Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 15, 1973 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1973
Page 4
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Dear Abbr ESTHEEVILLE DAILY NEWS, MPS., JAN. 15, 1973 Page 4 Ex-Bunny Should Hop Back into Her Wifely Role By Abigail V#r hirer, D&AE ABBY *fy wih- if * tonne- Pisyno;- ramc? Ve-ut beer mamec Hnoir. t year - -eatas trar. SIB aw: t kr. of met WTUK ' sns WDTKSC a? a rroartai waitress a - . trs chii—vmcr if wusre I IK ns~ BIT . she stil gets na.i' •seme r she 'll np.wr t tnns. or doner witr tnerr. Shs KBK « iw if - "mmoec" if sne se» sum* a. ne- ou; favorites i rvfli''» «?<. , sr thought c was TICS: ior her tx? EC hu: f SB;C 1 ntart mmc aerassf I tanr.": wan- rnir if trunk 1 Sra gn& air aJmir ntcs i wee*, sjt - remr £ raumr* 1 tool rr- se-rreta-y—or apyvat* iry wtft woiitd I±PT >« t 5i: E^er tx 7 sate r. was ace; a; trt£ -eonnmE,. I've mansst rr- mnui Se 3sr>v. nr I :rsl i»r>v that I '"ming" £v //a/ Boyle Things We Could All Do Without . i : i. ter^ est OKI »>un;-i-r nimua: "=£. .aa sue rear.:; «rr«. an sti. snag.-- stiitiing II rrs \-r a - 1( ' i £i.~ o.*JHi3i& in*?.* niaat "ei?u:t * TX sear esa-tin :5 ^r at tarinnr vr~ ::*.-. • *x n^.-^n^ - D~ ."^;er trs **pv- "imr f -i-sa.i.-u«s rr -t; roaat- osr.- ias: Today in History jar _- A.r trs ijn 3E ;-i isf: _L assumes tat me fir?: prwEtr: af new :;• crsaxsc ir ir£ -.r.-. -i-.-t: c:vi. rigrr iea> er Msrjr l.azas." fr.. K-SS aarr ir 1S21, f-an^t campiBtet p&ci ^ica -iiat of ir IS ~i us- .^iswai. Hjgi JBB ir aeJTr wctf asriLSist rf - r ~esiaarr. riHwar 5 »^s: anr Sc-'ie: rtuaf tf saa N. "• . ?adgnrcj Tei yaars age ir ^» I-ooFi.. Presiden: Aiaist ~snDrm>t of ivaffiTua star nt v.iii vilfmf ii sat tnt prewmse's Sbsessiir. ant &_uw :u- irssaorr a" mp-'emBir for iarcefe. yean ag;-. Ar. strtnguaht mSici - ' ter. 1'itt twaic am SL.iilil nan >eii-s L. JT & yet- agi- King Fr*ai-rfi: af fjenirart ii^r a: t« agt aT ~i arir K-EJ sutceeaec rus tiaes" aaugnssr. ?*rir- iZTtgsr is Si. j- orntt-r enfjt OTO Bar Marptret C'Brier. ii St. Tiougx. ft>r t-j3£y; irfritao is £ coaatrj ii wnict lift praaatut rie^-«r fapperiE sat tat nnfKJSEibie EJWEJ'S does — jota P. ."•T»I . "i-air ersauin fa" ysi"* Tnasi anrtiii.. pinurts of fa - ., rraidie-ags isr sir u sn.-w tnti- ntrcinaxi. mint anr nans DT far tnr«t wsste. jL '»'i ant aii_;s vn: v~eht. tneir iegs rr foaiisr scions arciasics over ti» wsei-.- ent ant v-'hr tnsr trmtr i: arounc aie af- fic* ir casts wttiis- yni. a: m^s: of their wart, far tneir. ant tne> wsar ar. air of sarswaiH vn: aaitt samsthine heroic .ti.itie!