheat this year, most evident! pier of Ft. Russell and others; them in New Mexico i about 3 weeks ago when the'have reported infestations.! Henry Fiedler of Hardin was| i black heads in the fields were! Spraying with toxaphene while! taken by ambulance to Jersey; 'so noticeable, is so serious we'the worms arc small gives con-j Community Hospital Saturday | ; believe it should be discussed trol. ; afternoon for examination and; isome more. The county dairy princess din- medical treatment. He had been, i Wheat growers are facing ai ner held by the Farm Bureau \ m at his nonle 'or several days, i serious problem here in thisi ]ast wee k, with 200 people pre-i Arthur Clark of " a1 ^"' f" 11 '! I soft-wheat producing area, as'| sent [rom a u parts of the com-^ °\ Unit 40 High School re- i loose smut lias been building up|ty, was unusual in the punctual-j tumed Fnd& y fi'om Wesley Me- Ihere tor at least the past 3! it y all d interest shown by the morial Hospital in Chicago, (years. During this period when,guests, it started promptly ati where he had , under g° ne ear 'wheat was heading and flower- the announced time, everyone i surgery Thursday. AT BOTH THEATRES OODRIVCR G R A N 9 > ' T" , / 111"/ START! WOOD RIVER OPEN 6:30 QRAND-MATIHEES DAILY 12:45 Guy Williams as .'he_ Fabulous ZOttROI Men Knew Him By His Sword/ WALT DISNEY STUDIOS GUY WILLIAMS AS THt 'JM40M -IftHU Grand at 1:00 4:00 6:50 9:30 Plus Grand 2nd Hit • Weed River 2nd Hit • YOUNGEST fINANCIAL WIZARD! BOBBiKiNS At 7:30 ing, weather conditions havei xvas there at the start, not a been almost ideal for maximum j person came in late and no one spread of the disease, with a lotji e ft before adjournment. Miss jof cloudy, muggy weather. Prior ;N e lda Best of Alhambra town- Mre - Peter w - Simon is on va ' Thosc attending from this ar-'to 1958 we had a few years f s | u -p wus crowned county dairy ea \verr-. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy [when the humidity was relatively' princess and will represent the! Rives and family. Greenfield; low. rains less frequent and 4he:county In state competition. This! Mr. and Mi's. Kenneth Kinder spread uf smut much less spuctuc-. activity is a part of June Dairy j anil family. Mr. and Mrs. Flor-1 ular. iau Frey, Betlialto; Mr. and ! Mrs. Lavei-ne Pamsh and family. .Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mapleipiunt pathologist, has been exam-' Td e annual county Black andi Month, observed nationally to Kxuinbie Field* stimulate consumption of milk Dr.--Mike P. Britton, exuisiun and other dairy products. and family, Alton; Mr. and Mrs. ining wheat fields in south central I \vhite Show will .be held by the! J u ni ° r Maple und famil y« and soiitliern Illinois for the past i Madison County Holstein Club -' aiarles Gibson > Nane - v Pamsh - few wejeks and reports some veryi a t Highland the evenhig of July Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Ruyle Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Mil- baptized in the Carrollton Bap- und fumlly - Mr> and Charles Smith'and family, Mei list Church Sunday afternoon by JRev. John Finnan: Mrs. Thomas Baker Jr. and daughter, Tomma dora. counts of smut in the wheats 1 22. most Commonly grown in those j Da t es o f the annual Madison j areas.f Dr. Britten has reported County Fair at Highland are' field counts us liigli as 35 per cent j u ] y ^ to 30. The 4-H Club show in some fields in south-western w jn De j^id j u i y -)6. I Jo. Doris and Charles Kink-i"" 1 ol Eugene O'Neill plays, ' Jessica and Jackie Dotson. Illinois' and states he found smut prevalent in all counties of the soft wheat area. Counts made in some of the fields of certified soft and "The Emperor i wheats ranged from 5 to 10 per O'NEILL DUO YORK .V - A double •1:UO— (2) American Bundsttuid | Mc uiasson. Bruce Ivers, Mi'laiuV Jo " es -" arc bei "S planned by | m it which makes those fields Ui- SS Popeyi 1 i j' Our -Miss Brooks •\:'M— Mi Mo\-ie l.")i Life of Rilcy : j: 00— (21 Jly Friend Flicka (ji Wranjiler's Club: First Our new Maximum Height tower include* you <«nd ev- eryouf within a 39-mile ra- tflut ol Alton-WuoU Hlverl In our coveruvc areu. If your Channel t picture U not sat- Utactorv. you'll mUs "THt RIFLEMAN" tonight. KTVI 15 minutes in color (ID Sjjt. Preston j:i!0—(lit News: Hay ward (11) Suspenseville j:40—(2) Weatlier: Hayward 3:45— & Pork and His Pals l5'i Huntley-Brinkley News lll'i Three Stooges Brussels BKL'SSELS — Mr. and Mrs. Jumes Bowles and Vicki and Mr. and Mrs. William'C. Harman and family of Hardin spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Harmon. Mr. and Mrs,. George Mossman of Alton and ton, Leo, of Bui-bank, Calif., spent Saturday visiting relatives here. Leo is a NBC studio camera man. