Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 9
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Men Against |0 in Arctic >eep Freeze' 1; By JERRY BENNETT ! 3 NBA Btaff Correspondent WASHINGTON - (N E A) - tyfllld'ftiost peopl* sweat out rl«- 1$|*summer temperatures, a se 'leet group of Navy swimmers in getting paid to dive into one of] -the coolest pools in the- world. I !,, 'Bnt.':i£here. are ' easier ways to ^at the heal than those used by 'frogmen. assigned to our Arctic 'Supply fleet. And all of them are u Ha)r.dartgerous, too. These' Polar daredevils have the hazardous job acting as de- .layed ..action .. torpedoes. .This .month they are blasting a way • through steel-hat d ice packs so snips can unload tons of supplies 40c, ..our .;radar warning stations along,, the.' northern Alaskan and ^Canadian 'borders. l}^o deliver its goods, the Navy jp ships that cen pull right up .ipto the • beach. However, many times they are blocked by solid ice packs which extend from the 'land and in some places to the 'ocean's bottom. ""Vice Admiral John M. Will, •qdmmander of the Military Sea Transportation Service, says this "shore ice is like "carbon steel." "The bottom and sides of any ship •unlucky enough to smash against "it'vWould be ripped out. T ' Attach Explosives That's where tht- Frogmen come •in. Dressed in thin air-tight rub- »<ber.. suits, they explore the wall •<W4ce below the ocean's surface. •When they find a place which "looks as if it could be cracked, iithey attach packs of waterproof viskpldsives. ; Then swimming a safe distance ••way thrbugh the frigid water, » which in some areas drops the Htortreury to 29 degrees, they set t<rff the charge. This action must .•*be repeated until an ocean path has been blasted to the beach. , With each stroke, danger and *4he - chance of agonizing death ^iswtni beside them. Razor sharp ^branches, which protrude from .the Ice. constantly threaten the di- >-.vers. -Hidden in the dark shadows below the surface, they can slash „open the water-tight clothes of any • man who brushes against them. -••Even when wearing the hooded, I • rubber bathing suit. Frohmen are I i •'•usually ready to head for the surface after staying in the icy warn ten about 45 minutes. But without i 'the suit's protection, a man cannot last more than 10 minutes. '-Swift and treacherous currents penetrade the depths. These liquid magnets can sweep a hapless ,-Frogman out to sea or draw him ("underpthe ice where drowning is a . ,cold oertainty. Also there's airways the chance of colliding with • a* white whale. The huge beasts are common callers to these Polar waters. Since) the Navy started its floating Arctic supermarket three *geara ago, no. Frogman has been killed'or seriodsly injured. This year's group, which . totals about . 80 men, has no intention of spoil- •-ing the record. • « IS Weeks Training 1 Bet6re" Joining the Frogman ^anks, each one is put through > about 16 weeks of the most strenuous training. Before he can even • get wet, doctors check and re•€heck to make sure he is in topnotch physical shape. When diplo- .•ma time rolls around, he has to rbe able to swim five miles in open sear •• r tin the Arotic operation, his endurance is even terted on land> In , r order to withstand the cold water, , . r Frogmen never try to stop getting the shivers; ... When other crewmen are bun- ,;j#ed up in fur-lit. ed Eskimo-type coats, Frogmen wear light-weight -jackets- Also their living quarters ,,'tte, kept between 10 and 15 degrees cooler than those of the , : other men. v .?As far as nature is concerned. itjs a real cool way to make a »jiving. But it's the type of job , (hat would give most guys goose- 'bumps, even in a tropical lagoon. Auburn Girls at Lutheran Serviet Volunteers School .