Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 24, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1957
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

•Junior Editors Quiz on CATS MAK€ FRIENDS If you go on a vacation and are gone several weeks it is thoughtful to send cards or notes to Times Hertld, Carroll, fowa #% Wednesday, July 24, 1957 y Wlty do so many women try to hitch their wagon to a fellow who works like a horse? know that even away from home you still think of them. Such small gestures help te your close friends. That lets them 1 keep friendships warm and alive, QUESTION: What makes a cat's whiskers M special? ANSWER: Whan people use the slang phrase "the cat's whiskers," they usually are speaking of something they thing is pretty good or Important. Cat's whiskers are indeed important—to a cat. Without its whiskers, which are a number of stiff hairs standing out around its mouth, a cat would not* be able to get along nearly as well as )t does. That's because a cat cannot see as well at night as it is supposed to. So it uses its whiskers like feelers to let it know when it is starting through too narrow an opening or getting too near soma object. FOR YOU TO DO: For your animal pet collection, color this eat picture, paste It on cardboard, and make it stand up by cutting around the edges and folding on the dotted lines, (A $10 prize for this suggestion goes to Pat Gheen of Oklahoma City. What's yours? Violet Moore Hlggins, AP Newsfeatures. Tomorrow: Does rubber come only from rubber trees?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner '^They're brown, Mother, with a plain toe I Do you think black would look better?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 7-lt m sit. <>•*• Ht on. $ 1H7 ky NW Sw*M. tab "Mom changed Dad's mind all rlghtl She |utt looked at the price tags on his new fishing outfit, and he said let's all have a real vacation and not worry about moneyl" r By Kate Osonn J L "Would it be all right for us to have the businessmen's lunch?" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Is this the hidden picnic spot that nobody knows about?" What's Your Line? Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS ILew enforcement officer (coll.) 4 Ship's company 8 Laundresses " use it 12 Puss 13 Haberdasher's item 14 Jason's ship 15 The sun 16 Tried 18 African country 20 Church recesses 21 Veterinarian's v patient 22 Wee 24 Stalk 26 Impudent 27 Miners do It 30 photographers use it 32 Lacking color pigment 34 Vandal king 35 Festered 36 Number 37 The •Venerable 39 Haberdashery items 40 Conductors collect It 41 German title 42 Ostlers work there '45 Graphic arts worker 40 Musicians want to be 51 Australian ostrich 52 Chemical suffixes . 53 Dagger 54 Free 55 Tu,rns right 56 Would-be doctors (ab.) 57 Female saint (ab.) DOWN 1 Lawyer's. Job 2 Scent 3 Law enforcer 4 A cartographer makes it 6 Repetition 6 Probate judge's administer 7 Small 8 Juicy 9 Table scraps 10 Awry KIAI6 Alfclsdfcl MBMPIV mm N C1R MM NT N NIN I 19 More domesticated 23 Angry 24 Command to cat 25 What novelists tell 26Gaited horse 27 Exhumes 28 Arrow poison 29 Deities 31 Risque 11 Pea containers 33 An orchestra it 17 Robe leader uses it 38 Attest 40 Embroiderers use it 41 Carpenters use them 42 California curse 43 Far (prefix) 44 Toward the sheltered side 46 Regretted 47 Give forth 48-ImpoUte JO Belief 'BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 r r I fe F I Jo II 11 !" 1 14 II ii i a i » II W a in • V It Yl w w "T 1 m i W If • SI V 1! N 55 li­ SI X Can't Leave Dory Out BY IDOAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY CSS BY J. R. WILLIAMS ' CONGRATULATIONS.' BVEM ON AS HOT A PAY Aft THIS, VOL) GOT BACK WITH MY COMB AMP MOftT OF THE ICK CREAM IS STILL IN IT-YOU'RE IMPROVIN7 VEAH -1 THOUGHT SO TOO/ THAT DO« DOWN THE STREET ONLY MANASEP TO LICK A LITTLE BIT OP IT THIS TIME/ 35. • ^-^sC-v* *>- —fBk*^ Z~± m¥ jij&*' J.ff.WlLUM *3. 1-tH OUR BOARDING HOUSB . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOK* THAT 05^5. SOT. PeOISKEE, MA'SOfiA AW* BOSS is.-AHTCOiHe ..' PHILlSBKT'VWO CLAIMS^ HE COWES PROM A L0^6 ( LIME OF DDKES -""THE? •STORY IS THAT MAOA^ POMPADOUR DID err- OP SNOOZING II* THIS MY WOPD, MOKiTMORSMCV/ HOW . f?ARE/~-HEH-HEHZ-^WAIT TILL THOSE COARSg SOARD6RS HEAR I'VE 4LBPT IN A BED ^ WHICH A LADY^p.THB FK&MCHVM06ILITY ' SLLWeftSO •'..l.!.LVsv p ^lgl| 5 in? 17 M « tiMtiiw. BUGS BUNNY Hold-Up PRISCILLA'S POP I'm not afraid of mountain lions. Of bears I have ho fear... ALLEY OOP BY AL VERMEER I know I'm safe when in the woods Because my brother's near; jf My brother »s so bi$ and tal That 1 can't help but feel No bears are $o\n <p to eat me when \He'd make,a, . a \ bifrfrer meal/ ^J-^J Where? WELL, SEEING'5 HOW OR WONMUG'S TIME MACHINE'S GONE TEMPERkMENTAL AGAIN, I GUESS I'M ON MY OWN FOR A SPELL I HAVEN'T THE 5UGHTEST IDEA WHERE I AM... I A U ..THERE'S USHT; BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Pooch Parade BY DICK CAVALLI NOT PICTURES DOGS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The End BY MERRILL BLOSSEtt VOU CANT EX- ^ PgCT ME "TO STAY HOME EVERY NIGHT JUST 'CAUSE YOU'VE , .TAKEN THIS SUV J06.' A MIGHT OFF? eoy. L OOMT KNOW/ YOU kJJoW WHAT' A CRAB THE MANAGER I'M. 60NNA ASK HIM ANVHOW THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Word for the Editor? BY WILSON SCRUGGS HOW CUD MARTHA,MDU EVERYTHINGy SKXJLD GOTO 'GO WHILE I WAS fMORE CDWENTIOMS /I AWAY, THB.MA? > OUR SALES ARE UP TEN PER CENTQJ/ER LAST JULY/ — BILLY, WOULD YOU WANT ME TO TRY TO INFLUENCE ONE OF THE" CAPTAIN EASY That Spills It m SUKt THIRft'5 NO SUCH WLICB CAPTAIN. MI5*MWWH^»AI — WAWT ro $n WHO am YOU THINK SCAR90 WA4 SLUPFIIOd 1 KNP MAY B» APTBR Al^L , IN SAN W(AMCI*CO A5 KB CIMMI01 M0 IP H» Ifr tMkRKHMAi IT &XPLAIN5 WHV HIS P^T 15 SUCH A • MYSTIRV LOOKi THAT£ WAN I BY LESLIE ruRNI* :, TBOl \ SRBAT SCOTT l IT* JOCK BARLEB, 5 TK»jA KIN6-PIM QMiltKm SU5PBCTBP 'RACKErBEK WH0'& RARELV CONI/ICTIOJ " NBVER SEEN WITH ftC^RBO "• PUBUCi

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