Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 16, 1973 · Page 1
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 16, 1973
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I/.S.j South Vietnam Agreement x ' 0 * n - " Pave Way for Peace Saturday Fun Approximately 75 fourth, fifth and sixth grade students turned out for Arts and Crafts classes being held in the Hampton House and educational unit of the Methodist Church. The classes are sponsored by the Estherville Recreational Department. In the top photo, Instructor Mrs. Jim Roberts gives Danny Soper advice in felt craft. In the bottom photo, Shelly Williams, Linda Heyer and Lois Soper work on a lap rope. The classes, being offered on Saturday afternoons, will run from four to six weeks depending on the activity.—Photos by Jim Ferree SAIGON (AP) - A cease-fire will be declared by the United States and South Vietnam on the eve of President Nixon's in* auguration Saturday to pave the way toward signing of a peace agreement to end the Indochina war, South Vietnamese sources said tonight. Nixon was said to have advised President Nguyen Van Thieu that an international agreement has been reached to preclude further hostilities by North Vietnam, and to have told Thieu to "trust in me." The unilateral cease - fire would be designed to set the stage for an exchange of prisoners and for the signing by the foreign ministers of the United States, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong of the peace settlement drafted at Paris, the informants said. There was no clear understanding of whether Hanoi and the Viet Cong had agreed to the allied cease-fire. However, the sources, who have had access to discussions by Thieu and other top-level South Vietnamese leaders of the latest draft proposal, said concessions had been made by both sides on essential issues blocking the peace treaty. These reports came after Gen. Alexander M. Haig Jr. conferred for 2Vi> hours with Thieu on the draft proposal worked out by Henry A. Kissinger and Hanoi's Le Due Tho in Paris. Official sources said North Vietnam and the United States had agreed on the size of an international force to supervise the cease-fire. South Vietnamese sources said the new draft still left unresolved such basic Saigon demands as the withdrawal of all North Vietnamese troops from South Vietnam and restoration of the demilitarized zone between the North and South. But progress toward agreement was reported on those also. The U.S. Embassy indicated there would be further meetings between Haig and Thieu and said the schedule of President Nixon's special emissary was "open-ended." There were unconfirmed reports from Vietnamese sources that Haig brought a personal letter from Nixon to Thieu. But political sources in Saigon and Washington indicated that the halt in all attacks on North Vietnam which began Monday was not only a sign of good faith to Hanoi but also a message to Thieu that Nixon considers a just agreement is within grasp and he is determined to conclude it. Nixon ordered all offensive military operations across the entire territory of North Vietnam halted Monday night, citing progress in the negotiations between Kissinger and Tho. WINTER SPORTS CAPITAL OF IOWA 12 PAGES TODAY DAILY NEWS 104th YEAR; NO. 70 ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, 51334, TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1973 WEEK, 60c; COPY, 15c Estherville Up 4.7 Mills Most Emmet Tax Districts Show Lower 1972 Levy Soviet Spaceship on Moon MOSCOW (AP) - An unmanned Soviet spaceship made a soft landing on the moon today and put out a 1,848-pound moon rover that sent television pictures back to the earth, Tass announced. The Soviet news agency said the spaceship, Luna 21, landed on the eastern fringe of the Sea of Serenity, inside the Lemog- nier Crater, at 1:35 a.m., or 5:35 p.m. EST Monday. The self-propelled Lunokhod 2 rolled down the gangway to the lunar surface at 4:14 a.m., Tass reported. Lunokhod 2 moved about, its running ge_ar ana control systems were checked by the ground crew, and "television pictures of the landing stage and the lunar landscape, were received," Tass said. Lunokhod 2 will continue the work of Lunokhod 1, a 1,663- pound moon vehicle that spent 10 months exploring the lunar surface in 1970-71, Tass said. Lunokhod 1 was controlled by a five-man crew on the earth and moved about doing mapping and analyses of moon dust. Tass said Lunokhod 2 will remain stationary until Thursday, recharging its chemical power supply with the help of a solar battery. Then it with its program. will go ahead Luna 21, the first Soviet moon venture in nearly a year, was launched Jan. 8 and after a five-day flight went into orbit around the moon. By CHUCK OSTHEIMER Estherville residents will be assessed an additional 4.728 mills for 1972 while all other tax districts in Emmet County dropped or rose less than one mill, according to figures compiled by County Auditor Mildred Danielson and certified by the State of Iowa. "Although the millage for each district is set," Mrs. Danielson said, "we do not have the individual taxes figured yet." She also noted that the reason for the delay was because of waiting tor the state to certify the levies. The taxes are payable this year. Total taxable valuation for the county was up $680,633 from $45,475,621 in 1971 to $46,156,254 in 1972. Estherville's largest gain came in the debt service with a levy of 10.126 mills, a jump of Budget Agency Proposed $105,994 Revenue Sharing Funds Received by Emmet WASHINGTON (AP) - A su- perbudget agency for Congress was proposed today by Rep. Ogden R. Reid, who said it is needed "to strip the President of his power to ignore congressional mandates." As envisioned by the New York Democrat, an "office of budget and expenditure oversight" in a reconstituted General Accounting Office, would be an arm of Congress with "broad powers to withhold funds or compel spending by the executive (branch of government) in accordance with congressional mandates. "The new agency also would have the authority to pass on the administration's legislative proposals, to oversee implementation of congressionally approved programs, and to force the executive to provide Congress with any information necessary and proper to the discharge of the constitutional responsibilities of Congress." In remarks prepared for a news conference, Reid said the budget office would "restore the constitutional prerogatives of the legislative branch." Among Other Things... Cub Scout Meeting Cub Scout Pack 38, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and under the leadership of Cubmaster Gale Bryant, will meet at seven tonight at the V.F.W. Hall. Richard Krumm Retires Richard Krumm, a postal employe for over 38 years, has announced his retirement. He started working in the Swea City Post Office in 1934 and transferred to Armstrong in 1942 as a clerk. In 1959 he became a rural mail carrier. Armstrong Purchase Purchase of a frost remover and dryer for the Armstrong City Cemetery was approved by the Armstrong City Council. The council also voted to charge Arts-Way Manufacturing Co. $50 and Weigh- tronix $25 for use of the city's sanitary landfill. To Speak on Abortion The Rev. Don Sinclair of the First Congregational Church in Sioux City will speak on the need for reform in abortion laws at the First Presbyterian Church in Estherville Wednesday. The Rev. Sinclair has been active in the Iowa Clergy Consultation Service, which counsels women with problem, pregnancies. The meeting, second in a series on the topic of abortion, will be at 7 p.m. in the chapel of the church. Emmet County received $105,994 and towns within the county another $53,974 in the second installment of revenue sharing checks mailed earlier this month. Estherville received the largest check for incorporated cities within the county by getting $34,241. Armstrong received $9,297, Ringsted $3,627, Gruvor $228, Wallingford $417 and Dolliver $170. Dickinson County received $90,659 in county funds while Spirit Lake received $19,273, Arnolds Park $4,691, Lake Park $3,514, Milford $8,438, Okoboji $4,429, Orleans $2,042, Superior $854, Terril $1,251, Wahpeton $1,828 and West Okoboji $1,437 for a total of $138,416 to the towns within the county. Palo Alto County received $113,279 in county funds while towns within the county received an additional $147,361. Emmetsburg received $21,498, Graettinger $3,892, West Bend $3,044, Ruthven $2,128, Mallard $1,525, Ayrshire $745, Curlew $406, Cylinder $544 and Rodman $300. Kossuth County, Iowa's largest in total area, received $232,172 while county towns received another $281,756. Algona received $19,173, Bancroft $6,245, Burt $4,201, Fenton $1,685, Lakota $1,316, Ledyard $1,326, Lone Rock $884, Luverne $2,304, Swea City $2,899, Titonka $2,916, Wesley $4,116 and Whittemore $2,519. Clay County received a total pf $104,179 while area towns, led by Spencer with $52,814, received another $163,560. The State of Iowa received a The Forecast check for $11,954,441 while the total for the state and all government units in the state was $35,848,952. Graham W. Watt, deputy mayor of Washington, was named today to head the Treasury Department's Office of Revenue Sharing. Watt, 46, who has been deputy mayor two years, will head the government's effort to provide state and local governments more than $30 billion over the next five years. Watt, a native of Elizabeth, N.J., succeeds acting director Edward A. Fox, who returns to his post at the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. 7.324 over the base for 1971 taxes. Of the 10-plus mills, 7.782 of thr? debt service is for payment of a judgment against the city and will last for only one year. Also up for the city of Estherville is the Trust and Agency levy, approximately 2.6 mills. The fund includes matching funds Estherville must pay for social security, IPEHs, Police Pension or other withholding. Taking the biggest drop for Estherville was the Sanitation Fund, down almost 2.8 mills to 1.124. The lower rate is attributed to .a new collection system being used at the city landfill and is not definitely proved out yet. Portions of Ellsworth, Emmet and 12-Mile Lake along with the town of Wallingford and Estherville Township took the biggest drop in millage for 1972, all over four mills. The major portion of those declines came in the school funds, 'a drop also noted by Estherville, Inc. The total taxable valuation for Estherville is up $309,263 from $11,898,769 to $12,208,032 for property Inside the city limits and $1,845 for property outside the incorporated city, Armstrong