Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 5
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10th Atomic Shot Is Fired From Balloon ' ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. <*~ An atomic device shattered the pre-dawn stillness of the Nevada desert at 6:30 a.m. Thursday with the power of almost 20,000 -tons of TNT. It was the 10th shot in the Atomic Energy Commission's current test series. It was detonated from a balloon 500 feet in, the air. The detonation was a closed shot- 'newsmen were barred from the site of the AEC's Yucca Flat! test center. Newsmen and photographers witnessed the test from Angel's Peak, some 55 miles from the testing grounds. From there reporters saw a double mushroom cloud rise quickly following a brilliant flash. The mushroom clouds boiled swiftly up into the sky and soon disappeared In cumulus clouds overhead. Dust kicked up by the blast's in the House of Lords By TOM A. SULLEN NEA Staff Correspondent LONDON —(NEA) -* No one ktiqws how many of Britain's 851 peers attend the House of Lords with peanut butter sandwiches tucked in their coronets. v No statistics are kept of the 'j number of duchesses who d a r n their husband's socks, nor of the earls who put cardboard In their shoes to keep out the rain. ' Their number must be considerable, however, for the peerage runs the gamut from .multi-millionaires to totai intflgence, according, to' "The Bfcdhb$i%' 'There 'are pieers )n„ dos^ .houses and peers in castles," The Economist states flatly*' f - ;.• »" J. Now, happljy, all this,Is to be changed.. For their lordships, the peers of the realm, have just voted themselves an expense allowance amounting to $10 a day, -tax free, for every session attended Time* Herald, Carroll, lows Thursday, July 25, 1957 Lindbergh's Secret War Role Is Told For the first time in its 1,000„ K u, v., c "«».!• hislorv the House of Lords jarring shock wave was visible 7. ,r "IJ^LJ. t nr thpir from Angel's Peak, but no shock >* t° P a ^ Us ™mbers '° r their was felt there. i labors. ^ ^%? 1 td W Th e °n ri t nSa £ned {5 The mo^t? des^Jate one on & 1 ff^e?th£> part of the Mac-man govern-: WINNER . Dolores H^rt, «. and because a previous open shot'™ 01 tofp " mP H. *Z* « hnUier mi ^ ^ ' * had precedence over it l House ot Lords and to bo P of "Saint Joan," but she's , The AEC said that the device i il * sagging attendance. I NOT WORRLCD ABO , LT U NOW> SHE was below nominal in potency-! LmS those luredi wounrt «" P te - vin « Elvls Prcs something under the equivalent of;P ected " sults " , Am ™l D ^ E 20.000 tons of TNT. or 20 kilotons.! [rp m ,retirement by the. per diem The 20 kiloton weapon-the type!bait J».M1®'S d * ^ used in 1945 against Japanese cit Government Winds Up Case on Check-Kiting DES MOINES (AV —The govern-iment between the defendants and! in February "we were broke." t deposited in the Central ,Stil«i ment neared the end Thursday in i the Gladbrook bank in a Des! Bauch testified tnat according to j Bank at State Center by •M&rtV presentation of its case against Moines law office. '.the statement, Vicrs and Mersman two Iowa livestock dealers charged Bauch testified the purpose of i started "exchanging checks be- with mail fraud in an alleged] the , agreement, was to recover ! Iween themselves practically ev- " top, m ulti-million dollar check kiting, SO me of the money lost by the cry day" about January, 1955. bank in the alleged check-kiting! Defense counsel brought out in checks and the transactions t-ep- scheme. 