Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 3
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mm mm Tree Farmer Cuts Timber Though Blind MOSCOW. Idaho - (NEA) — A sharp double-edged axe,, swung by a blind man, helps boost the nation's forest production. Although he lives in a world of darkness, 55-year-old Fred Robison can cut down a tall fir with the same expert skill of any 'other woodsman. In fact he wields his axe through 55 acres of tall timber. The Moscow, Idaho, farmer is one of many throughout the court try who is growing wood as a crop. Sponsored by the American Forest Products Industries, Inc., this private tree growing program helps increase valuable United States timber. Since felling a huge tree requires as much surgical precision as brute strength, fnost woodsmen ! swing so the tree won't smash \ inferior trees for firewood. With- need eyes as sharp as their axes, j down onto smaller, growing tim- j out any help he saws them into But Robison requires only his wife | ber. | logs. Then he lifts them onto a to tell him which direction to! The blind woodsman uses the pickup which his wife drives. CHECKING HIS UNDERCUT BY FEEL . . . blind "tree farmer" Fred Robison begins thinning Umber. He'll ask -his wife to tell him how the tree should fall to avoid harming smaller growth. Check on Slaying Tale By Fugutive OAKLAND, Cal!f. (ffl - Los Angeles County officers painstakingly checked Thursday the bragging story of William T. Allen 25, Illinois mental hospital fugitive, that he shot and killed two El Segundo, Calif., officers Monday. ; "We have not completely eliminated him," said Richard Tiernan, Los Angeles sncriff's detective captain, after he and Vern Woods, assistant police chief at El Segun- House Moves Toward Final School Bill Vote Amid Forecasts of Defeat By MARTHA COLE I for aid to education, WASHINGTON 1*1 — The House > school construction. votes today on the lV4-billion-dol- lar school construction bill amid predictions the measure will be killed. In one amendment adopted Wednesday the House said it was the intent of Congress there be no federal control or interference in ter than a 50-50 chance . . . , .„ | Opponents, during two days of do, had questioned Allen more debate _ have emphasized the pro- than three hours Wednesday night. \ grarn ' s cost and what they refer to as the danger of federal control of schools. But although many members anv matters concerning school said privately the measure had no [personnel, curricula, textbooks chance. Rep. McConnell (R-Pa),| and instructional materials for one of those leading the fight for! ,ocal sch ° o1 administration pol- it, said he still thought it had bet-1 ic,es - including, that there was ne danger of federal control. But opponents contended that under the measure states would have to submit their construction plans to the U.S. commissioner of education. The grants—300 million dollars T7m« Heratd, Carrolf, fewi <% Thur»d«y, July 25, 1W Jf Office Acting Far More Subtle Than Stage Kind up to his armpits in a pile of im-»« Ke " . ™ ™ f nw Iportant papers on his desk. Hel fM . e " tal " ospi,al 1° Chlca . g0 : keeps a wary eye, however, so I tnal on lavern robber y char S es " that, no one can peek over his j shoulders and see that the papers consist of his personal bills, his household budget, his state and federal income tax returns, and a small pamphlet entitled "We're going to check him out some more today" Police Capt. Anthony Bolger of| Those favoring the bill contend Oakland said he believes "Allen that without federal aid, many is a psychopathic braggart" but, states cannot afford the school- reported solid identification had j rooms needed to educate the in- linked Allen with the shooting of | creasing numbers of school-age a St. Louis officer and with tavern, children, robberies in Chicago. | Segregation Issue Looms Bolger said Chicago police j Still to come was the issue of planned to ask extradition of Al-| segregation, len to face robbery and flight; Rep. Wainwright (R-NY) said charges there. He escaped Feb. 9 he would offer an amendment to from Illinois deputies while being deny federal aid to school districts taken from the Chester County, making no effort to obey the Su- fofipreme Court decision against segregation in the classroom. The House killed a school aid The ' amendment, offered by Rep. Wright (D-Tex), was adopted by a voice vote. Sees Federal Controle j expenditure of 750 million dollars In speeches on the floor, Rep. j to buy the bonds of local school Matthews 'D-Fla) said the bill | districts unable to find markets "will inevitably lead to federal a) reasonable