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Hem> Birch and family of Alton spent the weekend with his mother. Mis Caroline WitUnoiid Mr. and Mi>. Koberl Menkt- aud fumil\ uf Alton six.-nl tht weekend \ntli his luotiun. Mrs"" Elizabetli Newman and Cindy Hyde. Kldml Noles ELDRHD — A Camerer' family j reunion in honor of Father's Day was held Sunday al the Carrollton Park. Attending were Carl, Eugene and Darrell Camerer. Mrs. Albert Booth, Mrs. Mary Darr and Mrs. Alvin Dyer and their families. Gloria and Allen Mundy of Carrollton spent the 1 weekend with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ray. llieir brother. Rod- jney, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flutl. Mr. and .Mrs. Klatt and Mr. and .Mrs. Chester Mumly were Sunda.s dinner guests in the Ray home Saturda> guests of Mi. and .Mrs. George Howdeshell \\ere Mr and Mrs. Ansi- Hiw of Mo/aer Mr. and Mrs. Irl Duvid^n \isit- ed Saturday with tlieir son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Al Menke, and his sister, Sister Jo- scpliu of Mount Pi'ovidenci'. Nor- iuandy, Mo. I'iredor Jose Quintero for ; eligible to certify. Broadway openings this fall. i Unfortunately the varieties wliich "The Emperor Jones" is a familiar classic, but "Hughie" is rarely seen. Taylor of Griggsville. Their daughter, Sonja, was observing her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Wildhagen and children and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brandgenberg and son of Kumpsville spent Sunday in St. Louis at the zoo. Mr. and Mrs. Louis PorUsood visited Saturday in Jerseyville at tin- homes of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Flatt and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Loy. Tin- Household Science Club will meet Thursday utternoou a) the home of Mrs. L. T. Wliiteside, have been grown most extensively in these areas — Knox and Dual — are both susceptible to this disease. At present we have no variety of short strawed early maturing sofe wheat — the type wliich is preferred by fanners in that area — carrying good loose smut resistance. Naturally the question all those who are interested in wheat are asking is, "How come this heavy I smut infection?" There aie at' least three reasons us we see it now, says Dr. Britton: first, the popular varieties which occupy more than half of the wheat acreage are susceptible; second, we have hud at least three I Your Favorite Family Drive-In I Open Daily 6:30, Start 7 p.m. Adults 50c Kiddles 35c FAMILY NIGHTS TONIGHT, WED., THUR. ALL SEATS 23c Matinee Wednesday and Every Wednesday All Summer. Let the Uptown Be Your Baby Sitter For a Few Hours. •STARLIGHT The Chicken Shack (Formerly Joe'a Grill) tteuto ttt—Godfrey Jli« flai-e to Go WIMP Von Want th« Very Beit! HOTIOE-BETH ALTO OITIZENS Out t« vt««tien VilUge Clerk's Offic* will be eloted from Juflt 26 *o July 9. Whe«l t«x l!«*nt* «nd ^09 which tr» p«$t du« may b« r«miH«d for by will mail lictn*.. orrici HOURS tMl N«Ni SiSMtSO P.M. WiUIAM F, P^UB, VHtoft Citrb VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRY OLEANING SPECIAL THIS WEEK fit I. fctrtwcy Mil St«tt St. itt I. UM > N. WMi Itvtr Avt. CUarco«l ttr iged to t Hwl Pit Uarbeiuwi Hib* Broiled Chicken Uvvrt oth*r »el«cUoa» Mrv»4 wiUi •>oin«-iH»d» hut biscuit*, btirrv Itun creamy butiwr. Did HO M*M 4ir for thr* K»Mi*4iy I VM- ta l > VM. to W PJ*.<-U<M«d Box Otflcc OBBIIB at 7; TtnlU Thru Sat. GARY TONY GRANT'CURTIS -•OPERATION t' MTTlCOAr COLOR FSfcfc WEDNESDAY! Matinee Only 1:30 "KIDDIES SUMMER FUN PARTY" Get Up a Party and Come On Down* 2 HOURS OF FUN! ICARTOONS GALORE PLUS "LITTLE RASCALS" & '3 STOOGES" COMEDIES DOORS OPEN 1 P.M. 3rd Chapter of "ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION" oitltfkt, Thur«., 0:M P.M. Wed. 1:00, 4107, 7:14 Adults 7ttc if Kiddie* Free IT WOOD r; Opeu Start Du«b LAST TIME TONITE OPEN 6:45 UIOKAU) MOHK in "THE ANGRY RED PLANET"«» RIHCESS SHIRLEV JONES in "BOBBIKINS" 7:30 STARTS WED. THE DEVIL'S DiscJPLE 4 DAYS RICHARD BURTON BARBARA RUSH JACK CARSON At 7:40 STARTS FRIDAY! Mrttf Thou •RAND i PRINCESS FIGHT FILMS!, JOHANSSON PAII1KSON WO»10 S HEAV NT C*UUPIOt|$tUp ]

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