'cross examination, testimony by presented a P*"* oi a fraudulent A bond of $100,000 then was paid'Bauch that Viers and Mersman | ^heme on. the port p of the d* by \1 S Fidelity and Guaranteed n "t been represented by legal> [endants to permit View to ob- don Viers, 44 of Marshalltown and I Co. into the banks assets and the Counsel when they signed thei""" K%,2LR W JE2!2 Merle Mersman, 42 of Colo, signed Uoss later was further reduced by i "liquidation agreement." l bank while the Mersman checM a statement last Feb. 4 admitting | recoveries from Viers, Bauch tes -S Bauch quoted from the state- they had participated in a "fraud- tified. iment in testifying that: scheme. A prosecution witness in Wednesday's session in Federal Court testified that the defendants, El- man." 4 "Neither Mersman not Vier9 had sufficient funds to cover the WESTBTJRY, N.Y. (to World War II general says a "plush curtain of bureaucracy" hid Charles A. Lindbergh 's role as a fighter pilot against the Japanese. Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer (ret), former commander of U.S. Army forces in China, said that Lindbergh, as a civilian, shot j u j en t sc heme." down at least one Japanese fighter The wjtness wap j s B auch i Attorney Roy Stephenson about the to Viers were deposited in the ident of the United. States was plane while piling up 178 hours, yjce pt . esidenl 0 j the Slat ei bank's condition, the witness said Gladbrook bank while V i e r s Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood, Na< in 50 missions against the enemy, j Rank of G | adbrppk He said tne |that for a period ot about a week checks, payable to Mersman. were tipnal Equal Rights party, in 1884; All this occurred, Wedemeyer sta t e ment was made in an agree-'. In answer to a question by U.S.! "The Mersman checks payable were in process of collection." First woman candidate for pres* said, when Lindbergh was in the Pacific theater of operations N a moment and talk about the man a six-month period in 1944 while functioning as a technical adviser for the American aircraft industry. Speakes at Dedication and the facts." The general said Lindbergh, a reserve colonel inxthe Air Force al the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, "found it impossible be- ley's girl frtend in "Loving You" and found another part in "A ies—is now considered the nominal device. Cliff Hofts Spend Weekend in Da koto who has boycotted the House of> Woman Obsessed." Dolores Lords for the past 18 years be -j comes by her career naturally Wedemeyer outlined Lindbergh's > cause of the political climate to role in greater detail than ever participate in the war as a mem- made public before as he spoke ber of the armed forces." i Wednesday at plaque dedication! Rejected by F. D. R. ceremonies marking the takeoff] The late President Franklin D. spot of the famed aviator's his-; Roosevelt turned thumbs down on toric solo hop across the Atlantic i Lindbergh's request for active in 1927. ! duty at the time because of Lind"1 think the public is entitled bergh's outspoken criticism of U.S. at least to some of the unpublicized foreign policy during the pre- contributions in the Lindbergh od-i World War II era. yssey." the general said. i In 1954, Lindbergh was com"All the pertinent facts are on j missioned a brigadier general in the record.- but that closely guard- \ the Air Force reserve on the nom- ed government record is unavail- inalion of President Eisenhower, able to the public," Wedemeyer! Lindbergh currently is a consult- said. "Let me push aside the,; ant for Pan-American World Air- plush curtain of bureaucracy for' ways. Holds approximately a 1/<* TON of Foodl New '57 Imperial Chest-Type Food Freezer by FRIGIDAIRE Whopping 17.8 cu. It. Sizel Easy Creait Terms Reg. $499.95 Whllo They Lastl $375 Exeh. .