•L-»>; :,-, -••'*. - • AJJBUTRN—Donna Shannon and Nancy Bauer are attending the <liuther»n Service Volunteers «'«chooV held al Storm Lake this • teeek.'They are sponsored by the •^Ladies Aid and Walther League. • ''Mr. and Mrs. Elden Murray and family spent Sunday afternoon at Council Bluffs and Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Reo Miles made a business trip to Omaha Tuesday. They also visited their son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marconclni. Ronnie Miles, who had been visiting in the Marconclni home, accompanied his parents home. Mr, and. Mrs Delbert Wolford and (Ronnie Wolford visited a few weeks? in the home of her brother, Waiter Armagost, at Pope- Joy. Denise Wolford, who has been visiting at Popejoy, accompanied her grandparents home. Mrs. John Willert returned Wednesday from Iowa City, where she had been a patient for several days. . • ,v'--^,.'.Vv'" . Bob Nieljol* .and ; .'soh •<of; Santa Ana. .Calif;, Mr, and;?Mri: Ron • Nichd ^M Lake City, ,Mr. and MrlMtttn OlbercJIng and family aflfpifc.and Mrs. Merle 01- berdini^',Carroll, Mrs. Frank Hawks Of .Wall Lake, Mrs. James , Hawks and sons of Akron, Mrr. Jack Kauftnan . and. Mrs. Hattje Hocking were among the visitors the past week in the home of Mr. and Mrs! Reo Miles, POINT OF NO RETURN . , . Designed to prevent unwary motorists from taking the plunge, this "picture language" sign has been erected at the edge of the Langelinle Pier In Copenhagen, Denmark. The visual warning marker was adopted to aid foreign motorists traveling about the city. GM's Sales Increase But Profits Down Losses Mount Into Millions- Crops Wither as Drought Tightens Grip on East NEW• YORK (<w — A withering!of the nation, crops drooped and drought continued its grip oft the I shriveled. NEW YORK (*•—General Motors, eastern United States today, scar-! prices for garden- nrorfnetn fooV Corp. Increased Its world-wide I ring some areas with the most se-! a sharp upturn $t$ iS mt but ^ t>rt>flt S fell! vera damage in a quarter century. | 1(| orC h ard8 , peflChC(( and Bppleg ——1 corn in the worst condition in his^ j tory in the state's southeast com- This was disclosed Wednesday in the big auto builder's financial report for the first six months of 1957. Crop losses Already had run Into the tens of millions of dollars. Carolina* To Main hung scanty and stunted. Long Island potato vines wilted. Tomato plants Sagged in New Jersey. Corn Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, July 25, 1M7 „ , mercial growing area Jersey, 10 million: Connecticut,) Massachusetts has hired a rain- approaching 10 million; Massa-fw « kl n g meteorologist but he Chusetts, ft million. j couldn't make rain without fairly In southern Maryland and along j heav y clouds to seed the state's Eastern Shore, a vital j larder of tomatoes, corn a«d; Mrt> JohnSOn tO The parched region stretched; **?f le . d knee-hlRh In Maryland. „ , from the Carolina* to Maine, In- 1 L n *, t A B . d T L " s ! lal 8 h u° u 1 ^ E , R ^ K ..«. . uu u • , Total sales climbed about eight, fllcting its harshest punishment in'?,. 8 . 1 : Tobacco 'eaves burned In • neans with its many canneries and tenths of one per cent - from - southeast New England, southern ! WiT .f™ R - , 1 fr0 !' e !l u f>L the dro ? ght $5,889,000,000 in the first six i New York, New Jersey, vircinla . Ma "y pastures were little more; was described as the worst since montha of 1966 to ss,9l4,000,000 in i and Maryland. the recent half-year period. j Spotty rains teased some see- But unit sales of the company's i Hons this week, and temporarily U.S.-bullt cars and trucks, tradi- j eased the situation in Pennsylva- tlonally the biggest source of prof- j nia, but over most of the area, its, declined 11 per cent. | the spattering showers helped lit- The net result was a 4.4 per cent! tie. and no genuine rain was in dip In what the company earned j sight. ,, . , ; many p »MUi vlr * ,nla than scorched earth • Just Dry Lots "They're Just dry lots where farmers turn out their cows for exercise," said Harry Beggs, Dorchester, Md., county agent. No estimate of dollar damage has yet been made In many of the 1930. Ask Disaster Tag Eight counties asked to be classified by the federal government as major disaster areas, The entire states of Rhode Island and Connecticut also have asked to such classification so as Ttoch English in Ar-We-Va Schools (Tim* Herald Nown S*rvl(«) MANNING - Mrs. C. M. Johnson will teach English in the Ar- We-Va schools next fall. after taxes-from 503 million dol-| Across the broad swath of the; X^l ^"LlT the ClY^cSS lars in the first six months of 1956 country, including major sources were In the multimilllon zone 1 oartment s«lrf farKrt .I L T to <*l millions in the first half of; of fruits and^egetabfes for the \ Some of them: ™' j KTaU their %V east of ; is "called a Rhode Island, 10 million: New the Blue Ridge populous east and much of the rest NOT ALWAYS A KAYAK A kayak is a "kayak" only when used by an Eskimo man. to! When It Is used by a woman, it " umtfek. according to Mountains, with the Encyclopedia Britannica. U.S. Portion Of Seaway Is Half-Finished WASHINGTON IB-The 114-mge U, S. portion of the St. Lawrence Seaway is now more than half completed. It has been 39 months since construction began. The 27-foot-deep International waterway, a joint effort by the United States and Canada, is scheduled for completion in early 1959 although limited shipping will be possible next July. A progress report came today from the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., the agency created by Congress to construct and maintain the U.S. part of the waterway, MEAT STATES Forty-eight per cent of the U.S. meat animal population is in nine midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and' South Dakota. Top Frost Beef, Turkey or CHICKEN PIE 25c Cornlond 4 to 5-Lb. Avcraqt STEWING HENS » 35c RivtrtiMd Brand Grodo "A" DUCKS 4. 5-Lb. Ava., Lb 49c U. S. Choice RIB STEAK u 73c U. S. Choice E.V.T—Extra Value Trim ROUND STEAK u. 79c Spoelal E.V.T. Bonoltst MINUTE STEAK L , 89c Frostily Ground ^ GROUND BEEF 3 ft $1 FRYING CHICKEN PARTS LT?. SkiHltis WIENERS 2Va-Lb. Bag... 98c Sklnloit _ _ WIENERS - u. 45c Summer Sausage THURINGER u. 59c Summer Sausage . CERYELATu 59c Swift's Worthmora . SLICED BACON 59c Cklckon • nurds and HEARTS m .... 89c Wlhon's Certified Tender Made, Slice and Servo HAM ROLLS K3 .K ...-...1 37 79c 69c .ST. 35c DOLLAR DAYS Delicious Swett Red Rip* WATERMELON U.S. No. 1 Firm Red Ripe California TOMATOES Lb. 31c Tropical MAMBO PUNCH Elna Lsrt* Cello Carton.. 19c GRAPEFRUIT JUICl SolMt Washed Trim Now RED POTATOES 10 - 39c Freeh Tender California Pascal CELERY HEARTS »Si Assorted Flavors, Instant Drink Mix E-Z POPaogPut, ...6 f«r 19C Evorbost Soedlos* _ _ BLACKBERRY JAM 29e White, Tellow or Devil 's Food Cake Mix DUNCAN HlNESnT 33c fpafh«tti Elbow AMERICAN BEAUTY^' 24e Pecan Sandlee _ SUPREME l««os. Ptcf. Strained, Assorted Baby Foods HEINZ Be, Cans * «• «C Chill Sauce HEINZ 19-os. Bottle « o»*^ W Pure . M • IVORY SOAP ana... 4 h. m New Pink ^ CAMAY as-.!!:. 2f «M« 'STew Oetergent OXYDOL Large rkf. For Aotomatlo Waabers . DASH Roc. Fkf. 39c For Automatic DlsnwaslieM CASCADE 30-os. Pkf. If ^ New ...: ZEST 2<«4ic 29c Food Club Devilt Food, White, Spice- or Yellow CAKE MIX "o* Food Club Premium Quality MARGARINE 46 -OI. Cant 46 *01. Cans For Lot. A ^ mMmm Nod Club, Baney Cream O f S • bom; o * 1 Pineapple «^ 10 1 $ 1 Purple Plums Tuna Fish Food Club DoUma, In Heavy Syrup, Larao No. 2Vi Ceas ..«»..* lino, Light Meat, oVi-as. Cans ... Aluminum Foil Preserves Reynolds. 25-Ft. Rolls Etna "New Pack" Pure Strawberry, Large 20*oi. Jars KING SIZE BRjjAD Hinky Dinky Enriched White Giant 24-oz. Loaf SWIFT NING Swift's Shortonlnq 3-Lb. Can 87 DURKEE's Lemon Extract IVa-ox. Bottle 35* Vonllki Extract ff 39« IVJ lottie ALBERT'S IfaliaM Chef Dressing I'M. 35 Dartmouth Fraah Frozon ORANGE JUICE 10 51 10 ^ $1 Top Froit Fraih Frozen, Rag. or Pink LEMONADE Roeular 12-oz. C«n»....„ Top Frott Fraih Frozen CUT CORN 5 for SI.00 10-oz. Cartons IDEAL FOR AUTO* BIKE • HIKE $ogo VALUE FIRST AID for only $1 00 and 3 PARP labels PARD FIRST AID KIT BOX 6336 CHICAGO 77, ILL, Grocery prices effective rhre Wed, July list, Produce and meat •rices effective thru til., July 27th. We reserve the right to limit quantities, TOP VALUES PLUS TOP VALU! STAMPS 1-Lb. Cam HILL'S Regular Dogj fatel 3 "'"•.T»«y|!

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