interest rates. An control," and Rep. Dies (D-Tex > j additional 150 million dollars said the government couldn't af- \ would be provided to help the ford to embark on the program, j credit of state school financing Rep. Udall (D-Ariz) insisted j agencies. Gregg 2 years, are suffering the same ailment. Peggy and Joan Wright of Scranton. sisters of Mrs. By HAL BOYLE | world produces hundreds of thou NEW YORK <#> — Anyone who j sands of unsung Barrymores every Easy Ways' t<T Pay off "a Home loves the theater can have a won-1 year. j Mortgage " derful time in the average busi- i They are "the great pretenders" Young People of Pleasant Ridge Conduct Services (Time* HfraW Nfw» ftervlea) PLEASANT RIDGE — The 1 McLaughlin, are helping with the Young People of Pleasant Ridge: work. will have charge of the morning j Mr . and Mrs John Taylor and worship services Sunday in the; daughter o{ Des Moines were Mon- absence of the postor, Rev. J. D., day dinner g uests of his brother . Stanley. I j n .i a w and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Frank McGee and grand- Cleo Nesler and Becky. The Tay- daughter of Kansas City are' l°>*s had been vacationing at Lake spending several days with her: Okoboji and were returning home. TV- NefSollI Have If Hard Selling Time NEW YORK vision networks were reported Thursday facing What one network official called "the toughest sell"•" "I"J""UI ' ing season we'vs ever had." distributed half o„ the: basis of, ^ two flf the co J. to<OBSt school age population and half on, chajns usual , repQrted ^..^ the basis of financial need ! time that, they had sold out their tfn addition to the grants, the, choice eyeni , New York measure would authorize federal, Tjmeg telev f sion j a< ; k Gould said now al! three networks have time available. . '•>• The Columbia Broadcasting System reported it had available IW hours weekly; the National Broadcasting Co. reported 3 hours and the American Broadcasting Co. 5V4 hours. The networks figure a full season weekly half hour on a mini|mum number of required stations ment for a virus glandular fever. After returning home the two I youngest sons, Joel 1 year and | represents 3% to 5 million dollars FAMILY NIGHT bill last year after adopting a sim crime* Hrrnia x™« SITMCD j] ar amendment by Rep. Powell RALSTON — Church family (D-NY). night was held here Monday. The ; Rep. Lanham (D-Gai predicted a group sang "In the Garden" and that even if no antisegregation "Nothing But tho Blood of Jesus.", provision is writien into the bill., ., Pam Kernen read the scripture! the same effect would be obtained I son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and! Mr . and M rs. Cleo Nesler and lesson. Linda Esmay gave the,-if the bill is passed-by injunc-jMrs. Delton Schulze, Larry and. Becky drove to. Des Moines where «, • . . u • „ w„ uc, whn« hiPhlv ooliRhPri art con-' 5 - Thc lonel - v heart-believing j comment, Beverly Patrick read a i Hon or by executive order. I Randy She will go to Sac City to. Mrs . Nes ler and Becky stayed for ness office just watching how its ; -whose highly poll f ed art c ° n ! that two can act better than one, | prayer poem, and Ruth Esmay: The Ho use considered, but did!.™* uher ™ th ? r ' J 1 ™' Flora ia few days visit A family reunion inhabitants ki 1 time. . ie SSfv doin noE he § oes over to the other fellows i led in prayer. Fleta Jubell direct- not vote on, a proposal Wednesday! Brouchous and to Wisconsin to. ig bei ng held at the home of Mr. This form of free entertammen ; ^f yk ^ hnl ^ ea ^ nua ^ lvye d0 °nf he click i desk and asks him nonsense * ws ' ! ed the games. Refreshments were'bv Rep. Scrivner 'R-Kan. to re-l™* a daughter. land Mrs. James Taylor A daugh- holds more dramatic interest, but keeping an eye on tne CIOCK ,_ u _ ..„„..„.. .... i frtlit sa f ad> cake , co f fe e and cold; turn 1 per cent of the federal in-1 Mrs. Bruce McLaughlin Jr. Iter from Minnesota arrived Sun- drinks. The August meeting will come and corporate taxes col-, spent four days in the Jefferson day for a week's visit. Cleo re- be a picnic supper at. 6:30 o'clock-' lected in each state to that state Hospital taking shots and treat- 1 turned home Sunday night. in time revenue. With approximately 19 such periods now available the industry is worrying about 66V4 to 95 million dollars. The "soft" demand for time was attributed to "uneasiness" and "caution" among sponsoring manufacturers concerned over narrowing margins between sales and profits. than a trip to the theater be-1 until quitting time. i !