••>^-~- ^^^^ *3?0- — • HUGE612-IB. CAPACITY • TWO STORAGE BASKETS • NEW JUICE AND PASTRY RACKS • REMOVABLE DIVIDERS • BUILT-IN LOOK • COUNTER-BALANCED EASY-LIFT LID • AUTOMATIC INTERIOR LIGHT • FAST-FREEZING SURFACE • 1-YEAR WARRANTY PLUS • 4-YEAR PROTECTION PLAN CARROLL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Watt on tha Highway Next to Charity'* Place —her grandfather was a movie projectionist and she saw them all free. cause he could not afford to attend. While Lord Grey could scarcely be called an infusion of new blood, | he promises some lively debates, i . .... t . For Lord Grey in president of the their own right arc not, as yet, ad- League Against Cruel Sports, and, mitted. (Timet Herald Nrm Service) WALL LAKE - Mr. and Mrs.'as such, he will sit in the Lords' The lords temporal are swelled Cliff Hoft spent the weekend with as a representative of man's four- • by the lords spiritual, meaning the!| Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vogel and footed friends. , I archbishops of Canterbury and daughter at Parker, S. D. j "Suez and, things like that leave/Westminster plus the 24 senior i Martin Bielema. who is a pa- me cold." declares his lordship, j bishops of the Church of England. | tient in the Loring Hospital at Sac I "But 1 have always wanted to. They are also reinforced by the City is gradually improving from get up in the House and speak for Law Lords 'for the House of; a heart attack which he suffered;the animals. They have so few Lords is Britains highest legal Saturday night July 13. j friends in high places." j tribunal). Mrs. August Nutzman and Helen Slowly Dying , I Politically, the House of Lords accompanied Mrs. Marvin Nutz-' It will take more than Lord j s lopsided. Only 58 of its mem- ; man and sons to Des Moines Fri- Grey and ten bucks a day expens-, bers have accepted the Laobr Par- day where they met Mrs. Marvin! es to save the House of Ix>rds, in; ty wn i p; anc j 0 f these Labor Nutzman's mother, Mrs. Louise! the opinion of most observers. I peers, no less than 43 were creat- Smith; who arrived from Houston, ! Britain's second chamber is slow-! e( j Dy Clement Attlee 'himself, - Tex. for a visit in their home. : ly dying from lack of interest, as now an ear i, wnfcn tne i ja b or Knv . Mrs. M. G. Mackey and Mrs. i reflected in its poor attendance, erment was j n power. 1945-51.' R. L. Goodenow entertained mem-'they assert. j The balance of the peers are Tor- bers of the Contract Club and! If the House of Commons is j es STILLWELL Strawberries /Sated 6tf x, m£R '^M ^^eC /fiH^/ FROZEN 10-OZ. Pkg. 15c /teefi One on yowl F/iee/j&i! GLACIER CLUB ICE CREAM Assorted Flavors l-Gal. 49c Half in Seventies Nearly half of the peers are in Mrs. R. L. Wiedemier of Lytton, \ "London's best club." as Sir Wtn- at a 9:30 breakfast and shower ston Churchill once asserted it Thursday at the former's home | was. the House of Lords is a ,p V p n ,j« ant. recentlv Lord for Mrs. J. W Welch. The remain- j morgue, a sort ot elephant's; burial .then^ ^ eve ;f s ' o ^ a ^\ a , L ° h \ s derof the morning was spent play- 1 ground where tired political pach- Drogeda, '"^^ bp . ing court whist after which Mrs. lyderms go to rest. ;....,„ hp po ..i d not sprm t fast °'ff.d .Cr.w 5 spen, *. «*; S„L b fg .«„ honors ,n J. ^ end with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Erne!the Lords. Of its 850 members, only a quar-! by pressing buttons, but by filing ter take an active interest in the! into "Aye" and "No" lobbies,; House of Lords; and of these, I where their noses are counted.) j about 100 are in regular attend- j As a result of the protest, the' ance three times a week. A head: time limit for filing into the divi- 1 count of 80. which is the number j sion lobbies before the doors are • who showed up. tp vote themselves j locked has been exfended from ' I j expense allowances, is considered three minutes to four. I S. T. Manuel of Lake View and [ normal. I Not many peers bother to vote,' Jim Long, son of, Mr. and Mrs. | Not all of Britain's peers are however. Most are too busy shnw- Irven Long of Rembrandt, at the) eligible to sit in the House of ing their stately homes to sight- Methodist Church in Lake View at .Lords <some have not bothered toi 7:30 Sunday evening. | take the oath to the Queetr). Irish] peers have no seats, though some j at .their cottage al Lake Okohoji. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ballard and children of Ackley were Sunday afternoon and supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Ballard.' Both families attended the wedding and reception of Lois Manuel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. RE-UNION PEAS 2 - M 25c LEMONADE C*HI,~» 6-oi. Can 10c Hl-C ORANGE JUICE 3 - 79c ORANGE JUICE ^.hm. 6-oi. Can 10c BZ Strawberry Preserves 5 1- $1.00 SCHILLING PICKLING SPICE Regular Pkg. 17c CIDER VINEGAR "S&Er - 49c MOTHER'S NOODLES 16-ox. Pkg. 25c PORK & BEANS Van Camp's 16-oz Can T First railroad passenger and freight station in the United States was erected at Baltimore, Md., in 1830. Irish peers have a subsidiary U.K peerage giving a seat. Scotch seers at two-bits a time, or at- • tending the board meetings of corporations with which they are connected. A lawyer or other professional man stands to lose as peers elect 16 from their number; must as $150 a day by attendance; to represent them. • Peeresses in' at the Lords. j Duncan Hines White, Spice and Marble, 4 Reg. Pkgs. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! KRAFT MINUTE SPECIAL! FRIDAY I SATURDAY! MARSHMALLOWS 10'/ I-OI. Bag 25c POTATO CHIPS Hiland Twin-Pack Lb. 59c KIDNEY BEANS RE-UNION 16oi. Can WEEKEND SAVINGS! CHARCOAL 10c Z 69c REDUCED TO CLEAR! WOMEN'S SUMMER DRESSES * 2 '4 $ 5 Now is your chance to really save. Dresses from much higher price ranges reduced to sell fast. So HURRY! REDUCED TO CLEAR! MEN'S SUMMER SLACKS 2.77 LEMONS 33c CRACKERS SUNSHINE 3-1 Pack Mb. Box 25c ICE CREAM CONES 12 to Pkg, 19e GOLD MEDAL FLOUR - 45c DOME LIDS BALL MASON Dot, 29c Sunkist - 360 Size Doz. CHICKENS STEWING Cut Up or Whole Lb. 39c Greatly reduced to sell fast. Butcher jtayon weave material for summer comfort, also styled for dress and casual wear. Save now! 1 MEN'S Faded Denim Slacks 022 1 Kaal (ummer comfort. Reduced! 4m GIRLS' Summer Dresses $1 Siiea 3 to H. All reduced. • • ^ *e» 1 Men's Sport Shirts 122-188 1 '£hort ijeevct. Real bargain*. 1 ! GIRLS< AND CHILDREN'S Sportswear TT C " $1 Reduced to clear. Save now! eT M 1 1 MIN'S AND BOYS' * 1 Summer Cops CQc | Reduced to aeU quick. Hurry! mr %J Boys' Boxer Shorts O $1 Idea) for summer wear. Save! For I 1 WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S 1 Summer Shoes $9 ~$3 1 Wonderful saving* here, *o hurry. 4Ca> w MISSES AND WOMEN'S , Sportswear 100 -150 -188 Greatly reduced to 1 1 1 • aeU quick. : 1 REDUCED TO SELL FAST! 1 MfN'S DRESS p STRAW HATS 1.00 1 Terrific values. Moat all sixes. All reduced • from' much higher price range*. Merit Yqu'll • have to hurry to get in on these bargains. REDUCED TO CLEAR! « WOMEN'S SUN BACK DRESSES 1.88 jrinar"cle»h-up, Broken sizes( but big savings. 8onfe stylei with jackets. You'll have to rush In for these. PEACHES For Slicing 2 Lb ' 29c PORK ROAST SHOULDER Lb. 37c PORK CHOPS CENTER CUT Lb. COFFEE Burter-Nui OA. or Folger's Lb. OTrC CUBE STEAKS TENDER Easy to * Prepare Lb. SMOKED HAM \i 45c Charmin Dinner NAPKINS 2 80-Cnt. *%*W m Pk9>- SfcfC RATH'S SLICED BACON Lb. 49c CANADIAN BACON Sliced or One Piece 63c Lb. FULLY COOKED CANNED PICNICS I,?' $1.69 PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY IN CARROLL WB RESERVE THE" RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ARE WAY 1 ( () V i ) Ml ( \ 1 I ( > (> I) Ills I Ml HI I KIN V..

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