is up$30,726 to $1,606,916, Dolliver up $18,349 to $197,031, Gruver rose $7,125 to $148,720, Ringsted is up $24,044 to $797,142, and Wallingford up $6,638 to $148,720. One mill equals one dollar per $1,000 of taxable valuation of property. Some property, however, will vary in taxable valuation from 1971. TAXING DISTRICTS 1972 Levy 1971 Levy Diff. Estherville Inc. 107.580 102.952 4 4 .728 (x) City Lands 66.160 68.547 -2.387 Armstrong Inc. 97.072 95.770 -1.302 (x) City Lands 59.445 59.107 + .338 Dolliver Inc. 65.177 65.190 - .013 (x) City Lands 55.428 55.797 - .369 Gruver Inc. 64.613 66.375 -1.762 Ringsted Inc. 96.247 96.222 + .025 (x) City Lands 59.211 58.406 + .805 Wallingford Inc. 88.498 92.597 -4.099 (x) City Lands 66.160 68.547 -2.387 Armstrong Grove, AFD 68.390 70.417 -2.027 Armstrong Grove, RFD 68.172 70.204 -2.032 Center Township 64.656 67.395 -2.739 Denmark RFD 67.239 69.109 -1.870 Ellsworth, Central 64.214 66.965 -2.751 Ellsworth, Estherville 74.946 79,715 -4.769 Emmet, w 74.946 79.715 -4.769 Estherville Township 75.328 79.715 -4.387 High Lake Central 64.408 67.136 -2.728 High Lake Central GFD 65.908 68.636 -2.728 High Lake, Estherville 75.140 79.886 -4.746 High Lake, Graettinger 73,443 72.630 + .813 High Lake, Graettinger GFD 74.943 74.130 + .813 Iowa Lake, Armstrong, AFD 68.231 70.275 -2 .044 Iowa Lake Central, AFD 64.932 67.678 -2.746 Jack Creek, Central 64.214 66.965 -2.751 Jack Creek, Central GFD 65.714 68.465 -2.751 Jack Creek, Central, RFD 64.714 67.465 -2.751 Jack Creek, Graettinger 73.249 72.459 -t .790 Jack Creek, Graettinger, GFD 74.749 73.959 + .790 Jack Creek, Ringsted 66.739 68.609 -1.870 Jack Creek, Ringsted GFD 68.239 70.109 -1.870 Jack Creek, Ringsted, RFD 67.239 69.109 -1.870 Lincoln, Armstrong 67.777 69.562 -1.785 Lincoln, Central 64.478 66.965 -2.487 Swan Lake, Armstrong 67.750 69.665 -1.915 Swan Lake, Armstrong, RFD 68.250 70.165 -1.915 Swan Lake, Central 64.451 67.068 -2.617 Swan Lake, Central, RFD 64.951 67.568 -2.617 Swan Lake, Ringsted, RFD 67.476 69.212 -1.736 12-Mile Lake, Estherville 74.946 79.715 -4.769 12-Mile Lake, Graettinger 73.249 72.459 4 .790 12-Mile Lake, Graettinger, GFD 74.749 73.959 + .790 12-Mile Lake, Terril 69.337 69.894 - .557 (x) Lands outside the city cooperation which don't pay city taxes. Nixon Considers Easing Antipollution Standards WASHINGTON (AP) - The Nixon administration is considering encouraging the states to ease their application of some secondary antipollution standards in a move to promote greater use of coal to meet the country's energy needs. Coal has received new attention from the administration because of delays and lagging production of other energy sources. The Office of Emergency Preparedness has released a study concluding that "selective and temporary relaxation" o f secondary antipollution standards would permit substantial substitution of coal for petroleum. Elmer Bennett, an assistant director of the OEP, said that while states may be encouraged to slow down application of more stringent secondary standards aimed at preventing environmental harm, he doubts the administration will ask Congress to roll back existing clean-air standards. He said in an interview Monday that coal would still be largely unwelcome in areas struggling to meet the national "primary standards" adopted to protect human health. In recent years, the coal industry— once the giant of American energy—has been eclipsed by oil, natural gas, the promise of atomic energy, and the restrictions of antipollution standards. But then it began to appear that development of atomic energy was behind schedule, new oil sources would be delayed, and gas discoveries were lagging. Coal began to achieve a second look from the Nixon administration. The problems of coal are partly economic: environmentally acceptable low-sulfur coal located in the West is most needed in the East, but transportation costs are high. All these factors have stirred speculation that Nixon might seek to encourage greater use of coal as a substitute for petroleum, and to ease the transportation costs that keep Western coal from Eastern markets. Trucks DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)Trucks which were previously limited to a length of 55 feet in Iowa are now being allowed to extend 60 feet under interpretations of the law by the attorney generals office. Iowa Highway Commission officials Monday asked the legislature to change the law so the trucks will be limited to 55 feet as originally intended. Good Citizen Awards Three high school seniors of the area who have been named Good Citizens by the Okamanpedan Chapter of D.A.R, are congratulated by the chapter's president, Mrs. Kathy Patterson, at left. The honored students, from left, are Phyllis Rezac of Lincoln Central, Vicki Lemke of Armstrong Community School and Kathy Bunge of Estherville Senior High School. They were selected by their school faculties on the basis of dependability, leadership, service and patriotism, and each received a certificate, pin and a gift of wind chimes. Miss Rezac is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rezac, Dolliver; Vicki is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Lemke, Armstrong; and Kathy Bunge, daughter of Mrs. Lee Bunge.— Photo by Carol Higgins

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