- camparjss VTJLT art always surpriBst ry £ turr ir zin w -'BEther, sc rjie» art teugit—. af ctw: air ir summer ant taunn: snar: of warxc air ir vircer. Besauran: patrasif whr znakfr a iiabi * sentrng thsir firs: Marrir.; lack be- eaust t isr': arj enaugr. tt'rn toft} jus: thr for strfcrga: git or vedfea— arit is: r. g: a: tnar" Haugrn? ; :>ung gtris whe say day tor'x wan: it. marry unless the? at marry » ntlllianatri Gir.j like tfaa: H -ithiclOywrs asualij en: up wet tc< a ±tar«sd berDj tiie.« HHT. ir. a seuaar. and writ is chrco- iea_:y srzwa frarr. ^ying titmoaj- to tas firs: B"ift. r-B'.ip.t »TI : ear. aff:>rt fr^JetiSive v&ca- :ians rJ :>KT ioutr time of year wfcile Is-, sti.. paying for tn* r&xs} week I speri: ias: sanaer a: tht rfson on Mos- gutti' Lake. Mains. L&iifci "fit gh'fr you a big good ragtn sou; fcijj a: their fran: door, that say. •T: icvitfr you in. om Fre gx the Cu bad — arc 1 wouldn't wasxi you to cstct it" HERE ARE YOUR Insurance Advisors & Counselors MI i-nz-i -~. t? Northwest Iowa Life Underwriters Association tnim- v tit- :% •I'-Otr -.iitOtfe. -.•.i.i-if.stf.jr af Life UnafrrKritsrs IKALIL -r yrnR -rTrrn: •?js~ir&ci apprcsiinaurjy 51. [lilt '•J -J'^i~ as s'jtistixis -hro'jgaau: vwfe a* erxiits tre assignee tt vKt/'js iur tat jft uaaerwrmer 'i c tst iKiatiat af yCF."E &z&- nskur •atit-i. A jfrgisiativt pragr&iE wniei. sstrts a ptwerful arc wurtJnrhLi iaDusiiEi nr. iarjaia_. statt ant locai iagiy-^auat: afJfccting the iift tiffiurari'jt inaustrj ant YOU, tne palicj-oaiimg puoiit. 7tir campetrtior. far tnt prri-iiege- of serving YOL, assurfrt r.' qua 1 i r it-atiar. ant iit-ense ;av^. statutfet f oroiaaine reiiax, twisting or rnitrsprtseniatjar.. ant trie man ihuft'; asscKrietiui. mBfflDsr t pieogt rigiary it adhere it tne ohstrvan^* vL the nigtr frs: siainJanif of ausuft&i ant praf&£EiK£a. ranaiict Tne proffcssona- iife unosn«rn.»frs tior„ TO suw&crioe tt enaurs-e ant pruerair art iisiert aeior.. memoeri: of tne A.Bs.'jtia- ict.'va.-y participate ir. this JERRT BWUtELL E£i»r»'iij« ROBERT MORSOR f fcrit Bur*sai. Lift rtrmstrxir^ ROBERT METER RB6R J. CROFT JACK WAGNER GARY B. TAYLOR ft it '.S!>y.'^c»vr. for Lutiitrars £it:&ri i. it ; i rir Zmnsui, Life invfrstors S/ndicaur Lil* 3W. "il, EWafrrvilifr "it »rr. Lrlfc THIS IS LIFE INSURANCE WEEK Hove yov reviewed your life insurance program recently? Call your Me underwriter today 1 . witnou: inotmc ife a jraiois htsh&n^' CHANGED Kl' KBC IttiiS OBWG£X>: WTuu s R-ntnif **afc lnntm|: IB* s >csioitf tauKhaa£ S that's wbai «na BIT—anC wltlt ?ru»£ TTBSOT. T*D yam Snrmer Playbpj bunm jiuc her rnaraxuS ]i«si if nefaia^ her ao* . and jt'c taut shr tetpppj intr thf rutr of a fnlNxmr wtfe. ISEAB ABFS" li our enrnmuniry v« hevf a mediCBl g -turt: I suppose yoc couis cal i; a * cimit" 3 starTfic eninc a a piryskaaii there wnc was a—npaic ant peneralrr unpleasant 1 v-amec tc F «nit± tr aatcher dnmor hu: diat 1 : knpw gunt iMw tc nr it V> prohiert was sfj:ver., jpwer. wher. he -wen: nr. vatatrnt ant one nf ius eoUeacues trea -si me injaeac. Trts jaihstrrme prrjcsiaat w wrraaerfui S£> I ksp; hcvDkin£ hins inr icy r-eatinsnts 12 se: at int>cuiatinE BUX a west i Yesceroaj" a: the rlmic I rai inzr iry first aotior so 1 Etniied ant said. "Gooc mnrnmt 3e rephec sbarpry. 