°"f . s «<;h as, Do you think the cause at a theater you can see ! Types Listed ; 1'Sht :in here is ruining our eyes?, only one play at a time. In the : If you look around, maybe • «• " you could retire right now, average office, however, y o u ! you'll find some of the following i where , would >'« u want to llve? watch anywhere from 10 to 100 j types of timekillers acting in your 6- the dull cowbird—this witless actors putting on individual shows I own office: 1 Pest doesn't have enough original!-! at the same time. ! The efficient housekeeper—j ty to invent his own methods of; Real Test ! every morning he spends cleaning ; shirking work, so he imitates the Nor is office acting in any sense : out his desk, every afternoon re- others. But he does it so poorly! on a lower level than that seen on j arranging his files. But he is never j that he endangers the whole of- 1 Broadway. Actually it's far more! quite ready tomorrow to attack fice, and everyone has a desire to: subtle. Almost any showoff can be j the day before yesterday's work, poison him. j taught to step up on a stage and ; 2- The prowling (erret—with I 7. The daredevil—figuring that j mouth a few memorized lines or ( brows knit in agonizing thought, ; all life is merely a bold bluff, j gestures. But the acting skill j hands locked behind his back, he ! this wily gambler does no work at' shown by an office actor is pre- stalks endlessly around the office all. But after sitting for two hours ; tending to work while really as if in search of one single with both feet on. his desk, he: only killing time requires an abili-1 answer to all the firm's problems. ; strolls into the boss's office at 11 ] ty to improvise under pressure, j His box score at nightfall: 20 trips , a.m., and says cheerfully, "All: the real test of greatness in any' to the water cooler, 7 to the men's clear, chief, what can I do for you field. room. Inow?" I In this respect, it must be ad- 3.The dubious lover—this mar-: i„ searc hof Audience mitted, the American business \ ried Romeo, holding a business' There they are—seven office- I letter in his hand as a prop, goes i characters in search of an au(Advertisement) j from stenographer to steno- ; dience. And in case the boss HCCCKICITI7C THAT iTrui '' g ra P her - whispering, "next year should suddenly choke to death on VEderoi 11« 1 MA 1 l,i (.ni. ru take you to Havana, but right •• a martini olive during an import-1 IN JUST 15 MINUTES.» now how about a weekend in' ant business luncheon, which of: If no. p| MH d, your 40e b.ek at any ^l^v',' ^V" ^ ° f IS* ' th f efc . sev ?n career timekillers will \ | drug counter. Instant-drying ITCH- , g' rl S really took him up on his get his lob? ME-NOT deadens itch in MINUTES ; ! proposition, he'd melt, away faster ENDS SUMMER SESSION (Tlmei. Herald N'cws Servle*) WESTS1DE — Ronald Steiner, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Steiner, who is attending the University of Dubuque, is spending the remainder of the summer vacation in the home of his parents. Ronald attended summer school at the university following his freshman year. Kills germs on CONTACT. Use day or night for eeiema,- insect bites, foot itch, other surface rashes. Now at H. C. Rawhouser Drug. Naturally the best actor wins, than the abominable snowman. : Nine out of 10 times the dare- 4. The harried debtor—he rplls '•• devil will become boss—if he isn't up his sleeves and bqries himself fired first. u i \ I I f For Modern Living :«GAS IS BETTER rJ See Your Gas APPLIANCE Dealer Today PENNY THERM— your always helpful gas worker — says to equip your home with beautiful, efficient gas appliances that will give you the utmost in modern comfort and convenience—-tune-savers, tool Penny reminds you that gas is fast and economical... that, gas appliances cost lees to buy, install and operate, For your own comfort,,. and for your household budget... use gas for modern living. JULY©TIRE Tire$tone ttYLOM De Luxe Super Champions * Size 6.70-15 BlaclcwaH Plus tax and recappable tire #. Tested and proved safe at speeds far in excess of normal highway travel. • Resists heat build-up and "body fatigue" even after hours of continuous driving. • Virtually immune'to the rough punishment of rocks/ ruts, bumps and chuck holes. • Nationwide Lifetime Guarantee —see us for details. * * * ALL SIZES ON SALE NOW! TUBE-TYPE TUBELESS SIZE Blackwall* Whitewall* Blackwall* Whitewall* 6.70-15 19.95 24.50 22.55 27.65 7.1 0-15 22.15 27. IO 24.75 30.30 7.60-15 24.25 29.65 27.10 33.25 8.00-15 36.95 8.00-15 36.95 6.00-16 18.30 Hi , *Plu> tax and recappable tire BUSS TIRE SERVICE New Location - North of Beiter Mobilgas Station •< Qn Highway 30 West ;V^'*^'-'«- • 0

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