Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz On — RUBBER MAKE FRIENDS When swimming in a public pool, be sure your manners are good. It is not good manners to monopolize the diving board, splash water on others, jump into the water close to someone who is TtmM Herald, Carroll, Iowa m «| • Thursday, July 25, 1957 | | •HiaiiHIMHHi It's harder to find a good lie on the golf course than one in the locker. room. yell and scream shove around the swimming, or and push and pool. A few rowdy, inconsiderate persons can ruin swimming tor everyone in the pool. TIZZY QUESTION: Does rubber eorne only from rubber trees? ANSWER: Rubber is just one more wonderful thing that Hie j Indians of America gave to the world. Not until 1876, however, was a rubber tree plant smuggled out of Brazil so that Its culture could start in Malaya and Other regions. Meantime an American, Charles Goodyear, learned to vulcanise I the stuff with heat and make it much more useful than its untreated | state. Today, it is extremely important, and it usad in automobile j tires and hundreds of other articles. You may know that now it is produced not only from rubber trees but artificially in big factories. But did you know that, besides the rubber tree, hundreds of other trees and plants yield rubber to greater or less degree? in getting it from the rubber tree, workers cut grooves in the bark, so that the raw latex drips down like sap. FOR YOU TO DO: Find some milkweed or goldenrod M you can, break off the stem, and see how sticky the sap is. These are among the plants that can be made to yield rubber, (Have you a good question of Junior Editors? It may be worth $10 if sent in care of this paper to Violet Moore Higgins, AP News- 1 features. Tomorrow: Why is the shrike called the butcher bird?) By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY "You know, I think I've overcome my enthusiasm for baseball —on our last three detes Herbie's taken me tofjsandlot games!" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "WHY cen't a government save money? It isn't married! tt doesnt pay taxesl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith , m u .t. Fit. on. Q H»7 by WA !"«• "We're going out westl Butch says ifs six blocks that-a-wayl' Gone Fishin' Answer to Previous "The trouble with Eddie is that he's always working for some silly thing—now ifs to pay his way through dental college!" ACROSS 1 trout 5 Mew England food Ash • Ash 1* Frosts IS Exist 14 Century plant 15 Encounter 16 Light brown 17 Sports enthusiasts 14 Man's name 30 Musical dramas 32 Winged 24 Seaport (ab.) 27 Set anew 28 Mimic 31 Antelope 33 Peremptory 35 Oriental gateway ' 36 Tardier 37 Reverential fear 36 Feminine appellation 42 Seniors (ab.) 43 Girl's name 44 Color 48 Fish in lake, sea,or —f 83 Eager 54 Onager 56 Italian river 57 Building part 58 Golf mound 59 Implement 60 Toward the sheltered side 61, Bitter vetch 62 Domestic slave DOWN 1 Citrus fruit 2 Genus of maples 3 Sharp . 4 Royal Italian family name 5 Farm animals 6 British money of account 11ndicate 8 Secure 9 Having wings 10 Hebrides island 11 Not as muoh 19 Pilchards 31 Insolent 23 While 34 Caterpillar hair 35 Farm tool 26 Biblical weed 28 Lawyers (ab.) 29 Equal N Puzzle) OTP in I M SO Makes mistakes 36 Symbol tor nickel 34 Anriamese weight 39 Ester of oleic acid 40 Right line (ab.) 41 Disorders 44 Spanish nous* 46 Wicked 46 Irritate 47 Indolent 49 Proportion 50 God of love 51 Presently 52 Burrowing animal 35 Weight of India IT I HEARD THE DOCTOR. &AY VOL) f OULP »TART EATIKJO A 2 AJM,60 PIXEP YOU A 5ANPWICH THAT'LL HELP YOU SET YOUR STRENGTH BACK, IN A HURRY/ THERE'S A , COUPLE OF WIENER* IN IT AMP SOME CHEESE, A PEW LEFTOVER SARPIWES AMP THREE . SLICES Of BALOMBV-AWP HERB 'S 50MB POP TO WASH jrr oowM.' BY J. R. WILLIAMS ' | OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A line-Up BY EDGAR MARTIN /'mm *VE.\^viG, W6 turn's eCNVX| HEROES ARE MAPE - NOT BORN Gfi -AvK t Hovt'6 TUAT 1 ~< 6PUTr-TT#. **>DO YOU M6A(A"C? 6AV JT3-MOgrt- CLOSED AM EVE ~<3 REAT CAS^AR/ t WHO ARB VOlX&RiAm WHAT IS .THE MEANING OF THISINTRUSION. rr* THIS 6om\ (NFERNiAL 6BARD8D MAJOR HOOPL1 [«50RRYTd>6 *ReX>< ^ UP* A BASS VIOL, k$MORB LlK&THI*; •6 UTM.YNANYE* , .HAPPfiMSTOBfr , •AKWrA '&jTjUBERT/. V-^UP Ttf MOW 1 'VB* THOUSKT TH16 1$ My .HOUSE, AND"THAT '6 <3LiE5S IT V5 TIME T0SETUP= BUGS BUNNY Take Your Time, Petunia IT'LL BE SOME TIME BEFORE I CAN,BUGS... I'M WAXIN6 PLOORS ! C 1M* h, Wt.Mf »>* tM. «•* U* »« PRISCILLA'S POP As You Were BY AL VERMEER ALLBY OOP On the Plains BY V. T. HAMLIN HAPPY SEE Tt LIGHT.' TO • TO A FLUKE IN TIME'MACHINE 'OPERMION, OOOLA FINDS HERSELF ALL ALONE IN A LARGE. PLAINS-LIKE COUNTRY. ...BUT BEFORE I SO BARGING IN THERE. 1 WANT A. GOOD LOOK AT WHO OR WHAT 15 AROUND THAT LIGHT/ rat MORTY MEEKLB Yoo-Hool BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Z VEAH t/ " Oh, No, Never! BY MERRILL BLOSSBR AND HAVE TDU HEARD WMAT THEY'RE SAYIN6 ABOUT BAZOOf JUNE • HISTVP6 tS A D £U0MT 1 THANK: QOOOMESS YOU'RE A M.ORE RESERVEO ^ /islDTVIDUAL, f NEVER. / 00 AMY, TWIN6 TO INTEREST THOSE SLANDER.—— ELLAS' ft* THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE The Winner BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY He Saw Them* 6C4 .RW DI&WT MBBD , JOCK LIB5 TP THROW Wl» OFF THE TRACKi Hft 15 HBIATBDIBUTI'M TO APWIT ITl H&DENIfOlTTC AVOID HfitPINOMOW. ismm BY LESLIE TURNI1

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