'Whc's treatmi VDS ' Wnnever bf is, ne s doing a lois? jot Tot jnat iitf heii:' Ahtor. 1 was SD shr»=tec I comir". even respond 2 jns: WEflred SWBT. Was tins ethical'' I mean.. dDwagrading one en his own eoBeagues tna: wyj'* How waaii yov have handied h" Sioaid I rep/cn bin:'? FBZLAIJELP23IA BULLETIN READER DEAR Prebahry jua as ytw did. Either tfeat •xwr IW«DS a iwtDT nr be liwd* wot iesstnts n: tact, Betf-coBrBl asrf manner's. Yts report this iwirtfTii it the ateuinstratnr af the r-tmr- DBAS. ABBY: I an: at elderly shin-in and have not attended a wedding in l£ years 1 sem one ooupte a heauti- iul and espenssre pair of pillow cases. I had them -wrapped in ribbons and bows and thought it would make a fewer? cat After going to all this trouble, a friend tells me that tins is out-of-date today. Now tfaey put out a large tray and everyone deposits money, starting at about $10. She said at fiie last wedding she attended, the bridal couple took in wer ELMO! Abby. I was shocked. I bad beard of giving money to famiry. bat to every bride and groom, I can't agree. Is tins fiie new srrk nwr? SHOCKED IN N y. DEAR saaOCKE3>: I iauglBe U *e4 &tg gift* are stiB very naeh i 3 has beea a style. [Cask seeau DEAR ABBY: I have bad it' I am fed up with people conaetirning nrv parents for having seren children. The first thing they ask is. •'Are yon Catholic?" [We're na:—were Protestant.! Tbea tbey make some dumb crack aboat nrv tarents probably being hocked on sex or some- tbiag. Well. I happen to know that my mother planned each one of tis. and as long as my father can afiord that many children. I dan v . think it's anrnodT's business. My mother has never had to work oatade the home one day after she was married, and that 's more than a lot of mothers can say. If my parents C2a afford to hare a dozen cbikirerL, why Simula they be made to fee] that they are taking op more space ir the world thai) they're entitied to? ONE OF SEVEN DEAR ONE: If people cM &Kae to msttipfe at tbe present rate, this wcrid of win is g«ng to be ia wu 'mmt trtinbkt. For some sp-A-date readSsg material «• tUs s*h- jeet. ingmre at vonr pabik- Ebrary. SGT. STRIPES ... FOREVER by Bill Hovrilk ' !-:S % THE BORN LOSER by Art Santsom WINTHROP by Dick CroHi 2AV,v 'S^AV t>J H© V^i—'f THE BADGE GUYS by Bowen & Schwmrx -AVE B££fti 1»yits*3 B*5HTSf IK AMP fO? WONHHS rr OF? CARNIVAL by Dkk Turner SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox "Talk about Rrfferin'!'* "Aspirin and nose drop* "Are Indians?" " *

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